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Xu Que's voice was so loud that everyone present heard. It was so shocking that even Duan Jiude stopped running and looked at Xu Que in surprise.

Some of the Holy Sons and Holy Virgins were also stunned.

He said he wants to f*ck his master?! Duan Jiude is so old that his master must also be an old guy! His taste is really peculiar!

"Xu Que, now you're finished!" Duan Jiude got up and pointed at Xu Que. "Master, master, he's the one who forced me to break the restrictions--he's the one you should hit!"

"You're too noisy!" a female voice boomed. Duan Jiude was suddenly slammed to the ground by a magnificent power and could not move at all.

"Master! Please be gentle to me, show some mercy!" Duan Jiude screamed with pain. "I have worked so hard to live this long, how can you be this harsh to me?!"

Seeing this, everyone present was shocked and could not believe their eyes.

He has been notorious all these years and has never been treated like this.

Even Liu Jingning was surprised and murmured, "Is it possible that he lost his mind?"

After all, no one could hear Duan Jiude's master's voice. What they could see and hear, however, was Duan Jiude shouting and running around like mad.

Xu Que knew what was really going on. He stayed quiet and tugged on Liu Jingning's clothes, warning her to be quiet.

I said something really bad to that woman. I will definitely be killed if she spots me. I should leave here immediately.

Soon, Duan Jiude became quiet and gently moved his lips, as if he was sending some voice messages to someone. "Master, you were saying the restrictions of the four continents are about to fall apart?" He was shocked.

"Yes! My soul has been recovering rather quickly these days, I can feel the rule of this world is changing. The mysterious place I am now will soon reveal itself to the world. By then, both this place and the Nine Deathtraps will cause a bloody fight for many people."

Hearing this, Duan Jiude grew rather excited.

"I see, this explains why the young people of this generation manage to make so much improvements in their cultivation so quickly. Just as you said, the rule of the world has changed, their Taoist Connotations were not as flawed as ours were. Once the restriction falls apart, they could even make greater improvements!"

"Don't be too positive about this!" his master said coldly. "Many old and powerful figures will soon awake and take control of this region. By the way, you have indeed made lots of improvement in your cultivation, even if you are in a world with restrictions."

"My dearest master, you have no idea how miserable I am! I don't have food to eat or a place to live. Wherever I go, I am bullied! Anyway, I really have to thank Xu Que. Without his help, I could not possibly have made so much improvement," Duan Jiude said gratefully.

Hearing this, Duan Jiude's master sneered. "He's no different from you--both of you are indecent men! If you were not my disciple, I would have killed you by now! How dare you speak good of him in front of me?!"

"Master, you misunderstood me! I've never liked that young man, but I have to say that he is really quite something. He cooked a piece of meat and put it into a bun, I ate it and I managed to grow much much stronger."

"How peculiar!"

"Yes! I swear I am telling the truth! But you should be more careful, that young man is really foxy! Don't be seduced by him, I really don't want to call him master!"

"You are talking nonsense!"

"I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!"

"If you dare speak like this again, I promise I will kill you!"


Duan Jiude instantly stopped talking and sweat oozed from his forehead.

No matter how powerful he was, in front of his master, he was as weak as an ant.

"That young man is bold but has such a bad character. I intended to ask you to bring him here and put him to death. Since you say he is quite something, I think I can at least allow him to live a few more days."

"Master! Please kill him! Don't spare his life!"

"We shall end this topic now! Before I come, stalk him. I think he might be helpful to me in the future. Now, you shall leave!"

Duan Jiude hurriedly sent a last voice message.

"My goodness! Master, please change your mind, that young man would not be useful to you at all!"

His master gave no reply.

Duan Jiude was rather frustrated, as he had no idea what his master really meant.

She asks me to stalk Xu Que, spy on him and protect him before she comes? This is a nightmare. It's as if I have lost my own freedom!

Thinking of this, Duan Jiude grew extremely angry. He stared at Xu Que and shouted, "F*ck you! Get down from there, I'm going to kill you! Why on earth did you disturb my master?!"

Xu Que rolled his eyes. "It's none of your business!" he shouted back. He then looked at Liu Jingning and said in a low voice, "Let's leave here now!"

Liu Jingning quickly practiced an inscription; the next minute, a black mist appeared beneath their feet and they began to move fast.

"You think you can run away like this after all you have done to me?! It's because of you that I have lost my freedom. It's all your fault!" Duan Jiude began to catch up with Xu Que.

"I told you that it's none of my business!" Xu Que replied.

Hearing this, Duan Jiude became furious. "Get down! It is your business!"

"F*ck your master! I shall not get down, and what can you do about it!"

"My god! Why are you so shameless?" Duan Jiude was so angry that his nose got extremely red.

Even so, he could not kill Xu Que. Instead, he would have to protect him, just as his master had told him to.

"Little Que Que, what on earth is going on?" Liu Jingning asked.

She was very curious when she heard Duan Jiude's mentioning his master.

Xu Que sighed. "Well, I went to fetch the Humanoid Fruit, and I accidentally offended a tough figure. I was actually nearly killed."

"You mean the tough figure you met is Duan Jiude's master?" Liu Jingning was greatly surprised and was sure that Duan Jiude had indeed been talking with his master just now.

"I said something that angered her and stole her elixir," he said unhappily. "If it were not for my being extremely smart, I would have already been killed!"

Hearing this, Liu Jingning was shocked. She had never thought Xu Que was willing to risk his life to bring the Humanoid Fruit to her. Considering what he had done, she was a bit moved.

"Thank you!"

"It's no big deal!" Xu Que waved his hand, pretending that it was not a big deal, but in fact, he was feeling rather embarrassed.

If he hadn't offended Duan Jiude's master, he would not be fleeing.

All this time, Liu Jingning had thought of Xu Que as young and reckless, and believed that he would have been killed by now if it were not for his being extremely powerful.

She never thought Xu Que would risk his life to secure the Humanoid Fruit she needed.

If I hadn't asked him, he might not have even told me what was going on. He was just in a very dangerous situation and, thank god, he managed to escape.

Liu Jingning filled with gratitude and suddenly felt like she might have a crush on this young man. But when she remembered that Xu Que was only twenty, she immediately suppressed her feelings for him.

The man she wanted was not someone with such a reckless character as Xu Que.

She hoped that someday in the future, she would meet a gentleman strong enough to protect her. A person who could only be challenged by herself, and when she grew old, she could live in quietly seclusion with her future husband.

She never realized that she had already started considering Xu Que the man of her dreams; that was why she could not stop herself from flirting with him. Whenever she saw his angry face, she felt extremely happy.

As for Xu Que, he had no idea that Liu Jingning had a crush on him.

A few days later, the three finally reached the deep part of the central area in the first floor of the Mystery Land and stopped in front of an enormous sea.

The turbulent seawater was full of huge waves flying upward. It looked as if there was no end to it.

"So this is the The Upflowing Sea?!" Xu Que exclaimed.

This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. If Isaac Newton knew about this, he would definitely jump out of his coffin.

Countless cultivators were gathering around the sea. Each influential Faction was there, fixing their boats and preparing to set sail.

"Holy sh*t!" Buttface shouted. "When does this place become like this?!" He was so surprised that his two eyes had grown to the size of lanterns.

Seeing this, Liu Jingning shook her head.

"No one really knows. Since this place flooded with water, no one could ever go to the third floor. There are currently eighteen islands in the sea, and on each island, there is a Living Holy Tree. Once every hundred years, the Living Holy Water will ooze out and gather under the tree and form a pond. The water can be used to make potions and magic weapons, and it can help cultivators heal their wounds in the blink of an eye.

"However, there is not that much Living Holy Water and not everyone can get it. Due to this, the cultivators from all the influential Factions have made this place a battlefield, and only those whose name is at the top of the list of winners can get the water."

Suddenly, Liu Jingning became worried. She saw that her own Faction was here. Considering that her Faction was not as powerful as the others, it would not be that easy for her Faction to win.

As for Xu Que, he was stunned by the scene in front of him and was very excited.

The Living Holy Water . . . I have been looking for it for so long, I am really lucky to find it here. Now that I have collected all the Spiritual Herbs, if I can get the Living Holy Water, I can make the Nine Revolutions Revival Fluid and bring Xiao Rou back to life. I can even rebuild her body and make it into the Five Elements Chaotic Body.

"Let's go then!" Xu Que said, clenching his fists.

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