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Chapter 612

Chapter 612 – Tang TIan’s Counterattack!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Meng Nan?”

The man in the shadows spoke without any hint of anger or joy.

Golden Rose’s head, Lei Er Fu, was a famous martial artist known for his slit eyes that resembled snakes. Yet he was sprawled to the ground with his head bowed, and spoke with a tremble in his voice: “A group of 47 elites that boarded Qin Yu Ran’s boat halfway. The ones who defeated the fleet of pirates were them.”

“What relation does he have with the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce?”

The voice in the shadow caused Lei Er Fu to perspire in cold sweat, he lowered even further: “This subordinate does not know.”

The person snorted, causing Lei Er Fu’s perspiration to increase and drench his clothes, he immediately said: “This subordinate will go and check it out immediately!”

“The Thirteen Families, did you check up on them?”

Lei Er Fu immediately replied: “This subordinate has been secretly investigating for the past few years, and there are some issues. Of the thirteen continents, six of them have already escaped to the Gold Continent, as though there is someone there rescuing them, out of the seven families, there is one walking towards the Western Region, while the remaining six are still at Southern Region.”

“Did you check on those six positions?”

“They have all been checked, do you want us to take action?” Lei Er Fu was excited.

“Wait a little while more.” The voice in the shadow was extremely cold: “Send people to spy on them, this time, I want to catch them in one swoop.”

“Yes!” Lei Er Fu complied, he hesitated for a moment, then gathered his courage: “Then this person called Meng Nan….”

“Check up on him properly first, do not cause him to be alarmed.” the voice in the shadow said, and with a trace of complacency: “Inside our trap, how can he possibly escape?”

Lei Er Fu’s body trembled, he lowered his head even further: “Yes!”

Xu Jin looked at Tang Tian who had a calm look on his face, his heart shuddering suddenly. ~For a hot-headed, impulsive person to be suddenly so calm and collected, without any rage or shouts, or any sense of losing control, as though nothing had happened. To stand in front of you, that bone chilling cold intent would cause the surrounding air to become ice cold and choking.~

“No problem.”

Xu Jin did not hesitate at all, he was expressing all his support for Tang TIan. the warship that cost 60 billion was nothing for Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce. The cost of the warship was already over 60 billion, furthermore Tang Tian was a large customer holding the Black Gold. Xu Jin had been in the business for so many years, so he knew Tang Tian’s potential very clearly.

With the Black Gold, and also being an ally of the Bai Family, Tang Tian would only become richer and richer.

“Is this enough? My authority limit is 100 billion!” Xu Jin reiterated once again, from the last few days of discussing, he found out that Meng Nan was a person who spoke a lot of comradeship, and to be able to help him at this time, he was reaping good karma.

“Thank you Old Xu.” Tang Tian did not reject him: “You can give me everything.”

Xu Jin did not beat about the bush and directly gave the money card to Tang TIan.

Coming out from the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, Tang Tian boarded the small transport boat that the Ling family had prepared for him. It

was just a 16m small boat, and could only accommodate 50 people. It’s defensive properties were outstanding and extremely agile. It’s shape was extremely unique too, it had an open fretwork exterior, making it look like a wood basket, all the empty spaces made for bodyguards.

35 Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts firmly guarded each space and maintained high vigilance. Shi Sen took 10 Demonic Mounts with him, and the remaining 35 prepared themselves against enemies.

Other than Tang Tian inside the small boat, Han Sen sat with a nervous face, and Richard who had not recovered.

Richard was also curious, how Master would be counterattacking. Although he and Tang Tian have only interacted for a short period of time, he also knew that Master was definitely not a good tempered person. He initially thought that Master would bring people to fight their way in through the front doors, and never expected the Master to be doing that.

It was an early morning, and Tang TIan brought them all to Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, causing Richard to be confused.

“How many people are there in Golden Rose?”

“In White Sands City, about 100, in the entire White Sands Continent, around a thousand.” Richard said.

“That’s not a lot.” Tang Tian sneered: “What about ten million for one person?”

RIchard was startled: “Ah?”

He did not understand Tang Tian.

“Reward, per Golden Rose people, 10 million per life.” Tang Tian’s eyes revealed a cold glint, and said: “After coming to White Sands, I finally know how to spend money!”

Tang Tian had thought about it the night before, he could buy warships, he could also buy armies, so what about the Golden Rose? He could buy them down too!

“10 million a life!” Richard was stunned.

“Yes, and I will even gift an Empyrean Ice Tree Spear.” Tang Tian said proudly: “An elite will be 100 million and 10 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, a small leader will be 1 billion and 100 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears! A big leader will be 10 billion and 1000 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears!”

Han Sen and the rest became stiff, Richard’s mouth was wide open and did not speak for a long time.

Tang Tian looked at Richard curiously: “Is this price not attractive enough?”

Pitiful Richard, he was completely at a loss for words.

“Could the price be too low? Then double it, 20 million a life and two empyrean ice tree spears!” Tang Tian was feeling extremely rich.

“Not low not low!” Richard quickly reacted and immediately advised: “For ordinary men, 10 million is too much, they are only worth two million.”

“No matter, even the guards at the door is fine! They don’t have much, so we should fight for money!” Tang Tian snarled, revealing his pure white teeth, he clenched his teeth: “I don’t care about the money, spending a bit more is fine, but this time, I want to completely destroy the Golden Rose. And to buy information, state a price to the informants, I want to know, who is the man behind the Golden Rose. I have prepared 100 billion for that!”

100 billion!

RIchard was completely blank, a counterattack worth 100 billion was far above what he had imagined!

He did not dare to think what kind of reaction would occur when he threw the bomb.

Richard trembled, he started giving out the price lists.

The Ge Lun Barracks had a small scale mercenary army, called the White Oak Mercenary Army, with a total of 300 plus men. In a flourishing place like the White Sands Continent, the White Oak Mercenary Army did not have any advantage, and could only accept small businesses like bodyguards on a daily basis.

Ge Lun looked at the dilapidated barracks, and the members who were lifeless, and his heart was filled with worry. If they did not have any more business in the year, they would not be able to afford the rental of the barracks next year and they would have to leave White Sands City.

Suddenly, a member rushed forward anxiously: “Captain! Captain!”

Ge Lun frowned, and spoke: “Is your butt on fire? Or are you owing money again? Didn’t I send you to the guild to stay and get business? Why are you back?”

“Captain! Business! It’s business!” The member was full of excitement.

“Business” the two words, immediately aroused everyone’s attention, all the lifeless members swarmed him quickly.

“Xiao Jiu, you finally got us some business!”

“Business! That’s great! My butt was going to rust!”

“Idiot, are you going to use your butt to do work?”


Everyone quickly became excited, business meant money, everyone was so poor they could not leave their place, and even the smallest of business could save their life.

Ge Lun was extremely excited, but in the end he was still the captain, and maintained his calm: “Xiao Jiu, what business is it? Who is the other party?”

“Captain, take a look!” Xiao Jiu passed a paper over.

Ge Lun took the paper, and when he saw the contents on the paper, his face changed. The price written caused him to become alarmed, the red words were extremely bloodthirsty.

“Who did the Golden Rose offend now?” Ge Lun muttered, he was at a loss for words.

“Golden Rose”, the words quickly make everyone who were excited become extremely quiet, as though they were being poured by a bucket of ice water. When talking about business in White Sands, who wouldn’t know about Golden Rose? People who dared to go against Golden Rose never lived to see another day.

“A person called Meng Nan!” Xiao Jiu had actually already checked up on it, and quickly explained: “Yesterday, Golden Rose was chasing after Meng Nan’s subordinate, and even the Security Bureau tried to meddle in, but who knew Meng Nan’s backing would be so strong, a group of large figures came up and helped him, causing the Security Bureau to retreat. This morning, he gave the guild the bounty!”

“All of the guilds? Ge Lun was excited.

“Yes, all the guilds, the Dark guild, the Mercenary Guild, all of the guilds receive such bounty. He has already handed over 40 billion as insurance! And 3000 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears!” Xiao Jiu was extremely excited.

Ge Lun was stunned, and then blurted out: “The Golden Rose is finished!”

Xiao Jiu looked at Ge Lun: “Captain, are we doing it?”

“We are! Why not?” Ge Lun immediately reacted, his killing intent soaring: “The Golden Rose stronghold is on the next street only, there aren’t many people who knows about it, let us take it down first! Damn, it’s at least a few hundred millions! Everyone, let’s kill some!”

Hearing the words a few hundred million, everyone’s eyes immediately turned red.

The entire White Sands City was already in a hoorah.

Tian Qi Guang entered the Security Bureau as per usual, thinking about the last night, the master’s promise and consolation, did he become somewhat calmer. The master did not blame him for what had happened.

But, Tian Qi Guang did not plan to give up.

He did not believe that those big figures will keep on protecting that Meng Nan. As long as he had the chance to capture him, he would act first and report after, to grab the person back to Security Bureau, and at that time, it would be a huge service.

Tian Qi Guang was extremely clever, he could sense that the Master was extremely interested in Meng Nan.

~I ought to plan this well~, Tian Qi Guang knew that he was just a hunting dog, and patience was more important than the bite.

Just at that moment, knocking came from the door, disrupting Tian Qi Guang’s thoughts, he frowned: “Come in.”

A subordinate came in with his head tucked low, and he handed over a letter of resignation: “Master, this subordinate’s mother is sick, and wants to take care of the family, I cannot do this anymore, and this is my letter of resignation.”

Tian Qi Guang snorted: “Go.”

The person was just making up excuses, and trying to escape.

Very quickly, many more people started to resign, Tian Qi Guang did not care, after facing the figure the night before, who were all big figures, many of the cowards were afraid of the calamity, and thus quitting was extremely normal.

But when more than half of the Security Bureau started to quit, Tian QI Guang finally realized that something was amiss, he pulled onto a more loyal subordinate: “What’s happening with you guys?”

The subordinate did not say a word, and pushed the bounty paper into Tian Qi Guang’s hand, and immediately escaped.

Tian Qi Guang opened the bounty paper with a frown, looking at the blood red words, his eyes immediately grew round, and blood surged into his mind.

When he finished reading the bounty paper, all the blood had left his face completely, an intense fear had enveloped his entire body, he felt as if he could not breath, like a fish out of water and choking.

His body involuntarily shuddered, he finally understood why his subordinates had quit, 100 billion, that astronomical amount had sucked all the energy out his body.

He dropped to the ground, paralyzed.

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