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Chapter 48: Bringing the Husband to Meet the Best Friend

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Thanks to the help of his best friends, he did not have to spend much time working before graduation. He only had to deal with some simple tasks from his own computer every day.

His remaining time was used to enjoy a happy, relaxing campus life with his wife.

“Miles, what are you planning to do today?”

“Write a thesis.”

“I’ll take you to a coffee shop!”

Tang Yu remembered that she still had not officially introduced Zhao Xiaofeng and Miles to each other. It would be better if she could do it as soon as possible, otherwise Zhao Xiaofeng would say that she had forgotten about her again.

When Zhao Xiaofeng heard that Tang Yu was going to bring her husband, she was so excited that she danced around in the shop.

As she delivered their coffee, her brisk steps seemed to fly.

“Your cute catgirl is online!

“Are you satisfied with today’s coffee?”

The store manager saw her jovial attitude, and told her that if she could act like this every day, he would increase her wages by a dollar a day.

Zhao Xiaofeng was ecstatic to hear that.

Of course, the happiest thing in her heart was still the anticipation for Tang Yu’s husband.

She had said that he was a super handsome man. A handsome gentleman and an honor student!


The bell rang. Excitedly, she looked towards the door and found that it was indeed Tang Yu.

Today, Tang Yu was wearing a light white dress with a large sunflower printed on it, looking fresh and beautiful.

She was indeed the campus Belle of Carville University, a goddess in the hearts of all the boys.

However, the one walking behind her… did not seem to be matching her level.

He was wearing a simple T-shirt, and dark green shorts coupled with flip-flops. Long hair hung from his head, fluffy and messy. His big black-rimmed glasses covered almost half of his face, making him look listless.

“Hi!” Tang Yu greeted Zhao Xiaofeng warmly. She took Miles’ hand as she walked over, sitting down on the table that Zhao Xiaofeng had reserved for them, which had the best view by the window.

“Hi…” Zhao Xiaofeng was somewhat disappointed, but she remained professional. In front of guests, she could hide her emotions.

“This is my husband, Miles. Miles, this is my best friend, Zhao Xiaofeng!” Tang Yu introduced them with a warm smile.

Zhao Xiaofeng still welcomed Miles warmly. “Your catgirl is online. May I ask what kind of coffee you would like, sir?”

“A hot Americano and a flat white with sugar. Thank you.” He looked at Tang Yu, to which she responded with a nod. There was already a tacit understanding between them.

“Okay.” Zhao Xiaofeng carried the tray, walking to the counter with their orders. She glanced over at the couple.

Tang Yu and Miles sat very close to each other. Her friend wrapped her arms around Miles’ arm, leaned against him happily.

Miles brought out his laptop and turned it on, and Tang Yu chuckled softly as he showed her something on the screen.

Zhao Xiaofeng thought to herself, ‘They seem to be in a good relationship… Tang Yu did not lie to me, then. She really does like Miles.’

After pondering briefly, she felt a little better.

For so many years, she had always firmly believed that only the most handsome man in the world was worthy of such a beautiful and perfect woman like Tang Yu. She believed that Tang Yu would be married to a man who was perfect in every aspect.

However, the man right before her was a little imperfect. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Nevertheless, she still wished for them to be happy together forever regardless.

Zhao Xiaofeng sat with them as she brought their coffee over.

They talked about all sorts of things, mainly about school life. Just from the way Miles talked, Zhao Xiaofeng could feel his personality through his words. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also a simple yet reliable and honest person. No wonder Tang Yu liked him.

When he went to the bathroom, Zhao Xiaofeng quickly took the seat next to Tang Yu and whispered to her. “Xiao Yu, I thought you were a beauty lover. I didn’t expect you to marry such an unattractive man.”

She looked at her in surprise. “He’s very handsome! Look carefully, he has abs!”

Zhao Xiaofeng thought carefully and said hesitantly, “He’s still not as good as senior Song Huating though.”

“Song Huating…” Tang Yu didn’t mind. “Song Huating is quite handsome but he’s far from Miles. The only reason why I liked him before is because I haven’t met Miles yet!”

Hearing her words, Zhao Xiaofeng could not help but doubt her best friend’s taste. “Xiao Yu, bring your own husband filter.”

Not far away, Miles had just emerged from the bathroom and unwittingly eavesdropped on their conversation.

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