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525 Look at Sister

Zhou Zhi said to Zhou Heng, “Brother, I want to go to your palace for a while. Will you welcome me?”

Zhou Heng smiled. “Of course.”

Su Xiaoling held Su Xiaolu’s hand and reminded her helplessly, “Xiaolu, you can’t do this next time, understand? I’m doing very well in the palace. Don’t worry about me.”

Su Xiaoling knew that Su Xiaolu took the risk to visit her because she was worried about her.

However, sneaking into the palace was not a small matter. What if she was discovered and treated as an assassin?

After entering the palace, Su Xiaoling also experienced some things. She knew that the palace was not that simple, nor was it as calm as it looked on the surface. There were too many dangers hidden in the dark. She did not want Su Xiaolu to be in danger at all.

Su Xiaolu nodded. “It won’t happen again.”

She was relieved to see that Su Xiaoling was fine.

After returning to the palace, Su Xiaoling dismissed the maidservants, leaving Dou Fu and Hui Xiang guarding outside the hall.

The two sisters talked a lot. When Dou Fu knocked on the door to remind her, Su Xiaoling held Su Xiaolu’s hand and sent her out.

“Goodbye, sis.”

Su Xiaolu hugged Su Xiaoling and left with Zhou Zhi.

Su Xiaoling watched them leave, her thoughts running wild.

Zhou Heng gently hugged Su Xiaoling’s shoulder and said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring you out of the palace as soon as possible.”

Only when they left the palace would there be no complicated palace rules restricting Su Xiaoling from traveling. At that time, she could go home whenever she wanted.

Su Xiaoling nodded. “I’m fine. Take it slow. There’s no hurry, Brother Heng. I don’t want you to be too tired.”

“With Xiaolu’s personality, I really don’t know what kind of man can walk side by side with her in the future.”

Zhou Heng smiled and sighed softly.

“I’m also looking forward to it. Xiaolu likes people who are skilled in martial arts. Perhaps she will meet them when she leaves home and enter the martial arts world in the future.”

Su Xiaoling leaned on Zhou Heng’s shoulder and chuckled.

“Does she like strong men?”

Zhou Heng looked thoughtful. If Xiaolu liked men with strong martial arts skills, wouldn’t Ah Zhi…

Zhou Zhi hid his thoughts very well, but when he looked at Su Xiaolu, the love in his eyes could not be deceived, even if he only revealed it for a moment.

“That’s right. I asked her before, and that’s what she said. Thinking about Uncle-Master Gui You’s elegance and how Master has always asked Xiaolu to go out and train more, I think what she said is true. She likes to liven up so much, and she can’t stay idle. In the future, it won’t do for that kind of person without martial arts and liveliness.”

Su Xiaoling said with a smile. Speaking of Su Xiaolu, she couldn’t help but smile.

Her sister would definitely get what she wanted and live happily in the future.

Zhou Heng sighed in his heart.

His heart ached slightly. Zhou Zhi did not have anything that Su Xiaolu liked.

This regret of not being able to love would accompany Zhou Zhi for the rest of his life. Zhou Zhi still did not know this outcome. As his elder brother, Zhou Heng felt very sad.

“Thank you.”

After leaving the palace, Su Xiaolu thanked Zhou Zhi. If not for Zhou Zhi, she would not have had the chance to stay with Su Xiaoling for so long.

Zhou Zhi smiled and said gently, “No need to thank me. I owe you much more than this.”

“Did you sneak into the palace because you’re not used to it?”

Zhou Zhi asked softly. He knew that Su Xiaolu had been taken care of by Su Xiaoling since she was young. He also knew that the sisters had been sleeping together for so many years. Their relationship was too deep.

Su Xiaolu was the least used to Su Xiaoling getting married.

Su Xiaolu nodded. She was indeed not used to it. After so many nights, she often could not sleep.

“I’m afraid that my sister isn’t doing well, but there are many rules in the palace, so I can only secretly come and take a look.”

Su Xiaolu expressed her worries. She glanced at Zhou Zhi and smiled. “Thank you for today. I’ll go home first.”

Su Xiaolu took a few steps and stopped. She turned around and raised her hand with a smile. “Happy New Year.”

Zhou Zhi also smiled. “Xiaolu, Happy New Year.”

Watching Su Xiaolu leave, the smile in Zhou Zhi’s eyes lingered for a long time.

He looked up at the sky. Something cold landed on his face. He raised his hand to catch it. It was snowing.

Large snowflakes fell and Zhou Zhi’s lips curled up slightly.

This year was really good.

Su Xiaolu walked on the lively street, bought some snacks, and slowly walked home.

Because it was snowing, everyone was very happy. They were all saying ‘auspicious snow is a sign of prosperity’.

Su Xiaolu thought that next year must be a good year because the spiritual energy in the air was more abundant.

With abundant spiritual energy, the crops in the fields would definitely grow well.

She had already decided that after Su Hua’s wedding, she would leave the capital and make a trip to Qinghai.

Ever since the white fish appeared, she had thought of countless possibilities, but they were gradually overturned.

The changes in the world might not be as intense as she thought. This change might just be a change in the long-term. It might take many years for people to come to a realization.

However, they still needed time to prove it.

On the first day of the new year, Sun Baoqian and Su Hua returned to the Sun residence.

Madam Zhao sighed softly. If Su Xiaoling had married into an ordinary family, she would have returned to her maiden home today.

After the new year, the days returned to normal.

On the 15th of January, Su Xiaolu received a letter from Old Wu.

She couldn’t wait to open it and see if Old Wu would bring her any new information.

The old man told her about the vortex in the letter.

This was what the letter said:

Little girl, your Master Gui You and I went out to sea to see what the background of the white fish was. However, there were soldiers guarding that area of the sea. They were stingy and did not allow anyone to approach. Hehe, this is not a problem for your smart Master. The problem was solved with two packets of drugs.

Master had become their savior instantly. It was naturally fine for their benefactor to want to see the sea, but we were not allowed to touch the fish. It was fine. Master just wanted to see the origin of this thing. Actually, there was nothing to see. It was just a huge whirlpool.

Master doesn’t know how to swim. Master Gui You dived down to take a look. He said that there were many fish, and there was also a huge vortex at the bottom of the sea. Other than that, there was nothing special. However, Master Gui You observed many times and said that the vortex was gradually shrinking. That white fish… was extremely numerous.

The white fish seemed to have come out of the vortex, but he couldn’t see what was in the vortex.

Girl, if you are interested, you can come to Qinghai to take a look on your own. Master still has to stay here for half a year this year to see if there are any other changes to the white fish. You could continue to think about this. That’s all.

After Su Xiaolu finished reading the letter, she closed the letter and put it away. She was about to reply to Old Wu, but she did not move after picking up the pen. She watched as the ink fell onto the paper. She put it away again and decided not to write. She would go personally when the time came.

On the 20th of January, Zhou Zhi sent a letter saying that he had left the capital.

On the 24th of January, Su Chong’s position was also handed down. He was an eighth grade Xuanjie Lieutenant and currently had an idle position. He would be dispatched to wherever he was needed.

The second day of February was Su Chong’s wedding.

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