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Chapter 610

Chapter 610 – Rich Man buys an Army

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

No one would had thought that Tang Tian actually wanted to buy an army, they had never heard of anyone wanting to buy an army.

Xu Jin who had always remained calm in all situations, finally revealed a bitter smile: “Mister Meng is truly making things difficult for me, I have never heard of an army that can be bought.”

Bai Yue touched his chin and muttered to himself: “Eh, Xiao Meng, although your idea is not easily fulfilled, but it’s rather creative. You’re carrying a gold mine with you, it’s not right if you do not have an army.”

The smile on Xu Jin’s face became even more bitter: “Mister Meng, if you want any weapons of sorts, even if they are gold grade, I can think of a way. But for an army…”

“I can’t buy one?” Tang Tian was disappointed, the idea was thought on the spot. What he was truly lacking were not weapons or cloud coins, but men. Precious Bright Village Regiment’s foundation was too terrible, Shi Sen went to recruit the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, but that was only 500 men.

If he could instantly buy an army, even though they were slightly lacking, throwing them to Bing would still make them useful.

“It’s not that you can’t buy one, but we need to think of a way.” Bai Yue sighed: “An army, only the Continent Lords have them, if we go and scout a bit, we can find which continent is not doing so well financially. Raising an army requires money, if their financials are lacking, they will be unable to raise them. But the larger continents will not do, only the smaller ones, so we can start from there. Oh, we can still poach for them! Start poaching the commanders, since you have money. Especially those commanders that are not being put in important positions, poach them one by one.”

Xu Jin’s eyes lit up, Bai Xiao was perspiring all over, Second Uncle is actually so cunning!

“How much would the commanders of those small continents be worth?” Bai Yue sneered: “20 million cloud coins would suffice. For the staff officers below them, each one can be 5 million. Soldiers are worth even less, it’ll be best if you can even migrate their families, as long as their entire families are willing to move, 1 million to settle them down. You will definitely be able to obtain a 1000 man army with 1.2 billion. Now that you have money, you should utilize and learn to play around with money.”

“If that’s the case, it is plausible.” Xu Jin was merely just someone who never did such type of business before, but the moment Bai Yue spoke of it, he quickly regained his senses. With Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce’s guarantee, digging up the armies of the small continents would be an easy feat. And how would the Continent Lords dare to find Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce for trouble? By spending some money, they would definitely close their eyes.

Xu Jin immediately realised the advantages of it, by poaching the armies, they required equipment, and that would be another business.

“The commanders need strength.” Tang Tian reiterated.

“Xiao Meng has foresight.” Bai Yue praised: “All the qualities of the soldiers of the smaller armies will definitely be incomparable to the big armies, so you must definitely check the strength of the commanders. If the commanders are strong with a high standard, then the army’s strength will not be too bad, and at least the training standard will not be low. With an average synchronization, even if they cannot operate a warship, they can op

erate a Frigate without any problems.”

Tang Tian suddenly thought about what Xiao Bai had said about Black Gold being suitable to manufacture warship weapons, he thought about the Sword Forest Stronghold, which was completely made up of Black Gold, could they change it into warship weapons? Then wouldn’t the Sword Forest Stronghold be able to have offensive capabilities?

“I also want a warship weapon specialist.” Tang Tian raised his hand.

Xu Jin’s face changed: “Mister Meng wants to engage in the weapons business?”

“Nope, I want to change my Stronghold.” Tang Tian used his hand to illustrate: “I have a castle made of Black Gold.”

The surrounding immediately became silent, everyone stared at Tang Tian with their mouths open.

“A….a-a ca-castle made of Bl-black….gold?” Xu Jin stammered, his expression as though he had seen a ghost.

The Black Gold that costs 300 million for 1 Li, used to make a castle…..

Xu JIn could not dare imagine that scene.

Bai Yue was also stupefied and looked at Tang Tian blankly.

“Yes, but the castle is a bit small, we are currently expanding.” Tang Tian rubbed his forehead: “Since Black Gold can be used to make warship weapons, then can I change parts of the castle to warship weapons? That would definitely be powerful!”

Xu Jin finally withdrew out of his lifeless shock, he started to spasm and talk nonstop: “Black Gold! That is Black Gold! You actually used it to build a castle! You’re crazy! Are you so rich that you have nowhere to burn your money? I’ll give you full discount! Full! For Free! Don’t waste them, sell them to me! Sell it to me! You want to build a stronghold, I will give you transportation and materials to construct your stronghold, I will provide free transportation, is that fine?”

Bai Yue could no longer hold back anymore and scolded: “I can’t stand it anymore!”

Qin Yu Ran and Bai Xiao were completely stunned to the point of going numb.

Tang Tian was also shocked by Xu Jin’s spasm: “Are the materials better than Black Gold?”

Xu Jin felt as if the air in his body was being drawn out, what kind of materials could be better than Black Gold? Why, why can’t you not use such good materials just for a stronghold?

What kind of world is a rich man looking at truly…..

He gave up on struggling: “Warship Weapon Specialist, it’ll be difficult for the top figures, but for those with profound knowledge of the required skills and strength are still easy to recruit, how many do you want?”

“Are they very expensive?” Tang Tian asked since he was not sure.

For some reason, Xu Jin heaved a sigh of relief, ~You finally know what is expensive~…..

“Not cheap, The cost to migrate and setting up their family home is 10 million.”

It truly was not cheap!

Tang Tian thought with a serious look on his face: “Then recruit a 100.”

Xu Jin almost went crazy: “What do you need so many warship weapon specialists for? 100 Warship Weapon Specialists, you want to raise them to play? 10! 10 is enough for you to build up your Warship Weapon Stronghold!”

~Like that huh~, Tang Tian thought for a bit: “Then 10 of them, change the others to specialists of other fields. Warship specialists, material specialists, weapon specialists, armor specialists, I will build laboratories for them.”

Xu Jin completely gave up, and reminded weakly: “Laboratories are bottomless pits.”

Bai Yue also advised: “That’s right, Xiao Meng ah, laboratories and such are all money wasters. Now, all of those shops with established reputations have a lot of experience and wisdom.”

“It’s alright, anyways I can’t spend much.” Tang Tian waved his hand, he had his own ideas. He was not wishing for them to create unique weapons, but to merge Heaven’s Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy’s systems, but he required professionals.

Although he had Sai Lei, but Sai Lei also needed assistance, Tang Tian wanted to prepare them to be Sai Lei’s assistants.

“As long as you are willing to.” Xu Jin no longer bothered to advise him, ~He isn’t treating money as money anymore, let him do what he wants~. “What about the army? How many do you want? Also, to poach armies, you need to prepare equipment. Poaching is not a problem, but you will be unable to take their equipments, if not they will fight with us.”

“How much will that be?” Tang Tian asked.

“If you’re talking about ordinary standards, for one person, 500 thousand cloud coins worth of equipment will be enough. If you want it to be slightly better, than each person will cost 3 million cloud coins, there will be no need for even higher grade equipment, since the quality of the soldiers are not that high. Then the army equipment will cost 3 billion.”

Bai Yue jumped up: “Is that the allocation for a silver army? Do they really need such good equipment? Is Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce trying to commit daylight robbery?”

Seeing that Tang Tian had no reaction, Bai Yue was secretly scolding him a ‘nouveau riche’, but he patiently explained: “Xiao Meng, don’t think that 4 billion plus is enough to settle an army, that is just the first time cost. You will still need to maintain and upkeep the army, the salary, the incentives, and training costs, equipment maintenance also require money. From your allocation, an army will cost at least 2 billion a year. Do you know what standard is that? That is definitely seeing it as a silver grade army!”

All elites were fed by cloud coins. For example, every training they had require a large sum of expenses. The expenses of elite armies always cost a lot.

2 billion a year, that was a sum that the small continents were not able to upkeep.

“If it’s 2 billion then let it be 2 billion, if their standard is high enough, I am willing to even pay 3 billion.” Tang Tian spoke very tyrannically, immediately stunning the rest.

Bai Yue did not know what to say, he calmed himself down: “Let me work this out. With these conditions, do you even need to poach anymore? This is truly the treatment of a silver grade army. All of those unworthy people would break their heads to join in! But Xiao Meng, you must guarantee that you are able to pay 2 billion of military expenditures.”

Xu Jin immediately became anxious: “Senior, we already said that this is my Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce’s business! Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce still has this ability!”

It was not just a business, Bai Yue was right, such attractive conditions, all of those scheming and ambitious military leaders would definitely break their heads.

The two of them was about to quarrel again, when Tang Tian stopped them: “The both of you will find one army each. I only want the best quality!”

“Not a problem! I have been in the army for so many years, I know how to discern standards with a look. Amongst my old acquaintances and friends, there are a few powerful fierce characters.” Bai Yue patted his chest.

Bai Yue’s army’s treatment was even better, as they were groomed by the robust wealth of the Bai Family. And the military generals who had no backgrounds, no matter how promising there are, could only remain in the bronze grade armies and be unable to improve.

Regardless of location, resources were limited.

Bai Yue knew that such conditions, to those unsatisfied people, were so attractive that it was worth dying for. The number of bronze armies in Sacred Saint Galaxies were as many as the hair on a cow, and they were definitely not lacking in competition. But, they were only able to scoop out from the bronze armies, to try and poach silver armies, that would not be a problem about money anymore.

“The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce has accumulated a vast network of connections in the military world, we will definitely help Mister Meng filter out the most outstanding and most optimal army.” Xu Jin said, he had set his mind to it, to definitely choose and form a better army, an army far better than Bai Yue’s.

Tang Tian was happy.

Bai Yue and Xu Jin felt that it was expensive, but Tang Tian thought it was too cheap. “A warship was already over 60 billion, how many armies was that.”

Hearing Tang Tian’s idea, Bai Yue laughed out loud: “You cannot think just like that. Now what you are offering is the treatment and salary of a preliminary silver grade army, and not a true silver grade army. They are still a bronze army, wishing to grow into a silver grade army, that is not easy. Not all bronze armies can become silver armies. And no one knows how much money and time it would take, five years? Six years? A true silver grade army is not worth just 60 billion, a silver grade army is worth more than a warship. There was once a person who came to find the Bai Family, and requested a silver grade army to help support him, do you know how much money he spent?”

Tang Tian was curious: “How much?”

“50 billion!” Bai Yue said proudly: “When his enemies saw me, they were so afraid they started peeing in their pants, I did not even spend any energy, and I brought down two continents, as though I was playing. This 50 billion was earned so happily. But a pity, such a business rarely comes by. But you will know in the future, any armies, all talk about profits, if you have money, then all you need to do is spend it. But this will only work on small powerhouses, if your enemy is a large powerhouse, then the problem becomes complicated. For example, White Sands Continent, no matter how much money you give, no one will dare to accept it.”

Tang Tian was suddenly shocked.

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