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Chapter 595

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Lian Bo Jun and his men looked at the quiet warzone in silence.

The opponent's Honeycomb Sword Cannon had suddenly died down, causing the entire warzone to become strangely quiet. The torrential storm produced by the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, had shocked everyone, the intense firepower, exceeded at least 10 units of Honeycomb Sword Cannon, and was suddenly replaced to open fire.

The nearby frigates never expected to meet against such an intense attack, they had suffered greatly, and had no choice but to retreat to the back to reorganize.

The entire warzone was shocked by the intense attack from the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, even the operators themselves had subconsciously stopped, and watched the barrage of attacks with their mouth open.

Until when it suddenly stopped, for some reason, everyone could finally exhale.

It seemed to be an interesting modification.

Lian Bo Jun regained his tranquil state, and could not help but ponder about the modifications made, to him, the dense barrage attacks of the Honeycomb Sword Cannons must definitely be a unique modification on the opponent's warship. He had to admit, their modification was extremely apt. Although they were a warship, but they would not participate in regular wars, and were used only to deal with pirates.

And pirates usually had bad equipment, and thus rely on a multitude of tactics. Such an intense firepower in such close proximity when used on pirates, would definitely devastate them.

But it is a pity, you have met pirates that are not ordinary.

Just a trivial Honeycomb Sword Cannon, and you want to beat me? Too naive! Lian Bo Jun laughed in his mind, but maintained an indifferent look on his face: "Retreat, maintain a distance of 5km."

Although the Honeycomb Sword Cannon was strong in firepower, but it had a major weakness, and that was its range. The sword auras produced could only reach a distance of 3km, so it could be called a close range weapon.

With a distance of 5km, it was able to make the Honeycomb Sword Cannon lose its threat, and with such a distance, regardless of either their Black Dragon Warship or their other frigates, they still had a large array of weapons in their arsenal.

His adjutant finally came back to his senses, and was somewhat embarrassed, how could I not think of such a simple countermeasure? As expected of Master. He immediately sent down the order.

Taking the chance while the Honeycomb Sword Cannon was not in use, the pirate units all quickly increased the distance.

"What's this?" Tang Tian became excited and curious again, he was currently seated on a flat circular machine, and in front of him was a arched tube of over 3m in width.

"Spiralling Blast Machine." Shi Sen knew that the situation was dire, and spoke quickly: "This is the operating handle, it is just like the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, Master must pay attention, its charge load is three times that of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon…."

Before he could finish speaking, The arched tube in front of Tang Tian lit up with a light aura, causing Shi Sen to be so frightened he retreated in panic.

The light aura on the arched tube instantly became extremely dazzling.


A low resounding sound and a powerful force caused Tang Tian's body to jolt, his eyes suddenly became dilated.

Swoosh, a circular blast of energy with a diameter of 3m shot out of the arched tube at an astonishing speed!

The blast of energy was shout out with a vigorous spiral, and transformed into a ray of white light shooting towards…. The top of the fleets. Tang Tian did not even aim, and it was totally off.

"Too high!" Shi Sen was brimming with empathy, he could not hold back and advised: "Master, pay attention to your aiming!"

But when he turned to look at Tang Tian, his eyes turned dull. His Master had an excited look on his face as he stood up from his seat, shaking his arms, bending down, stretching his back, pulling his legs, all the while repeating the phrase: "Interesting! This is interesting!"

The Demonic Mounts all stared at their Master in a daze, everything before them, to appear in such an intense battle, they were brimming with delight.

But no one laughed, for some reason, they had a feeling that their Master's following action would definitely be out of the ordinary.

Tang Tian felt as if his body was warmed up enough, brimming with inexhaustible power, he licked his lips, and in front of everyone, he ripped his shirt, and with both hands holding the handles, he got into a horse stance position, his feet seemed to be planted into the ground, and his muscles tensed up.

He suddenly opened his eyes up widely, revealing the rage in his eyes, he bellowed: "KILL!"

Boom Boom Boom!

The low sounds that was similar to thunder, exploded in everyone's ears at an astonishing rate, to the point that their eardrums were ringing.

Woosh woosh woosh, one after another, the blasts of energy all swept past at an astonishing speed that no one could catch. Tang Tian's body trembled like a sieve, his eyes were filled with excitement and rage, all the muscles on his body tensed up, he kept on vibrating, but his legs were stuck in their original positions.

The first ray of spiralling blast, if it was viewed in the eyes of Lian Bo Jun who was on the Black Dragon Warship, it was too bad an aim. The Spiralling Blast Machine was a powerful weapon, its high speed spiral and unusual sharpness, even a warship's energy barrier would have difficulty holding up against it.

Of course, it had its own weakness, its energy charge was extremely high. This so called energy charge, other than the actual attack on the body itself, what was even scarier was the resonance effect with the energy inside the user's body. Being affected by the resonance would cause a possibility that the martial artist would lose control of the energy in his body and die.

And the other terrible part was that, in itself, it was terrible to aim, especially inside the Sea of Energy. The Sea of Energy's chaotic energy flow, affected the trajectory greatly. Although it was able to shoot long distances, but after 3km, there would be fluctuations in its flight.

Other than that, although it had a strong penetrative ability, it was unable to cause explosions. The 3m long spiral energy blast, to a warship that is over 600m long, is extremely pitiful and small. Unless the blast could accurately strike the crucial parts of the warship, the destructive ability of it was usually very pitiful.

Usually for such a weapon, every warship would have 1 or 2 installed, but no one harbored much hope on whether or not it would be useful or not. The Spiralling Blast Machine had another name, "Lottery Machine", whether or not it could strike the enemy and be useful, was like being lucky and winning a lottery, it all depended on fate.

It seemed like the Honeycomb Sword Cannon was the opponent's trump card, he shook his head, and gave the order: "All the ships are free to attack at will, but be careful of Young Noble Bai Xiao…."

His voice stopped abruptly, his eyes opened wide, he could almost not believe what he was looking at.

Dazzling light auras were once again spewing out of the opponent's warship.

Many spiralling blasts were revolving at high speeds, forming friction and sparks against the chaotic energy flow, it was like a pack of lightning fast white birds with sparks produced at their wings, streaking and forming weird light trajectories across the sky, flocking towards them.

Sssi ssssi sssi!

This was the first time Lian Bo Jun understood how a group of snakes hissing could cause a person's hair to stand.

One of the spiralling energy blasts coincidentally struck one of the energy shells, splitting it into half like tofu, and the spiralling energy blast that was barely affected continued to shoot forward.


The fire regiments blossomed behind it.

"Take note to dodge…."

Every single captain of the frigates all shouted out in unison. At the distance of 5km, to the spiralling energy blasts, it would only need to take the time it required to blink your eyes to cover the distance.

There were too many spiralling energy blasts, and their flying trajectories were all completely random and unable to be predicted.

The spiralling energy blasts that were like rain brought along hissing noises, upon penetrating through the energy barriers, they produced fragments of the barrier, and left behind many holes in the energy barriers.

Boom Boom Boom! (TN: It sounds more like a Doom, but doom looks weird)

Wood fragments flew all around, all the parts of the frigates that were stronger than steel, facing against the sharp spiralling energy blasts were not able to contend against them, and the top of the frigates had many criss cross cuts and scars all around.

Everyone's hair was standing, although to the ships, the damage formed by the spiralling energy blasts was extremely limited. But whoever was extremely unlucky to face the blast, would be splattered into blood, and would definitely lose their morale.

If the energy barrier of the warships were unable to defend against such attacks, then the energy barriers of a human, would be comparable to paper.

No one liked to win the lottery, especially when there were so many lotteries to be won….

Cries and chaos immediately pervaded the warzone, and the cannon operators who were initially trying their best to fire, were at the moment peeing in their pants and rushing down from their seats, sprawling all over the ground.


A ray of white light swept past Lian Bo Jun's face, he did not even have time to do anything, or to have any reaction, and the table beside him was immediately split into two, and smashed across the floor.

His adjutant's face was void of blood, he laid on the floor and shouted at the top of his lungs: "Lunatic! They are lunatics! How many of those Lottery Machines did they install? 20 or 30 sets?'

Lian Bo Jun was very calm, just before the table was destroyed, he had picked up a cup, he took a mouth of water, and his body just stood stationary. There was no way the battle could continue, with their already low morale, after being struck by the barrage of ruthless spiralling blasts, they were at an all time low.

Despite knowing the low probability of being struck, but to not have any defensive measures, or any way to detect and to dodge, it only made the fear in their hearts grow even stronger.

His adjutant had errors in his calculation, there was at least 40 sets of the Spiralling Energy Blast Machines, and an army of over 120 people, taking turns to fire, to be able to produce such a firepower.

Lian Bo Jun was already considering the practicality of such a fighting tactic.


In his vision, he saw one of his frigate splitting into two. This frigate's luck was extremely terrible, its keel was actually struck by five of the spiralling energy blasts, breaking the keel, and striking the so called lottery. Under the attack of the chaotic energy flow, and the body of the ship quickly started to break. The pirates on the ship were shouting and screaming, trying to escape, but before they could leave far enough, the blossoming sparks consumed them.

Lian Bo Jun's expression did not fluctuate, the bright sparks reflecting on his face blinked, revealing his indifferent expression.

First, it was the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, following that the Spiralling Energy Blast, using the advantage of numbers, they had brought their firepower to their maximum, it seems like Qin Yu Ran has some high ranking person by her side.

Such a pity, the plan is a failure.

But….it truly makes one so expected…..

When Young Noble Bai Xiao had just opened the ship's door to move out, he was immediately stunned by the spectacle of the spiralling energy blasts shrouding the sky. The spiralling energy blasts above him were like a dark flock of birds. The entire warzone was lit up with by the them, since when could the weak light auras of the energy blasts light up the place?

The scene that was brimming with impact shocked Bai Xiao.

He was jolted to his senses by one of the pirate's frigates exploding, and his expression became weird. What a minute, the warship only has one Spiralling Energy Blast!

Bai Xiao felt as if his conscious was being toppled, he urgently wanted to know what was happening.

The pirate crew were quickly retreating.

The victory obtained came extremely weirdly without hesitation, he rushed towards the position of the spiralling energy blast.

Boom Boom Boom, Shi Sen and the rest were all shocked, in their numbed gazes, bang, the Spiralling Energy Blast Machine that was unable to bear the burden, exploded into pieces, forming a large cloud of dust, and enveloped Tang Tian inside.

"It exploded! It exploded again! Bastard! It actually exploded again!"

Tang Tian's enraged shout came out from within the dust, he rushed out of the dust mist with vigor, his whole face was charred black, his bare upper body perspiring profusely, flowing along the steel like muscles on his body, making him look like a war god.


After shooting for one whole day, I only managed to bring down one frigate, and was about to continue to pursue to attack, but in the end the spiralling energy blast exploded out again!

Tang Tian was so angry he flew into a rage.

Shi Sen and the rest looked at Tang Tian in a daze, completely at a loss for words.

Chapter 595 – Yet Another Explosion!

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