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Chapter 598 – Landing on the White Sands Continent!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Qin Yu Ran opened her eyes, the gentle warm air around her was masked with her favourite scent, her room was quiet and tranquil, as though she was in another world. She lazily stretched, got up and after washing up, she began to enjoy her breakfast and tea, and heard her servants chattering, saying that Big Brother Meng Nan had gone to the training facility early in the morning. She was startled, and put down the pastry in her hands.

Training facility?

She was surprised, she did not want to remember about the war the day before. She was completely overwhelmed with despair and fear, as though it was controlling her heart in which she could not struggle out from.

It was not only her, Bai Xiao too, was feeling an immense pressure and shock, and until the morning, he was still feeling the same way. Even the group of elite guards they had hired were extremely lifeless.

But at this time, Big Brother Meng Nan was actually at the training facility….

From the battle yesterday, it was said that he was the most tired, but why does he seem fine? Could it be that to him, the battle yesterday was not enough?

Qin Yu Ran decided to go take a look.

After finishing breakfast, she quickly headed towards the training facility. When she arrived, she realized that it was packed with people outside.

"They are all too perverse! Such compatibility, how did they do it?"

"Such high synchronization….definitely about 80%! God! What am I seeing!"

"Who are they, truly?"

Surrounding the training facility was the guard crew of the ship. They were all hired by Auntie Qiu, and every one of them had at least 5 years of experience, they were familiar with battle formations and all of them were outstanding, and were elites of their various continents.

But at that moment, all the elites had shocked looks on their faces, as though they had seen a ghost, and were all exclaiming out loud.

Qin Yu Ran became even more curious, without alarming others, she made her way through. Through the glass, what she witnessed inside the training facility shocked her, it was the group of guards of Big Brother Meng Nan's.

When Shi Sen woke up, and realized that Tang Tian was already training, he was extremely ashamed. Since when, would the leader be training and the subordinates be lazing about? How could such a joke actually happen on the Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts who became famous for their elitism?

The other Demonic Mounts were also ashamed, it was fine that they were not as strong as their Master, but to be less hardworking than their master, that truly deserved death! And the battle yesterday was entirely Master who did the work, they did not even do anything. To the Demonic Mounts who boast to be elites, to be safe under the protection of their Master was the greatest humiliation.

Furthermore, their boss treated them extremely well.

Without saying a word, they gathered at the training facility and started training.

Shi Sen was angered, if in the future, their boss was to be the one at the frontline, then what was the point of them? Fighting wars was the only thing this group of old veterans could do, and they could not digress themselves to that stage!

Everyone who followed him were all veterans, proud and arrogant, and were also unable to tolerate it, and intensely sought to increase the difficulty of training. This demand was an agreement among all of them.

Shi Sen thought more about it, that Master had already agreed to replenish their ranks, they had to prepare early, since they had not been in a full unit for a long time.

And thus, the scene before Qin Yu Ran.

"I truly never thought that we would see the real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts here."

Bai Xiao's voice that was brimming with emotions sounded out beside her, and Qin Yu Ran then realized, that unknowingly, Bai Xiao had appeared beside her. But she was immediately attracted by Bai Xiao's words: "Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts? That infamous Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?"

"The decline of the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts was so long ago, and the current Demonic Mounts in the markets, out of 10, only one is real, and even the natives of the Underworld Continent, not many of them are willing to take the test to be a Demonic Mount. But all these people, are the real Demonic Mounts." Bai Xiao explained.

"The real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts?" Qin Yu Ran emphasized.

"The real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, are valiant and brave, tenacious and persevering, disciplined and unified, extremely familiarized with battle formations, and are the most elite army under the heavens, and was known as the King of Soldiers in the past." Bai Xiao stared at Shi Sen and his men who were perspiring, and praised: "Furthermore, all of these men are all veterans of the past. The only regretful thing is that they are all not young anymore. If they were just 10 years younger, even with 46 men, they would be a power that no one could underestimate."

Qin Yu Ran then noticed the white hairs on Shi Sen's head, that was drenched in perspiration, and her heart was moved: "Why are they still doing their best to train? They are already so old!"

Bai Xiao was startled, then said: "Maybe it is because they are too used to it, the army tradition and training have been ingrained in them, and cannot be changed in a day or two. I have seen veterans before, all of them still maintain their habit of training, and until now, they cannot stop training."

He then pointed out: "Brother Meng's background truly makes me curious. He never heard of Origin Mark Boxes before, and the astonishing number of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and all the guards around him turn out to be the real Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, Brother Meng's family, is definitely much scarier than I thought."

Qin Yu Ran looked at Bai Xiao, then retracted her gaze: "So what? I only know that Big brother Meng saved my life, and furthermore, if that is the case, it is better to be friends than enemies."

Bai Xiao broke out into a smile and praised: "Still, Yu Ran can see things clearly! It is this Brother that is dumb."

Qin Yu Ran laughed: "Big brother Bai Xiao has helped me a lot too."

She was extremely grateful towards Bai Xiao, to be able to gather his courage in the time of danger, it was something that not many people could do. She did not wish to see the two men become enemies, and would be best for them to be friends, Big brother Bai Xiao had a vast connection and was also bright, with his help, Big Brother Meng could definitely make a lot of money.

As many of them were attracted by Shi Sen's group training, Tang Tian's training did not look to be so outstanding anymore.

After training for a whole full four hours, Tang Tian finally stopped, and was preparing to return to his room to shower. Just as he was about to leave the training facility, he met Bai Xiao and Qin Yu Ran. Bai Xiao smiled: "Big brother Meng is truly hardworking, no wonder you are so powerful, this junior brother is completely impressed."

Tang Tian was not the least bit modest, but instead nodded his head as though he knew everything: "Of course, because I want to become even more powerful, I still have things I want to do, and cannot waste time."

Bai Xiao was stunned, he never thought that Tang Tian would actually say such words. Tang Tian's expression was completely serious at the same time, and he could clearly feel that it was his heartfelt thoughts.

Tang Tian patted bai Xiao on his shoulders and advised: "Little Bai, you must be serious too! Sweat will not lie! I'm going to shower now!"

He left Bai Xiao, whose face was between the colors green and red, who at that moment was extremely ashamed. He was born a noble, with astonishing talent, and became famous at a very young age, and started traveling and making friends, arrogant talking about life, and had always had a view of contentment towards his life. Everyone around him praised him all day, and all of them always said the same thing, his future was limitless.

But Meng Nan's words were extremely crude, yet it struck a low resounding bell, completely shocking him. A person who was even stronger than him, yet said he could not waste time, and that sweat will not lie.

Qin Yu Ran pursed her lips, she had almost exclaimed out loud, she had never thought that Big Brother Meng would actually say and do such a thing. Her heart was extremely worried, the proud and arrogant Bai Xiao, how could he endure such humiliation?

And there was that, 'Little Bai'……

Bai Xiao's face gradually became calm again, he raised his head and laughed: "I cannot compare to brother Meng!"

His feelings towards Meng Nan were respect and envy, respect towards his willpower and perseverance for hard work, and envy which was because he was extremely clear of his goal, and chased at it with an undying passion and fighting intent, causing others to clearly feel the intense thirst through his sweat.

Because he had things he wanted to do.

What do I truly want to do?

He was at a loss, when suddenly, he understood, that was what he truly needed to think about and clarify. He was extremely thankful towards Meng Nan, if not for Meng Nan, he would still be confident of himself and living freely and easily, when in truth, he was just living muddle headedly.

On the same day, they received news that the White Sands Continent fleet were personally sending out envoys to welcome them. When the Bloodwood Warship reached White Sands Continent, they received a passionate welcome.

Qin Yu Ran was hailed as the "Singer who uses her spirit and soul to sing", and was famous in many continents of the Sacred Saint Galaxy. Wherever she went, she would receive the welcomes and pursuits of many high position families and authorities.

"Woah woah, there are so many people!" Tang Tian looked down at the overflowing human crowd and was speechless.

"Big Brother Meng, are you really not coming with us?" QIng Yu Ran looked at Tang Tian with her beautiful eyes and a look of plead.

"No no." Tang Tian shook his head: "I want to go buy things."

Bai Xiao was obviously sharper at such things, and laughed: "Brother Meng prefers tranquility, we will not implore you any further, I have already booked a room at the White Sands Hotel for you, you can go there directly. Brother Meng, you cannot resent me, I am still concerned about the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears in Brother Meng's hands, I hope that you leave me a portion."

Tang Tian laughed: "Don't worry, I will give you however many you want."

Bai Xiao's heart trembled, could it be that other than that pile, he still has a stash of them? Suddenly, he was suspicious of his own buying power. He had already sent a message to his professor, and had already decided to contact a few families, to buy the pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

Seeing that Bai Xiao already made plans, Qin Yu Ran calmed down.

Very quickly, the warship neared the dock, and music from the outside could be heard.

Tang Tian scratched his chin and muttered: "Hey, No wonder I feel that this place is so familiar, isn't this what Magic Flute likes to do? Hmmmm, I can pull Magic Flute over to flaunt his skills, he will definitely be popular, I wonder if he can earn money from this…."

Qin Yu Ran's eyes lit up: "Magic Flute?"

Those two words were obviously related to music.

"Young Miss, we need to go out now." Auntie Qiu reminded.

Qin Yu Ran remembered and took note of the name by heart, she tidied her dress, then waved and smiled at Tang Tian: "Big Brother Meng, I'll go off first."

The moment Qin Yu Ran stepped out of the warship, the group of people outside went crazy.

"Seems like Young Miss Qin is extremely popular here." Shi Sen said as he looked through the window.

Tang Tian scratched his chin, he felt that pulling Magic Flute here to earn money was a good idea!

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