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Suddenly, Long Fei felt that the Qi behind him had become eerie and he was locked down like a sniper rifle.

He couldn't move.

If he moved, he would feel like he was going to die in the next second!

Long Kuang also suddenly shouted, "Master, behind you!"

Long Fei swallowed his saliva.

Xuan Ming abyss looked at Long Fei's nervous expression and smiled slightly. "I said you're thinking too much, do you think you can still fight me?"

"Hahaha …"

"Are you worthy?"

He had never thought of doing it himself.

Why didn't someone beside him use it?

Why wait until the end to use your trump card?

Xuan Ming abyss's character is, the moment I come here, I'll beat you to a pulp!

Long Fei did not expect this either.

He did not expect Xuan Ming abyss to instantly send out the super powerhouse who was hiding in the darkness, so he was now right behind him.

The key!

If this fellow were to hide his body, you wouldn't be able to identify his current position.

Long Fei squinted, and asked in his heart: "Can we confirm the location?"

Long Kuang shook his head, "I'm not sure."

"However, I can confirm that this guy's aura is dark attributed."

"Darkness Attribute?" Long Fei immediately thought of the people from the Dark Temple, "Dark Temple is still here?"

"That's not right!"

"If it's someone from the Dark Temple, he should be the first to snatch the Phoenix, so it's impossible for him to deal with me first." Long Fei frowned, "Who could that be?"

"Is there any way to force him to show himself?"

"Or is there a way to deal with him?"

Who it was wasn't important, what was important was to beat him to a pulp.

Long Kuang thought for a moment and said, "I can't think of a way. This guy is too strong, and his aura is extremely ancient as well. It's just like the aura from several trillion years ago."

Millions of years ago?

Then how strong was this guy?


"In other words, it really is a super BOSS." Long Fei was excited when he thought of the BOSS. Looking at Xuan Ming abyss's pleased expression, his lips curled up slightly.

The aura on his body stirred.

"Then let's raise it a little more!"

"Level 8 dragon body, open!"




With a thunderous explosion, the power on Long Fei's body surged out like a tsunami, directly shaking god's matrial ground.

The sky and the ground were covered by this power.

Long Fei's entire body was glowing with a golden light.

This was the light emitted by the dragon's scale.

From rank 7 to rank 8, his aura underwent a drastic change. It was as if energy was gushing forth from every breath he took.

Xuan Ming abyss revealed a disdainful smile, "Oh, you can even increase your strength?"

"Not bad."

"However... "It's no use at all!"

"You don't even dare to move now, right?"

Xuan Ming abyss mocked Long Fei.

Long Fei closed his eyes slightly. He had not activated ancient dragon body of the eighth level just to increase his own strength, but he had used the power of the gush to find out the location of the powerhouse.

Sound wave!

The sound waves created by his strength would be slightly reverberated against any obstructions.

Use this reverberation to find the location.


Long Fei opened his eyes, which flashed with a sharp light, "Heh heh … I found it! "

His fists sank.


His figure disappeared, and in the next second, Long Fei was in the air, punching out heavily, "Come out!"


"Rumble …"

The power on Long Fei's fist seemed to have exploded as the surrounding space started to crack. How fierce was the power of a level eight ancient dragon body?

When this fist landed, even god's powerhouse would instantly be smashed into smithereens.

However …

When Long Fei punched down.


A big black hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Long Fei's fist.

He clenched his fist.

"Pfft …"

The power of the ancient dragon body on Long Fei's fist was like a fart, being crushed without a trace.

It could be said that he had instantly crushed them.

Long Fei's pupils contracted as he tried to pull out his fist.


It was impossible for him to move. No matter how much he struggled, it was useless. He could not move at all.

At the same time.

The super powerhouse slowly revealed himself.

He was as black as an African. His skin was covered with various runes, and his pupils were completely black, like two black holes.

He was wearing a tattered cloak and a black cloak.

The black death aura was burning like fire.


Strong enough to explode.

Just like how a giant who had been asleep for ten thousand years suddenly awakened and exploded with power, Long Fei felt like he was a small ant in front of the giant.

This feeling was indescribable.

"This is …" Long Fei's eyes trembled a little as he looked at the big fellow in front of him.

At this moment.

Dragon Kuang suddenly shouted, "God of Underworld!"


Long Fei was startled, and said: "That's not possible, didn't God of Underworld die a long time ago?"

Back then, when Long Batian fell, the Ming Clan rose up and became the overlord of the ancient world!

It was just that …

Afterwards, the Xuans rose up strongly and started a war with the Ming Clan.

The God of Underworld was killed by the emperor Xuan.

This was something that everyone knew.

Long Kuang firmly said: "I can't be wrong, I have seen him before, I can't forget his looks at all. Furthermore, the deathly aura that was burning like fire on his body, he is the God of Underworld, an existence no one can copy."

"But …"

"Why is it like this?"

"The God of Underworld was killed by the emperor Xuan, why would they appear here?"

"This is …" "Why?"

Even Long Kuang didn't know what was going on.

However …

He was terrified!

Because …

It was not because of the God of Underworld, but because the appearance of the God of Underworld made him think that the Xuans had always been searching for his master's, Long Batian's, body.

He had always wanted to enter the ancient Asura Abyss.

Could it be …

The Xuans had mastered a powerful secret art?

It could revive a dead person?

If that was the case, then Long Batian …

Long Batian was suppressed by the Zhen Tian stones and lost his life, but his body had reached an indestructible state, so even after countless years, his body would not be broken.

If the emperor Xuan could really revive it.

If they listened to his orders, the consequences would be unimaginable!

"What's the matter with you?" Long Fei asked the panicking Long Kuang.

Long Kuang heavily swallowed his words, and said: "We have to enter the divine space a little faster, we must find your previous body before the emperor Xuan arrives."


Long Fei was startled.

Long Kuangdao: "Your body once concealed too many secrets, in the past, it was just a repression of boundary stones. These cannot be obtained by the Xuans, if not …"

Long Kuang became extremely nervous.

It was the first time Long Fei had seen him so nervous.


"What are you daydreaming about?"


Xuan Ming abyss laughed proudly.

Long Fei regained his senses, his heart sinking. He was still thinking of entering the divine space, but right now he was being held onto by the God of Underworld, unable to move.

He didn't even know how to escape.

What are you talking about, entering the divine space?

"Are you scared?"

"Heh heh …"

"You'll be even more confused soon." Xuan Ming abyss laughed coldly and said: "Do it!"

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