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818 Old friends

Su Kuo took a look and felt better.

Su Kuo took Bai Hongmei’s corpse to the government office. After confirming it, he received the silver. Su Kuo asked the constable, “How will the corpse be dealt with?”

The constable replied calmly, “Bury them in the mass grave.”

Su Kuo looked at the silver and said, “Can I bury her?”

The constable looked at Su Kuo and replied seriously, “It’s really rare for Young Master to be so kind. If Young Master is willing, you can.”

Su Kuo took out Bai Hongmei’s corpse.

He looked at Su Xiaolu, who was silent, and asked softly, “Sister, are you angry?”

Would his sister think that he was too nosy?

Su Xiaolu smiled and shook her head. “How can that be? Little Kuo is doing a good deed.”

The next day, Su Kuo bought two coffins and chose a plot of land to bury Bai Hongmei and her son separately. The mother and son’s graves were buried in different coffins. It could be considered fulfilling Bai Hongmei’s wish.

Although Bai Hongmei had the intention to harm others, she wanted to give birth to the child for real at that time. That was why people fell for it.

After Su Kuo was done, he was suddenly stunned. Then, he asked in confusion, “Sister, if doing something casually can benefit you, will you still do it in the future?”

Su Xiaolu nodded and replied affirmatively, “Yes.”

Su Kuo’s smile deepened. He said happily to Su Xiaolu, “Sister, I should have helped Bai Hongmei. Just now, a little power entered my body from her grave. This power is very rare. Although it’s not much, it’s very comfortable. Then I have to do good deeds in the future.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Su Kuo’s happy expression and nodded with a smile.

After settling Bai Hongmei down, the two of them returned to the inn. Su Kuo volunteered to go out and gather information.

Since Su Kuo was so enthusiastic, Su Xiaolu naturally agreed. She stayed at the inn to rest.

In the past, Su Kuo was unwilling to become a human, but recently, he had become more and more interested in being a human. It could be seen that he was studying and practicing diligently.

Su Xiaolu lay down on the bed. She entered the Space. There had been no new herbs in the Space for more than ten years. The herbs planted previously were all full of vitality.

Su Xiaolu came to the spiritual spring water. A green carp surfaced and swam to her hand, pecking her finger.

Su Xiaolu found it interesting. She reached out and grabbed the carp. The carp did not struggle at all.

After leaving the water, Su Xiaolu looked at the carp. She felt that the carp seemed to have some intelligence and did not struggle.

This had also been raised for more than ten years.

Perhaps soaking in the spiritual spring water every day really gave it spiritual energy.

At first, she wanted to eat it, but later, she forgot about it. Now that the carp were no longer an ordinary carp, Su Xiaolu would not eat it.

Su Xiaolu put the fish back into the water.

The carp swam in the water and pecked gently around her hand, as if it was playing with her.

Su Xiaolu touched the carp and whispered, “Since you have spirituality, cherish it well. I wonder when you can transform. As long as I’m around, this will be your home.”

The carp seemed to understand. It jumped out of the water briskly and landed again. It did this repeatedly, as if it was letting Su Xiaolu admire it.

Su Xiaolu left the Space after watching for a while.

She yawned and closed her eyes to rest.

At night, Su Kuo returned.

He was very happy and proud. After sitting down, he poured himself a cup of tea. After drinking a cup, he said, “Sister, I’ve heard that the magistrate of Furongzhou is called Liu Zijin. The people say that he’s a good official. Furongzhou has been under his rule for more than ten years. The people live in peace. This Lord Liu has built many roads and dams. The people praise him when they talk about him. Moreover, this Liu Zijin has superpowers.”

“Then let’s go quickly. We can still make it in time for dinner.”

Su Xiaolu said to Su Kuo.

Su Kuo was a little surprised. “Sister know him?”

Su Xiaolu nodded. “Yes, he’s an old friend. Brother Liu and my brother are best friends. They were classmates and have known each other since they were in school.”

Now, they had been friends for almost twenty years.

Time really passed quickly. Who would have thought that ten years had passed while she was in the foreign land?

It was easy to find out about Liu Zijin’s residence. Su Kuo had already found out and the two of them arrived quickly.

After getting the manservant to report, she and Su Kuo waited outside.

Not long after, Liu Zijin’s family arrived.

Looking at Liu Zijin, Su Xiaolu almost didn’t recognize him. Liu Zijin, who was in his thirties, had a beard and wore a green robe. He looked very wise and calm.

She could still recognize Wang Huilan, her tied-up hair was very upright.

There was a young man beside Wang Huilan. He looked handsome and calm.

Behind her were two children, a boy and a girl, both following her obediently.

“Xiao, Xiaolu?”

Liu Zijin didn’t dare to admit it. Su Xiaolu had been missing for ten years without a trace. If Little Niu hadn’t firmly believed that she was still alive, everyone would have thought that she was dead.

Because Su Xiaolu was missing, Little Niu returned to the capital every year to read Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao’s fortune. Little Niu had also said that Su Xiaolu’s location in Mobei was fixed.

However, Su Chong and Su Hua had personally gone to look for Mobei. The Wisdom King, Zhou Zhi, had also gone there personally. In the end, they all returned without success.

That place was so hot that normal people could not stand it at all. They were all superpowered people. They must have returned because they really could not take it anymore.

To be honest, after so many years, Liu Zijin had thought that Su Xiaolu was really gone.

But now, Su Xiaolu had returned alive. Her facial features had changed a lot, but one could still recognise her from her eyes.

“Brother Liu, Sister-in-law, hello. Have you eaten?”

Su Xiaolu greeted them with a smile.

Wang Huilan’s eyes warmed. “Xiaolu, where have you been for so many years? Your parents are worried sick. Everyone is looking for you.”

After Wang Huilan finished speaking, she nudged the child and said, “Quick, greet your Aunt.”

“Xiaolu, this is Yunnan, Yunzhi, and Yunyue. Yunyue is the youngest.”

Wang Huilan introduced her three children to Su Xiaolu. Liu Zijin called Su Chong his brother, and Su Xiaolu called them brother and sister-in-law. It was right for her children to call Su Xiaolu aunt.

“Hello, Auntie.”

The three children spoke in unison.

Su Xiaolu went forward and pinched Wang Yunyue’s face with a smile. She reached out and touched Wang Yunan and Wang Yunzhi’s hair. “Hello.”

“Let’s go in first.”

Liu Zijin smiled gently and looked at the young man beside Su Xiaolu.

Su Kuo smiled generously.

Su Xiaolu knew that they were curious. She introduced Su Kuo. “He’s Su Kuo, my sworn brother.”

Liu Zijin smiled at Su Kuo. “Little Kuo, don’t stand on ceremony when you’re here. Make yourself at home.”

Su Kuo revealed his canine teeth and smiled. “Thank you, Brother Liu and Sister-in-law. I won’t stand on ceremony. I’m the same as my sister.”

Liu Zijin nodded when he saw how neat and generous he was. He had been in the bureaucracy for so many years and had seen a lot. It was not surprising for women to date younger men. Moreover, the world was different now. At first, he thought that Su Kuo and Su Xiaolu liked each other, but after Su Xiaolu’s introduction, this thought disappeared.

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