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Chapter 1525: Destruction Storm

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Time passed and without realizing it, it had been nearly fifty years since the opening of the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield.

Typically, each opening of the ancient battlefield would last about thirty years, but for some unknown reasons, it dragged on so much longer this time.

The event that symbolized the closing of the ancient battlefield was when the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith emitted a nomological glow, one that could be seen anywhere in the Ancient Ruins world. It was the charm of the Great Dao!

In time, all the warriors in the Ancient Ruins world would rush over to the World Monolith to leave their names on it.

This was an opportunity for geniuses from the various major factions to leave their names on the World Monolith. Doing so would propel them to stardom, making their name famous throughout the Sinkhole. They would become the idols of countless people, winning the hearts of countless girls. It could be said to be one's defining moment in life!

Numerous young warriors would dream of carving their names on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith.

"That's it… No one can leave their name on the World Monolith anymore." In the corner of the World Monolith's main city, Nanxuan Luoyue looked at the World Monolith. She saw people who left their names on the World Monolith hovering in front of it as they enjoyed the envy and worship of others. As long as they left their names, even if it was only the size of a palm, or extremely shallow and blurry, an entry that was so inconspicuous on the gigantic World Monolith that it would vanish in a few millennia…

People would still go forward to congratulate them.

"Young Master Wang, you are truly a utterly talented individual. For the Wind Cloud Sect to produce a genius like you, you are bound to soar in the future. Hahaha!"

"Young Master Zhou, you also succeeded in leaving your name. Congratulations as well!"

People exchanged pleasantries without concealing their beaming smiles. They were naturally feeling highly spirited after doing such a thing.

"Hahaha! However, we still have to work hard. There are some people who have carved their names at spots higher than ours. Theirs are larger as well…"

Young Master Wang looked up and saw an extremely clear word written—Yourou!

"Fairy Yourou of the Nethersky Divine World's Young Goddess has a well-deserved reputation!"

Not just that, but when others left their names, they would shout out in joy. Yet, Fairy Yourou had silently left her name on it. She did not even stop in front of the monolith to admire her work, instead leaving instantly. It left people puzzled.

It was said that Fairy Yourou had a mild disposition, but even so, that was simply too tranquil.

And in the next moment, a white-dressed Fairy Yourou appeared beside Nanxuan Luoyue in the form of an azure smoke. She glanced at the Recognition Monument and said softly, "Young Master Yi's name isn't there… He probably perished in the Fey God Tomb…"

Nanxuan Luoyue bit her lips and remained silent.

She refused to believe that Yi Yun would die so simply; however, there was no sign of Yi Yun after he entered the Fey God Tomb. Later, Primordial Chaos Daolord scoured the Fey God Tomb en masse and sought him out for twelve years. Later, it was said that something happened in the Fey God Tomb which resulted in countless deaths. Later, there was still zero news of Yi Yun. After all this time, the ancient battlefield finally came to an end. Nanxuan Luoyue still held hopes that she would see Yi Yun appear in the main World Monolith city to carve his name on the Recognition Monument at the last moment.

But she was disappointed.

"Fairy Yourou, thank you for taking care of me over the years. I have been a burden on you all this time…" Nanxuan Luoyue said somewhat sheepishly.

In fact, ever since her bloodline was stimulated by Yi Yun, she had experienced a rapid growth in strength, one so fast that it left Fairy Yourou astounded. But as Nanxuan Luoyue had too weak a foundation, she did not manage to leave her name on the World Monolith.

"We have gone through thick and thin together. Years ago, Young Master Yi saved me twice. Compared to his talent, this bit of achievement of mine is nothing. What a pity…"

Fairy Yourou gave the Recognition Monument a deep, meaningful look. When the final Great Dao charm on the Recognition Monument vanished under the setting sun, she finally sighed and shook her head.

Yi Yun really wasn't coming. If he was, how could he miss the opportunity to leave his name on the Recognition Monument? When one left their name, they would experience a baptism of the Heavenly Dao. They would experience a qualitative leap in their nomological insights.

"Sister Luoyue, let's go. My sect is waiting outside for me. I'll be here for the next ancient battlefield. Will you?"

"I shall!" Nanxuan Luoyue nodded solemnly. Although she refused to believe that Yi Yun was dead, chances were slim for him at present. She arranged to come to the Ancient Ruins world with Fairy Yourou again, in hope of a miracle. Perhaps, she could find Yi Yun the second time she came to the ancient battlefield…

Perhaps Fairy Yourou also had the same thoughts…

At that moment, tens of millions of miles away in the Frost Ice Sandsea of the Nethersky Divine World!

The Frost Ice Sandsea spanned millions of miles. It would not take long for warriors to cover this distance, but the Frost Ice Sandsea was a forbidden zone for life.

The Frost Qi here was extremely strange. It could freeze a warrior's soul and internal Yuan Qi. The deeper one ventured in, the more apparent the effects. Many warriors who accidentally stumbled into the Frost Ice Sandsea would have their psyche frozen; after that, they would lose their sense of direction before freezing to death, becoming part of the icy sand in the Frost Ice Sandsea!

The reason why they were reduced to icy sand was because of the unique laws in the Frost Ice Sandsea. Strange black winds swept through it perennially. When these winds hit bodies, they would blow away flesh and blood, turning them to frozen skeletons.

When the winds struck glaciers, it would shatter them, reducing them to icy sand!

Therefore, the Frost Ice Sandsea was nothing but a desert. However, the desert was not one of sand but of countless minute ice crystal fragments!

Even though the Nethersky Divine World was home to all sorts of odd places, the Frost Ice Sandsea was definitely one of the more extraordinary sights.

However, there was a sect established nearby despite the perils of the Frost Ice Sandsea. The sect was named the Frost Sand Valley. Every year, the sect would organize a trial for its younger generation disciples inside the Frost Ice Sandsea. The trial was extremely harsh. The risk of death was there if one wasn't strong enough.

The reason why the Frost Ice Sandsea established its sect here was not without reason. The Frost Ice Sandsea would often produce many rare natural treasures. Searching for these divine treasures annually was the source of the Frost Sand Valley's income!

But in the recent thousand years, the natural treasures on the Frost Ice Sandsea's periphery had been swept clean. As entering the interior was difficult, the Frost Sand Valley was already finding it harder to continue on. The present generation was beginning to suffer.

At this moment, fierce winds raged in the Sandsea. When these winds swept up the icy sand, they would hit a person's body like blades. Many younger Frost Sand Valley disciples would gather their Yuan Qi together and produce a collective barrier to barely advance through the storms.

"We have spent twelve days searching during this expedition, but we have yet to find the Black Heart Lotus. It's likely we might return empty-handed," grumbled a young disciple.

"How could finding the Black Heart Lotus be easy? Be patient. We will return if another two years of searching proves fruitless," said a middle-aged scholar dressed in azure clothes with a shake of his head.

"Eh? It seems like there's sometime up ahead?"

The young disciple who had just spoken was feeling excited having suddenly made a discovery. Just as he was planning to get everyone to check if it was a rare treasure, the ground beneath them suddenly quaked violently!

"Oh?" The young disciple's heart palpitated.

And at that moment, the black winds in the desert seemed to be stirred by an unknown force. They began howling fiercely.

"What's the matter!?"

Many of the Frost Sand Valley disciples were alarmed. As they saw the black winds surge towards them, they felt like all the black winds in the Frost Ice Sandsea were being stirred. Against such a phenomenon, they deeply felt how minute their strength was.

"Our barrier won't hold on much longer!"

A girl screamed. Her face was already pale and she was severely drained of her Yuan Qi. To come even this far, she had expended a great deal of Yuan Qi, and now, with the black winds intensifying severalfold, how could her strength withstand it!?

"Hide behind me!"

A man who resembled a middle-aged scholar took a step forward and came in front of the girl.

"Martial Uncle, you…"

The girl bit her lips, but she was out of options at present. Even if she put up a front, there was no way she could support the Yuan Qi barrier. If the barrier were to shatter on her side, the smallest breach would allow the black winds to sweep in. They would all be finished.

The middle-aged scholar bit the tip of his tongue and did not hesitate to burn his blood essence!

Using the energy gained from burning his blood essence, he took on nearly half the pressure!

"Martial Uncle!"

Many people were worried. Sinkhole warriors were not like Yi Yun who had the Dragon Emperor Technique. They could not burn their blood essence so simply, for every bit burned would be one bit gone!

"Look up in the sky! What's that!?"

A young man suddenly looked up into the sky and was astonished to discover that a gigantic hole had torn open in the blurry Frost Qi-filled sky! The hole was spewing tumultuous spatial storms! The black winds in the Frost Ice Sandsea had been agitated by the forces that emanated from the terrifying spatial storms.

"This storm…" The middle-aged scholar's face was as white as a sheet. "This storm is probably more than five hundred kilometers away…"

He cultivated in spatial dimension laws, and had even attempted traveling through space. There were powerful spatial storms within spatial rifts. When warriors tore through space, these spatial storms would pose the greatest threat to them. The middle-aged scholar was able to barely cross space to nearby areas on his own, but for all the spatial storms he had ever encountered, none of them compared to the one before his eyes!

The spatial storm more than five hundred kilometers away were leaks from the spatial rift; yet, it was able to stir up the Frost Ice Sandsea so violently? Heavens, what sort of space was it!?

"Hold on! All of you hold on!"

The middle-aged scholar shouted as he saw the spatial storm in front of him escalate in strength. He showed no concern for his body as he burned his blood essence again!

Upon seeing this scene, all the disciples present felt their hearts ache for him. All of them knew that their martial uncle was on the brink of a breakthrough. If he continued burning his blood essence, he might fail to break through. And at his age, if he failed to break through, he would probably be stuck at his present realm for life.


At that moment, everyone was shocked to see the gigantic spatial black hole shoot out a black beam of light. It was like a flying star that traveled at an incredulous speed towards the Frost Ice Sandsea!

After a moment of silence, a blinding divine light lit up into the distance, like millions of divine swords stabbing into the sky.


Chapter 1526: Nethersky Divine World

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"Be careful!"

The middle-aged scholar exclaimed. He could sense the terrifying energies contained within the black star. At the instant the explosion happened, the world went silent. The mist that blanketed the Frost Ice Sandsea's sky perennially was swept away by the terrifying energies. The skies turned clear for thousands of kilometers out!

Even the black winds that filled the Frost Ice Sandsea all year round were blown away by the terrifying energy surge!

"Everyone come near me! Don't go far! Thousand Ice Array!" The middle-aged scholar shouted.

He expended his vital potential and, in a second, condensed infinite black ice crystals around his body, forming a huge crystal barrier in front of him! His strength increased by more than ten times!


The middle-aged scholar expended his strength to keep the barrier up while withstanding the blast, but it began to shatter. Infinite fine cracks began to appear on its surface!


The middle-aged scholar spat out a mouthful of blood as his entire person knelt down on the ground.

He held himself up with both hands, his eyes filled with blood strands. He heaved heavily. Heavens, what sort of power was this? He was only withstanding a tiny aftershock from an explosion five hundred kilometers away. It was such a terrifying blast! It felt like the Apocalypse.

"Martial Uncle! Are you alright!? Martial Uncle!"

All the young disciples present ran over and helped him up. The eyes of a girl dressed in pale yellow clothes were welling with tears. Although she was young and had a weak cultivation level, she knew that those few seconds had damaged the middle-aged scholar greatly. If he did not encounter any huge opportunities, he would probably never make a breakthrough to the next realm.

He had given it up to protect them. If he had been alone, he would not have suffered so much.

"Martial Uncle, quickly dispel the barrier. The black winds are gone!" a young man said hurriedly.

As the black winds had been swept away by the blast, there was indeed no need for them to use the barrier. But now, they were situated very far from Frost Sand Valley. Typically, their trials were led by an Elder. Now that their Martial Uncle who was leading them was so heavily injured, how were they to return?

"What was that thing!?"

As the young man spoke, he looked into the distance with both horror and bafflement. He saw that most of the vast icy sand had melted as a result of the huge explosion. From afar, he could see a stormy sea.

The Frost Ice Sandsea which had been still for ten thousand years had turned into this?

Could it be that it was the appearance of some rare treasure? But in this present situation, were they able to seek it even if there was one?

"Return… We return to the valley! Quick! These icy sand storms have only been temporarily blown away by the blast… They will reform sooner or later… If that happens, we will not be able to escape…"

The middle-aged scholar struggled to speak. And at that moment, he could already see a blurry gray fog forming far into the horizon. The gray fog looked like a horde of locusts that was swarming towards them.

It was the Frost Ice Sandsea's black winds making a resurgence.

"We are doomed…"

The middle-aged scholar smiled wryly. In his present situation, how was he to continue protecting these juniors?

"Martial Uncle, I'll carry you!"

The young man carried the middle-aged scholar. The other disciples rushed over as they hurriedly raised a barrier. However, when they saw the black winds surge over, together with thunderous rumbling, the expressions on their faces changed.

The might of the black winds was far stronger than before!

The black winds prior to this had turned violent because of the injection of spatial storm's energies. And now, the black winds had been compressed by the explosion's blast, concentrated into a deadly force. It contained the explosion's energy and was now releasing all the explosions energy. It was a roaring tsunami, and they were like simple boats in the line of that tsunami!

"Frost Sand Valley, Thousand Ice Array!"

Although they were in a perilous situation, the young man roared again. He expended his vital potential and barely raised up an ice crystal barrier, but at that moment, something inexplicable happened. The roaring black winds seemed to have a mind of their own, splitting up and going around them. It was as though a wall had been erected, causing the black winds to make way for the Frost Sand Valley disciples.

"What's going on?"

The young man, who had expended his potential and planned to risk his life to use the Thousand Ice Array again, had already gathered his energy. He was about to release it, as if he had raised a giant hammer that was beyond his strength to carry. By not being able to deliver the strike, he immediately knelt down to the ground.

"Martial Uncle, this black wind…" The pale yellow-dressed girl's beautiful eyes watched in a daze.

The middle-aged scholar was baffled, but regardless, they were saved.

"Was someone around to saved us?" the middle-aged scholar mumbled.

The black tsunami lasted for a full fifteen minutes before it slowly weakened to its normal strength. The middle-aged scholar took this opportunity to meditate and recover some of his strength. Having it gave him more certainty in preserving his life after all.

At a certain point in time, the middle-aged scholar opened his eyes after sensing something.

He could see a hazy figure gradually appear in the howling winds. It was walking towards them.

The figure was in tattered clothes and his body was covered in injuries. Many of his wounds were so deep that his bones could be seen. An average person would have succumbed to such injuries, but this person continued emanating a vibrant life force. Besides, he had an invisible and indescribable disposition about him. It left others feeling awe and reverence for him.

The middle-aged scholar quickly stood up. Although he was feeling weak, he bowed and said, "Senior, thank you for saving us!"

The black stormy winds were not dispersed by him, so the only person that could have done so was this mysterious man. However, why was he so heavily injured? Could it be that he was seeking out opportunities in the Frost Ice Sandsea, but encountered the explosion of unknown origin?

From the direction in which the person came from, it looked like he was at the center of the explosion. How powerful was this person? He could even survive that…


The man smiled wryly. These people did not know that if it wasn't for of his tumbling out of the spatial rift, they would not have been thrown into the ferocious storm.

The man was none other than Yi Yun who had escaped from the primeval universe.

Back when the Ancestor God suddenly appeared, although Yi Yun had just broken through to the Divine Lord realm, he was still no match for the Ancestor God. With the Spear of Primordial Chaos, he managed to find an opportunity to escape the primeval universe through a spatial rift. Yi Yun never imagined that, despite His injuries, the Ancestor God would still able to strike within the spatial rift!

To guarantee a hit on Yi Yun, the Ancestor God had delivered a huge areof-effect attack. Even if His attack was dispersed, it was still enough to heavily injure Yi Yun.

Thankfully, the black spear had injured the Ancestor God once again. All Yi Yun heard was a loud bellow from the Ancestor God across space but He did not continue pursuing him.

He hid inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, and used the Azure Lamp of Time to spend ten years recuperating and consolidating his realm.

These ten years were not a long time outside. Following that, Yi Yun exited the Azure Lamp of Time's time warp, but when he found the entrance to the Sinkhole, he had a huge headache.

One had to know that the primeval universe in the Ancient Ruins world was separated by the Sinkhole by numerous layers of space. Each layer of space was extremely robust. Back when those people entered the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield, they had used special teleportation jade slips. To enter the Ancient Ruins world without one? Difficult, to say the least!

Yi Yun spent a few decades traveling through the spatial storms before finally finding an exit!

Although he had wasted quite a bit of time, Yi Yun still reaped great benefits in his few decades of distress.

In the primeval universe's spatial storms, Yi Yun was constantly withstanding the spatial storms that were hundreds, if not thousands of times more terrifying than ordinary spaces. He was constantly injured as he used the Dragon Emperor Technique's powerful recovery strength to heal his body.

If he really could not take it, he would hide in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and eat some pills to recover. Once he completely recovered, he would leave the cauldron and seek an exit. To get a better sense of the spatial dimension laws, he needed to exit the cauldron to seek out a spatial node.

As this continued on, Yi Yun's foundation was constantly tempered. The terrifying spatial storms were like countless grinding stones that sharpened Yi Yun's cultivation level.

To warriors, the best way of raising their strength was through combat. For decades, Yi Yun could be said to be constantly in battle. Every time he gained new insights, he would enter seclusion within the Azure Lamp of Time.

However, this was only possible for Yi Yun. If others fell into a spatial storm—even a mighty figure that was a step short of being a Godly Monarch—they might not be able to press on. Ignoring the fact that they lacked the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to catch their breath, just the energy expenditure was not something they could withstand. And amid the spatial storms, there was no Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to absorb.

As for Yi Yun, he had entered the Chaos Gem mineral vein. With the aid of the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun had been able to absorb vast amounts of nebulous Primordial Chaos essence. The energy he possessed seemed infinite in amount. He had also inherited a lot of natural treasures from Primordial Chaos Daolord.

Having steeled himself for decades, Yi Yun had completely fused the nebulous Primordial Chaos essence into his blood and bones. When Yi Yun exited the spatial storms, his strength had undergone a qualitative leap. This harrowing experience had benefited him in ways that exceeded his expectations.

Yi Yun was interested in knowing where in the world he was, but he could not ask directly. It was possible for these people to guess that the black star that flew out of the spatial rift was actually him. After all, this involved the secret of the primeval universe. Yi Yun did not wish to let others know of this backdoor.

Therefore, Yi Yun said, "I have been cultivating in seclusion here for decades. I never expected to undergo a tribulation today. Have the ancient battlefield trials ended? How did our geniuses do?"

"Senior, the ancient battlefield trials have ended. As for our results, Fairy Yourou left a name more than one feet across. The Nethersky Divine Hall has already organized a banquet to celebrate this feat!"

"Oh? Fairy Yourou?" Upon hearing this name, Yi Yun felt somewhat wistful. Back then, he had to abandon her and Nanxuan Luoyue in the Fey God Tomb. Who knew that he would be gone for nearly fifty years? Upon hearing that she was fine, Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

"So this is the Nethersky Divine World…" Yi Yun muttered to himself. Fairy Yourou came from none other than the Nethersky Divine World!


Chapter 1527: Great Empress's Throne

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Although he was in the Nethersky Divine World, Yi Yun had no intention of visiting Fairy Yourou. He just wanted to be certain that she was fine.

"Was Fairy Yourou injured during the expedition to the ancient battlefield?" Yi Yun asked casually.

The middle-aged scholar felt his heart palpitate slightly when he heard the question. He immediately came to the realization that Yi Yun might know her! Although to people like him, Fairy Yourou was a lofty existence, it was not odd that someone as powerful as Yi Yun knew her!

"Senior, Fairy Yourou returned safe and sound. Furthermore, she is about to break through to the late stages of the Supremacy realm. Now, Lord Bluefeather is planning on refining a Divine Breakage Pill for her. That is a pill that even Divine Lords who have fused a second Divine Lord Royal Seal might not have a chance to enjoy. But now, she plans on giving it to Fairy Yourou for her breakthrough to the late stages of the Supremacy realm. We disciples of the Frost Ice Sandsea are here in search of a Black Heart Lotus. The Divine Hall is currently purchasing a batch of divine medicine for refining and one of the needed items is the Black Heart Lotus…"

"So that's how it is."

Yi Yun nodded. He knew the herbs required for the refinement of a Divine Breakage Pill. He also had Black Heart Lotuses, for it was not considered an extremely precious herb. Yi Yun guessed that it was not true that Divine Lord Bluefeather did not have one. She was likely thinking of purchasing more and choosing the one with the best quality.

The Black Heart Lotus was really nothing spectacular. Yi Yun even had a few of the more extremely rare and precious herbs needed for the Divine Breakage Pill. Yi Yun guessed that it was unlikely for Divine Lord Bluefeather to possess those.

The reason why Yi Yun had them was because Primordial Chaos Daolord had kept them in his collection. Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised to find them.

Yi Yun did not mind providing these herbs to Divine Lord Bluefeather but, of course, he would only exchange for something he needed. After all, these herbs were practically nonexistent on the market. By being able to supply them to Divine Lord Bluefeather, he was already greatly helping her.

Yi Yun asked, "Where's the Divine Hall? I happen to have some things that can aid in Divine Lord Bluefeather's refinement of the Divine Breakage Pill."

Upon hearing Yi Yun, the middle-aged scholar was taken aback. Didn't he know Fairy Yourou?

How could he not know where the Divine Hall, where she lived, was? In the Nethersky Divine World, the Divine Hall had absolute power. It was practically known by all.

Although he was puzzled, Yi Yun was their benefactor. He naturally did not hide anything from him as he said, "Lord Bluefeather is not in the Divine Hall at the moment. Senior, if you wish to meet her, you can head to the White Lunar Divine Empire. I heard that Fairy Lin of the White Lunar Divine Empire has inherited the throne of Great Empress. Now, many factions in the Sinkhole are heading there to congratulate her. Lord Bluefeather has headed there with Fairy Yourou. She will only begin refining the Divine Breakage Pill after she returns."


Yi Yun's heart jolted when he heard the middle-aged scholar. The so-called Fairy Lin was naturally Lin Xintong. She was about to inherit the throne of Great Empress?

"The White Lunar Goddess Empress is planning to abdicate the throne to Lin Xintong?"

"Yes… yes. In truth, I heard it's not abdicating, but supposedly…" The middle-aged scholar's voice softened, as though it was taboo.

"Supposedly what? Just say it!" Yi Yun saw something amiss in the middle-aged scholar's expression.

"It's only hearsay, and not confirmed news. Rumor has it that the White Lunar Goddess Empress has already perished. Without a leader, Fairy Lin has no choice but to inherit her throne."


Yi Yun was stunned!


How was that possible?!

Upon noticing Yi Yun's nasty expression, the middle-aged scholar explained carefully, "I do not dare shoot my mouth off about such matters, but I heard that the White Lunar Divine Empire's immortal palace suddenly fell from the nine firmaments, and crashed into the ground. It was as though it had lost all its spirituality."

"As everyone knows, that immortal palace is the White Lunar Goddess Empress's intrinsic treasure, the White Jade Phoenix Palace. It's used to secure the light which providence shines on the White Lunar Divine Empire. If the White Lunar Goddess Empress had gotten into trouble, it would cause her intrinsic treasure to plummet from the sky…"

Yi Yun took a deep breath when he heard the middle-aged scholar's words. An intrinsic treasure was tied closely to its owner in body and soul. This implied that something had really happened to Bai Yueyin!

Back when he met the White Lunar Goddess Empress, she was fighting the Ancestor God! Bai Yueyin was still heavily injured the last he saw her.

The Ancestor God was omnipotent, so it was not impossible for Him to track down and do something untoward to Bai Yueyin!

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun's heart turned heavy. He had already been targeted by the Ancestor God. With Bai Yueyin holding Him back, Yi Yun was given some breathing room. Now, the situation had worsened.

Yi Yun suddenly thought of something as he infused his perception into the Purple Crystal. He did a thorough check of his entire body and only fifteen minutes later did he break out into a cold sweat. He clearly sensed, deep within his dantian, there lurked an energy that did not belong to him.

The strange and mysterious energy condensed a gigantic mark that resembled an eye totem.

Was this… the mark the Ancestor God left behind!?

Yi Yun knew that the Ancestor God had left a mark on him, but Bai Yueyin had mentioned that she removed it for him.

But in the primeval universe, the Ancestor God came after him while he was inside the Chaos Gem mineral vein. This made Yi Yun suspicious. Even if the Ancestor God was powerful, was he powerful enough to spread his perception across the entire universe?

Could it be that Bai Yueyin lacked the power to wipe away the mark left behind by the Ancestor God? Instead, perhaps she had used a particular means to mask it, disconnecting the mark from the Ancestor God.

But with Bai Yueyin falling into trouble, the seal she left behind had lost its effect. The tracing mark was naturally sensed by the Ancestor God. Therefore, the Ancestor God traveled across space and found him in the primeval universe!

How could Yi Yun not be afraid of a mark that could rob him of his life at any moment?

But upon careful thought, he remembered he had been inside the spatial turbulence for decades, but the Ancestor God did not pursue him. He had suffered grievous injuries inside the primeval universe, so he still had time. Although cultivating to the point of killing the Ancestor God was almost impossible, he was still able to sever the connection between him and the Ancestor God just like Bai Yueyin had done. After all, he had the Purple Crystal Origins with him.

Regardless, raising his strength was definitely the right thing to do.

Now, Yi Yun planned on heading right to the White Lunar Divine Empire. He was obviously not missing the coronation of Lin Xintong as Great Empress. He could also meet Divine Lord Bluefeather on the way and exchange for certain things. It would only make his cultivation path run smoother.

As Yi Yun was thinking about this, he suddenly heard a weak girl's voice. "Se… Senior…"

Yi Yun looked over and saw a girl dressed in a pale yellow dress. She stopped mid-sentence as her face blushed red like a peach.

And beside her, the middle-aged scholar was still maintaining his reverent stance, but his forehead was dripping in cold sweat. Clearly, he was extremely weak.


When the girl saw Yi Yun look over, she bit her lips and said, "Senior, I beg of you to save us. Our Martial Uncle has burned a great deal of his blood essence in order to save us juniors. Now, his lifeblood is depleted and his strength had reduced drastically. He probably will not reach his original cultivation realm again. And the murderous black winds of the Frost Ice Sandsea are everywhere. Our present situation won't allow us to return to the Frost Sand Valley safely."

As she spoke, the tears in her eyes shimmered. She was the picture of a weeping beauty, enough to make one feel pity over her.

She had long planned on speaking out, but did not do so right away. After all, Yi Yun had just saved them. They were greatly indebted to him. They would be going overboard if they insisted such a mighty figure send them back to the Frost Sand Valley.

She even thought of pleading for Yi Yun to help heal her martial uncle. It was unlikely to be a difficult thing for Yi Yun. But to their Frost Sand Valley, he was their lifeblood! However, this only made it harder for her to say it out loud.

After undergoing an internal struggle, the pale yellow-dressed girl knelt down to the ground and said, "Senior, might I ask you to save my martial uncle? He is the person who has the highest hope of breaking through to the Supremacy realm in our Frost Sand Valley. In the past few centuries, my Frost Sand Valley has been waning. We can't suffer such an additional loss. Senior, if you are willing to help, I have nothing I can do to repay you, but I will do anything to thank you!"

Upon hearing the girl's request, the Frost Sand Valley disciples turned anxious. This was practically selling herself as a slave. Yi Yun felt extremely embarrassed hearing that. These people still were unaware that his tearing out of the primeval universe was the reason for their present predicament. Even if the girl had not spoken, he would have saved them. He had been too shocked having heard about Lin Xintong and Bai Yueyin, as well as realizing that the Ancestor God's mark was still in him; thus resulting in his neglect.

"Ling'er, what nonsense is that. If I were to lose you when out on this expedition, how am I to answer to Sect Master!?" The middle-aged scholar immediately stopped the girl. He was really afraid that Yi Yun would have thoughts on her. After all, Ling'er was beautiful and very attractive to men. And in front of Yi Yun, there was no way for him to put up a resistance. Ling'er was the sect master's only personal disciple. His duty was to ensure her safety while bringing her out on an experiential expedition.

Yi Yun coughed dryly. He could have easily explained that there was a misunderstanding, but he could not mention the primeval universe. The spatial storms had likely been witnessed by many, so it was definitely possible for those with broad horizons to notice that something was out of the ordinary with those storms.

All he could say was, "It's considered fate that we met. Then…"

Yi Yun took out a few pill bottles, and after some thought, took out another jade box.

"This is for you. These pills will save you some time cultivating. It shouldn't be a problem to heal your martial uncle of his injuries. As for serving me, there's no need to do so. Cultivate well. You still have a long road ahead. Do not give up your life so easily."

Upon hearing Yi Yun's last sentence, the girl blushed. She bit her lips and did not say a word. She felt that Yi Yun was treating her as a hussy.

"Senior, I…"

"Take it."

Yi Yun handed the items to the girl as she received it in a fluster. Upon seeing all the pills, she was instantly dumbfounded. In fact, she did not recognize the various pills, but when she saw the jade box that had a corner opened, she realized that it was holding the Black Heart Lotus they had been seeking for more than ten days!

"This is… a supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus which is more than ten thousand years old!?"

The girl's martial uncle had good discernment. He immediately recognized the Black Heart Lotus's grade. It was something that Supremacies would fight for without any regard for their lives.

As for the pills, although they were stored in jade bottles, the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was unknowingly being stirred by the pills within the bottles, forming tiny eddies. Perhaps these pills were several times more precious than the supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus!

"This is too precious. We can't take it!" said the middle-aged scholar immediately. These could not only heal him of his injuries, they could even help him break through to the Supremacy realm. It was even enough for them to produce several Supremacies from a selected pool of excellent disciples.

"Ahem. Don't worry about it. Since we are fated, just treat it as your good fortune. The information you provided me has helped me quite a bit."

Since there was no other way about it, Yi Yun decided on accepting their gratitude. After all, he had no use for those pills, nor was he lacking when it came to supreme-grade Black Heart Lotus. He might as well get them to send it to the Divine Hall for more resources.

"Since you are injured and are unable to walk out of this desert, let me send you."

As Yi Yun spoke, his perception radiated out in every direction like the sun's rays. In seconds, he found a hidden valley in the Frost Ice Sandsea's vicinity. Written on a stone monolith in front of the valley were the words 'Frost Sand Valley.'

Following that, Yi Yun casually ripped open space and produced a spatial passageway.

This scene widened the eyes of all the Frost Sand Valley disciples. They felt as though Yi Yun's simple hand wave moved like he was like ripping apart a piece of drawing, but it was enough to tear open space!

Before they could even marvel in shock, they felt a massive and irrepressible Yuan Qi sweep towards them before they were thrown into the spatial passageway!

To Yi Yun, who had traveled through the primeval universe's spatial turbulence for decades, conjuring spatial dimension laws at this level was child's play.

Everyone felt the world spin around them and seconds later, their eyes lit up. They were shocked, for right in front of them was the 'Frost Sand Valley' engraving. They looked up and realized the sect was right in front of them!

They were… back just like that!?

In just a few blinks of an eye, they had gone from the deep depths of the Frost Ice Sandsea to inside the Frost Sand Valley. It was difficult to traverse through space individually, much less teleport such a huge group of people. Furthermore, Yi Yun likely did not know where Frost Sand Valley was unless he could radiate his perception instantly and find it. Such a powerful and impressive perception was completely unheard of.

"We are back just like this…" said the yellow-dressed girl in a daze. If not for the jade bottle's warmth which came from Yi Yun's palm, she would have imagined that she had been dreaming.

"That's right. We are back." The middle-aged scholar felt mixed emotions. There was no hope for him to even dream or understand such a realm his entire life, much less talk of reaching it.

"Where's that senior?" asked the girl subconsciously.

"He must have left. He only sent us back."

"Oh…" The girl nodded. For some baffling reason, she fell into a despondent mood. She suddenly realized becoming the personal slave of a mighty figure like Yi Yun was perhaps the dream of numerous girls. It would have been an immense opportunity…


Chapter 1528: White Jade Phoenix Palace

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The White Lunar Divine Empire had always enjoyed a supernatural existence in the Sinkhole because of Bai Yueyin!

But in fact, Bai Yueyin was not the only Godly Monarch in the Sinkhole. The other factions were also connected in innumerable ways to various Godly Monarchs; however, they could at best request the help of the Godly Monarch they paid tribute to. They also needed to pay a price for that help, but the White Lunar Divine Empire was different. The overlord of the White Lunar Divine Empire was a Godly Monarch herself.

Not only that, Bai Yueyin was also one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs. She was unfathomably powerful.

Under such circumstances, the other Sinkhole factions had ultimately treated the White Lunar Divine Empire with fearful reverence. Even though Bai Yueyin had yet to appear for tens of millions of years, no one dared to provoke it.

But now, the famous Bai Yueyin had perished…

The Sinkhole went into an uproar when the news spread. Although the White Lunar Divine Empire still remained as one of the most powerful factions in the Sinkhole, Lin Xintong's stunning talent was not enough to curb the doubts people had about her ability to rule over such a massive White Lunar Divine Empire. After all, Bai Yueyin had perished so suddenly and Lin Xintong was still very young.

Many guests came to the White Lunar Divine Empire for the coronation event, both as a way to celebrate her ascension to the throne as well as to see how impressive the young Lin Xintong was, considering how she was now in charge of the massive divine empire.

The White Lunar Divine Empire was made up of numerous floating immortal mountains. They made for excellent scenery and were rich in Yuan Qi. Many spirit beasts and avian creatures flew in between the mountains, making it look like an endearing picture.

Apart from the spirit beasts and avian creatures, there were several spirit boats floating near an immortal mountain right in the middle of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Each of these spirit boats produced a powerful Yuan Qi fluctuation and the materials they were made of were the best.

From the spirit boats' totems or emblems, one could identify that nearly every powerful faction in the Sinkhole had sent envoys.

And apart from those spirit boats, there were also many warriors that came on board spirit boats. However, these spirit boats were moored at the periphery. They maintained a distance from the spirit boats of the powerful factions.

At that moment, a spirit boat here to witness the coronation arrived at the immortal mountain. It circled around for a while before finally finding a spot to park itself in mid-air.

"Everyone, you may disembark. A warning for all of you. Do not fly around heedlessly here. Do you see the light bands floating around the immortal mountains? Follow them down before descending the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase to enter the immortal mountain," exhorted the boatman.

"Thousand Li Cloud Staircase? The decorations are quite grand, but I do remember several years ago that at the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase were the hundred thousand pavilion palace of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Above the imperial palace complex was where the White Jade Phoenix Palace floated high above as it shone down with millions of beams of divine light. From afar, it makes one apprehensively reverent towards it. Nearly everyone would kowtow at the sight of it, but now, all I see is the hundred thousand pavilion palace at the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase. That awe-inspiring White Jade Phoenix Palace has already vanished," a warrior said suddenly.

What he said instantly stirred the interest of many. Many of them were here in the White Lunar Divine Empire for the first time. They had never witnessed the grandeur of the White Jade Phoenix Palace before.

Upon seeing the interest his story was garnering, the warrior from before began to brag about what he saw in high spirits. From time to time, he would mention what a pity it was that those beautiful scenes were no longer present.

A blue-shirted man was listening quietly in the crowd. He looked like a youth and, while in the crowd, he gave one the urge to focus their gaze on him if their eyes swept past him. But on careful inspection, he did not seem to appear special in any way.

This youthful-looking man was none other than Yi Yun, who was here to participate in Lin Xintong's coronation event!

"White Jade Phoenix Palace… Could it be one of the twelve Fey God divine artifacts that Bai Yueyin had?"

Yi Yun previously knew that as one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs, the Fey God corresponding to Bai Yueyin was the Seven-colored Phoenix.

Just like how Old Snake possessed the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, while the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner possessed the Pure Yang broken sword, Bai Yueyin naturally had her own Fey God divine artifact. Furthermore, the White Jade Phoenix Palace had the word 'phoenix' in it. It definitely gave Yi Yun ideas.

Yi Yun had refused to believe that Bai Yueyin was dead, but if her intrinsic divine artifact had fallen, it likely meant that Bai Yueyin's situation was not hopeful…

"Having not seen her for so many years, I wonder how strong Xintong is. But even if her master was Bai Yueyin, it is unlikely she was able to cultivate to a stage that allows her to rule over the entirety of the White Lunar Divine Empire. Her counterparts are all Sinkhole powerhouses…"

Yi Yun frowned. One thing had always baffled him. Why would Bai Yueyin take Lin Xintong in as her disciple? Although Lin Xintong had excellent talent, there were countless geniuses in the Sinkhole with excellent talent. Why did Bai Yueyin only choose Lin Xintong? Furthermore, even with Bai Yueyin's fate unknown, Lin Xintong was able to successfully acquire the position as Great Empress. That meant that Lin Xintong's status in the White Lunar Divine Empire was extremely high. Furthermore, with Bai Yueyin making the arrangements, no one dared to protest against her wishes considering her means and prestige.

Yi Yun did not know what situation Lin Xintong was presently in. He was worried for her, so he immediately phased away, transforming into a shadow as he followed straight up the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase. No one on the staircase noticed Yi Yun pass them by.

At the top of the Thousand Li Cloud Staircase was the hundred thousand pavilion palaces—

Although the White Jade Phoenix Palace had plummeted, causing a great loss in the White Lunar Divine Empire's majesty, just the hundred thousand pavilion palaces was astounding enough.

Bai Yueyin had personally set up an array formation within these palaces in-person. There were also a few Divine Lords on the mountain that took turns manning it. It could be said to be impregnable!

At that moment, Yi Yun had arrived outside the palaces' entrance. He stood there while being inundated by a spiritual might emanated by the immortal mountain in front of him. He even saw countless nomological chains dancing faintly. Yi Yun could sense the terrifying might of the array even without touching it.

Bai Yueyin's intrinsic divine artifact was spiritually linked to her, so when something happened to her, the artifact was severely damaged. However, the array formation she set up remained fine.

Even with Yi Yun's present strength, it would not be easy for him to crack the array. Besides, he was unwilling to damage what Bai Yueyin had left behind.

"Who is it? If you are a guest here to congratulate Fairy Lin on her coronation, please show your invitation letter." A few guards were clearly shocked seeing Yi Yun's sudden appearance. They had not sensed his arrival prior to that.

"I do not have one!"

"Sorry then, if you do not have a invitation, you are just a general member of the public. Although our White Lunar Divine Empire welcomes you nonetheless, general members of the public are not to stay in the pavilion palaces. The coronation will begin tomorrow. When the time comes, you will be able to attend the banquet in the periphery as a general member of the public."

"I'm not a guest," said Yi Yun slowly.

"Then who are…?"

"I'm here to find my wife."

"Oh?" The guard was taken aback. Was he a family member of a particular female disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire?

"Might I know who your wife is?" asked the guard baffled.

Yi Yun paused for a moment before he said—"Lin Xintong!"


Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the guards widened their eyes, believing that they had heard wrong.


Chapter 1529: Imperial Preceptor Lingluo

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"Who were you referring to again?"

"I was referring to your future empress. She's my wife," said Yi Yun very calmly. All the guards were completely flabbergasted, having never imagined that someone would dare say such words in front of their White Lunar Divine Empire's entrance to the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. Since Lin Xintong was about to ascend to the throne, her name was something only few extremely well-respected Imperial Preceptors or generals were qualified to speak, much less this man's crazy talk claiming that Lin Xintong was his wife.

The guards found no humor in the shocking words. To them, Lin Xintong was pure and forthright, a sanctified and lofty existence. How could anyone disparage her!?

"What audacity! What nonsense do you speak!?"

"Just those foolish words alone are enough for us to lock you up in our White Lunar Divine Empire's dungeons for good!" As the guards spoke, they instantly set up a battle formation, pointing the spears in their hands at Yi Yun's throat.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun remained unperturbed. These guards were acting on their responsibility to protect Lin Xintong, so he had no plans of injuring them. He said, "All you need to do is report the matter! Leave it to your empress to decide on the veracity of the matter."

Upon thinking of Lin Xintong, Yi Yun looked up at the towering palace. A glint of anticipation flashed in his eyes. Having been separated from Lin Xintong for centuries, he hadn't had the opportunity to reunite with her despite wanting to the moment he arrived in the Sinkhole, due to his limited strength. Now, he was finally equipped to do so.

The guards exchanged looks. The man before them was speaking calmly and confidently. It implied that he was either sick of living or utterly insane.

At that moment, three figures who emanated powerful Yuan Qi suddenly appeared at the mountain entrance. Their clothes were embroidered with the emblem of the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"What happened?" a white-dressed male asked with a frown.

The coronation was about to happen, and no one in the White Lunar Divine Empire wished for any problems to arise and soil the occasion.

"Steward," the guards immediately bowed and said with a reverent attitude. "This mad man actually claims that… the newly-appointed empress is his wife. He insists we report the matter."

"What?" The three men were astounded as they looked at Yi Yun as though he was a retard.

This man was not only crazy, he was insanely crazy!

"Stewards, should we report this?" asked a guard softly.

"Report? Do you want to anger our superiors?" said the white-dressed man coldly.

He looked at Yi Yun and sneered. "There's no need to speak further with this crazy person. Take him down! Send him to the dungeons! For him to act out here in our White Lunar Divine Empire, I guess he's sick of living…"

But at that moment, the white-dressed man's expression changed.

He felt the scene before his very eyes turn to a blur as a terrifying might suddenly inundated him.

He mustered all his Yuan Qi immediately, but the force seemed to pierce through his Yuan Qi barrier before impacting his chest.


The white-robed man flew back like a sandbag before crashing into the mountain gates.

He looked at Yi Yun, who remained motionless in his spot, in horror. This person's strength…

At that moment, the two other stewards raged, "What audacity!"

"Don't…" The white-robed man attempted to stop them, but he was too late.

The two stewards attacked simultaneously as extremely sharp sword flashes cleaved down at Yi Yun.

The sword flashes were enough to instantly rip a warrior to shreds.

But against the spate of sword flashes, Yi Yun did not flinch. All he did was raise his hand and gently flick them, like he was swatting a fly.

"Courting death!" One of the stewards wore a cold expression. The sword flashes followed the laws of a sword array, allowing it infinite variations. Even a Sword Dao expert would find it difficult to parry such an attack. There had been many people like Yi Yun who were overconfident only to suffer terribly when facing his strike.

But the next moment saw the barrage of sword flashes distort under Yi Yun's palm. Following that, he slapped them in the faces, quite literally.

The steward still wore a sneer on his face when he felt the terrifying might strike his cheek. He acutely felt the distortion of his facial muscles as they tore, splattering blood out. He was sent involuntarily flying before crashing heavily into the ground.

In a blink of an eye, the white-robed steward had been smashed into the gates, while the two other stewards had faces as swollen as pigs as they lay on the ground.

Yi Yun did not really injure them seriously. All he did was let them suffer some physical pain. A warrior would be able to recover from that much in a day.

The guards were stunned. The three stewards were more than ten times stronger than they were, but in front of Yi Yun, they were no different from toddlers.

The way they looked at Yi Yun changed. They could tell very clearly that Yi Yun had only stood there and gently waved his hand yet left the three people lying on the ground.

This was only because Yi Yun had no intent to kill. If he had any murderous intent, the trio would have been dead.

The white-robed steward crushed a voice transmission talisman as he looked at Yi Yun in shock.

Yi Yun had long noticed the white-robed steward's tiny action, but he did not stop him. If the white-robed steward was directly informing the higher echelons of the White Lunar Divine Empire, it would only save him time and effort.

It did not take long before an extremely powerful repressive force descended.

The guards looked at the whizzing flash and were instantly delighted. They immediately bowed towards the light. "Elder Tianyi."

A lean middle-aged man's figure appeared out of the light. He had a thin face with protruding cheek bones. His cheeks sank in and he had cold, sinister-looking eyes.

"Divine Lord Tianyi, he…" The white-robed steward struggled to get up.

"There's no need to speak further." Divine Lord Tianyi did not even spare a glance at the three stewards for his eyes were trained straight on Yi Yun. He said coldly, "I'm the Divine Lord stationed here. Who are you? Do you have any wish to leave after causing trouble here today?"

"I had no plans on leaving ever since I came. I'm Yi Yun, Lin Xintong's husband. Please pass the message. If not, I will have to storm my way in." As Yi Yun spoke, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

If these people kept sending people to stop him and were not open to reason, he could only storm his way up. Who could stop him from meeting his wife?

The look in Divine Lord Tianyi's eyes changed. This was the first time he encountered someone standing at the entrance of his charge and declaring they would storm mountain.

"He's truly insane to say such words. How can Elder Tianyi tolerate such threats…" The white-robed steward sneered inwardly. Yi Yun should have thought about where he was before acting so arrogantly.

He was waiting for Divine Lord Tianyi to rage, but Divine Lord Tianyi was taken aback when he heard Yi Yun. He fell silent for a moment before sizing Yi Yun up. "Your name is Yi Yun?"


"This name…" Divine Lord Tianyi frowned. "Are you the Yi Yun who entered the ancient battlefield from my White Lunar Divine Empire?"

"That's right!" Yi Yun had no plans on hiding the truth.

Divine Lord Tianyi was slightly alarmed. He had once heard that a junior named Yi Yun in their White Lunar Divine Empire had received numerous benefits in the Divine Perish Hall. But ultimately, he perished in the Fey God Tomb. Many people attempted to find his corpse but failed. It was as though Yi Yun's corpse had disappeared, making everyone believe that Yi Yun was dead.

Divine Lord Tianyi had only asked in passing since he had not linked the youth in front of him to that particular Yi Yun. Yet, it turned out to be the same person. He never expected Yi Yun to return alive.

"Wait here," said Divine Lord Tianyi after some thought.

Yi Yun looked at Divine Lord Tianyi. He had thought of the various ways it might turn out before coming. Backed by his tremendous strength, there was now no need for him to hide the secrets of his treasures. Regardless if Divine Lord Tianyi called for backup to capture him, he thought nothing of it.

Yi Yun waited indifferently by the side as Divine Lord Tianyi phased away.

Divine Lord Tianyi's figure appeared in front of a gigantic pavilion palace within the hundred thousand pavilion palaces. He stepped forward and said to an austere-looking guard who had suddenly appeared. "Please inform Imperial Preceptor Lingluo that Tianyi seeks an audience."

The austere-looking guard's eyes glazed over before he said, "Imperial Preceptor Lingluo grants you entry."

Divine Lord Tianyi nodded and immediately entered the building.

The building had a unique fragrance wafting in it. There were incense cauldrons burning everywhere as slim and elegant girls shuttled in between the incense while holding all sorts of flowers and spirit fruits.

In the middle of a building, a beautiful woman dressed in a palace gown was leaning on a jade stone. The girls surrounded her as she enjoyed the spirit fruits they offered.

This scene was considered quite a delightful sight, but when Divine Lord Tianyi saw the woman, his eyes turned stern as his expression effused solemnity.

"Tianyi, I sensed an energy fluctuation from the mountain gates. I thought it was something trivial, but who knew you would come all the way here to me. Speak. What happened?" said Imperial Preceptor Lingluo without turning her head.

Divine Lord Tianyi immediately bowed respectfully and said, "Lord Imperial Preceptor, I'm unaware if you have heard of a junior named Yi Yun from decades ago. He received one of our White Lunar Divine Empire's jade transmission tokens and entered the ancient battlefield…"

"Yes, I have…" Lingluo ate a grape and said nonchalantly, "It's not a big deal when certain people without any faction backing them joins our White Lunar Divine Empire camp to enter the ancient battlefield. I heard that this junior had quite good luck and received many benefits, but he perished in the ancient battlefield. Why? Is he not dead?"

Lingluo held the grape in her mouth without swallowing it as she ruminated over the matter. For Yi Yun to appear here, he must have either given his valuable treasures to someone else or he was mad.

"Yes! Furthermore, he has appeared at our entrance and claimed that he is our new empress's husband! Furthermore, I have once heard stories about our new empress. It's said that back when Her Majesty first entered the White Lunar Goddess Empress, Her Majesty often had a melancholic look and rumors had it that someone was always on Her Majesty's mind…"

"Oh!?" Upon hearing Divine Lord Tianyi say that, the woman's eyes turned cold as she said, displeased, "What rubbish have you been listening to!?"


Chapter 1530: Lingluo

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Tianyi said reverently, "Rumors in the palace. I myself have never met the newly-appointed empress."

"Since they are rumors, they should have stopped with you. Why are you raising such groundless rumors from centuries ago?"

"Ah… I apologize!" Divine Lord Tianyi said anxiously when he saw Imperial Preceptor Lingluo fuming.

"Remember to mind your words in the future. The new empress will soon be inheriting the throne. The Great Dao is endless, Her Majesty will be dedicated to pursuing the Martial Dao to eventually attain the Godly Monarch realm. Matters of the heart will only bog Her Majesty down. If Her Majesty were to be engrossed with a man, Her Majesty's Dao heart would be affected! This shall not be tolerated."

Lingluo's tone left no room for doubt. Tianyi hurriedly nodded his head. "I understand."

"Well, get this Yi Yun under control first. Do not let him leave. If he were to spread those groundless rumors, Her Majesty's reputation will be tainted."


Tianyi said reverently as he took his leave. After he left, a tall man walked out from inside.

He was more than 1.9 meters tall and he had long hair that cascaded down his red robe. He oozed masculinity on the surface.

He laughed out loud as he said, "Lingluo, it appears that news of how matters of the heart weigh down the newly appointed empress have still spread beyond the palace. Her husband is now at our door. How do you plan on dealing with this husband of hers?"

"He cannot be allowed to leave. Let's imprison him for now! After all, Her Majesty is about to be crowned. I do not wish for trouble to brew at this time."

"Imprisoning him, only?" As the man spoke, a deep, meaningful smile flashed in his eyes. "I heard that this Yi Yun has massive treasures on him. During the ancient battlefield's trials, Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and company had headed there when they heard of the anomalies in the ancient battlefield that made precious treasures appear in the Divine Perish Hall."

Upon hearing the man's words, Lingluo fell into a silent thought.

"Why? Is there something holding you back? The cultivation technique which Her Majesty cultivates in is special. She probably has severed her ties to the mortal world and has forgotten Yi Yun. In the future, even if Her Majesty were to learn of this matter, she will likely not feel anything about it. Although this Yi Yun is said to be talented, he did not manage to leave his name on the World Monolith during his expedition to the ancient battlefield, so he's nothing impressive. If he really were to be with Her Majesty, he would only siphon off Her Majesty's cultivation when he dual cultivates with her. He will only be a burden on Her Majesty."

In the martial world, progress was faster when men and women dual cultivated, but that was typically only true when both man and woman were of similar cultivation levels. If the gap was huge, one would end up siphoning from the other. The man knew that Lin Xintong was kind-hearted, so she naturally would not siphon off Yi Yun. Instead, she would work hard to raise Yi Yun's cultivation level.

"If I'm not wrong, he must have pretended to have perished in the Fey God Tomb after obtaining the treasures of the Divine Perish Hall. In fact, he found a place to hide until the ancient battlefield ended. Now, the entire world knows that Yi Yun has treasures on him, so it will be hard for him to survive in the Sinkhole. Therefore, he must be thinking of coming here to win Her Majesty's protection on account of their relationship from back in the mortal world," said the man.

"What you said makes sense. But, before we are certain that Her Majesty has completely severed herself from her mortal feelings, I will not kill Yi Yun. As for the future…"

A cold glint flashed in Lingluo's eyes as she spoke. As the Imperial Preceptor of the White Lunar Divine Empire, she had been in control of the massive White Lunar Divine Empire together with the other two Imperial Preceptors when Bai Yueyin wasn't around. She was naturally not someone who showed mercy. She would not hesitate to kill Yi Yun for the divine empire and for the empress's coronation.

After entering the White Lunar Divine Empire's hundred thousand pavilion palaces, even the knowledgeable Yi Yun could not help but marvel at the White Lunar Divine Empire's immense wealth. He was surprised to realize that the entire complex was refined into a massive artifact.

Although the complex was naturally incomparable to the White Jade Phoenix Palace, the White Jade Phoenix Palace was an ancient divine artifact formed naturally by the worldly laws. As for the complex, that was man-made; however, it was filled with thousands of complex array formations, both big and small. Some palaces looked small, but they contained a pocket world inside them. These countless pocket worlds had a myriad of functionalities. Some were used for cultivation, others for living. Refining such a massive artifact would probably require thousands of artifact refiners spending ten thousand years and immense riches to slowly complete it.

The White Lunar Divine Empire had been established for tens of millions of years, while the hundred thousand pavilion palaces were constantly expanded. These array formations and buildings were augmented by generations of experts, and was presently extremely formidable.

"We have arranged for you to stay here for the time being." Tianyi led Yi Yun into a room in the corner of the complex.

The room was not bad, but Yi Yun noticed that security was tight around his room. Furthermore, he had passed through layers of protective array barriers when he entered. Some of them were trapping or killing arrays. Tianyi had used a token to gain entry, and it was obvious that Tianyi had no plans on handing him that token.

"I'm here to meet Lin Xintong," said Yi Yun. He could sense that the White Lunar Divine Empire did not intend for him to meet Lin Xintong, and it was a possibility he was cognizant of before coming.

Tianyi said coldly, "I have already reported the matter of your arrival to Her Majesty. Her Majesty is currently preparing for the coronation, so she doesn't have time to meet you. So just stay here for the time being."

"Oh? Have you really reported this to your empress? Did she arrange for me to stay here temporarily?"

Yi Yun emphasized the word 'temporarily,' since he could sense that he was likely being placed under house arrest in here.

However, Yi Yun did not think worry too much over it. He now possessed sufficient strength, or he would not have come seeking Lin Xintong. He just did not wish to lose decorum with the White Lunar Divine Empire since it was established by Bai Yueyin and she had once saved him. Besides, Bai Yueyin was one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs that fought the Ancestor Gods hundreds of millions of years ago, thus saving the world.

Yi Yun planned on being fair before resorting to force on account of Bai Yueyin.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's tone, Tianyi sneered and said, "Young man, are you doubting me? Her Majesty is dedicated to pursuing the Great Dao and has severed herself from her mortal pining. I urge you to give up as you'll be better off that way. If not, you will pay a terrible price. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Her Majesty still has an impression of you, you were just her husband in the mortal world, and you should know that Her Majesty's name was carved above the clouds on the ancient battlefield's World Monolith. Each word was as large as a palace. If you were able to write your name beside Her Majesty's, no matter how small it was, you might barely make the cut. Yet you failed to leave your name on the World Monolith. Do you think you deserve Her Majesty?"

After Tianyi said that, his body dissipated into streams of light and vanished.

Yi Yun's eyes watched Tianyi disappear with coldness. From the looks of it, there was no way of making this happen in a way where everyone was happy; however, he did not plan on taking action immediately. After all, Lin Xintong's coronation was at hand. Yi Yun guessed that Bai Yueyin might have been Lin Xintong's benefactor, but he was unsure if Lin Xintong wished to be empress of the White Lunar Divine Empire. If she did, he did not wish to mess up the coronation.

Yi Yun planned to take action only during the coronation, but it was at that moment when Yi Yun felt a gust of wind blow at him. An azure-clothed girl appeared like a wisp of smoke inside his yard.

"Are you Young Master Yi? My master wishes to meet you. He invites you to join him at his place."


Yi Yun's heart stirred. He was surprised to discover that the azure-clothed girl was young, even younger than him, but she was already at the early stages of the Supremacy realm. She was a genius among geniuses in the Sinkhole. Great pains would be spared to nurture her in any faction, but now, she was addressing someone else as her master. She was willing to be a servant?

"Who is your master?" Yi Yun's brows pricked up. After all, once the coronation was over, he would forcibly seek out Lin Xintong. He did not mind meeting people now.

The girl covered her mouth and laughed before saying, "Young Master Yi, you will know when you get there."

"Lead the way."

The girl possessed a token, so when the yard's guards saw the token, they did not stop her from taking Yi Yun away despite having nasty expressions.

The hundred thousand pavilion palaces spanned a large area and it banned flight. The girl was like an azure butterfly fluttering through the flowers as she darted forward extremely quickly with nimble footsteps.

Minutes later, she led Yi Yun to a seclusive garden. The garden was planted with various flowers; it was not large, but what astonished Yi Yun were the plants which could be seen everywhere in the mortal world. They were in different flowering phases, contending in looks and beauty. In a warrior's world, even the smallest or poorest sects would plant some low-grade spirit vegetation. They were beautiful and could also add some Spirit Qi to the area. But this was the White Lunar Divine Empire, and the planting of such mortal vegetation in the hundred thousand pavilion palaces surprised Yi Yun.

In the middle of the garden was a clear pond which had a serpentine stone bridge built on it. The stone was of ordinary grade, but each individual stone was polished to look as beautiful as jade.

In a pavilion in the middle of the lake was a table that exuded antiquity. On it was a musical instrument known as the guqin. A long-haired man dressed in white was playing it, producing tunes that sounded like heavenly music. They lingered on in one's ears as the flowers and grass in the garden gently swayed with the music, like they were being nourished by raindrops.

Yi Yun did not disturb the white-dressed man as he listened silently. Only when the tune was over did the man stand up and look at Yi Yun with a smile. "I'm Bai Shanhe. I've long heard of you, Young Master Yi."

Bai Shanhe!

Yi Yun's brows pricked up. Back in the Myriad God Ridge, Yi Yun had heard the unlucky personal disciple of Myriad God Patriarch mention Bai Shanhe when he talked about Lin Xintong.

He was Bai Yueyin's adopted son!

And on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith, Yi Yun had once seen Bai Shanhe's name. His name was similarly engraved in the clouds, each word as large as a wall.

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