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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
Chapter 337: Getting Along in the Tent (2)

Chu Lian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He Sanlang seemed to have gotten into a bad habit. Back in the cave, he had also lifted up her skirt without any warning. She was already so used to it that she was no longer surprised by his actions.

However, Wenqing and Wenlan were still in the tent. Showing off such an intimate action with an audience made Chu Lian blush a little.

She drew her legs back with the intention to escape, but before she could, He Changdi caught hold of her calf.
“Don’t move,” he murmured.
Chu Lian froze on the spot.

Wenqing and Wenlan exchanged glances, sharing their joy. Wenqing sensibly said, “Third Young Master, Third Young Madam hasn’t eaten yet. We servants will go and bring some food back.”

Without waiting for permission from their two masters, Wenqing tugged Wenlan behind her and escaped from the tent.

Now that their audience was gone, Chu Lian relaxed.

She looked down and watched as He Changdi’s slender fingers rolled up her pants leg before gently removing her sock. Her slender and fair leg was now exposed to his eyes, from her calf to her ankle.

As He Sanlang’s warm palms brushed along her calf, the wound around her ankle was revealed.

The severe-looking wound had already scabbed over. However, since the skin around it was as white as snow, the dark coloured scab stood out even more and seemed a little eye catching.

A glint flashed through He Changdi’s eyes as he looked at the wound. His Adam’s apple trembled a little as he touched the scab gently. “Does it still hurt?”

Chu Lian was enjoying the warmth of his palms as they massaged her skin. Her almond-shaped eyes turned into narrow slits, showing how much she was enjoying the massage. She shook her head in reply to his question, “It stopped hurting after it scabbed over. It just gets a little itchy at night under the warm blankets.”

He Sanlang carefully inspected her wound for a while more. When he realised that her wound was indeed much better after it had scabbed over, he breathed a soft sigh of relief. A weight he hadn’t even known he had been carrying seemed to have fallen from his shoulders.

When He Changdi noticed that the leg he was still holding in his hands was turning a little cool, he quickly put Chu Lian’s sock and shoe back on. His palm lingered on that smooth leg for a moment as if he couldn’t bear to let go, before he finally stood up.

All the care he had just shown had been carried out from his subconscious mind. He hadn’t thought much of it while checking her wound, but now that he was done, the atmosphere seemed to turn a little awkward.

Chu Lian didn’t think much of the intimacy at all. She turned to continue staring at He Changdi with her wide eyes. As she blinked, she felt that He Sanlang seemed to be exceptionally handsome today.

Could her lunatic husband possibly have been cured?

He Changdi hadn’t expected Chu Lian to stare directly at him without any reserve or shyness. His originally relaxed mood slowly turned tense once again. While his eyes still seemed like dark, icy pools, his neck and the tips of his ears were flushing red, completely out of his control.

Chu Lian noticed his reaction and found it fun, so she simply continued staring.

They were husband and wife anyway and He Changdi was a good-looking man after all. Since she couldn’t consummate their marriage, wasn’t she at least allowed to admire her eye candy as much as she wanted?

He Changdi felt trapped by Chu Lian’s gaze. He felt uncomfortable at the start and he was about to speak up to reprimand this wicked woman about her unreserved staring. Such ‘loose’ behaviour was unbecoming of a noble lady.

As his eyes wandered about the inside of the tent a little absentmindedly, his tense gaze abruptly concentrated on one spot.

That familiar-looking blue leather-bound book seemed to leap into view, causing not only his neck and ears, but even his entire face to turn red in a full-on blush.

That Xiao Hongyu! He was going to take that brat to task!

He Changdi shared a tent with Xiao Hongyu, so he knew that that damn brat liked to read that blue leather book at night while hiding under the lamp, acting like some sneak thief.

He only had to glance at it once or twice before realising what it was. It was just some lewd drawings. He wasn’t interested and hadn’t minded Xiao Hongyu’s reading at all before this. However, the fact that it was lying in such an obvious spot today didn’t bode well for him.

That wicked woman Chu Lian must have discovered it. She might even have opened it! That shameless, wicked woman! She actually looked at those sorts of drawings!

Surely that wicked woman didn’t think that this naughty book was his?

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