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"Have you defeated the boss and made sure to clean the damage during the fight with the Demon?"

"Yes, and I made sure to defeat the spiritual being with little to no damage caused in the human world."

"Excellent job Reza, but I can tell from your eyes that you have more things to tell me, and if you lie, you know the punishment for lying, right?" He said while making Reza's eyes opened wide in fear of getting punished for lying again.

Reza full of fear, she told the Grim Reaper about the boy she and his name. Telling him about how he was able to take out a c-class graded spirit with ease and that he is a human that can turn into a Reaper, the Grim Reaper got interesting after hearing that he is a human that can turn into a Reaper.

After gathering all the information from Reza, the Grim Reaper decided to send out one of his loyal and strongest fifth tier Reaper named "Daisuke". The Grim Reaper calling out his name, it only took him five seconds to appear. Daisuke appearing behind Reza without her even realising, he easily broke through her guard.

Every Reaper has a guard, which helps dictate any enemy nearby them so that they can be prepared for their attack.

Daisuke asking the Grim Reaper why he called him here, The Grim Reaper looked at Daisuke and said to him "Torture the girl next to you and threw her into the jail cell once you're done with her. Once you have done that, I want you to go into the human world and look for a boy with black hair and yellow eyes. The name of that boy is Touta." Reza telling the Grim Reaper that she has done everything he asked her to do, the Grim Reaper ignored her and asked Daisuke to take her away. Reza refusing to be taking, Daisuke knocked her out with one tap on the neck. Reza felt paralysed but was able to talk. Daisuke telling Reza that she wanted her to talk so that he can hear her while he tortures her. Daisuke dragging her body for her punishment, Reza screamed for help and mercy to the Grim Reaper, but all he did was waved at her and smiled while she gets taken away to the punishment room.

"See you later!" Touta said, waving bye to his sister, while he runs to school. Thinking of that girl from yesterday, he wondered if she was okay, but he realised that he should focus on his life, not hers. Running to school he bumped into Akame and Rin, Akame and Rin telling Touta about how they met two handsome boys trying to get their phone numbers, they try to get Touta's attention. Touta ignoring Akame and Rin, he continued to run to school. Akame and Rin chasing after Touta, they both shouted that they have no interest in them. Running as fast as he could without using his spiritual powers, he stumbled upon Kazuki. Kazuki blocking Touta's way, Touta had no other choice, but to use his spiritual power called "Spiritual punch!" Knocking Kazuki out of the way, it didn't do any damage but send him flying to a post mailbox. The Spiritual punch only affects spirits, not humans.

Touta finally making it to school, Touta realised that it was bank holiday today. Touta going on his knees and cursing himself for going outside, Kazui told the rest of them that he found an unknown place that was said to be haunted by spirits. He asked Touta and the others if they would want to come with them. Akame and Rin being interested, they didn't hesitate to say "sure". Touta trying his best to escape, while he still had a chance, he realised that there was no escape, once Akame and Rin caught up with him.

"I think that would be enough torture for one day, I will be back later on," Daisuke said while throwing her into the jail cell.

"Blame yourself for being too weak to look after yourself."He said while pulling out a portal to the human world. Walking into the portal and appearing inside the human world, Daisuke wanted to take a little stretch, so he decided to show off his power. Showing his power off while stretching, Touta felt frozen in place, feeling like gravity is pushing him down to the ground, Touta wondered where this massive amount of power was coming from.

"Something feels strange." Touta's dad said

"Probably because I forgot to bring my keys for the house".

The spirit calling out Touta's name, Touta realised that it must've been one of those UQ Reapers, Reza told him about. Akame and the others looking at Touta and asking him if he was okay, Touta said that he might have to go home. Kazuki asking Touta if he needs any help walking home, Touta said he was fine. Akame allowing Touta to get out of her hands for this time only, Touta made his way far away from them.

Shouting "transform!" Touta turned into a Reaper and tries to look for that incredible amount of power. Slowly approaching the person with a massive amount of spirit power, Touta felt like he was taking a step to death each time he takes a step towards him. Being too scared to move anywhere closer, he tries to run the opposite way of him. Daisuke being able to scope Touta from 30km away, he said "This guy is just a waste of my time. I better make this quick before dad gets mad at me".

Touta feeling a strong amount of power, he was slammed to the ground from how strong the aura was. Daisuke looking at Touta from above, he said to himself out loud "All that big talk Reza was saying about this guy, while I punish her, is this is all he can offer to me? Once I'm done with him, I will make sure to increase Reza's punishment".

Touta hearing about Reza getting punished, he decided to take the fight more seriously, looking at Daisuke he said: "Once I'm done with you, I will go to your spirit world and bring back Reza". Daisuke looking at Touta laughing right at his face, he stopped laughing after he felt a sudden change in power from Touta. One white line appeared above Touta's head in a circle like a ring. Increasing Touta's power, he was able to stand up, fighting Daisuke's spiritual power with ease, Daisuke's spirit power, no longers bothers Touta.

Daisuke looking at Touta, he asked himself if he was related to one of the former Grim Reaper since only they can have white rings appearing above their head. But even so, that didn't stop Daisuke from completing the mission he went on. Touta calling out his guns and Daisuke calling out for his scythe, their weapons appeared on to their hands since Reapers can summon any type of weapon on to their hands.

Both Daisuke and Touta flying high into the sky, going around each other, they starred at each other deep into one another's eyes. Touta started to shoot at Daisuke with his magical bullets, Daisuke blocking all the bullets and slowly making his way toward Touta, Touta used "spirit wave". Spirit wave sents the opponent back while disabling their spiritual power for 20 seconds if that person decides to touch the bullet. Daisuke seeing something strange with that one bullet, he decided to dodge it after feeling a strange spiritual power from it.

Daisuke creating magical black balls appearing around Daisuke from head to legs, he decided to shoot all of them at Touta. Touta shooting those black balls at each other, it created a massive fog around Touta making it harder for him to shoot at Daisuke. Daisuke hiding his spiritual power, he attacked Touta in every different angle. Touta being unable to do anything since he can't see or feel his spiritual power, he had no other choice but to fight with melee in his playing field.

Touta and Daisuke bashing one other with their scythes, Daisuke was moving too fast for Touta to keep up. Touta falling back into the smoke, he focused all his power and tries to guess the angle he will be coming to. Touta sensing a bit of Daisuke's spiritual power, he dashes at him and used Spiritual punch on Daisuke. Sending him flying to the ground, making a massive hole in the ground.

Touta appeared in front of Daisuke and this time around, it was Touta looking down at Daisuke. Touta holding his gun pointed at his head, Daisuke had no other choice but to go full out against Touta. Daisuke looking at Touta, he said "It been a long time since I had to go full out against a person. You should be honoured for a person as powerful as me to be going full out against someone like you."

All of a sudden two white rings appeared above Daisuke, with one flick of his finger at Touta's forehead, he sends him flying through the forest. Knocking him out of his Reaper form with one flick, Touta falls on to the ground with both of his eyes closed. Daisuke about to pick up Touta, a strange man appeared in behind him with fire on his hair and on both of his hands. Daisuke looking at that strange man, he was told by his father that there was a god tier spirit that had fire on his head and hands. Being told that not even he was able to capture him, he told Daisuke to stay away from him at all cost. Daisuke having no other choice, but to escape without taking Touta, the unknown spirit turned back into his human form, once when Daisuke left. The unknown man picking up Touta, he said to Touta while he was unconscious that he was safe with him around.

Daisuke reporting back to the Grim Reaper, he told him that he found the god tier spirit that was protecting Touta. After hearing that, the Grim Reaper said: "Make sure to increase the defence in the spirit world because we might have started a war on the wrong person". He said with an evil laugh.

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