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Chapter 7: Pretty Man, You and I Can Not Exist Together

Yun Chujiu did all she could to hold her anger bursting out from her heart.

Mom's eggs! This granny is a person! I am not a fucking medicine!

Refine me into  medicine? I will refine your grandma's legs!!!

Mom's eggs! Be thankful I can not defeat you, otherwise I would have split your peach blossoms ten thousand times already!

Her heart were filled with harsh, brutal words. Still, she pitifully wailed, "Prince Charming, don't you see I have a black complexion, what about my bloody guts and  internal organs? If you are to refine me into a Dan Yao, won't the pill's appearance look very, very disgusting?'

Emperor Bei Ming frowned, his brows wrinkled as he stared at Yun Chujiu, "The Exquisite Chi Xia Fruit is very rare. No matter what the appearance of the pill is, I can stand it!"

Yun Chujiu's collapsed as Emperor Bei Ming's words came out. Mom's eggs, this granny is crying her eyes out yet you still won't give up. Thank the gods you are stronger than me, otherwise I would have strangled you already!

Yun Chujiu brain quickly scanned for ideas. It seemed that broken fruit was very important to the pretty man. If I knew it, I wouldn’t have eaten it! It's taste is horrible, even a radish is better than that weird tasting fruit.

Emperor Bei Ming raised his hand once again. Even though this dark thing looks ugly and swarthy, however it was important to suppress the cold poison in his body!

Yun Chujiu felt the aura of death shroud all over her, What she hated the most was the feeling of being just like a helpless fish! I want to be stronger, I want to be stronger.

The greater the danger, the faster Yun Chujiu's brain thumped. Suddenly, she bit her own index finger!

"Prince Charming! Blood! Here is my Blood! Suck my blood! The effect would definitely be better than refining a Dan Yao!"

In desperation, Yun Chujiu just directly stabbed her fingers straight into the mouth of Emperor Bei Ming!

The blood that Yun Chujiu emitted had a very strong attraction from Emperor Bei Ming, and unconsciously, Emperor Bei Ming began to suck on her little fingers!

Stunned, utterly stunned were the people watching in the dark. Your Highness, where's your cleanliness?

Your Highness, where are your moral principles?

Why don’t you just kill the girl and refine her into a Dan Yao?

You let the little girl cry and hugged your thighs for a long time. And you also somewhat eagerly sucked her blood, and off her fingers?

Yun Chujiu's complexion now became pale, is this pretty man a blood sucking vampire? He had already sucked so much and he is not yet satisfied! Do you want to kill this granny by sucking all my blood out?

Finally, Emperor Bei Ming loosened his mouth from the finger, he did not expect that the effect of the blood of this black girl was better than the Exquisite Chi Xia Fruit refined into a Dan Yao! Given enough time, he sure it would cure the cold poison with his body!

Emperor Bei Ming looked at Yun Chujiu and now found her very pleasing to the eye. Before, he searched numerous methods to cure his poiison, but it did not completely clear the cold poison away from his body, but he did not expect for an unexpected harvest within the Qing Xuan Continent!

"Black thing, you were very delicious, what reward do you want?"

Yun Chujiu looked at the corner of Emperor Bei Ming's mouth and was slightly perturbed. Be alert, perhaps he is just hiding evil intentions! This pretty man had a sudden change in his attitude?

"Prince …Prince Charming I did that because I love you…..I do not need any rewards! " Yun Chujiu was chilly at first, but there was no a hint of pink tenderness on her black cheeks.

Emperor Bei Ming looked at Yun Chujiu with admiration, a vague trace of contentment rose in his heart. It seems is little black thing did not lie to me, it seems she is really in love with me

Although it was impossible for his highness’s to love back such a little black thing, but he can help her!

"Come here!" Emperor Bei Ming looked at Yun Chujiu.

Although Yun Chujiu was suspicious, she grovelled slowly towards Emperor Bei Ming, "What is it, Prince Charming?"

Then, Emperor Bei Ming slammed his palms on Yun Chujiu's chest. As she instantly fainted, she still squeezed in a thought. Mom's eggs, Pretty man, the two us cannot exist together, even I won’t spare you even if I turned into a ghost.

Enjoy y’all cheers!!!

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