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Chapter 859: Less Important than a Dog

Huo Ci’s tears flowed uncontrollably. His eyes were red, and so was his face. After glaring at her, he passed the dog in his arms to her. “I’m not crying! I’m having an allergic reaction! Allergies!”

Then, he sneezed a few times in a row. His face was red, and his nose was so itchy that it felt uncomfortable. Even his throat was starting to get clogged up.

“Aren’t you allergic to fur? Why are you carrying a dog?” After Ling Sheng took the dog from him, she was shocked when she saw that the dog was covered in blood. Her hands shook, and she nearly dropped it. Thankfully, she was usually rather bold. After steadying her hands, she asked, “What happened? Isn’t this Fifth Aunt’s Lele? Are you really… dog meat hotpot?”

That was a bit too cruel!

Even upon seeing her behavior, Huo Ci did not have time to waste his breath on her. He was so evil in her heart. He endured the discomfort and growled lowly, “You’re about to die. Go to the hospital. Go to the hospital immediately.”

Ling Sheng wanted to get into the car while carrying the dog, but her father did not allow her to. He made her put it in the trunk. In the end, she could only put the injured, half-dead dog in the trunk.

Huo Ci was allergic so he could not drive, nor did he want to be near the dog. He sat in the front passenger seat while Ling Sheng drove. Xiaoqi sat alone in the backseat.

Upon hearing the story from her father, Ling Sheng was infuriated. “How can she go that far? Even if it’s just a dog, that is a life! Is she even human?”

“No!” Xiaoqi clenched his small fists angrily exactly like Ling Sheng. He puffed his cheeks out. “They’re all bad people, Mommy. They’re all big bad people!”

Huo Ci took a look at the duo and rubbed his nose, tears streaming down his face nonstop. He felt terrible, and his throat felt so itchy that he wanted to scratch it. What ever had he done? Why must he save a dog?

“Sit properly,” Ling Sheng pointed at Xiaoqi. The adults were talking. Look at how angry he was. However, Fifth Aunt really wasn’t a good person. Did she want to abandon and kill the dog just because it had gotten pregnant?

Didn’t she like this dog a lot? The last time she had seen it, the woman was hugging it and even called it her daughter.

“Mommy, they’re really bad. All bad people have to go to hell,” Xiaoqi was fuming. They were all bad people!

Ling Sheng smiled. She did not need to ask to know that he had definitely learned it from his grandpa. However, she said, “Father, you’re allergic to fur. Can’t you just find someone to carry that dog? Why did you have to carry it yourself?”

Look at how it made him suffer. He kept coughing and tearing up. It seemed quite serious.

“Ask your good son.” Huo Ci was still rubbing his nose. It was terribly itchy, and his tears kept flowing. If one did not know better, one would think he was crying miserably!

Upon seeing his appearance, Ling Sheng’s heart ached but she also wanted to laugh. It was really too funny. This was the first time she had seen him cry like this; his tears kept flowing down uncontrollably.

“Mommy, Xiaoqi was the one who asked Grandpa to save it.” Xiaoqi was a very honest child. He hurriedly clarified things for Grandpa. His small head reached forward and he asked worriedly, “Grandpa, are you really feeling unwell? You should visit the doctor for your illness later.”

Huo Ci was irritable. “That’s a hospital for sick dogs! Am I a dog?”

Xiaoqi thought seriously for a moment before shaking his head. “No.”

Ling Sheng let out a cough and gave the most reliable suggestion. “Father, we’ll find a pharmacy later and buy you some allergy medicine. We’ll take you to the hospital after the dog has been given a checkup.”

Huo Ci frowned and gritted his molar teeth as he gave her a death glare. “Am I less important than a dog?”

“Then, tell me what to do!” Ling Sheng thought to herself. This would not do. That would not do either. That dog was so seriously injured that of course, saving its life was more important!

In the end, they did as Ling Sheng had said. They first found a pharmacy to buy allergy medicine and he ate it before they went to the pet clinic.

As it was the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, many pet clinics were not open. They scoured for a few via the GPS navigation system. When they reached the fourth clinic, they really could not delay any longer. They asked the shop owners beside the hospital for a phone number and called the veterinarian over.

Huo Ci was allergic to fur, so he could not enter the pet clinic. He waited in the car.

Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi sent the dog in.

The vet did a full body checkup. The mother dog’s two front legs had been broken from the fall, and there were three broken ribs too. However, its organs were not damaged, so its life was not in danger.

Unfortunately, two of the puppies in the mother dog’s stomach had died, and according to the B-scan ultrasonography, the remaining one still had vital signs. The dog had to undergo surgery immediately to remove the stillborns.

Xiaoqi hugged Ling Sheng and looked at the operating theater nervously. “Mommy, the baby dog will not die, right?”

Ling Sheng had no idea, but when she saw her son’s sad expression, she nodded. “Yes, let’s pray for a miracle!”

The vet also said not to have high hopes. Even if the puppy did not die during the surgery, a dog that had been born half a month earlier would not survive either.

The surgery went on for two hours. When the vet came out, he looked at Ling Sheng. “The mother dog is fine, but it’s best if she’s hospitalized for a week for observation. The puppy’s breathing is very weak. We’ll try our best to watch over it.”

It was not that they had not seen a dog that had been born half a month earlier in the hospital, but not one had survived before.

“Thank you.” Upon hearing that the dog was fine, Ling Sheng finally heaved a sigh of relief. It was already the best outcome that the mother dog was fine.

The vet looked at her strangely. “Logically speaking, the dog’s stomach shouldn’t have suffered such a strong impact if it fell from the second floor. From its injury, it looks like it was kicked.”

Ling Sheng thought, Exactly. It had been kicked down from the second floor indeed. Thankfully, this little thing was lucky. “We don’t know the specific details either. We picked up downstairs.”

The pet clinic was not big. The vet was also the owner of the pet clinic, and the nurse was his girlfriend. The two of them were dog-lovers, so they had opened this pet clinic.

Both of them were young people, so they naturally recognized Ling Sheng. They were not her anti-fans, but because she had been involved in many scandals, they were quite averse to her too. They had not expected the real person to be so pretty, gentle, and kind. Indeed, seeing is believing.

When she had carried the dog in just now, her nervousness and worry could not be faked. She had also been waiting outside during the surgery the whole time. It was not even her own dog, but an injured dog she had picked up. She was really compassionate.

“Xiaoqi, this is for you to eat.” The nurse sister gave Xiaoqi a lollipop. When she saw the fair-skinned child, her heart melted. “Don’t cry anymore. The mother dog will be fine. Big Sister will definitely take good care of the baby and work hard to keep it alive, alright?”

Xiaoqi nodded with red eyes and took the lollipop. “Thank you, Sister.”

Ling Sheng was making payment.

The vet was still furious. “If the dog owner did this, he would be worse than a beast. He’s a psychopath. A dog raised by oneself is like a child. I can’t even bear to hit it once.”

“If that’s really the case, the owner is too evil. I saw that its injury was quite serious, so I didn’t dare to delay its treatment. I’ll go over later to see if I can find the dog owner.” Ling Sheng thought, She is a vicious woman who is worse than a beast indeed. She is mentally twisted and perverted. How could she subject a dog that she had raised to such cruelty?

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