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Chapter 613-614

Chapter 613 – Inside Plot

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ling Xia woke up early in the morning. After her bath, she was summoned by her father. Upon seeing her, he handed over a piece of paper to her.

She accepted it with a suspicious look on her face, and when she read the contents of it, the remaining lethargy in her body immediately flew away, her hands started to tremble, as though the piece of paper weighed a thousand tons, her mouth became dry: "T-this…..this is real?"

"Yes." Ling Yuan Hong admitted that when he received the news, he was totally unlike his daughter, but at the moment, he had already calm down.

"It's too crazy." Ling Xua muttered.

Ling Yuan Hong felt the same way, and nodded: "Too crazy."

He changed the subject: "How much do you understand about him?"

Ling Xia reacted, although her face still had a look of shock and distractedness, she laughed bitterly: "Almost nothing. His family, background, the power he holds, nothing."

"Recently, it hasn't been calm." Ling Yuan Hong sighed. For a family with a rich background, they had deep roots in White Sands, their connections were so deep that outsiders could never imagine it.

Ling Xia's mind was shaking, she knew her father knew something.

Ling Yuan Hong laughed: "And now there is a lunatic and fierce person, I wonder if it is a good or bad thing."

Ling Xia rarely saw the complicated and hesitating look on her father's face, although he was a gentle and warm man, but he was extremely firm on the inside, and was always decisive on matters, and rarely had any opinions.

"Is the situation very bad?" Ling Xia decided to test and ask.

"Quite bad." Ling Yuan Hong sighed: "Since three years ago, He Ying went to the Continent Lord to present Lady Rou to him, and the Continent Lord started to neglect the government affairs. Two years ago, I heard that majority of the government affairs were handled by Lady Rou, and I knew that something was wrong. Lady Rou's hands are brilliant with tricks, in just two years, how many elders are left inside the internal department? Last Month, Eldest young noble met with danger, if not for the hidden protection sent by Master Suo Bi to protect him, I'm afraid….."

Ling Xia widened her eyes, her face was in disbelief: "Could it be that they…."

"They are starting to make their moves." LIng Yuan Hong's tone was heavy: "The 3rd and 4th army have already begun to lean towards Ying He, Lady Rou who has control over the internal department, and has been pulling strings the past few years, half of the families in White Sands Continent are all under her now."

"The Continent Lord isn't aware of any of these?" Ling Xia was stunned.

"The Continent Lord is completely blind towards women, Lady Rou had completely taken control of the Continent Lord's manor, and now we cannot even meet with the Continent Lord. The Manor is filled with Lady Rou's servants, initially we thought to sneak into the manor, but who knew that the servants have strengths that are unfathomable, and we lost many people. Lady Rou's background is definitely not simple!" Ling Yuan Hong clenched his teeth and said.

Ling Xia had never thought that the situation would be so terrible to such a state, and her face turned white.

"Then what do we do now?" Ling Xia asked at a loss, although she was intelligent, but she was after all still young.

Ling Yuan Hong nodded his head: "That is the reason why I called you here. You need to do two things, firstly, go and manage the 5th army."

"But, the true order have not been given…." Ling Xia did not understand.

"It's already here, it was sent here this morning." Ling Yuan Hong passed the order over to Ling Xia, it was written with the official stamp, and was t

he formal order: "Master Suo Bi had personally worked to get this, do not restrain and fear, you must, in the shortest amount of time, take control of the 5th army."

"Understand." Ling Xia nodded her head.

"Second thing, have a good relation with Meng Nan." Ling Yuan Hong suddenly said.

"Why?" LIng Xia was startled.

Ling Yuan Hong's gaze was deep: "We have made plenty of extrapolations, He Ying and Lady Rou have already completed their initial preparations. If everything continues steadily, our chances of winning will become smaller and smaller. We need to have a disruptor externally, someone who can completely wreck everything."

"You're saying Meng Nan?" Ling Xia thought she heard wrongly.

"That's right, I just thought about it." Ling Yuan Hong did not even hide from it: "He is wild, a rule breaker, and a brave fellow, who else but him can be the perfect candidate for that?"

"But….." Ling Xia was hesitant.

"You think I'm making use of him?" Ling Yuan Hong laughed out loud: "Don't worry, you don't have to do anything, just pay attention to him, if he comes into trouble, help him out of it. I have a premonition, he is born to be a disruptor!"

Ling Xia heaved a sigh of relief, she did not completely believe her father. Although she and Meng Nan have not known each other for long, she felt that he was frank but rather reckless with his reasoning, and completely not a person like what her father had described.

Ling Yuan Hong saw LIng Xia's expression, and understood his daughter's thoughts, he laughed out loud, but did not bother explaining.

Continuous explosion sounds sounded out from outside, groans and wails sounded out through the dense and huge door, Lei Fu Er's entire body trembled, his entire body was trembling, and there were no more the vigor and scariness of his slit eyes. Every time the fervent shouting came out from outside the door, his entire body would tremble, fear and the thought of his bleak future was written all over his face.

This was the Golden Rose's largest stronghold, and it had become a huge piece of meat.

He could roughly discern out the familiar voices, they were people of low statuses that used to fawn and curry his favor, and now they were holding blades trying to kill him. They used to tremble under the name of the Golden Rose, but currently, with the astronomical bounty, they had lost all their fear and banded together, planning to eat up all the corpses of Golden Rose.

What made Lei Fu Er most afraid of was that people wanted his life.

10 billion cloud coins, 1000 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, was what made Lei Fu Er filled with despair.

And what made him despair even further was that the Master had disappeared. He knew how big the power the Master held, and if he was willing to help him, he would have the possibility of surviving.

But, the Master never appeared.

~Could it be that he was not worried that I'll reveal everything that we have done?~

The footsteps from outside were getting closer and closer, Lei Fu Er could no longer wait, he came to a fireplace and opened a secret passageway; it was his last lifeline.

A stern look flashed past his eyes, the secret passageway had a bronze mechanism by the side of the wall. Beneath the house was an extremely powerful energy crystal installed. He pressed the button, in a minute, the intense explosion would destroy the entire place, and all of the people chasing after him would explode along with the place!

Suddenly, Lei Fu Er felt a pain in his chest, his expression turned pale, as a sword tip protruded out from his chest.

A shadow had quietly crept up from behind him.

"You have done well all these years. Sigh, with you dead, my loss is huge, what a pity."

An indifferent voice came out from behind him.

~He truly came to silence me….~

Lei Fu Er's face revealed a strange smile, and he fell down.

The shadow did not escape from the passageway, but closed it, and at the same time he moved Lei Fu Er's body beside a table.

10 seconds later, bang, the door smashed open with all the crazy people.

Countless people saw Lei Fu Er's body on a chair, their eyes lit up, everyone roaring and pouncing on Lei Fu Er's body, quarreling, scolding, fighting. The entire place grew into a chaos.

No one had noticed that an extremely ordinary person had quietly left the room.


A gigantic fire regiment soared up from the ground, the intense explosion caused the entire White Sands City to shake.

Everyone rushed out from their homes and saw the intense raging flames, and had complicated looks on their faces.

The Golden Rose was finished, and the White Sands Continent's largest underground powerhouse, was completely obliterated.

The Golden Rose was completely obliterated.

The astronomical sum of money made people take risks out of desperation, although they had fear towards the Golden Rose, but they were completely dispelled by the cloud coins. In the entire White Sands Continent, Golden Rose's 32 strongholds were baptised with blood, the most infamous underground powerhouse of the White Sands Continent, in just one night, was pulled from the roots.

The night flowed with blood.

White Sands Continent had no lack of rich and powerful people, and there were people who were as filthy rich as Tang Tian, but there never was anyone who used such a ruthless method for revenge.

Tang Tian became famous, extremely famous.

Although this popularity was not a good popularity, crazy, ruthless, stupid etc. But no one dared to provoke him, and no one dared to look down on him. It was said that when 2nd Army Commander He Ying received the news, he flew into a rage and killed three of his beloved dancers to vent his anger.

The Security Bureau was completely deserted, as over 70% of their members had resigned, and caused the Security Bureau to instantly become paralyzed. The Security Bureau that was never afraid of anything, to actually become frightened to such a stage, caused Tang Tian's name to soar to an unprecedented height.

In just a day, the entire White Sands Continent knew that there was a rich man that was tyrannical and crazy.

As Tian Qi Guang ran to He Ying for help, He Ying had already calmed down, and quickly thought of a way, and sneered: "That's right, the Security Bureau is actually paralyzed, then let it be. Think about it, if even the Security Bureau fears his ruthlessness, then who will protect the citizens of White Sands? Who will protect the families? Such a violent situation will cause the streets of White Sands City to become rivers of blood. Only when the bleeding is sufficient will they realize the importance of the Security Bureau, and they will understand who is their true enemy."

Tian Qi Guang's mind was aroused, he felt that the master's idea was too miraculous.

~This brat is an outsider, his arrogance will definitely cause people to find him annoying. The Security Bureau just have to pull out a few weak martial artists, and add fuel to the fire, causing the White Sands City to become even more chaotic. Assassinations and kidnappings, will make everyone and every family feel the pain, they will naturally pour their hatred towards that asshole.~

"This subordinate knows what to do!" Tian Qi Guang said respectfully.

Tian Qi Guang just left, when a voice came out from the shadows: "Your idea is not too bad."

He Ying's face did not reveal any joy, he replied coldly: "You better not stir anything up for me! I asked you to come here, for you to resolve the matter about Eldest Young Noble. In the end, you failed, and now things are so troublesome. You better not stop chasing, once Eldest Young Noble is dead, White Sands City will belong to us, and at that time, you can do whatever you like. But before that, you better kill him first! If not for the fact that our men are being watched, why would I call you?"

"Relax, he will die very soon." The voice in the shadow was as indifferent as before.

Leaving He Ying's manor, Tian Qi Guang immediately gave the Security Bureau holidays, and he himself also went back home on the pretense of being sick. And the originally chaotic city became even more chaotic, and blood started to paint the streets.

In time, everyone realized the danger.

Chapter 614 – 614 Advantage

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In a blink of an eye, Young lad's Tang fearsome bomb thrown in White Sands City, quickly became forgotten.

What, didn't I give all of you money?

Didn't you all say the price is high enough? That it would be effective? Oh, If it is effective then it is fine, good good, this young lad is extremely busy and rich, and have many matters at hand, you all wouldn't understand the pain of a young lad!

Tang Tian's current problem was, paying back money!

It was extremely enjoyable spending money, and extremely tyrannical, but in the blink of an eye, he had spent a few billions. The money was borrowed, so Tang Tian was putting his all to urge Bing to refine the Black Gold, to quickly use the Black Gold for repayment. When Bing heard the burden of billions that Tang Tian owed, he almost spat out blood.

Tang Tian was worried about repaying money, but Xu Jin was not in the least bit worried. Tang Tian had the Black Gold mine, how could he lack money? But Tang Tian's reward also made his eyes light up, and he became extremely excited.

Weapon businesses most hated peace!

Tang Tian's method was so simple and crude that it made people's hair stand, it broke all the rules, and caused a stir. Because of Tang Tian, the market had been rowdy and unsafe, it was extremely chaotic, and the weapon businesses were thriving, Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's business was booming.

~If more people like him came, who knows if I can hit my target early this year.~

Xu Jin was extremely happy in his mind, he was idling and bored, so he ran over to Tang Tian's side to hang around, he was extremely curious towards Tang Tian.

Walking into the courtyard of the Ling Family, he noticed Richard being extremely busy, obtaining information regarding the Thirteen families. After everyone found out that Richard had a huge backing behind his intelligence research, all the intelligence traders in White Sands became extremely lively. Many people felt that Tang Tian was a fool with money, and wanted to take advantage of him, but unluckily for them, they met with Richard.

Richard was not a famous intelligence personnel, but he knew and understood the Thirteen Families much deeper than other people, and he could quickly discern between the reliable and unreliable information.

After many of them hit up the wall of Richard, Richard's reputation grew in the circle.

Xu Jin who had been closely tied with the situation naturally knew of all this, he courteously greeted Richard, people who had abilities naturally earned respect.

Xu Jin was prepared to find Tang Tian, but was told that he was training, ~he is truly a calm and composed man, to actually have the mood to train still!~

After entering the inner courtyard, he suddenly saw another young lad muttering to himself, talking gibberish, ignoring everything else.

Xu Jin noticed that he looked rather well-disposed, and after a while, he realised that the young lad looked like Richard, and after thinking about it, he realised that there was a Richard Jr. in Tang Tian's team.

Xu Jin initially did not want to disrupt Richard Jr., but when he heard Richard Jr. saying the word 'spirit', he could not help but stop and listen closely.

After listening for a moment, he realized that Richard Jr. should be researching on spirits.

He smiled, his heart feeling disapproval. Since the emergence of the Honorable Martial Continent, spirit research had become the most trending research. But Xu Jin knew how deep the pit was, countless people had dived into that research and never crawled back up.

It was simple, spirit objects were too expensive and uncommon.

Although he did not know how the Honorable Martial Continent had solved that problem, but it was obvious that other people could not solve it.

But, Richard Jr. had mumbled a few words that aroused Xu Jin's interest. Xu Jin understood and knew spirits more than the average person, and the two immediately started to discuss on it.

Whenever Richard Jr. met people with the same interests, he becomes extremely excited, and immediately invited Xu Jin to view his laboratory.

Xu Jin gladfully agreed, after talking further, Richard Jr.'s thoughts and ideas made his eyes light up, he became so moved to the point that he had the thoughts to provide for his research.

And when he walked into Richard Jr.'s laboratory, and saw the shelves full of spirit objects, he was immediately stupefied.

Spirit objects!

For the past few years, anything with spirits were considered treasures. How did the Honorable Martial Continent rise? Because of spirits, there were advantages to spirits, the most direct advantage was that it was intellectual. If saints could produce spirits, then they could form saint spirits, and infer laws by themselves! Mechanisms that had spirits would become stronger and become smarter, and naturally grow in strength.

After recovering from his senses, Xu Jin's blood seemed to have disappeared from his body, instantly turning ice cold.

After knowing that the spirit objects came from Tang Tian, Xu Jin immediately turned tail and pounced towards Tang Tian, and requested to purchase spirit objects.

Tang Tian was shocked, he never had the intention to sell spirit objects, if the spirit objects were to appear in the market, then wouldn't it be telling Honorable Martial Continent that there were Heaven's Road people present in Sacred Saint Galaxy? To attract Honorable Martial Continent's attention now was a definite way of seeking death.

Facing Tang Tian's hope to secrecy, Xu Jin happily agreed to it, especially knowing that Tang Tian rejected selling spirit objects, he hoped to be able to join in Richard Jr.'s research.

Tang Tian thought for a moment, and then agreed. He had to give face to his creditor still.

Xu Jin was beyond happy, he knew that Richard Jr.'s research held a vast amount of potential, and that was where he placed the most importance in investments. He packed up all of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's lab equipment and sent them over, and then he invested all of his years of research and savings into Richard Jr.'s lab.

He had a conscience, and did not inform Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce about the news, as it was his life savings.

He was even more curious to Tang Tian's identity, to have so many spirit objects, he kept on guessing and making speculations on Tang Tian's background.

Xu Jin's extremely weird display immediately attracted Bai Yue and the other's attention.

Three Spirits City.

"This is the warship weapon specially used on warships. Their warships are extremely powerful, if we do not have a warship ourselves, we would definitely lose out. And I realized that the Zero Energy Bodies and warships are extremely compatible. I have no idea on how to bring a warship over, and only bought the blueprint, materials, and the warship weapons. All of you need to study them."

Tang Tian told Sai Lei.

Sai Lei's gaze was completely attracted to the warship weapon, a weapon that was of a different style from Heaven's Road, released an extremely fatal enticing emotion for Sai Lei.

Tang Tian demonstrated the power of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon once, its terrifying might shocked everybody.

All of their complexions changed, if their armies were to face against such an attack, they simply had no way to fight back.

"Such a powerful capability!" Tang Chou muttered, he suddenly had a question: "Does the Honorable Martial Group have these warships?"

"No. If they did, then who could stop them?" Bell replied with certainty, she then continued and said: "If this is the case, there should be some sort of communication ability between the Temple and Sacred Saint Galaxy, but they are cannot move between them. In this case, the so called labs of the Sacred Saint Galaxy should be at Temple!"

"That's right." Tang Chou quickly regained his senses: "Compared to them, we have a much bigger advantage. We can bring our spirit lab into Sacred Saint Galaxy, and our star treasures over to Sacred Saint Galaxy. We can also bring materials back to Heaven's Road, and create warships in Heaven's Road, we only need to study and research them, and we can immediately get rid of the Honorable Martial Group and Temple, adding our Zero Energy Bodies, no one can stop us. Star Treasures, Spirit Treasures, and Master being at the Sacred Saint Galaxy are our advantages."

Tang Chou's words roused everybody.

"Time, what is most important to us now is time, we need to rush before the Star Door opens, that is what matters. Once the Star Door opens, our advantage immediately becomes nil."

Tension immediately filled the room.

Sai Lei suddenly laughed, and spoke with a tyrannical tone in her voice: "Isn't it the same as last time, to just give it our all? Haven't we been doing it this whole time? Furthermore, we now have such a large advantage, it is much better than last time!"

The haze in everybody's mind was swept apart, and morale was immediately boosted.

"That's right! Our conditions now are much better than last time!"

"Yes, that's right!"

Seeing everyone so excited, Tang Tian suddenly felt that he had no more troubles.

Ling Xia's courtyard was not far from the teahouse, Xu Jin was pulled by Bai Yue and Bai Xiao over to drink tea.

Bai Yue laughed bitterly: "This guy is too crazy! If I buy the army for him, with his temper, if anyone provokes him, I reckon he will instantly flatten them."

Bai Xiao also had a look of distress, Tang Tian's bounty had completely toppled his common sense and reasoning. To do something to the other party was right, but where was the planning? The method? The arrangements? There were nothing, only smashing the opponents to death with money…..

What kind of method was that?

Upon thinking if anyone were to provoke him in the future, without saying a word, a few billions worth of bounty would fly out again. To the point where his enemies would be completely annihilated, forever never seen the sky and sun again.

The crucial point was, it broke the rules, that was not how the aristocratic families did things. Everyone had money, by doing that, he only became the public enemy of the big families.

"But what does that have to do with us?" Xu Jin who was completely on Tang Tian's side said disapprovingly: "It is after all only money, I can sell it to him, we have nothing to fear if it comes to war."

"You war profiteer!" Bai Yue said with a look of disdain.

"That's right! I am in this trade after all!" Xu Jin was roused: "Senior, if you are afraid of him getting into trouble, that's fine, uncle can pass over the army to me, I will buy it from you."

Xu Jin was in deep thoughts, he wanted to curry favor from Tang Tian, as his mind was completely filled with the spirit objects. He was very clear that it was a gamble, if he won, his future, his children, oh no, his family, for generations, would be prosperous. Tang Tian was a true rich man, if he missed it, he would definitely regret for life and for generations.

Something is wrong!

Something is definitely wrong!

Bai Yue and Bai Xiao looked at each other. Bai Yue laughed: "He will definitely invite trouble, but if you want to curry favor from Junior brother Meng, it is not that easy. Only the fierce and truly powerful can do such things, Junior brother Meng is so fierce to the point that he cannot be any fiercer! The army that I have chosen for him is already on the way."

Xu Jin was an experienced man, and he immediately realized what was happening, so he laughed: "Senior Bai is truly a person with deep connections."

Xu Jin who regained his senses was a slippery man, and would not leak any information.

The Bai uncle and nephew were helpless against him.

"The news recently haven't been good." Bai Xiao said: "The market is in a mess, there are rumors everywhere, it seems that there have been a few murder cases, and many people are criticizing and pointing the blame at Brother Meng, thinking he has broken the rules."

"Someone wants to go against him." Xu Jin was an experienced man, and said without hesitating: "It should be He Ying, he is the most suspicious."

"That's right." Bai Yue sigh: "Recently, the White Sands Continent has been in a state of turmoil, I hope Junior Brother Meng will not be pulled into it."

Xu Jin revealed a bitter laugh: "Senior, you've got it right."

The Bai uncle and nephew were startled, the two of them looked towards where Xu Jin was looking at, and became shocked.

"Eldest Young Noble!"

"Ling Xia!"

Ling Xia and the Eldest Young Noble had appeared at the entrance of the Ling Family courtyard.

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