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Chapter 44: Slapping Face

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[That’s right, since there’s nothing wrong with it, why don’t you release Miao Ke’er’s dress rehearsal as well? Since you let her go, and it’s even after you made the official announcement, you should at least give a reason for why she didn’t qualify, right?]

That was right, that was right!

[Please give us a reason, otherwise we won’t accept it!]

[That’s right! We won’t accept it! We won’t, we won’t! We absolutely won’t!]

When Miao Ke’er’s fans received support, they instantly straightened their backs and started bombarding the production team hysterically.

But they were very quickly slapped in the face by the official Weibo account for “Luo Mingshi.”

Since this involved an artiste’s privacy, the contents of an artiste’s dress rehearsal wouldn’t be released without permission.

Furthermore, the production team and Miao Ke’er had already peacefully canceled the contract, so the production team had no reason to upload Miao Ke’er’s unsuccessful dress rehearsal.

They also advised that anyone who wanted to watch the video could ask Miao Ke’er herself for it.

In order to better let the actors discover what issues they had, after the production team filmed the audition scenes, they sent them to the actor in person or their manager for them to identify their own issues and improve on them.

Also, if anyone couldn’t accept it, they could come to the production team to audition within three days. Anyone who was better than Zhao Xiaoyu would be the new female lead!

Then, the official Weibo account even uploaded a portion of the auditions after obtaining the artistes’ approval, which included Lu An’s comments and guidance.

For a moment, Miao Ke’er’s fans were all stunned.

What was going on?

This unexpected slap in the face!

Many onlookers gloated.

[Hahaha, those fans of a certain person keep scolding other people for being hypocrites. See, now? The team was showing the artiste respect, but in the end were scolded for being sh*t, and for not sharing the video of their artiste’s failed audition. Are they morons?]

[I think the production team is very considerate. These fans were talking about being fair and just, right?]

[Considerate +1! In any case, I really love Miss Zhao Xiaoyu. The director also feels very overbearing. I like! Also, there’s a super good-looking commentator in the audition video. Did you notice?]

The onlookers started to stray off-topic as their attention turned to Lu An. She only appeared on camera a few times in the video, but hit the nail on the head with all her comments.

Miao Ke’er’s fans had already collectively gone into hiding. Every comment seemed to be deliberately emphasizing Miao Ke’er’s “failure,” which was like a fierce slap to the face.

They couldn’t respond!

It was as if everyone was saying that their idol wasn’t as skilled as the other party. After their idol washed out, the other party had already given them enough face, but they still insisted on tearing things open, forcing the other party to step forward and explain themselves.

For a moment, Miao Ke’er’s fans felt like they had flies stuck in their throats.

Online users were now comparing the photos on their idol’s Weibo account with Zhao Xiaoyu in Xiang Quqi’s video.

As the saying went, no comparison, no damage.

Miao Ke’er’s makeup was indeed very exquisite. Compared with her usual cute and obedient image, she looked more aloof and crafty; this actually was a huge breakthrough.

However, Zhao Xiaoyu had innately elfin features, and her optimistic and resolute nature was more suited to Luo Ming’s image. When she was calm, the sly look in her eyes was even more profound and also a little sharp, which was utterly tantalizing.

In comparison, Miao Ke’er looked a little strange and unnatural.

Miao Ke’er’s fans couldn’t accept this. One by one, they ran off to ask Miao Ke’er what was going on.

On the other side, Miao Ke’er’s face was already ashen.

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