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Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 24

Book 1: The Return of the Lost King

Chapter 24: The Information is Somewhat Overwhelming


“Can you hear me?”


A pleasant feminine voice came from the other side, gentle and warm. The voice wasn’t specially sweet but reserved and dignified.


When Yu Luocheng heard the voice, he was very excited!


It was the spring for an otaku!


Yu Luocheng didn’t expect that his longtime online friend would be a woman with such beautiful voice.


Yu Luocheng could even imagine her looks; a beauty with gold rimmed glasses, wavy hair, smart and sensible…...a charming, elegant metropolitan lady! !


Yu Lucheng had to admit that he had imagined his friend would be like this for a long time now. After hearing her voice, he felt that his imagination had come a bit closer to reality!


“Yeah, yeah, I can hear you!” Yu Luocheng hurriedly answered.

“Haha, you don’t need to be so loud.” Laughter came from the other end.


Even her laughter was pleasant to the ear!


Yu Luocheng couldn’t believe that an otaku like him would have such good luck.


“I’m too excited. I have finally heard your voice.” Yu said.


“If you like to listen to me, I can forward a set of my programs to you.” The other side still sounded like she was smiling.


Her laughter was so endearing, it made anyone who heard it want to go to her side just to see what kind of lady she is.


“Program?” Yu was confused.


Yu never knew what kind of profession Xue Yi Yi had even though they had known each other for so long.


What kind of program would involving using your voice especially such a pleasant female voice?


Was she a voice actress?


“That’s right. It’s the kind of program that always has two people in front of the camera, most of the time a man and a woman. Occasionally, there is a third person. I can send a whole set of it to you. I’m the female lead in all of them; it’s a special edition.” Yiqin deliberately spoke in a teasing voice, misinforming him about her profession.


Yu Luocheng found this information to be somewhat overwhelming!


Yu thought it couldn’t be true that she was in that kind of profession!


“Do you want it? A lot of otakus are following my videos. After you watch them, you will probably become one of my fans.” Yiqin said.


It was obvious that Yiqin was laughing; the kind of laugh when one was trying to cover up something.


Yu Luocheng struggled whether he should ask for those kind of videos or not.


“Alright, send them over!” Yu Luocheng in the end compromised and nodded.


“Pervert! I knew you would have evil intentions!” Yiqin immediately changed her attitude once she found Yu had taken the bait.


“Why am I the one with evil intentions.” Yu bitterly smiled.


“You think that I don’t know what’s in the head of you otakus? Uhm, go find those videos at those websites. You can record my voice, maybe you can find someone who has the same voice as mine then that person would be me!” Yiqin said.


Her voice was cold.


Yu Luocheng, by now, knew what was goi

ng on.


“Then what do you do?” Yu Luocheng asked.


“Keep guessing.” Yiqin left Yu Luocheng in suspense. “Not going to talk nonsense with you. I played by myself a few days ago and lost some points. Hurry, bring me back to 2000.”


“That’s no problem. With the help of voice chat, I will be even more powerful. Not just 2000, even 2200, 2300 will be no problem!”


“Who would believe you. 2200 and 2300 are all professional players. So are you a professional player?” Yiqin asked.


“I’m a student. Hehe.” Yu embarrassingly laughed.


“You think I can’t tell? Little brother!” Yiqin laughed again.


It was strange that when she called him little brother with her pleasant voice, Yu Luocheng didn’t feel any discrimination at all.




Yu Luocheng had been playing together with Yiqin for quite some time, they worked well at bot. It actually didn’t make any difference whether they had voice chat or not, however, Yu enjoyed the feeling of playing with a beautiful lady right next to him.


Considering that he was not very good with Thresh yet, Yu Luocheng decided to play safe and chose among the more aggressive supports that he normally played.


The supports Yu usually played:


A support like Blitzcrank which can set the pace of the whole game.


Or supports like Leona and Taric which can bust bot at the beginning of the game and later in the game can be a strong tanky support with crowd control.


Or a support like Alistar who is very effective in team fights and is versatile.


Or other kinds of support like Zyra and Elise.


All of the support characters that Yu had played before shared some common features. All these champions had a certain aggressive aspect, which could restrict the enemy, setting the pace for bot or even the whole game.


As for the mainstream supports like Nunu, Lulu, Janna, and Sona, Yu Luocheng had played them too but comparatively less.


Yu Luocheng had won the most when he played Blitzcrank, followed by Leona and Zyra.


Certainly when playing ranked, one can’t choose a champion simply based on their win rate. If one doesn’t consider the line up of the teams on both sides and just choose a certain champion, then they are just asking for defeat.


For example, if the enemy has Renekton at top, Kennen at mid, Alistar as support, Amumu and Hecarim as junglers……


And if one still chooses Blitzcrank……


Then the enemy will thank you from the bottom of their hearts while your own teammates will curse you.

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