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Chapter 601

Chapter 601 – Richard

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

To be able to persevere when everyone else have failed, it could be stupid, or it could be brave.

Regardless if it was stupidity or bravery, Tang Tian felt good about that, because he was like that.

Although the manager could not understand Tang Tian’s decision, he understood rich people, and all the rich people were extremely weird. Once a person becomes rich, he naturally will become weird as well. Maybe it was a type of fetish, or maybe they were things that made rich people interested, all in all, who cares!

After signing the sponsorship agreement, and receiving the first 100 million sponsorship, Richard’s heart finally went down towards his stomach. In truth, he was not supportive of his son’s choice, but who called him to be his son? To be able to help his son gave Richard the biggest comfort.

“This is the research information report regarding the Honorable Martial Continent, in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, no one is better in it than me. No one understands the Honorable Martial Continent better than me.”

Richard spoke with an arrogant tone, with his nose pointed towards the sky.

After Tang Tian received the report, he sat down and started to read carefully.

The Honorable Martial Continent had emerged in the recent few hundred years, and compared to the Gold Continent that held ten thousand years of history, a traditional rich and power aristocratic continent, they were an upstart so new that it cannot be any newer. But in this world. It was not the history and past that determined their ranking, but power which was the most cruel gauge.

The Honorable Martial Continent had already rose in the Sacred Saint Galaxy to become the top grade powerhouse, their sudden emergence was through annexing.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy has tens of thousands of continents, where the West Region had the most number of continents, consisting of over 4000 of different sized continents, but recently there were only 2000 remaining. After the few hundred years, the Honorable Martial Continent continuously grew bigger, annexing the rest, from a mid tier continent in the West Region, they quickly became the tyrant of West Region, and then became the strongest powerhouse in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The current Honorable Martial Continent already represented the entire Western Region.

The entire Western Region was hidden under the dazzling limelight of the Honorable Martial Continent.

What was even more surprising was that in the years when the Honorable Martial Continent grew to emergence, they did not produce absolute geniuses. They quietly changed and improved their Honorable Martial martial techniques, quietly improved on their spirit research, and quietly built up their Honorable Martial Army, and quietly annexed other continents.

Many people have thus called this special feature of Honorable Martial Continent as the “undercurrent style of progression”.

They praised Honorable Martial Continent’s team spirit highly, and thought that although they did not have any great potential leaders, their outstanding team cooperation and harmony pushed them to unprecedented heights.

From this, Tang Tian already knew what was going on. Why the Honorable Martial Continent was able to succeed in researching spirits was because they had the Honorable Martial Group and the Temple, which allowed them to form a bridge between the two worlds and draw the advantages of both worlds.

Now, another person who has the advantage of both worlds have appeared, and he is Tang Tian. Furthermore, the Honorable Martial Continent did not know Tang T

ian had already arrived in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

But time was not on Tang Tian’s side.

There was no time for Tang Tian to expand slowly. Once the Star Door opens, the army of the Honorable Martial Continent will be able to enter Heaven’s Road, and that would definitely become a disaster.

Recognizing the might of warships, Tang Tian knew that the armies of Heaven’s Road would definitely not be able to stop the army from Sacred Saint Galaxy, as the powers between the two were of totally different grades.

From the start, the Honorable Martial Continent already had the plan to subdue and annex the entire Heaven’s Road.

That was not something Tang Tian wanted. Heaven’s Road was his home, and he could not tolerate Heaven’s Road being trampled upon. He had set his mind to it, he would return to Three Spirits City, and allow Ursa Major Constellation to join the fight against Honorable Martial Group. Honorable Martial Group and the Temple were the Honorable Martial Continent’s claws and teeth.

Suddenly, he noticed a paragraph.

“The Thirteen Families? Can you tell me about them?” Tang Tian asked.

“The Thirteen Families, is the name I have given them, thirteen families that have suffered the attacks of the Honorable Martial Continent.” Richard shrugged his shoulders: “There are many families that have been attacked by Honorable Martial Continent, in the few hundred years, the number of continents they have annexed is not less than 500. On average, in one year they would annex one continent. And this is just direct annexing, the number of indirect annexing is even higher. But these Thirteen Families are not in West Region, but in the South Region.”

Seeing that Tang Tian was so immersed in his explanation, Richard became more excited: “When I was researching on the Honorable Martial Continent’s history, I realised that they rarely left the Western Region to attack other families of other continents. But these Thirteen Families suffered their full force attacks instead. I became particularly curious, why must Honorable Martial Continent go against them so hard. Only when I researched about these families did I realize something interesting. These Thirteen Families, in a far ancient time, all had a case of missing people. And between the Thirteen Families, this is the only link.”

Hearing to this point, Tang Tian understood everything, that was the 12 Ecliptic Palaces and Onyx Soul.

“The Honorable Martial Continent used many underhanded methods against them, and in the past hundred years, they have been constantly attacking them. This matter is not known to everyone, as I found it in an old diary when I was studying the information from the illegal underworld. All this research will constantly touch upon some strange things. So, I highly suspect that the reason why the Honorable Martial Continent is so against the Thirteen Families is precisely because of the missing accident. Then I thought, for what reason, would the Honorable Martial Continent persistently attack them? Take note, it is attack, attack in the hopes of destroying the target! That leads us to only one possibility, that the Honorable Martial Continent sees these Thirteen Families as a potential threat….”

Tang Tian interrupted him: “Are the Thirteen Families still around?”

Tang Tian naturally knew of the reason why the Honorable Martial Continent was attacking them, the 12 Ecliptic Palaces and Onyx Soul were Honorable Martial Group and Temple’s most hated enemies.

If I can find the Thirteen Families, they will be my natural allies.

“Some of them still are.” Charlie said: “This is after all the South Region, no matter how strong the Honorable Martial Continent is, they cannot extend their reach here. They can only spend some money to hire some people of the dark forces to take action, But you know, no one will allow these dark forces to go too far, because it is basically challenging order. The aristocratic families and tyrants of the Southern Region naturally will not permit that. And the Dark Forces are smarter than anybody, they are not willing to suffer a disaster for money.”

“What can I do to find them? Tang Tian asked.

Richard suddenly sensed that something was amiss, as though he was being swept into a tornado, he knew very clearly how deep this water was, and he started to evade: “Hmm, I am just a teacher in the academy, and this is just my research task….”

“It is just research, and those, many of them are found by rubbish paper…” Richard shook his head.

“1 Billion.” Tang Tian interrupted him, seeing that Richard was still shaking his head, he reiterated himself: “I will raise your son’s budget by another 1 billion.”

2 Billion…..

The hotel manager stared at Tang Tian, That’s 2 billion, 2 billion! Why didn’t I study back when i was younger? Why didn’t I research on the Honorable Martial Continent? Why…..

And, Do you even know how to negotiate? Do you know how to set a price? Do you know how to outwit….

It is simply too cruel that it makes my hair stand!

The two of you dirty moneybags think with money, you guys can act like you’re everything…..alright, who am I bluffing, you guys can do that……

The Hotel Manager was extremely jealous of Richard.

Shi Sen who was by the side was not at all envious of Richard, but staring coldly at him, the moment when the Master orders, he would instantly rush up without hesitation, and cut off his throat!

Richard hesitated, his mind was in a conflict: “But….”

Tang Tian was never a person who was kind to others, he stared at Richard, and shouted: “Shi Sen!”

Shi Sen and the few others immediately surrounded Richard.

The Hotel Manager’s face instantly turned pale, This is the White Sands Academy, If any violence were to occur here. Then I who have pulled strings to initiate all of this, will not be able to escape. No, I need to stop everything before it happens!

“What are all of you doing? This is the White Sands Academy! You dare to make a move here, The academy will not let you go…” Richard bellowed sternly.

“Then I will trample this whole ground!” Tang Tian lost his patience, killing intent suddenly surged out of his entire body. The Honorable Martial Continent was like a mountain pressurizing Tang Tian, and as time was of the essence, Tang Tian’s pressure increased substantially.

“Master, can I advise him for a bit?” The Hotel Manager said weakly.

Woosh, everyone turned to look at him.

“I’ll give you two minutes.” Tang Tian said coldly.

The Hotel Manager spoke extremely quickly: “Professor, I don’t understand why you are refusing? Are you afraid of being implicated? Or is your report not substantial enough? You have already found all the secrets of the Honorable Martial Continent, as long as we publicly announce and release this report, the Honorable Martial Continent will not let you go. Do you think you can go against the Honorable Martial Continent? They are not able to destroy the Thirteen Families, but they can end your life easily by spending money, oh, and your son too.”

RIchard’s face turned pale white.

He’s right.

As long as the report was released to public, the Honorable Martial Continent would definitely find and kill him. He knew of their means and ways, far more than anyone else.

Silence, dead silence.

After a long time, Richard raised his head, revealing his pale face: “I can promise you, but you must promise to keep my son safe.”

“Not a problem!” Tang Tian was ecstatic: “We are also very powerful!”

Tang Tian turned, and to the hotel manager, he praised: “You’re good, this is your reward!!”

The hotel manager accepted the card, and seeing the number on the card, he almost fainted, it was 100 million cloud coins!

“I am lacking an agent in the White Sands, are you interested?” Tang Tian suddenly asked, he thought that the hotel manager’s mind was extremely quick and flexible, and was rather reliable in doing things.

“This subordinate is willing! Whatever errands Boss wants to be done, Han Sen will complete it, no matter the difficulty, without hesitation!” He said without hesitation.

Following and mixing with a rich man was far better than being a hotel manager, and with just one day of revenue, he has changed his entire life.

Upon making the decision, Richard moved very quickly. He immediately quit his job. Upon returning to the hotel, he had another young man by his side, Richard Jr. Richard Jr. heard that Tang Tian was willing to sponsor his spirit research, and without any questioning. Tang Tian even threw him a treasure, which immediately aroused Richard Jr.’s attention, and he became dumbstruck the entire way.

Seeing that, Richard knew and was undoubtedly sure, that the that the treasure with spirit had an extremely high price. Tang Tian had casually given Richard Jr. one, as though it was an ordinary object.

Richard was secretly trying to guess what and where Tang Tian was from.

Tang Tian was extremely pleased with the harvest he had, but he knew, it was just the beginning.

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