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Published at 14th of January 2021 10:39:34 AM

Chapter 168

Title: Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the ‘90s
Translator: Fringe Capybara
Chapter 168 - Kidnapper (4)

She stood up, looked for a cop on the train and mentioned her suspicious to them . She also mentioned to them how she had run into them last time and how she was able to get away . The two cops were immediately alarmed .

They looked for an excuse to search through Shu Yan’s cabin and, when they came to this couple, they could see a slight panic in their eyes . They felt suspicious right away and asked the couple to let them see the child . The women refused adamantly .

“My grandson is sick and must avoid any wind . ”

“What kind of illness must avoid any wind? And where is this wind come from? You better hurry up . ” One of the cop reached over to pull down the clothes and was blocked by the man .

“We’ve already said that my grandson must avoid any wind . ”

The woman sat down on the ground and shouted . “The cops are beating people up! So what if you are cops? Cops can just search whoever they way? My poor grandson! He is sick and must avoid any wind . Are you going to be held accountable if something goes wrong when you insist on looking at him?”

Everybody looked over in this direction and those some who couldn’t see what was going on really thought the cops on the car had beat someone up .

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“What is wrong with your child? This whole time he hasn’t moved a bit . You covered him up all the way in weather like this . Even if he wasn’t sick before this would surely make him sick . Oh! I remember you now . We were on the train together last time and you even told me that you have one school-age son . So how are you able to have a grandchild?” Shu Yan stepped in when she saw that the woman was trying to muddle things up and the cops were looking helpless .

All the bystanders immediately looked differently at the woman .

“What is going on? Is she a kidnapper?”

“That is surely a possibility . Have you seen the kid cried or fuzz yet?”

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“No, it hasn’t moved since they’ve gotten on . ” The man who was sitting in front of the woman finally reacted .

The cops snatched the child from the woman and the couple, seeing that the tide had turned for them, tried to run away but were stopped by the other bystanders . A few men even bravely caught them for the cops .

The unwrapped the bundle . The child’s face was bright red and was in a deep sleep . “The child is running a high fever . We need to get him to a hospital right away . ”

“They are kidnappers . I should have hit them harder earlier,” said the man who was sitting across from the couple .

Shu Yan felt a sense of fear along with a sigh of relief . Lucky she was alert last time; otherwise, both her and her children could be in danger . And the look that the couple gave her on their way out also gave her a creepy feeling . She would not ride the train by herself again . What if they wanted to retaliate?

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A little while later, a cop went over to Shu Yan . As the one who had reported the incident, she needed to go with them to make a record of the event .

Both lifetimes combined, this was Shu Yan’s first time riding in a cop car . She looked left and right and asked the cop next to her softly, “Is the child alright?”

He looked like a cooked shrimp that was so hot that he could start steaming earlier . That and they had given him sleeping pills . She wondered if that would cause any permanent damage .

He looked to be about the same age as JingJing . Shu Yan could only imagine how worried his parents were .

“The doctor on the train had already given him some fever suppressant and the child has been taken to the hospital as soon as the train had pulled into the station . I don’t have any information beyond that . I will update you later . ” The cop knew that Shu Yan was the one who reported the incident so he was particularly nice to her .

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