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Chapter 599 – Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"This hotel sure is extravagant, it must cost a lot for one night." Shi Sen was somewhat hesitant, he kept on looking around, and was studying all the decorations which were extremely luxurious.

They were all country bumpkins, since when have they ever seen such a place.

"It costs 500 thousand cloud coins a night." Ah Leng scoffed, he had just found out about it. When Bai Xiao was booking the hotel, he had specially booked a floor for them for all of them to stay.

Shi Sen jumped in fright, revealing a look of pain: "Why is it so expensive? It is such a waste! 500 thousand, isn't that just daylight robbery?"

While the two of them were whining, the door opened. Tang Tian walked out: "Let's go, time to work!"

The two of them immediately roused their attention, for the sake of not attracting too much attention, Shi Sen brought 10 men.

Crazy Tang did not forget, the most important task at hand was for the errands. In the future, the Sword Forest Stronghold would deal mostly with Black Gold, and finding a market for it was their most pressing task. The other two matters were to purchase information about the Honorable Martial Continent and to purchase warships.

The three matters were all important.

Because of Bai Xiao, Tang Tian and the rest were treated as VIPs and were able to enjoy the facilities and service given by the hotel, and a manager was there for all their requests.

"This is the White Sand City's largest weapon street, the street vendors are all weapon trading companies, and all the various products of the different continents are all here. As long as you have the money, you are able to buy all sorts of weapons, including warships." The Hotel manager introduced proudly.

Shi Sen and the rest tried to see as far as they could, but they could not see the end of the stores, and all of them inhaled in cold air.

"I want to go to the biggest trading company!" Tang Tian said without hesitation.

"The biggest shop?" The manager looked at Tang Tian once: "The biggest weapon shop here is Xu Ji, carrying its name for over thousands of years, it has the largest variety. But they have a set of rule, upon entering their trading company, the value that you have to spend on their products must be more than 100 million."

"There's a Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce here?" Shi Sen suddenly became excited. All of the Demonic Mounts around him also became excited.

"Is it famous?" Tang TIan was confused.

"It is super famous! They only sell exquisite grade products, and are very famous!" Shi Sen who was overly excited did not know how to describe them.

In this aspect, the hotel manager was more professional, he started to babble: "The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is a specialized high end weapons trading company. In the entire weapons trading line of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is one of the top five. Their specialty is not only selling their own weapons, but if they see that a weapon has outstanding qualities, they will automatically put it on their shelves. The weapons that are created by various families that are placed on their shelves will earn honor and pride."

"That sounds great!" Tang TIan's eyes lit up: "Let's go to Xu Ji!"

The hotel manager was secretly pleased, whenever he brought people in, he would be able to earn a commission of 5%. He initially thought that they were just peasants, as they did not hide their shabbiness, but due to his professionalism, he still respectfully serviced them, but he never expected them to be tyrants!

100 million cloud coins, he did not even hesitate at all, he definitely is a tyrant!

He became even more respectful, and brought Tang Tian and the group towards the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce. Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce Trading Company was located at the center of the entire street, their shop was so huge that they made other trading companies pale in comparison.

The moment they entered the trading company, the shop manager welcomed them: "Welcome to Xu Ji, how can I help you all?"

The shop manager's tone was amiable and not flattering, he recognized the manager of the White Sands Hotel, which was the most high end hotel in the city. The White Sands Hotel was deeply loved by all rich folks.

"Let us go in and take a look." Tang Tian said loudly.

"Alright." The shop manager maintained his professionalism and did not ask why. The customers that visited were all generous, and their temper were all extremely weird, so they were used to it.

"The goods in our shop are split into two main categories, personal weapons and army weapons. Please follow me, in here, we have the armory, present here in straight rows are all the personal weapons. There are weapons, defensive tools, supportive tools and medical treatment etc."

"Medical treatment?" Tang Tian was surprised.

"Yes. Lone martial artists will always encounter all sorts of complicated situations, that also means that they need even more ways to handle them. In our statistics, medical treatments' importance, is second to weapons and defensive tools, and thus we recommend this particular type of clients, and raise their investment value. In our statistics, lone martial artists that carry medical treatment goods worth more than two million, survive five times as much as martial artists that invest in a maximum one million into medical treatment.

The shop manager gave extremely detailed statistics and numbers, showing his convincing ability.

"And in terms of the usage of medical treatments, our very first recommendation is with the easy and comfortable to use, Anti-Nefarious Ointment by Benevolence Hall, its usage is to remove the internal injuries caused by energy corrosion. We have done thorough experiments and comparisons across 2400 types of products, and in the end we chose the Benevolence Hall's Anti-Nefarious Ointment because of its outstanding results. It can remove the internal injuries of up to 10 years ago. The Anti-Nefarious Ointment costs 400 thousand cloud coins for one bottle, although it has an extremely high price, but we still give it a five star recommendation.

Tang Tian then spoke without hesitation: "We will first buy 50 of them, Old Shi, each one of you will get one."

Shi Sen was moved, but he did not reveal it, and nodded his head: "Yes."

"50 Anti-Nefarious Ointments." The shop manager recorded it down, he was not surprised by it, 20 million cloud coins transactions was considered small business.

With the shop manager's recommendations, all the glossy and brilliant weapons on the racks dazzled Tang Tian. The Sacred Saint Galaxy's weapons, compared to the spirit treasures of Heaven's Road, did not have any spirit, but they were all brimming with killing intent, and the strangest thing was that many weapons contained sword concepts and such.

And for the higher grade weapons, they contained laws, but these laws were mostly incomplete.

At the highest level of the weapons rack was a scarlet red sword, which released an astonishing aura, as the energy around it was continuously being absorbed into it. Tang Tian curiously requested the shop manager to take it down for a look, in which he did not reject, and handed the sword over to Tang Tian. Tang Tian then realized that the treasure sword called [Scarlet Snake] actually had a complete law inside it!

But this sword's price was an astronomical 20 billion cloud coins, causing everyone's expression to freeze. Tang Tian who thought he was wealthy previously, quickly found out that he was still poor.

Very quickly, with the increase of grades of weapons, the prices of the weapons caused people's faces to turn muddy.

5 billion cloud coin weapons were just high grade.

Seeing that everyone was getting dizzy, Tang Tian suddenly thought of a terrible question: "Can I ask, how much is a warship?"

The shop manager answered: "This depends on the grade. A frigate starts with a price of 5 billion, if you are talking about a Warship, then it starts from 20 billion, and there's no cap after that."

Everyone's heart turned cold, and all revealed a bitter smile, they were all dreaming as thought they were tyrants, but suddenly realized that they could not even afford a warship.

Tang Tian did not care about that, and asked: "Do you buy weapons here?"

"As long as it hits the requirements of the shop, then we will buy it." The shop manager replied.

Tang Tian asked curious: "What requirement?"

"In terms of same category products, to be able to enter the top five is the shop's requirements." The shop manager said calmly, but with a sense of pride.

"Then will you buy an Empyrean Ice Tree Spear?" Tang TIan asked directly.

No matter what, he wants to buy a warship home!

"Empyrean Ice Tree Spear?" The shop manager revealed a shocked look, and said cautiously: "I will have to ask the shopkeeper, can I ask, are you offering to sell the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear?"

"Yes!" Tang Tian replied happily.

"Please give me a moment." The shop manager rushed out, and after a moment, a blue clothed middle aged man walked towards Tang Tian and cupped his fist: "I am Xu Jin, and am the shopkeeper of this humble shop, Can I ask who is offering to sell the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear?"

"Me?" Tang TIan raised his hand.

"I wonder how many do you have?" Xu Jin asked.

"Many." Tang Tian replied.

Xu JIn was secretly shocked, but maintained a smile on his face, he extended his hand as an invitation: "Please follow me."

Inside the VIP lounge, Xu Jin spoke: "Sire is prepared to sell the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, I wonder if you can let me take a look?"

"Alright!" Tang Tian said happily, bang, a pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears were thrown onto the carpet.

The VIP lounge became quiet, everyone were all stunned by the pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears that were all half the length of a person, the shop manager and hotel manager both revealed shocked looks.

Xu Jin was stunned for a moment, but he was still someone who had seen a lot, and although his mind was caught in the perilous situation, he still maintained calm: "Can I appraise it?"

"No problem." Tang Tian waved his hand.

Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce shopkeeper used his hand to touch the spear, and immediately knew that it was real. Empyrean Ice Tree Spear, a real Empyrean Ice Tree Spear. He was secretly excited, the astonishing number of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, it was definitely the first time in history of dealing with Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

He scrutinized it once, for fear that he might be overlooking something, after a long while, he stood up and spoke in one breath: "I wonder what price is sire setting for the purchase of these Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?"

"8 million cloud coins for one." Tang TIan replied.

Xu Jin secretly approved in his mind, it is a very reasonable price, the other party obviously had investigated it prior to this. He replied happily: "Deal!"

"How many do you want?" Tang TIan asked.

After the appraisal, he was already clear on it. Xu Jin said generously: "A total of 1006, worth 8 billion 48 million cloud coins, consider it as 8 billion and 100 million."

"Just 8 billion and 100 million?" Tang Tian was not satisfied, it was still far from a warship.

"Sire is not happy with the price?" Xu Jin was taken aback.

"No." Tang Tian shook his head, he looked at Xu Jin: "How many can you still buy?"

Xu Jin's heart jumped, his words meant that he still had many Empyrean Ice Tree Spears! He maintained his calmness, and laughed: "Xu Ji's fluid funds is currently 70 billion! As long as you do not exceed this number, it will not be a problem, if you do, then I can go and apply for authority to request for more funds, within 100 billion, it should not be too big a problem."

Xu Jin's tone was full of confidence, since when did Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce ever worry about money?

The VIP lounge was filled with people drawing their breaths, everyone were shocked by Xu Ji's depth of wealth.

But Tang Tian was not shocked, he laughed happily: "That's great!"

Bang bang bang!

Tang Tian threw out 10 consecutive piles of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

The entire VIP Lounge suddenly became silent, 10 piles of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears occupied the majority of the room. Under the light, the translucent Empyrean luster was like attractive sapphire gems, causing their eyes to be dazzled.

Xu Jin who had never lost his composure before opened his mouth wide open, like a fool, in dumbstruck.

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