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"Eat shit!"

Zhao Dahan bellowed out.

Zhong Qi's pupils constricted. With a heavy voice, he said. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Baili Tianhai said: "Are you willing to bet and not lose? "Oh, not bad."

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "Do you believe that I'll beat the sh * t out of you and stuff it into your mouth for you to swallow?"

This fellow had been laughing the entire time.


Acting cool in front of Long Fei?

Could there be a good ending?

Zhong Qi said: "Long Fei, we're all Senior Brother s from the same sect, we can't even see each other's heads, let's just forget about this matter today. We'll work hard together during tomorrow's inner sect examination …"

"Pfft!" Long Fei immediately spat on his body, "Don't bother with this nonsense, I'm just asking you, are you going to eat or not?"

Zhong Qi said angrily: "Brat, you will not have a good ending if you offend me."

"Do you believe that I won't let you all die in there tomorrow?"

He began to play around viciously.

At the same time.

Hu Liehuo's group of lackeys moved forward and immediately stood next to Zhong Qi.

The atmosphere was fierce.

The surrounding people spread out, afraid that they would be affected, and didn't dare to provoke Long Fei.

All of a sudden.

There was only one hundred disciples around Zhong Qi and only ten people around him, including Long Fei and the phoenix.

A sharp contrast.

Zhong Qi snorted and said: "You think you can fight me? "You should consider whether or not you are qualified …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei immediately rushed over with his walk like snakeskin, and ruthlessly slapped downwards with his palm.

"Qualification your head!"

Suddenly, he slapped.

Zhong Qi still did not expect Long Fei to make a move, and to do it in front of more than a hundred of his subordinates.

His face was already in pain, but now with this slap, it felt as if it was going to split open, and blood began to seep out from his pores.

Zhong Qi raged, "I want to kill you!"

The aura on his body trembled, forming a powerful pressure.

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His cultivation was much higher than Long Fei's, before he used any of his techniques, his oppressive might first stunned Long Fei, and then he made his move.

This was the best way to crush a low-level expert.


The moment he released his aura, Yun Xi moved and blocked in front of Long Fei. Her eyes turned cold and her long hair fluttered in the wind.

In an instant.

It sealed Zhong Qi's entire body.

It also pushed back his aura.


Zhong Qi was crushed to the point of kneeling on the ground.

Hu Liehuo and the others tensed up, and immediately shouted out: "Brothers, kill them!"

Like a god of death, Yun Xi coldly replied, "Let anyone try.

A strand of hair wrapped itself around Zhong Qi's neck, causing blood to ooze out. If he used even the slightest bit of strength, his head would have been cut off by a strand of hair.

Zhong Qi was so scared that his face turned pale, his hoarse voice shouted: "Don't move!"

Everyone stopped.

Zhong Qi looked at Long Fei and said: "Brat, you only know how to hide behind women.

Long Fei had a face full of pride: "That's right, I just like to hide behind women. Bite me, you try hiding too."

"To be Xiao Bai's face, I am willing and honorable, so what?"

While they were talking …

She grabbed Yun Xi's waist.

Yun Xi glared at Long Fei.

But Long Fei acted as if he did not see it.

Everyone disdainfully said, "Shameless!"

At this time, Tu De held a large banana leaf and entered while holding a pile of feces that was still emitting hot air, saying: "It was just baked just now, Senior Brother Zhong Qi, don't be polite, it's still warm."

Zhong Qi's face was ashen, his teeth chattering loudly.

Long Fei said: "What are you waiting for, eat, the rest, I will have my woman cut off your head."

All the veins in Zhong Qi's body stood out.

At the window.

Several elders looked outside, and Dong Tiankui said with a slight voice. "It's not good to play like this, right?"

"Kids, just let them play."

His voice was calm.

However …

With that said, Dong Tiankui immediately didn't dare to speak.

Those outer door presbyter s did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

No one dared to offend this elder.

Zhong Qi trembled, his eyeballs were about to pop out.

Seeing him not moving, Long Fei took the banana leaf and covered it up, "Eat this sh * t!"

Zhong Qi's mouth just happened to be wide open.

That shit...

"Ugh …" "Ugh …"

His mouth was filled with feces and his face was filled with feces. He looked as though he had died.

Long Fei coldly snorted, and said: "If you touch my brother, then we'll settle the score, but... Tell Lin Yuan, once I enter the inner sect, the one who will be dealt with will be him! "

He said it heavily!


Long Fei turned and left.

Zhong Qi crazily wiped the feces on his face as his stomach rolled non-stop, shouting loudly, "Long Fei, just you wait, I'll definitely kill you!"

"I will definitely kill you!"

"Ugh …" Another bout of vomiting occurred.

… ….

Long Fei stood at the entrance of the task palace, heard Zhong Qi's crazed shout, and said coldly: "If you offend me again, your life will be over!"

Baili Tianhai said: "Big brother, we don't have much time left, we need to hurry up and register, if not we might miss next year."

Long Fei nodded his head, and said: "En, everyone should go and register together!"

Just as they were about to leave, a disciple that they had never seen before walked up to Long Fei and said, "Junior brother Long, my master wants to invite you over."

He looked like a scholar.

It was impossible to tell how high his cultivation level was.

However …

The feeling it gave Long Fei was that he was at least in the advanced stage of the Sword Immortal Stage.

Zhao Dahan's brows tightened, and said slightly: "Who is your master?"

"Tell him to come over himself!"

Long Fei said indifferently, he took out his identity card and said: "Tianhai, help me register for it."

The disciple in front of him was definitely not an outer court disciple.


He knew that someone had just helped him.

This person's authority was even higher than Dong Tiankui.

The only people who could make Dong Tiankui not dare to mutter to himself were either the Sect Master or the Great Clan Elder of main hall Peak.

Long Fei made a gesture of invitation, and said: "I'll have to trouble Senior Brother to lead the way!"

Phoenix pulled Long Fei's arm and looked at Long Fei, not wanting him to leave.

Long Fei scratched the bridge of the Phoenix's nose and said: "It's fine."

Gently withdrawing his hand, he followed the scholar to a secluded place.

Passing through a small forest, they arrived at a unique, elegant, and elegant courtyard surrounded by purple bamboo. Long Fei had been out of the sect for several months already, but he had never heard of this place before.

An old servant stood at the entrance of the beautiful courtyard. He looked at Long Fei and bowed slightly, saying, "Young Master, after you!"

It was extremely respectful.

Long Fei nodded his head lightly, he stepped into the courtyard and the Confucian Scholar stopped outside the courtyard.

He walked into the garden.

An old man clasped his hands behind his back. Upon seeing Long Fei walk in, he revealed a faint smile and said, "You're finally here!"

Long Fei walked forward and said: "You are?"

The elder smiled and said, "You should have already guessed who I am now, right?"

Long Fei hugged onto both of his arms, and without acting reserved any longer, he said, "Great Elder!"

The old man was the Great Clan Elder of the inner sect. He looked at Long Fei and said, "Smart!"

Long Fei said: "Great Clan Elder, why have you called this disciple here?" The Great Clan Elder stroked his beard, looked at Long Fei with interest, and said, "You should be clear in your heart about why I called you here!"

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