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Chapter 600 – Black Arrow Warship

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

11 piles, 90 billion.

It was such a large amount transaction that it was not something even Xu Jin would see often. But after the initial shock, he resolved it very professionally. If they were purchasing other weapons, he was would be worried if it would be worth or not, but Empyrean Ice Tree Spears definitely did not have that issue, 11 piles of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, in total it was just a mere ten thousand of them.

Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's huge market network, with the ten thousand odd Empyrean Ice Tree Spears had no problem digesting. And what made him excited was that when the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears appeared on the shelves, the stir that it would cause.

A client holding 90 billion cloud coins in his bosom had the qualifications to be treated as an honored VIP of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce.

"This is a silver VIP card for the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and is a small gift from me, by relying on this card, you can enjoy a discount up to 5%. You can also rely on this card to withdraw a maximum of 100 million cloud coins at any of our outlets."

The store manager looked at the silver VIP card in Xu Jin's hand enviously, Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's VIP card was extremely hard to obtain, and people with money, fame, prestige etc, were all vying for it.

This was his first time seeing a Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce VIP card.

In truth Tang Tian's requirements were not sufficient to earn the silver VIP card. It requires an total expenditure of at least 100 billion. Tang Tian did not even spend, but even if he did, it would only be 90 billion, which was still lacking by a bit.

But Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, as Tang Tian is the sole customer that could supply the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, Tang Tian had displayed a tremendous worth, therefore Xu Jin had roped him in.

"I want to buy a warship!" Tang Tian exclaimed loudly.

Xu JIn was joyous, they had just given out 90 billion, but very quickly they would earn it back, what could be better than that? He laughed: "Mister Meng, what kind of warship do you need?"

"I want the best warship!" Tang Tian said without hesitating.

Hearing his words, Xu Jin knew that he was an amateur, but he did not try to dupe the other party knowing their inexperience, but instead, he started to give out more suggestions and opinions of his own: "There isn't the best warship, because each of them have different uses and purposes, to each its own. For example, there are warships that seek speed, and there are warship that wants firepower, or others that desire powerful defense, between them, there is no best one. Mister Meng, why not you tell me what is your requirement, and I can give you a suitable suggestion."

Xu Jin's words made Tang Tian nod his head.

He thought about the Estuary into the Shang Continent, which was pitifully small, and immediately said: "The warship's body should be narrow, but its firepower must be fearsome, operating it should be simple, and I'd like it to be agile."

Xu Jin replied: "A small scale warship, narrow body, with both firepower and agility, and with simple operations. Do you want it to be one that is in stock or a custom-made? A custom-made will require a longer time to be manufactured, but it will conform much more to your request."

"I want one that's in stock!" Tang Tian replied.

"No problem. I will recommend you the Black Arrow series Warships. They are silver grade small scale warships, its largest width is 60m, with a length of 360m, its speed and agility, compared to the warships of the same category, can be rated as top three. The hull is made of Black Mist wood, its quality is extremely solid, and has a remarkable concealing result. Its barrier is not considered strong, with a thickness of 2m, but with its [Illusion Form], it can allow the energy barrier shape to change, and from that it can allow the warship to increase its agility even further. In terms of firepower, it is also extremely high end, three sets of silver grade main cannons with considerable might. Six sets of silver grades Honeycomb Sword Cannon, three poles of silver grade Star Mass Gun and six Heaven Devastating Blades."

Shi Sen suddenly cut in: "Please add in one more Heaven Devastating Blade."

"Not a problem." Xu Jin did not become unhappy because of Shi Sen's interruption: "Heaven Devastating Blades, silver grade warship weapon, with a maximum distance of 15 km. If manned by one operator, it would require a Silver Saint or above. If you want more people to operate it, it would require 20 or more blade type proficient martial artists.

Tang Tian also understood, isn't that the perfect weapon for Shi Sen's Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?

"We want to increase the number of Heaven Devastating Blades." Tang Tian thought after a while: "Increase until we have 12 blades."

Upon fully reinstating the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, that would be 500 men. With 12 blades, they could do rotations easily.

"Not a problem." Xu Jin accepted it quickly: "This sorts of modifications are easy, and requires only 2 days to complete. Other than that, I suggest to add on a set of [Prism Surveillance], it can see through majority of invisibility and disguises, and is well known for the related type and category warships. If we are talking about manning it, you will require only 15 saints, its energy consumption is low."

"Alright!" Tang Tian accepted his suggestion.

Xu Jin lowered his head and started to calculate: "Adding all of these up, it would be a total of 65.3 billion, after discount it would be 62 billion, I will just scrape off the remainder."

Shi Sen drew a cold breath after hearing the amount, one warship actually cost 62 billion!

With that money, how many armies could they build!

How can any regular person ever afford a warship team?

"I'll buy it!" Tang Tian waved his hand.

After witnessing the might of warships, Tang Tian had already long decided, no matter what, to obtain a good warship. He never thought about being thrifty about it.

Tang Tian paid on the spot, and other than that, he bought one set of each medical supplies, and almost all the equipment on the shelves. When the time comes, I will let Sai Lei research on them, but a pity the warship is too big, if not I would give one warship to her to study. When we can build our own warships, that would be great.

In the end, his total expenditure was 83 billion.

Everyone was stunned by how Tang Tian had so easily spent so much money, he had just earned 90 billion, and then he immediately spent 83 billion!

He could earn money so quickly, but he could also spend money equally fast.

Tang Tian's aim in running errands was to take a look at their equipment. After doing so, he also realized that their equipments had a very large improvement space. But he was also clear that his steady revenue, was extremely important to Sword Forest Stronghold. The Empyrean Ice Tree Spears are worth a lot of money, but there will still be a day where it would be sold out. In truth, after selling 11 piles, he only had 15 piles left.

He quickly took out a Black Gold ingot and gave it to Xu Jin: "You do accept materials here right, take a look at this, how is it?"

Xu Jin accepted it: "We do accept materials, but with regards on how the material is like ,we need to go through a detailed analysis to be able to have a verdict."

"How long will that take?" Tang TIan asked.

Xu Jin gave an approximate time: "Three days."

Tang Tian: "Then I will come to collect the warship in three days, just nice there will be results for it too."

"No problem." Xu Jin agreed.

The black metal ingot in his hand was extremely tough, and with experience, he knew it was an extremely excellent metal material. Meng Nan had many good things in hand, to the point that it surprised Xu Jin.

He is truly a promising client, I must definitely treat him well.

After walking out of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the cold wind outside caused Shi Sen to be more awake, after the billions of cloud coins transaction, his entire body was in a stimulated state. He only awoken completely upon stepping out, and he took a deep breath.

After hearing the same sound from all around them, everyone realized that everyone had the same emotions.

Everyone started to laugh, all of their eyes were gleaming with hope. Everyone was looking forward to their lives in the future, the battles in the future.

The hotel manager was knocked out from the happiness, he did not take the 5% commission, because he had already broke the limit of commission, 20 million!

He already knew about the limit of commission before, but he had never imagined that he would actually touch it in his life.

He was not in the least bit unhappy, it was 20 million, how many years would he have to work, to be able to earn 20 million?

The Black Gold Ingot still requires time, the warship is completed, now there is one thing left, and to seek reports and information regarding the Honorable Martial Continent's sudden emergence.

Hearing that Tang Tian was extremely interested in the sudden emergence of the Honorable Martial Continent, the tyrant hotel manager immediately patted his chest, and said that he knew where to obtain them.

The White Sands Academy is the largest scale and strongest academy in the White Sands Continent, but the hotel manager displayed his well gotten connections to full saturation, and brought Tang Tian and his group to the White Sands Academy.

Richard looked at the group of people in front of him curiously, he was slightly taken aback: "You wish to purchase research information on the Honorable Martial Continent?"

"Yes." The shop manager spoke respectfully: "I heard that you are the authoritative figure in this aspect, we have specially come here, hoping to seek your help. Of course, we are willing to pay the corresponding amount."

Richard did not believe them: "My research is not cheap."

"Please believe in our good faith." The hotel manager was confident, he knew that the person behind him still had over 7 billion in cash with him. There are no reports that would be so expensive to such a price.

Richard immediately realized that he have met with a rich group, and his attitude immediately changed and became passionate: "Please have a seat, please have a seat, it's just information, I can even give it to you for free, but I have a very very small request."

"Please enlighten us." The hotel manager said.

"It is like this, my son, has an extremely great project, and currently is in need of a sponsor. If you are willing to sponsor this project, I am willing to gift this information to you. Of course, as the sponsor, you will definitely have returns." Richard explained.

"What project?" The hotel manager was quick witted, upon hearing his request, he knew that it was not something good, if not, how could there be no sponsors as of yet.

Richard's heart tensed up, but upon thinking about his son, he went for his luck: "He is researching in spirits."

The hotel manager's face immediately changed: "Spirit research, that is a bottomless pit, a hopeless bottomless pit!"

"But there are people who succeeded!" Richard refuted.

"That's right, the Honorable Martial Continent succeeded, but how many people tried to learn from them? And how many succeeded? None! It is a bottomless pit, no matter how much money you have, it is not enough." The Hotel Manager's attitude became intense.

Richard perked his collar up: "Unless you are willing to sponsor, I will not give you the information!"

"That's impossible….." The hotel manager started to shout.

"Wait." Tang Tian suddenly cut in: "Is he researching in spirits?"

"Yes!" Seeing Tang Tian who looked to be more interested, Richard's mood was roused: "We have already found a crucial point, and only need a set of funds, a few experiments, and we can succeed!!"

"Stop lying! Do you know how expensive things related to spirits are?" The hotel manager refuted: "Spending billions squandering on spirit research, how much would that be…."

"I will sponsor him." Tang Tian said straightforwardly.

The room immediately became quiet.

Chapter 601 – Richard

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

To be able to persevere when everyone else have failed, it could be stupid, or it could be brave.

Regardless if it was stupidity or bravery, Tang Tian felt good about that, because he was like that.

Although the manager could not understand Tang Tian's decision, he understood rich people, and all the rich people were extremely weird. Once a person becomes rich, he naturally will become weird as well. Maybe it was a type of fetish, or maybe they were things that made rich people interested, all in all, who cares!

After signing the sponsorship agreement, and receiving the first 100 million sponsorship, Richard's heart finally went down towards his stomach. In truth, he was not supportive of his son's choice, but who called him to be his son? To be able to help his son gave Richard the biggest comfort.

"This is the research information report regarding the Honorable Martial Continent, in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, no one is better in it than me. No one understands the Honorable Martial Continent better than me."

Richard spoke with an arrogant tone, with his nose pointed towards the sky.

After Tang Tian received the report, he sat down and started to read carefully.

The Honorable Martial Continent had emerged in the recent few hundred years, and compared to the Gold Continent that held ten thousand years of history, a traditional rich and power aristocratic continent, they were an upstart so new that it cannot be any newer. But in this world. It was not the history and past that determined their ranking, but power which was the most cruel gauge.

The Honorable Martial Continent had already rose in the Sacred Saint Galaxy to become the top grade powerhouse, their sudden emergence was through annexing.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy has tens of thousands of continents, where the West Region had the most number of continents, consisting of over 4000 of different sized continents, but recently there were only 2000 remaining. After the few hundred years, the Honorable Martial Continent continuously grew bigger, annexing the rest, from a mid tier continent in the West Region, they quickly became the tyrant of West Region, and then became the strongest powerhouse in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The current Honorable Martial Continent already represented the entire Western Region.

The entire Western Region was hidden under the dazzling limelight of the Honorable Martial Continent.

What was even more surprising was that in the years when the Honorable Martial Continent grew to emergence, they did not produce absolute geniuses. They quietly changed and improved their Honorable Martial martial techniques, quietly improved on their spirit research, and quietly built up their Honorable Martial Army, and quietly annexed other continents.

Many people have thus called this special feature of Honorable Martial Continent as the "undercurrent style of progression".

They praised Honorable Martial Continent's team spirit highly, and thought that although they did not have any great potential leaders, their outstanding team cooperation and harmony pushed them to unprecedented heights.

From this, Tang Tian already knew what was going on. Why the Honorable Martial Continent was able to succeed in researching spirits was because they had the Honorable Martial Group and the Temple, which allowed them to form a bridge between the two worlds and draw the advantages of both worlds.

Now, another person who has the advantage of both worlds have appeared, and he is Tang Tian. Furthermore, the Honorable Martial Continent did not know Tang Tian had already arrived in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

But time was not on Tang Tian's side.

There was no time for Tang Tian to expand slowly. Once the Star Door opens, the army of the Honorable Martial Continent will be able to enter Heaven's Road, and that would definitely become a disaster.

Recognizing the might of warships, Tang Tian knew that the armies of Heaven's Road would definitely not be able to stop the army from Sacred Saint Galaxy, as the powers between the two were of totally different grades.

From the start, the Honorable Martial Continent already had the plan to subdue and annex the entire Heaven's Road.

That was not something Tang Tian wanted. Heaven's Road was his home, and he could not tolerate Heaven's Road being trampled upon. He had set his mind to it, he would return to Three Spirits City, and allow Ursa Major Constellation to join the fight against Honorable Martial Group. Honorable Martial Group and the Temple were the Honorable Martial Continent's claws and teeth.

Suddenly, he noticed a paragraph.

"The Thirteen Families? Can you tell me about them?" Tang Tian asked.

"The Thirteen Families, is the name I have given them, thirteen families that have suffered the attacks of the Honorable Martial Continent." Richard shrugged his shoulders: "There are many families that have been attacked by Honorable Martial Continent, in the few hundred years, the number of continents they have annexed is not less than 500. On average, in one year they would annex one continent. And this is just direct annexing, the number of indirect annexing is even higher. But these Thirteen Families are not in West Region, but in the South Region."

Seeing that Tang Tian was so immersed in his explanation, Richard became more excited: "When I was researching on the Honorable Martial Continent's history, I realised that they rarely left the Western Region to attack other families of other continents. But these Thirteen Families suffered their full force attacks instead. I became particularly curious, why must Honorable Martial Continent go against them so hard. Only when I researched about these families did I realize something interesting. These Thirteen Families, in a far ancient time, all had a case of missing people. And between the Thirteen Families, this is the only link."

Hearing to this point, Tang Tian understood everything, that was the 12 Ecliptic Palaces and Onyx Soul.

"The Honorable Martial Continent used many underhanded methods against them, and in the past hundred years, they have been constantly attacking them. This matter is not known to everyone, as I found it in an old diary when I was studying the information from the illegal underworld. All this research will constantly touch upon some strange things. So, I highly suspect that the reason why the Honorable Martial Continent is so against the Thirteen Families is precisely because of the missing accident. Then I thought, for what reason, would the Honorable Martial Continent persistently attack them? Take note, it is attack, attack in the hopes of destroying the target! That leads us to only one possibility, that the Honorable Martial Continent sees these Thirteen Families as a potential threat…."

Tang Tian interrupted him: "Are the Thirteen Families still around?"

Tang Tian naturally knew of the reason why the Honorable Martial Continent was attacking them, the 12 Ecliptic Palaces and Onyx Soul were Honorable Martial Group and Temple's most hated enemies.

If I can find the Thirteen Families, they will be my natural allies.

"Some of them still are." Charlie said: "This is after all the South Region, no matter how strong the Honorable Martial Continent is, they cannot extend their reach here. They can only spend some money to hire some people of the dark forces to take action, But you know, no one will allow these dark forces to go too far, because it is basically challenging order. The aristocratic families and tyrants of the Southern Region naturally will not permit that. And the Dark Forces are smarter than anybody, they are not willing to suffer a disaster for money."

"What can I do to find them? Tang Tian asked.

Richard suddenly sensed that something was amiss, as though he was being swept into a tornado, he knew very clearly how deep this water was, and he started to evade: "Hmm, I am just a teacher in the academy, and this is just my research task…."

"It is just research, and those, many of them are found by rubbish paper…" Richard shook his head.

"1 Billion." Tang Tian interrupted him, seeing that Richard was still shaking his head, he reiterated himself: "I will raise your son's budget by another 1 billion."

2 Billion…..

The hotel manager stared at Tang Tian, That's 2 billion, 2 billion! Why didn't I study back when i was younger? Why didn't I research on the Honorable Martial Continent? Why…..

And, Do you even know how to negotiate? Do you know how to set a price? Do you know how to outwit….

It is simply too cruel that it makes my hair stand!

The two of you dirty moneybags think with money, you guys can act like you're everything…..alright, who am I bluffing, you guys can do that……

The Hotel Manager was extremely jealous of Richard.

Shi Sen who was by the side was not at all envious of Richard, but staring coldly at him, the moment when the Master orders, he would instantly rush up without hesitation, and cut off his throat!

Richard hesitated, his mind was in a conflict: "But…."

Tang Tian was never a person who was kind to others, he stared at Richard, and shouted: "Shi Sen!"

Shi Sen and the few others immediately surrounded Richard.

The Hotel Manager's face instantly turned pale, This is the White Sands Academy, If any violence were to occur here. Then I who have pulled strings to initiate all of this, will not be able to escape. No, I need to stop everything before it happens!

"What are all of you doing? This is the White Sands Academy! You dare to make a move here, The academy will not let you go…" Richard bellowed sternly.

"Then I will trample this whole ground!" Tang Tian lost his patience, killing intent suddenly surged out of his entire body. The Honorable Martial Continent was like a mountain pressurizing Tang Tian, and as time was of the essence, Tang Tian's pressure increased substantially.

"Master, can I advise him for a bit?" The Hotel Manager said weakly.

Woosh, everyone turned to look at him.

"I'll give you two minutes." Tang Tian said coldly.

The Hotel Manager spoke extremely quickly: "Professor, I don't understand why you are refusing? Are you afraid of being implicated? Or is your report not substantial enough? You have already found all the secrets of the Honorable Martial Continent, as long as we publicly announce and release this report, the Honorable Martial Continent will not let you go. Do you think you can go against the Honorable Martial Continent? They are not able to destroy the Thirteen Families, but they can end your life easily by spending money, oh, and your son too."

RIchard's face turned pale white.

He's right.

As long as the report was released to public, the Honorable Martial Continent would definitely find and kill him. He knew of their means and ways, far more than anyone else.

Silence, dead silence.

After a long time, Richard raised his head, revealing his pale face: "I can promise you, but you must promise to keep my son safe."

"Not a problem!" Tang Tian was ecstatic: "We are also very powerful!"

Tang Tian turned, and to the hotel manager, he praised: "You're good, this is your reward!!"

The hotel manager accepted the card, and seeing the number on the card, he almost fainted, it was 100 million cloud coins!

"I am lacking an agent in the White Sands, are you interested?" Tang Tian suddenly asked, he thought that the hotel manager's mind was extremely quick and flexible, and was rather reliable in doing things.

"This subordinate is willing! Whatever errands Boss wants to be done, Han Sen will complete it, no matter the difficulty, without hesitation!" He said without hesitation.

Following and mixing with a rich man was far better than being a hotel manager, and with just one day of revenue, he has changed his entire life.

Upon making the decision, Richard moved very quickly. He immediately quit his job. Upon returning to the hotel, he had another young man by his side, Richard Jr. Richard Jr. heard that Tang Tian was willing to sponsor his spirit research, and without any questioning. Tang Tian even threw him a treasure, which immediately aroused Richard Jr.'s attention, and he became dumbstruck the entire way.

Seeing that, Richard knew and was undoubtedly sure, that the that the treasure with spirit had an extremely high price. Tang Tian had casually given Richard Jr. one, as though it was an ordinary object.

Richard was secretly trying to guess what and where Tang Tian was from.

Tang Tian was extremely pleased with the harvest he had, but he knew, it was just the beginning.

Chapter 602 – Mercenary Center

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The enemies were much stronger than they thought.

But the good thing was that they have already found their target, but the enemy did not know of their existence. That gave them a definite advantage, and other than the lack of time, Tang Tian felt that they still had a big chance of winning.

His confidence was not from nowhere, throughout their journey, they have defeated opponents much stronger than themselves. Tang Tian had never been afraid of opponents stronger than him.

Richard found Tang Tian for money, and then he left.

Tang Tian did not stay in the hotel long too.

"Master, this is the White Sands City's largest mercenary center. The mercenaries that come here to seek a living are all quite good. White Sands has a lot of trading companies which form many trading expeditions and caravans, and thus frequently need to replenish their staff. There are also some local wealthy landlords here that visit this famous location." Han Sen's tone was full of flattery: "If any of them are caught by Master's eyes, then they are truly blessed with great fortune from their past lives."

Shi Sen's face revealed an expression of despise, he hated the way Han Sen acted, like a "Treacherous person".

What made him even more unhappy, was that both of them had the name "Sen", and the boss would call him Da Sen, and call Han Sen, Er Sen.

(TN: Big is Da in chinese, and Big Sen and Small Sen is truly too weird, thus, i will call them as Da Sen and Er Sen. Er is Second.)

To be classified in the same term as this fellow with no backbone, it truly is a humiliation.

But upon stepping into the Mercenary Center, his expression became serious.

"Can I ask what are you looking for?" A lady smiled and welcomed them.

Shi Sen asked: "Do you have Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?"

"Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?" The lady who was in charge of servicing them nodded her head: "Yes, I do, in Area D, please follow me."

Following behind, the group came to Area D, which was pack filled with mercenaries waiting to be picked. Most of them came from poor and barren lands, and had no other talent than killing. Having no other life skills, they could only wait in their areas all day, waiting for the chance to be picked.

The competition inside was always intense.

"This mister hopes to recruit some Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, please keep according to the criteria, and come up to accept interviews." The lady spoke loudly.

The group immediately flew into laughter.

"Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts? Ha, that's an amateur!"

"Good for us that an amateur is here, they are easy to deceive! Maybe we will finally have our chance today!"

"With one look, I can tell that that fellow is foolish with loads of money, I'm going up."

"Me too!"

Tang Tian had long given Shi Sen the task to choose the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, Tang Tian was also curious to how Shi Sen would be able to choose the real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts from the group of people. Initially Shi Sen had planned to recruit them straight from Underworld Continent, but as they were still lacking in manpower, he suggested to test their luck at the local mercenary center.

Shi Sen's face remained calm, only his eyes revealing a cold intent, causing him to look increasingly cold.

A large group of people laughed and stood up, while the others wanted to enjoy the exciting scene. In the recent years, the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts' fame had become stinking bad, and only a group of amateurs would come to ask for them.

"Are there any more that wants to come up?" Shi Sen asked indifferently.

"No!" The people below shouted, and some even chuckled.

"Good." Shi Sen's face remained calm: "If you can stand after 30 seconds, then you qualify."

With that, he stepped out, and the 10 people behind him, all of them leaning forward and holding onto their blades, they stepped out, and with just that step, their light auras all combined into one.


A burst of astonishing aura erupted out without any warning, the surging killing intent suddenly caused the room's temperature to plummet to negative. Without any proper defense, the majority of the saints suffered a pain similar to being struck in the chest, and retreated seven to eight steps, before stopping with overwhelming shock in their hearts.

There were 20 people who were persevering without moving.

Shi Sen continued to shout out the timer indifferently: "Seven, Eight, Nine…."

His right hand, also casually held onto the grip of Evening Snow Ocean, his aura suddenly increasing by another degree.

Another six people were unable to persist, and stepped back to retreat, and three of them felt their legs go weak, and dropped onto the ground. At the moment no one were mocking them, everyone were looking at Shi Sen and his team in fear.

The aura of the eleven people were of one body, without any flaws, like a furious big wave, one wave after another, each wave higher than the previous.

The remaining fourteen people were bitterly persisting on, with their clenched teeth, veins protruding out of their bodies, activating all of their energy to the maximum, all of them releasing light auras that enveloped their bodies.

On the contrary, the light aura around Shi Sen and his team was extremely gentle.

But their light aura were as one.

Everyone were stunned in their place, their synchronization was over 80%. And caused them to feel even more fear, they had not even unsheathed their blades!

"Eighteen, nineteen…."

Shi Sen's mouth drew into an arc, but it was a smile, that was without any warmth. It was extremely cold like ice. After the ridicule by the people previously, it had already caused a burning fire in his stomach.

Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, have you all ever seen the true Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?

The cold in his eyes became even colder, and Evening Snow Ocean gradually raised up.

The aura that he released was astonishing, the energy in the room became more and more active. Many people realized that they were gradually losing control of the energy in their bodies.

The Demonic Mounts behind Shi Sen also gradually raised the Black Wind Blades in their sheathes.


The energy around Shi Sen and his team swept crazily, one after another of streaks of dazzling light streaks like a tornado spinning and rising quickly.

Bang! Bang!

One after another, bodies flew out, they struck onto the walls fiercely, two of them even sustained light injuries, as blood leaked out of their mouths, all of their faces revealed overwhelming shock.

In a blink of an eye, the field only had three people left.

And at the same time, Evening Snow Ocean which was in Shi Sen's hand was already at the highest point, his aura also peaked to maximum, like a reservoir that was filled to maximum and was leaking with water!

Everyone were unconsciously holding their breaths, they had a strange foreboding, the following strike would be earth-shattering. The remaining three used all of their power and prepared to accept the following strike.

The timer was already at 26 seconds!

Shi Sen's mouth suddenly revealed a mocking laugh, along with his ten other subordinates.

Without any warning, the energy that soared to its pinnacle and was at the edge of erupting suddenly disappeared without a trace.

It was as though the feeling and spectacle of energy were all just a hallucination.

The three men still standing all spat out blood at the same time, and fell to the ground.

"29, 30."

The last two words came out of Shi Sen's mouth, and without hesitation his face was filled with disdain as he spoke with mockery: "A group of trash."

His voice was not loud, but in the dead silent environment, the entire place could hear him.

Everyone looked at Shi Sen's group as though they had just seen a ghost. The scene where the energy had suddenly disappeared completely betrayed common sense. A fist that was already full force and prepared to strike, how could it suddenly be retracted?

That last withdrawal of energy, was the true game changer transformation, a strike that exceeded everyone's expectation of the limit.

The three people who had persevered till the end, were all injured because of the formless strike.

A group of trash, just those four painful words went into everyone's ears, but to these violent characters, it was a large slap to all of their faces, and they could only stand there blankly in their own place.

Compared to the group, they truly were a group of trash.

Even the three people who persisted till the end were filled with shame.

Clap clap clap.

The sound of claps came out from behind, it was a short haired man, who started to praise: "I never expected to be able to meet the real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, as expected, all of you are of quality. But it is truly a pity, you are all old and not our opponents. There is no way to see the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts that were at their peak, otherwise, at least they would have the qualifications to spar a bit with our Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts."

The short haired man was crowded around by a community of swift and fierce companions, all of their looks revealed ominous glints.

"Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts?" Shi Sen squinted his eyes.

Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts were the most recent elite soldiers, and in every battle of the recent two years, there would be traces of them. They were a team full of offensive power, and extremely dauntless, and they had even absorbed the Demonic Mount's mistakes of the past, the Qing Continent Tyrannical Mount's management was extremely strict, as long as they found out any impersonators, they would kill them.

The current Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts were renowned in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and were one of the 10 Elite Armies known in Sacred Saint Galaxy.

"Good blade!" The short haired man noticed Evening Snow Ocean in Shi Sen's hand, and said: "If we meet in battle the next time, We will not be merciful because you guys are old. Let's go, Uncles, we will leave first."

He called for the companions behind him and turned to leave.

Just before they left, a few of the Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts revealed hostility towards Shi Sen.

The group of them left the Mercenary Center, and one of them asked: "Ah Sang, why didn't we take action? That blade was truly powerful, although it was not unsheathed, but I could sense its power!"

"That's right that's right! That's such a good blade, in that old man's hand, is truly a waste! Why not give it to us, and allow us to reveal all of its might."

"Humph, for us to see his blade can be considered their blessing. A group of old men that soon be unable to even walk, they have no qualifications to hold such a good blade!"

The group of them discussed lively, all of them did not understand, Ah Sang was not one to talk well with.

Ah Sang's expression turned gloomy, and spoke as he walked: "You guys didn't notice the young man standing behind the group of old men, he is very dangerous."

"Very dangerous?" The group were in disbelief, Ah Sang was the fiercest person out of all of them, and he was never afraid of the Heavens or anyone, to actually feel fear because of someone dangerous?

Is he still the same Ah Sang we know?

Everyone could not believe their own ears.

"Yes." Ah Sang's eyes still had a trace of lingering fear: "When I noticed the blade in the old man's hand, that young man looked at me once, and all the hair on my body immediately stood! And he was just casually looking at me."

Everyone looked at each other, they did not doubt Ah Sang's senses.

Ah Sang's intuition was the strongest among all of them, and by relying on that, he had saved many of them many times in battle, they never doubted his strong intuition.

"Who is he?"

"I did not recognize him, but it's normal, Miss Qin Yu Ran is here, so how many people would come to see her? I reckon he is someone after her as well!"


"Everyone, stay low profile for a while for this period of time, there will be many experts these few days, so don't cause any trouble."

Hearing everyone's discussion, Ah Sang thought back to that scene. He did not understand, why did that seemingly ordinary young man actually gave him such a strong sense of danger.

Who exactly is he?

Chapter 603 – Pirates, Lending Money, Black Gold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Boss, I've checked it out!" The Adjutant said excitedly: "This group has 40 plus people, and the one leading them is a brat. On their way, the chanced upon and boarded Qin Yu Ran's ship, and it is said that they stayed in the cargo area, and only took action when they met us. I heard that the Bloodwood Warship is being sent to the Forever Bright Shipyard for repairs and maintenance, and spent a bit of money to bribe the shipyard people, from the looks of it, a set of Silver Grade Honeycomb Sword Cannon and Spiralling blast Machine were used until they exploded, completely into pieces, the burden might have been too much, to have led to the explosion."

"40 plus people." Lian Bo Jun muttered to himself, It seems to be a good fit, from the looks of it, this small team most probably has an outstanding military leader, using high synchronization , it allowed the 40 men to share the energy charge from the use of the machines.


To be able to do it to such an extent, they are truly elites worth noticing.

Furthermore, to rely on these 40 people to change the entire battle outcome, such a team, if they're not elites, then what are they?

"Where did they go afterwards?" Lian Bo Jun asked.

"They parted ways with Qin Yu Ran, their current whereabouts unknown." The adjutant said: "The people close and around Qin Yu Ran are not easy to bribe."

"Seems like it was a matter uncalled for." Lian Bo Jun said, battles were always filled with different accidents and uncalled things, and furthermore they were a group of pirates, meaning that they would face more of such matters.

The adjutant looked at Lian Bo Jun hesitatingly: "Boss, the other side is extremely angry by our actions, they think that we have broken the agreement, and saying we are not trustworthy."

"Oh, let them be angry." Lian Bo Jun did not even raise his head: "We're pirates, when did pirates ever need trust?"

The Adjutant laughed, trying to act treacherous: "Haha, then I will reply to them like that! Break what, they dare to criticize and give orders to us! Are they tired of living?"

"They're trying to conspire too large a scale." Lian Bo Jun said: "This time, we cannot risk going in too deep. A pity, Qin Yu Ran did not fall into our hands, if not, we would have earned enough to get a fleet."

"A…..a fleet?" The Adjutant stammered, he was in shock.

"They have a lot of money." Lian Bo Jun was expressionless, but a cold glint flashed past his eyes: "Qin Yu Ran is the most important part of their plan."

"Then what do we do now?" The Adjutant was at a loss, the boss has spoken so much, but why do I not understand? But thinking about the fleet that had slipped out of his fingers, he took in a breath of cold air and puckered his lips, his face filled with anguish.

A woman in exchange for a fleet, Is this woman made of gold? Even gold is not worth enough!

"Coleslaw." Lian Bo Jun said without raising his head.

Inside a luxurious manor.

"What? You actually met with a Pirate attack? AND a fleet of pirates? Oh my god! The sea around our White Sands Continent actually has pirates?" A beautiful lady used her feathered fan to cover her mouth, her face filled with shock.

All the upper class ladies seating in a circle were all shocked.

"Yes, the situation was very dangerous at that time." Qin Yu Ran laughed: "But our luck was considered, good, we met upon a group of traders on the way, and they helped us a lot. Finally we managed to push back the pirates."

She knew that Big Brother Meng and his group did not want outsiders to know, and thus she explained it in vague terms.

"You are kindhearted and benevolent, and as precious as gold, your karma has proven itself time and time again." Another beauty praised.

"Are they very powerful?"

"Miss Yu Ran, how long are you staying in the White Sands this time?"

The group continued to talk excitedly, luckily for Qin Yu Ran, she was well versed and could speak well, and thus handled them well.

In the hall at another corner, Bai Xiao and a middle aged man were seated down drinking alcohol, laughing and talking.

"I heard that you met with pirates, that scared me." The middle aged man laughed: "But in the end, thinking about your strength, You will always be able to get out of it, so I wasn't anxious."

"Second Uncle, You don't have to worry about me." Bai Xiao whined, but his face was not one of unhappiness.

His second uncle Bai Yue had always been his idol since young, becoming a captain of a unit at 16 years old. This achievement, in any continent was extremely shocking. After 20 years, time and time again He had defeated powerful enemies, and became the top military general of the Bai Family, and was the true authoritative person in the Bai Family.

This time, he had arrived in the White Sands Continent for work, and never expected to meet his nephew.

Bai Yue laughed: "Anyways you are also cockroach, and not easy to die."

"Second Uncle, can you lend me a bit of money." Bai Xiao said suddenly, exploiting the opportunity.

"What? Are you lacking of money?" Bai Yue looked at Qin Yu Ran, and mocked: "Did you spend all your money on chasing after girls? But Xiao Bai, if you are able to carry the beautiful woman home, Second Uncle will definitely support you! I'll do something to get your father in the loop, what about it? If you don't dare, then just admit that you're afraid!"

Bai Xiao had a helpless look on his face: "Second Uncle, where are your thoughts going to. Although I do admire Yu Ran, but this is not about relationship. I want to borrow money for another matter."

"No!" Bai Yue shook his head: "If it is not for a girl, I will definitely not lend you!"

Bai Xiao looked at Bai Yue in shock, he actually did not know what to say.

"What? Are you thinking about it?" Bai Yue raised his eyebrows.

"Second Uncle, I want to buy Empyrean Ice Tree Spears." Bai Xiao said suddenly.

"Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?" Bai Yue was stunned, he immediately lost the smile on his face: "Empyrean Ice Tree Spears? You want to borrow money to buy Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?"

"Yes." Bai Xiao spoke softly: "This time, the pirates that we met were defeated by a group of people. 46 men, first, they used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, then they used a Spiralling Blast Machine, and pushed back the pirates."

"Really?" Bai Yue was familiar with battle, and he had quickly calculated in his mind, and suddenly raised his head: "That is extremely difficult!"

For 46 men to control a Honeycomb Sword Cannon and a Spiralling Blast Machine to defeat the pirates, no matter how he thought, it required an extremely high rate of frequency of attack."

Bai Xiao then corrected him: "These pirates had a Black Dragon Warship, and ten frigates."
(TN: In this chapter, in the original chinese, Bai Xiao had explained that Tang Tian's team used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon and an unknown weapon which is not the Spiralling Blast Machine written in the battle in chapter 595, due to the inconsistency I will keep it to Spiralling Blast Machine.)

"Impossible!" the light in Bai Yue's eyes exploded as he blurted out.

"I also thought that it is impossible." Bai Yue said: "But I witnessed it personally. The Honeycomb Sword Cannon and Spiralling blast Machine were shattered to pieces, both unable to bear the energy charges. I was prepared to rush out to fight, but upon seeing the Spiralling Blast Machine that covered the sky, I was dumbstruck."

"Where are those people?" Bai Yue became excited: "I want to see them!"

Bai Xiao ignored him, and continued: "I bought the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears from them. But I do not have enough money, and only bought 100 of them."

"Wait a minute!" Bai Yue was completely shocked: "You frigging said 100 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears? Are you joking? How is it possible to buy so many of them?"

"Second Uncle, how can I get it wrong, did you forget who my mentor is?" Bai Xiao refuted.

"That's right." Bai Yue nodded his head: "I will give you 100 million, is that enough. Those goods are good, and worth buying, and currying favor with your mentor is good too, didn't he have the project about the Blue Poison that year? Wasn't it because there wasn't enough Empyrean Ice Tree Spears."

"It isn't enough!" Bai XIao shook his head.

"They still have so many?" Bai Yue was shocked: "Are you sure you're not mistaken?"

"I'm not!" Bai Xiao replied: "Second Uncle, give your money to me first, I have already notified my mentor, and asked the family to send money over."

"200 million, that should be enough, I am going to become poor." Bai Yue said helplessly.

"Not enough!" Bai Xiao shook his head determinedly.

"How many does that fellow have?" Bai Yue was shocked.

"At least a thousand of them." Bai Xiao judged.

"Hey, Xiao Bai, you're not running a fever are you." Bai Yue extended his hand out and touched Bai Xiao's forehead, he did not believe Bai XIao at all: "If you said he has one or two hundred, then I would somewhat believe that, But now you're saying he has over a thousand? Haha, you must have been tricked! A naive young man! Only the high ranking Blue Dwarves have Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and they will definitely not sell them. Those people must have tricked you."

"I checked the spears before." Bai Xiao said straightforwardly.

"Are you sure?" Bai Yue's smile slowly disappeared.

"I am sure!" Bai Xiao said without hesitating.

Bai Yue stood up.

Bai Xiao immediately pulled him back: "Second Uncle, where are you going?"

"To borrow money of course!" Bai Yue's killing intent soared: "We definitely cannot let this batch of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears fall into other people's hands. That old man's luck is truly good, We must take advantage of it, and hope he can truly research on the Spears."

At Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, Ning Hai had just walked into the research laboratory, when a manager walked in: "Ning Hai, there is a metal ingot on your table, Boss wants you to carry out a full evaluation on it. Do it fast."

"Ok!" Ning Hai did not ask about the price, it was his job.

He sat down at the table, and noticed the metal ingot, a black metal ingot, completely glossy. He picked it up and was surprised by its weight. It was heavier than what he thought. This caused him to become excited, from the looks of it, its density was much bigger.

Ning Hai was the White Sands Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce most famous material appraisal master, and was responsible for assessing the worthiness of materials. This was an extremely covetous profession, with an extremely high salary, and the work relatively relaxing.

To NIng Hai, this sort of work was as easy as doing it with his hands tied to the back.

To judge the value of a material, it required a steady process. As long as he followed the process, there would not be a problem.

Ning Hai leisurely sipped on his tea and ate tidbits. To wait for the results, it required half a day.

Time quickly swept past, and he slept through the afternoon.

By the time it was evening, where sunset appeared out of the window, the evaluation report on the black metal ingot was done.

Ning Hai casually picked up the report, but when he looked for a bit, he immediately jumped up, and kept on repeating: "How is this possible, how is this possible?"

The dazzling amount of numbers written on the paper, could only appear on the most outstanding metals sent over by aristocratic families.

Could I have made some mistakes somewhere? He pulled on his own hair in pain, because it meant that he had to redo it again. I cannot make the same mistake, this is Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and the requirements are extremely stringent. If boss knew I made such a big mistake, I won't have my job anymore.

He threw the relaxed state of mind away, and began to work seriously. By night time, he did not go home, and continued to stay to work, carefully repeating the tests he had conducted in the day with full concentration.

On the second day, the results finally came out.

When the second report appeared in front of NIng Hai, he was completely dumbstruck: "Oh my god!"

After about 10 seconds, he finally came back to his senses, and with his shocked expression, he staggered out and ran, he needed to tell his master about his massive discovery.

No matter what, we definitely need to buy all of this black metal ingot!

Chapter 604 – Ling Xia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the Mercenary Center, Area D's activity had caused the entire center to become lively. Shi Sen's group had displayed an extremely strong power, and had caused shock all around.

And when the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts appeared and revealed Shi Sen's true identity, The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, everyone immediately became excited. The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts decline were due to the inability to distinguish between the real and fake, and thus the strength of the real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts had become a mystery.

Is this the real Demonic Mounts?

Many people became extremely excited. Any legend would cause people's heart to be stirred, The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mount's emergence were filled with legendary tales, to finally witness Shi Sen's team strength, everyone then understood the true power of Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts.

The conflict between Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts and Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts quickly became the heated topic.

One was the current elites, and the other was the matchless and glorious strongest, their clash would definitely be spectacular. But no one would had thought that the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts would suddenly drop their heads and leave, without any intention to fight.

This made many people disappointed.

Area D was filled with many people, and in the corners, people were discussing softly.

"So they are the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, no wonder." The person who spoke was dressed in moss green clothes, his face looked malicious, whenever his eyes opened, a cold gaze would shoot out.

"Are they here for us?" The person who spoke was extremely thin, and his voice extremely soft, his expression indifferent.

"They shouldn't be, they are most likely here to replenish members." The man in green shook his head: "Oh, they left."

The skinny man nodded his head, without saying a thing, his gaze landed on Tang Tian.

Upon leaving the Mercenary Center, Shi Sen looked to be normal, but he was extremely angry inside. He secretly made a decision, I must definitely bring back the name of Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts.

Tang Tian did not advise Shi Sen to care about what had happened. How could he not care? How could he ignore it? Da Sen had already controlled himself, If It was me, I would have definitely beat those Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts up.

If you care about it, then do it, that is what makes a real man. To say that you are not angry and you're tolerant and magnanimous, those are all lies.

"Master, this subordinate wishes to go to the Underworld Continent!" Shi Sen suddenly said.

"Now?" Tang Tian was surprised.

"Yes, Master!" Shi Sen said gloomily: "The Underworld Continent is not far from the White Sands, if we are fast, we only need 12 days to rush there, and adding the time of recruitment, within a month, this subordinate will definitely bring back 500 Demonic Mounts."

Tang Tian looked at Shi Sen, the face that was covered with hardships and the aging of time, the the white hair and beard that still had tenacity as tough as steel, the muddled eyes that were bright, was like a bonfire being sparked by wind and an ember, suddenly lighting up so bright like a charcoal burning red.

Suddenly, Tang Tian was extremely emotional, he took out a card: "Alright, be careful on the road!"

Shi Sen took the card, and immediately panicked: "Master, I do not need so much!"

An Underworld Continent Demonic Mount was worth 2 million, 500 would cost 100 million, and Master had actually given 150 million cloud coins.

"It's alright, bring some extra money with you, if they are good enough, get more of them, the Precious Bright Village Regiment is still lacking in men." Tang Tian said.

Shi Sen's eyes turned red, the big sum of money was Master's trust in him. In the many years of struggle, he had never experienced the trust with a worth of 150 million.

"Bring everyone with you, and be careful." Tang Tian said.

Shi Sen was uneasy: "But Master's safety…"

"I'm not far from the hotel, It'll be easy to walk back, Don't worry about me, anyways it's not like I cannot protect myself." Tang Tian waved his hand and said nonchalantly.

Shi Sen thought about it, That's right, with Master's strength, no one would dare to take action on him. He bowed to Tang Tian: "Master, then we will be off!"

Han Sen immediately said: "To get to Underworld Continent, this subordinate knows a boss, specially dealing with business between the Underworld Continent and the White Sands, you guys can board his cargo ship, and in that way, you can reach Underworld Continent in seven to eight days."

Shi Sen was ecstatic: "That's great!"

Tang Tian spoke to Han Sen: "Er Sen, bring them to your friends, then return to the hotel."

Han Sen immediately patted his chest: "This subordinate will definitely accomplish it."

Han Sen brought Shi Sen and moved out.

In a blink of an eye, Tang Tian was alone. The bustling number of people walking along the road caused the place to be extremely crowded. But because the City Lord did not wish for the sky to be covered, no one was allowed to build in the sky of White Sands City. All of the buildings in the sky were placed outside of the city.

All the wooden huts were colored in different colors, and when overlooking the city from the edge, extending to the distance, the city looked to be a gigantic rainbow labyrinth. The White Sands City's land was extremely expensive, and the price outside the city was much lower. To saints that knew flying like the back of their palms, the distance was not considered much. The inner city was gradually formed and relied mainly on large businesses. While outside the city, erlied mainly on smaller businesses and transactions.

Floating in the sky were clustered yet multicolored small wooden huts, attracting Tang Tian's interest.

He shot up, using his unique Adaptive Eclipse, immediately attracting people who were travelling via the air.

"What a strange way of flying!"

"He is not using energy!"

Various exclamations came out, but Tang Tian ignored them, and continued to increase his speed. A series of sonic booms occurred, like bubbles popping, Tang Tian continued to increase his speed.

"So fast!"

"Is that a secret technique?"

This sort of flying that did not produce any energy undulations, was never heard or seen of before, and the speed was still so fast, how could it not be surprising?

Tang Tian did not bother much, his concentration was at its peak, it was his first time flying at such a high speed. Although the standard of his Adaptive Eclipse had rose greatly, but such a high flight speed, adding that he had to avoid other people, he still needed to focus. If he was slightly inattentive and lost control, he would instantly fall, and with Tang Tian's perverse body, it would definitely not have a good outcome. If he clashed into other people, he would not have much of a problem, but if the other party was not in time to form their energy barrier, they might die.

Ling Xia had just left the City Lord's mansion, her face was still red with excitement, after finally meeting Miss Yu Ran, and even speaking with her, she was still immersed in her excitement.

Suddenly, a figure swept past her, bringing forth a gale, blowing her hair into a mess.

Ling Xia was stunned, but also became angry.

Who's that, so rude!"

Thinking that she was not even able to sense his approach, Ling Xia became even angrier, since when had she suffered such an experience like that before in the White Sands City? Snorting, Ling Xia increased her speed and rushed towards the other party.

Upon increasing her speed, two dazzling arcs of fire lit up beside her and surrounded her body as she moved.

"Eldest Miss Li!"

"Fiery Ling!"

Pedestrians on the road were shocked, and immediately made way for her. Eldest Miss LI's temper was just like her nickname, she hated evil and sought grievances easily, and was the Big sister of the White Sands. All the young thugs in White Sands who met Eldest Miss Li would all have their tails between their legs and become obedient.

Ling Xia was from the Ling Family, and was not considered wealthy in White Sands, but had a long line of history. The Ling Family were well known, every generation Ling Family Patriarch possessed noble characters, and were well respected. One generation after the other of accumulation led the Ling Family to become a family that was not to be underestimated in the White Sands City.
From young, Ling Xia had displayed an extremely strong talent, and from young she became one of the most dazzling people of the younger generation in White Sands. Her character was outspoken and straightforward, although she was not calm, but she never shirked her faults and pushed responsibility away, convincing everyone of her talent. She quickly became the Big Sister of the White Sands younger generation, as she had the potential to become the White Sands Continent's first ever Female Commander.

All of the citizens were shocked, but were not afraid of Ling Xia, the Ling Family's teachings were strict, Eldest Sister Li was one who hated evil and sought grievances, and had brought many silk pants under control, but to the ordinary citizen she was extremely kind.

Suddenly, a blonde haired young man who was overcome with boredom and hanging around in the air, caught side of the fiery red light.

When he saw the fire streak clearly, he instantly became excited.

Big Sister!

He began to increase his speed, and chased after the red streak of light, and when he saw that there was another person in front of Big Sister, he immediately became extremely excited. He took out a metal plate and imbued energy into it, and then shouted: "Hey, Ah Bin, quickly come to the north of the city, there's a show to watch! Big Sister is chasing after someone!"

"WHAT! To dare compete with Big Sister? Crap! Who would be so fierce! I'm coming right now!"

Golden hair immediately imbued energy again, and repeated the same words.

"Oh my heavenly mother, to dare play with big sister, he is so daring! There's a show to watch, I cannot miss it!"

Golden hair informed everyone he knew immediately.

The entire White Sands Silk Pants were completely shocked, and all came out of their nests.

To dare challenge Big Sister, he must definitely be a man of steel!

Very quickly, Tang Tian noticed that there was a woman that was chasing him without stopping. He turned back to look at her once, and knowing that he did not know her, he did not plan to care. But after a while, the other party was still chasing after his tail. Tang Tian frowned, and suddenly flipped his body and shot into an alley between the wooden houses.

In a moment, the other party's figure also appeared.

In that moment, if Tang Tian did not know that the other party was rushing for him, he would truly be

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