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Published at 30th of September 2020 12:35:19 AM
Chapter 183
"This is…"
Feiyen narrowed her eyes. A hologram popped up as soon as Dohyuk placed his hand over the surface of the needle. A human figure with both arms spread out was spinning slowly.
"Who is this?"
"It's probably 'us'. I mean, it shows people who trust me and give me 'faith'."
Dohyuk reached out and touched the human's elbow. Then, the entire arm portion of the hologram began to glow and many words shot into the air. It was all written in Korean so Feiyen couldn't read it, and therefore Dohyuk read it for her.
"I need fifty coins to strengthen the muscles here… and I can also increase stamina and endurance. But the required amount of coins differ each time."
Feiyen gasped.
"So… if you change something here…"
"It will change the people that are inside the city."
It was like an upgrade for all the citizens. Without needing to invest in coins, the silver coins allowed Dohyuk to strengthen his believers all at once.
"I haven't used it yet but…"
Dohyuk tapped here and there and the human figure began to move.
[Beginning the simulation.]
[Basic stats set at 100 for Strength / Stamina / Agility]
With the words popping up over the hologram's head, a thick wall suddenly appeared in front of it. The human figure then punched their fist at the wall, leaving a very shallow trace on it. It was the amount of damage a human with 100 strength could leave.
"So, if I put fifty coins on each for a total of 100 to strengthen the muscles here and there…"
With Dohyuk's control, two parts of the figure glowed and the second punch left a clearer mark on the wall.

"I don't think it's that much of a difference if we calculate it with our regular coins."
But the change didn't only happen on one. If Dohyuk used his 'faith' to get this upgrade, then the upgrade was going to contribute to more than one. And also…
'Does it apply to people like us?"
Feiyen felt dizzy from knowing how powerful it could be. Considering two people with 100 and 1000 stats, increasing one stat required a vastly different amount of coins. Dohyuk nodded.
"At least that's what the customer service guy told me."
"Customer service…?"
Dohyuk then pointed at above. There were four-winged angels looking down at them from the top of the tower.
"This is amazing. This is like… uh…"
Dohyuk's way of using the silver coin was going to induce a vital change in the world. This would allow Dohyuk to strengthen his people if they just sided with him. There was no need to fight each other for coins, and there was no need for Feiyen to see all the horrible tragedies she had seen due to the greed for coins. But the only problem was the way of acquiring these silver coins. There was one more question she hadn't thought of yet.
"It's not done yet."
Feiyen lifted her face up again. Dohyuk began working on the hologram and the various muscle parts of the hologram began glowing.

It began to change shape. The shoulder muscles grew so large that they were about the size of heads, the arms were elongated like a monkey's, and the legs also grew wider. The body also grew larger to control its mutated arms and legs.

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"Well, since we are at it…"
Dohyuk then worked on the back to change the backbone to shape it like a wing without any feathers. Feiyen gasped and grabbed Dohyuk's wrist to stop him.
"What are you doing?!"
"It's just a simulation."
"I know! But this is…"
Feiyen then became shocked.
"Is this the only way to get stronger? If we strengthen ourselves to some extent, it will change…"
"No, it's not."
Dohyuk shook his head.
"However, this kind of alteration requires fewer coins to get stronger."
"B-but… I'm sure you don't want to do this right? This… this isn't a human. If we have to go so far.."
"Of course, I won't do this," Dohyuk declared. "But I'm not sure about the others."

Feiyen was shocked. She had forgotten all about it, but the other gods had the power to use these silver coins too. And there were a lot of people that served those gods.
"Based on what I heard from Kyuho, they are still concentrating on collecting silver coins and they're not using them at the moment."
However, what would happen if they began using it and transformed their people into the shape they wanted? Honestly, Dohyuk was not interested in the races that had been corrupted already. However, these gods had new believers from Earth as well.

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"Do you think the altered body will turn back to normal if you decide to not trust the god?"
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"Or… maybe we should see if you have the choice to do that in the first place."
There weren't that many who were from Earth that truly trusted these gods, so it was more than likely that they would change their mind to follow Dohyuk if he provided them safety…
Dohyuk then placed his hand on the head. Many words popped up over to fill the space.
"It requires a lot of silver coins to touch this part. But…"
It was well worth it. There were available options to change the thoughts and ideas of the people.
"The effect will be massive. For example, if you change the mindset of the citizens to make them see you as a supreme being, they will serve you with their lives…"
It was perfect. It allowed gods to gain loyal servants.
'And there will be more…'
Feiyen didn't add anything else, but she was able to guess that the gods would not stop there. Aruga said told that the corrupt people in his world began to deteriorate and that couldn't be stopped even with the gods' power. With that in mind, these silver coins represented the only chance for these gods to create a perfect world. That's why they were collecting as many coins as they could to start with.
"This is why I think we need to start a war."
When Dohyuk took his hand off, the hologram disappeared.
"Not many know this yet, and we only recently found this out. I am not sure what people might think if they realize that this can be done."
"…I understand."

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Feiyen nodded. She too understood what it might feel like to know about such power.
"My first target is set. Your first job is to lead the fight on the front line."
"If you are asking for my consent, you don't need one."
Feiyen placed her hand over the sword.
"I have every reason to fight."
"Good," Dohyuk nodded. "I already told my officers of the war. This city is always ready for war, so we'll start once we prepare."
"How long will it take?"
"Three days at most. Get some rest and condition yourself. Fortunately, we won't need to travel."

Feiyen wanted to ask about needing to not travel, but Dohyuk just smiled and turned away so Feiyen didn't ask. It seemed like she would know three days later about what Dohyuk meant.
She didn't think she'd find out the next day.

A breeze tickled her cheek. Feiyen opened her eyes and held her sword. She had slept on one of the roofs of a building while watching the stars. Therefore, a morning breeze wasn't all that strange. But…
'This isn't just any breeze.'
The smell of the breeze did not contain the saltiness of the sea that she had smelled until she fell asleep. She got up immediately. She was still on the roof of the building with the sun shining down on her. She was still on the roof, but she wasn't in the same place.
She walked over to the edge of the roof and was shocked by two things.
First, the city was moving, and second, it was moving so smoothly that she couldn't even feel it. The city wasn't floating over the sea anymore. It was walking over land.
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