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Published at 26th of August 2020 05:18:39 PM
Chapter 513: Chapter 513 - Formidable Monkey King!

Lianda was enjoying his dominance over Nidalee when he suddenly saw Vi with a pair of giant gauntlets dashing out from the southwest position .

He would have escaped through the river on the right if Nidalee had not conveniently moved there and blocked off his escape path .

However, Lianda did not panic . It was common for him to deal with this sort of ambush when playing Ziggs . He calmly walked past Nidalee and scattered a handful of proximity mines to hinder Vi’s march . He wouldn’t allow Vi to close the distance gap easily .

Zuoshen was vigilant and maneuvered Vi to avoid the minefield, her fists charged up at the same time .

“Boom, baby!”

Vi leaped and turned into a giant fist that rushed toward Ziggs face .

Lianda who was retreating suddenly came to an abrupt halt and turned back . This sudden change of direction allowed him to evade Vi’s punch . He then stepped leisurely into the minefield right in front of Vi and Nidalee, as though he was provoking them to chase after him . ‘Step through it if you dare . I will skin you alive . ’

Ziggs did not stop moving and Nidalee was determined to kill him, so she stepped fearlessly through the minefield .

The Hexplosive mines not only slowed her down, but also dealt a ton of damage on Nidalee . Soon, she was left with half of her health after struggling through the explosion .

Vi swiftly followed . She avoided the mines by taking Nidalee’s path and caught up to Ziggs quickly .

Her punch that was embedded with the red buff hit Ziggs solidly, slowing him down while burning him with true damage . Vi then threw another punch and further reduced Ziggs armor .

Lianda reflectively cast his W-skill to release Satchel Charge when Vi came close . The Satchel dropped right under him, which was also stepped on by Vi .

Ziggs W-skill would work wonders if it was executed perfectly . A pre-calculated explosion not only would bounce himself out of danger, but also knock back and damage his immediate enemies .

Lianda’s mastery of this champion was top-notch . The Satchel exploded immediately and launched Ziggs far away from Vi .

Despite that, Walker’s Nidalee was persistent . Her Javelin flew across the air and hit the bull’s eye right where Ziggs landed . The toss took away a large chunk of HP from Ziggs .

Seeing the kill opportunity, Zuoshen marched on dedicatedly and kept up his attack . Nidalee also Flashed in to maintain her damage output on Lianda .

Lianda had used his Flash earlier when he was pressuring Nidalee . He accepted his fate after both the enemies had surrendered their Flash to put him down . This did not mean that he was going to let them have their way without putting up a fight .

He first fell back slightly and cast the Bouncing Bomb on the two pursuers .

With his life reducing fast, Lianda activated his Barrier to delay the inevitable and landed another flurry of attacks on the two enemies .

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Another punch hit Ziggs in the face and Lianda was out of tricks this time . He could only watch as Ziggs groaned in pain and turned into a pile of ash .

Walker finally put up a smile after they managed to finish Ziggs off .

‘Dang it, it cost us two Flash to kill him . This guy is quite good at kiting and repositioning . ’

Zuoshen had taken a kill at the top lane and this was his second . The opponent’s Wukong, meanwhile, had been MIA so far . He used the tab button to check on the Monkey King’s status and it showed Level 1 .

‘That’s really odd . Why has this Jungler still not shown himself when those at the lanes have already reached Level 4 or 5? His presence can hardly be felt . ’

Zuoshen sneered, but just as soon as he had finished chastising Wukong for hiding his tail in the jungle forever, the Doran’s Staff promptly appeared on the screen .


The staff hit on Vi’s face mercilessly . Vi had been kited away and drained of quite a lot of HP by Ziggs earlier, and she dropped to the ground after another two hits from Wukong and died bitterly .

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‘Where did he come out from?’

Zuoshen looked at Vi’s corpse sullenly and realized that he had to warn Nidalee . However, it was already too late . Wukong had dashed toward Nidalee on its Nimbus Cloud in under a second .

Walker’s Nidalee was low in health as well . Wukong’s abrupt entrance terrified him and he instinctively worked his fingers to shield and heal his champion .

The Monkey King was in no rush and he “escorted” Nidalee all the way back to her turret .

He did not attack Nidalee because her Barrier would last for 2 seconds, but as soon as the Barrier was down, Wukong instantly launched his staff right onto her face . He followed that up with an auto-attack, the Q-skill for armor break, and then another auto-attack .

The Monkey King was ferocious, never once leaving Nidalee’s side even after she had re-entered the turret’s range .

Walker’s Nidalee only had one last drop of HP left, and he paced around the turret, hoping that Wukong would be killed first .

“Jeez, he’s going to get himself killed! Why is he so persistent?” Lianda exclaimed as he watched Wukong sustain the heavy damage from the turret just to get Nidalee killed .

This was unnecessary . Wukong still had the blue buff although it was going to wear off soon .

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Moreover, the price would be too hefty if he was counter-killed . Not only would he lose his life, he would also be handing the blue buff over to the opponent .

Lianda didn’t know who was the player behind Wukong . He watched him tower-dive at a mere Level 4 and assumed that he would not be getting out of this alive .

Finally, Wukong was able to take the last hit and wrapped up the kill . He started to walk out from the turret with extremely low HP, there was no way he could take another hit from the turret .


He Flashed!

The turret had lit up and was about to release the beam, even the sound effect had rung out . Nonetheless, Wukong had managed to Flash across the wall in that final moment and successfully escaped the turret’s attack range .

The timing and position of the Flash were at its very limit . A tad slower and the tower would still attack, a tad earlier and he would be hitting the wall . Lianda couldn’t believe his eyes as he witnessed Wukong survive the certain death that he had predicted .

As the “Double Kill” announcement echoed in Lianda’s mind, his eyes were beaming with admiration . ‘This Wukong is legit!’ He himself would have given up the moment Nidalee entered the turret range with her Barrier on .

‘Formidable, truly formidable!’

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