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Published at 13th of January 2021 06:15:09 AM

Chapter 552: 552
Chapter 552 – The Abbess Was Contracted; The Incident at City Yan (6) [Bonus Part]

“Yes, Xiao Xiao, we just found out that your grandpa is seriously ill . Your uncle and I must take a trip back,” explained Mrs . Cheng .

Luo JunHao nodded and said, “That’s right . I just received a letter from home . The source is reliable . ”

“Seriously ill?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t too fond of her grandparents, but they were, after all, her mother’s parents . She thought about it for a bit and asked, “Did something happen? Grandma had only been here for a couple of weeks . How did he get seriously ill all of a sudden? Did something else happen?”

“Xiao Xiao has a point there . ”

Luo JunHao’s expression changed and he said to Mrs . Cheng, “Second sister, dad was fine when mom left . Plus he’s a martial spiritualist right now . He couldn’t have just gotten sick all of a sudden . Something must be going on . I must head back right away . ”

“Oh! Could it be possible that someone had…”

“One way or another, I must head back as quickly as possible . Second sister, I won’t bring mom with me . I will go back by myself . ”

“Okay, you hurry back and find out what is wrong with dad . ”

“I’ll take off right away . You let mom know, Second Sister . Hopefully it’s not something serious . ” He turned around immediately as soon as he was done talking .

“Uncle!” Cheng Xiao Xiao stopped the man who was on his way out .

Luo JunHao stopped and gave her a dubious look . “Something’s the matter, Xiao Xiao?”

“Uncle, if something is going on in City of Yan, you might need some extra help . Just in case someone was targeting the Luo’s on purpose, you wouldn’t want to be by yourself . Why don’t you take big sister Zixuan and an elder with you? Better safe than sorry . ”

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“Xiao Xiao is right, little brother . Take Zixuan and an elder with you . Just in case . ” Mrs . Cheng immediately agreed with her daughter’s suggestion .

Luo JunHao thought about it for a bit and saw the rationality behind it . “Okay . I guess it wouldn’t be back to have extra help should something happens . ”

“Uncle can pick whichever elder you want to accompany you . They won’t decline you,” said Cheng Xiao Xiao softly .

“Got it!” Luo JunHao had a look of appreciation on him before he left the room .

“It’s faster if you travel by mystical cranes!”


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Watching her uncle walked away, Cheng Xiao Xiao felt that something wasn’t right here . When she turned and saw the worried look on her mother, she comforted her . “Don’t worry, Mom . It will be fine . Uncle will be able to handle what is going on . ”

“Your grandpa is in City of Yan by himself . I worry for him…”

“It’s alright, Mom . Don’t overthink it . We don’t know what is going on yet . What you need to do now is to keep grandma company, so she won’t stress over it . ”

“Right . Let me go check on her . ”

Watching her mother left in a hurry, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but sighed and said to herself, “One way or another, let me go have Abacus take a look and see if that old man Luo will be going to see the Lord of Hell anytime soon!”

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