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"20 years ago, he made a prophecy of your existence and told us to hand the Divine Remains Equipment to you before the seventh onslaught."

Fang Xingjian was slightly surprised. He had not expected things to turn out this way.

'20 years ago... Wasn't that when I was born?'

The Immortality Saint did not pay any heed to Fang Xingjian's surprise and continued, "Based on what he said, 16 years later, a young man who looked a lot like him would appear in this world. This person would stop the seventh onslaught.

"And we, the three Saints, would have to keep the Divine Remains Equipment for this person before he appeared. We would then hand the Divine Remains Equipment to him and help him stop the seventh onslaught."

As the Immortality Saint spoke, he put out his hand, and a stream of white light gradually rose from the center of his palm. However, the white light was too piercing. Even when Fang Xingjian tried to use his martial will to scan it, he was still unable to see how deep the light was.

"This is..." Fang Xingjian frowned slightly.

The Immortality Saint sighed and said, "This is a part of the Church's strongest Divine Remains Equipment—a level 39 Divine Weapon, the White Emperor Zenith Sword.

"The White Emperor Zenith Sword is said to be forged from the bones from the hand of the God of Universal Truth. It contains the supreme powers of the world."

The Immortality Saint sighed, "Of course, at our level, we know that this is just a legend. However, even if it wasn't forged from the bones of the God of Universal Truth, it is still the number one Divine Weapon in the world, and it is a sacred item that has been passed down within our Church for 10,000 years.

"Although the previous Pope's reputation is resounding, the three of us still find it hard to honor his dying wish."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything, but he knew that what the other party said was right. How could they possibly hand over the world's number one Divine Weapon—a sacred item that had been passed down within the church for 10,000 years—just because of a few words?

In fact, the Pope should have also been aware of how things would turn out, so why would he leave such orders? Regardless, there was no way for Fang Xingjian to find out now.

However, knowing the Pope's dying wish and adding that to the information that Fang Xingjian had gotten previously, it cast a fog of confusion over the entire matter.

"Therefore, the Oceansky Saint and the Phenomenal Saint announced that you're a demonic fetus and swore to kill you," the Immortality Saint said. "However, I feel that the previous Pope is a great genius, and there must be a deeper meaning behind his actions.

"Over the past 20 years, even though we each only have one-third of the White Emperor Zenith Sword, the three of us have still improved tremendously. With this Divine Equipment in hand, it will just be a matter of time before we reach tier six of the Divine level.

"With this, regardless of whether it's me or the other two, we're even more unwilling to hand the White Emperor Zenith Sword over to you.

"The other two even have their eyes set on the other two parts of the White Emperor Zenith Sword, wanting to combine the three parts into one."

The Immortality Saint explained the entire matter and also made it clear where he and the other two Saints stood. There was an irreconcilable contradiction in this matter.

The three of them did not wish to hand over this White Emperor Zenith Sword. However, the Immortality Saint was more amiable toward Fang Xingjian, while the other two Saints were worried that the Pope might have left other measures and that Fang Xingjian would seize the White Emperor Zenith Sword. Therefore, they wanted to kill Fang Xingjian to resolve all their troubles.

Moreover, the fact that the Immortality Saint could say this also made it clear that he had the intention of joining forces with Fang Xingjian.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian looked at him and asked directly, "How do you wish to go about this?"

The Immortality Saint said, "Fang Xingjian, with your current abilities, joining forces with me will mean that you'll have a chance to go up against the Oceansky Saint and the Phenomenal Saint.

"And out of the three of us, I'm your only option to join forces with."

Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "One must express their sincerity they want to join forces."

"Haha," the Immortality Saint laughed, and a stream of information current flowed into Fang Xingjian's mind. "This is the Trice technique that is secretly passed down within the Church.

"At our level, we know that the trials of the Nine-Tiered Heavens consist of heading to other worlds.

"However, there are too many multivariate worlds, and each of them is different. There are even some that have timelines with vast differences from our own worlds. In some places, staying there for one day might mean that one month has passed in our world.

"And in some instances, we might have spent one month in that world but only one day has passed in our world. The Trice ability allows you to choose the time span when you strive for the Nine-Tiered Heavens."

Fang Xingjian's eyes seemed to light up. "So, the reason why you guys improve so quickly is that you make use of the Nine-Tiered Heavens to head to other worlds so that you have more time to commit to your cultivation." With this technique in addition to the Double Moons Projection, Fang Xingjian thought of how his subordinate Divine level experts would be able to improve tremendously. Fang Xingjian himself would also have greater chances of clearing the attain tier six of the Divine level.

The Immortality Saint said, "This is one reason. How's my sincerity?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and then released a stream of intent, sending level five of the mystical prints over.

The Immortality Saint looked at the information about the mystical prints and was in great awe of it. "Good, this is really good stuff. To think that there's someone in this world who can create something so remarkable... It's really unbelievable to be able to change one's aptitude so easily."

The Immortality Saint had been yearning to get his hands on Fang Xingjian's mystical prints for a very long time. To him, this was something that was even more precious than the Trice technique.

After all, a person's lifespan was limited and Trice would only increase the rate of one's cultivation. However, the mystical prints could increase the rate of one's cultivation while also increasing the limits of the heights one could reach. This was why it was so valuable.

In the Immortality Saint's opinion, with the mystical prints in addition to Trice, both his and Fang Xingjian's powers would get stronger at a rapid rate. They would also have greater capacities to go up against the two Saints.

The Immortality Saint nodded and said, "Since that's the case, why don't we sign this agreement."

Saying that, he tapped out in space, and a stream of white light descended, turning into a light amulet that slowly floated down in between them.

Fang Xingjian scanned it briefly with his martial will and immediately understood the information on the light amulet.

This light amulet was called the Universal Light Contract. It was created from a type of the Church of Universal Truth's divine arts. Once both parties signed the contract, they would not be able to go back on their words. In the event that someone went back on their words, the God of Universal Truth would rob them of a part of their knowledge and memory.

When one was at their level, knowledge and memories were extremely important. Once they lost a part of them... In a less serious situation, their realms would deteriorate, but in a more serious situation, their powers would be dissipated. The consequences were dire.

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked, "How do you wish for us to work together?"

The Immortality Saint laughed and said, "Before we kill the Phenomenal Saint and Oceansky Saint, the two of us mustn't make enemies of each other and not engage in hidden conflicts. How about it?

"If the day comes when you can defeat me while I have the White Emperor Zenith Sword, then I'll believe that you're really the person chosen by the Pope. I'd be willing to hand you my part of the White Emperor Zenith Sword."

This contract seemed to be very flexible, and the level of freedom was high. It was the most suitable for experts like them. After all, at their level, who would be willing to be restricted?

Moreover, the condition that the Immortality Saint set—in which he would be willing to hand over the White Emperor Zenith Sword—showed that he was extremely confident in himself and that he also harbored kind intentions toward Fang Xingjian.

"Alright." Fang Xingjian threw a glance at the Immortality Saint and said, "If you give me your part of the White Emperor Zenith Sword, I can give you the remaining five levels of the mystical prints directly."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the Immortality Saint also revealed a satisfied smile. Therefore, with a single thought, the Universal Light Contract's content changed, becoming the content that they had just agreed to.

With a slight tap, Fang Xingjian sent a hint of martial will surging out. At the next moment, the bits of martial will both of them sent out merged into one in the Universal Light Contract.

With this, the contract was completed. The Universal Light Contract turned into a myriad of light spots that dissipated in the air.

Fang Xingjian quietly sensed the changes to his martial will and found there were some additional disturbances. As long as he had the thought of wanting to kill the Immortality Saint, a strange threatening feeling would rise in his heart.

It seemed like if he were to really take action, he would lose something.

After the Immortality Saint completed the signing of this contract, he also seemed as if he had relieved himself of a heavy burden in his heart. He smiled and said, "The Phenomenal Saint and Oceansky Saint have strong backgrounds and also have over ten Guardian Kings under them. Furthermore, they have their parts of the White Emperor Zenith Sword in their hands. It will be extremely difficult to kill them even if we reach tier six of the Divine level.

"However, there's currently an opportunity that can help us in this."

Fang Xingjian's heart throbbed as he contemplated if he should share the Double Moons Projection technique with the Immortality Saint and then attempt to clear the trial to reach tier six of the Divine level together with him.

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