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Chapter 999

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Diwu Qingyun felt a turmoil of emotions in him .

From the beginning, he knew that he could never be able to retaliate with his own capability . The opponent was a Sovereign of swords, and he had only two Monarch-level subjects .

And, it's conceivable that the Zhuge clan would absolutely not want to offend Han Xiaoran, one of the nine law-enforcement masters, for the sake of Diwu Qingyun .

Han Xiaoran's cultivation might not be considered high, but standing behind him were law-enforcement officers and the Dharma Supreme! He's always a great expert whose capability couldn't be fathomed easily .

So, Diwu Qingyun could only plead for help from Diwu Qingrou .

Everyone knew that although Diwu Qingrou had no defined position in the Diwu clan, he's the most important member of the clan . Even the few elders of the Diwu clan acquiesced the dominant position of Diwu Qingrou in the clan .

And, Diwu Qingyun had always felt that Diwu Qingrou was approachable . Besides, Diwu Qingrou had also helped him a few times…

Never did Diwu Qingyun expect himself to be betrayed so miserably!

The outcome was actually like this .

Of course, he didn't entirely believe in what Chu Yang had said . But when Chu Yang clearly quoted 'Diwu Qingrou', Diwu Qingyun genuinely felt dizzy and despair!

Because Diwu Qingrou didn't talk about this plan of his to anyone .

Including his own cronies and his wife .

Only he himself knew it .

Now, Chu Yang also knew it . Then, if it's not Diwu Qingrou who told him, who else did it?

"Please tell Sir Qingrou that I've understood his message to me and I've done accordingly," Chu Yang said smilingly, "And do help me invite him to come over for a talk and toast if he has the time . "

"Sir Diwu, thank you for your meal . But let's go out to eat it . "

"I hope that those ingredients that aren't supposed to be in food won't be in for the next meal . I'm afraid that Law-Enforcement Master Han will be very unhappy if he comes and sees this . "

Diwu Qingyun walked out almost giddily . He didn't recover his stupor even after walking out for a long distance .

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He only realized that there's something in his hand after walking out of the gate and making a turn . That box of the meal was actually handed back to him by Chu Yang without him realizing it .

He roared angrily and kicked it away .

Then, clasping his hands behind his back, he angrily headed towards where Diwu Qingrou was living .

Chu Yang winked relaxedly at Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing tried not to laugh and said, "It's this simple?"

Chu Yang spread out his hands . "Yeah, this simple . "

Zi Xieqing said, "Originally, I thought there's no other way to resolve Diwu Qingrou's calculation . In any case, you could only do according to what he had wanted you to do . I didn't expect that you actually used the simplest way to get rid of his calculations . "

Chu Yang replied, "Actually, in this world, no matter how complicated things are, they're very simple matters . They can all be done with the simplest methods . But before you realize that there's a simple method, you have to continuously go around in circles . You'll even get lost in it . "

He continued with some contemplation, "The most powerful people also deal with things with the simplest method! That is… being frank! But being frank doesn't mean that one doesn't have wits… And it absolutely has no equivalence to stupidity!"

Zi Xieqing muttered, "The most powerful people are frank people…" She repeated saying this thrice and suddenly smiled . "But, the frankness of one after he has exhausted all his efforts and seen through the world, isn't the same as the frankness of a person who's ignorant . "

"No! It's the same," Chu Yang said, "People often say 'ignorance is bliss' . The same argument applies here . It's only that the former won't suffer from losses, but the latter will face a greater danger of suffering from losses…"

Zi Xieqing nodded silently .

"Let's go out to eat, and we shall see how much heavenly secrets there are in this famous Tianji City, and how many people can see through these heavenly secrets!"

Chu Yang waved his hands and Chu Le'er cheered, "Let's go play…"

The trio laughed and walked out .

As they walked, Zi Xieqing said, "I can't fathom the cultivations of those from the Zhuge clan here . Looks like it's really because they've cultivated using their secret technique . But it's nothing surprising about this technique that can conceal people's aura . I know a number of other techniques that can do the same thing . "

Chu Yang laughed and said, "But it's also good this way . At least we can find the most suitable person to be our fortune-teller . "

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But he thought: Isn't this Strength-Concealing Technique similar to my Thousand Phantom Technique? But… as compared to my Thousand Phantom Technique, the Zhuge clan's Strength-Concealing Technique seems to be weaker . At the very least, it can't imitate the fluctuations of cultivations… I don't know why .

But the Zhuge clan's fortune-telling using divination is famous in the world . I must have a look at it…

Diwu Qingrou was solemnly sitting in the yard with his legs crossed . There were nine purple crystals around him, each occupying a position . If you looked closely, you would realize that each of these nine purple crystals was shaped like a heart . All of them were actually rare Purple Crystal Jade Cores!

Diwu Qingrou was holding onto seven copper coins . Each of them was round and smooth, showing that they had already been played for a very long time .

As he sat solemnly, a mysterious aura cast out of his body . It split into nine rays, with each of them shooting accurately into each of the nine purple crystals .

The whole earth seemed to light up . On the ground where the nine purple crystals were, there seemed to be a flowing, indistinct glow, which gradually formed a large circle .

Diwu Qingrou was sitting right in the middle of this circle .

"I actually have to count fortune when the heavenly secrets are in a big mess… Nine-Hearts Heaven Observation! Nine-Hearts Heaven Observation… How exactly is the fortune of the Diwu clan…" Diwu Qingrou muttered to himself mockingly as he looked unblinkingly at a Purple Crystal Jade Core in front of him .

After a long time, a faint 'whoo' sound was heard . Right after which, there suddenly appeared a faint rainbow above the nine Purple Crystal Jade Core . It was that glow on the earth that had risen up . After pausing for a moment in the air, it slowly rose up…

The color of the rainbow slowly turned pale as it rose hundreds of feet up into the air .

Gradually, seven star-like substances started glowing above Diwu Qingrou's head, and they quietly started arranging themselves to form the shape of the Big Dipper .

Diwu Qingrou breathed deeply as he slowly separated both of his hands which were originally clasped together .

The copper coins in his hands slowly floated up, and they arranged quietly in the air above his two palms . Wait till his hands were completely spread out, the seven copper coins were quietly floating before his chest .

They arranged into the shape of a Big Dipper one feet in front of his chest, and suspended in the air quietly, seemingly forming a reflection of the seven glowing light in the sky formed by the Nine-Hearts Heaven Observation .

After a moment, the substances in the sky started twinkling in order .

The seven copper coins before Diwu Qingrou's chest also started to flash accordingly, with the same sequence as that of those substances in the sky .

The cycle repeated for 99 times .

The starlight in the sky dimmed, but the coins started to roll in their original position .

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In a mysterious manner .

A mysterious ancient force seemed to have passed down from heaven . It's filled with a terrifying sense of oppressiveness .

Diwu Qingrou's forehead was already sweating . He could feel that his soul seemed to be attracted to this mysterious force .

Diwu Qingrou started to move his ten fingers in sequence .

The seven copper coins also started to roll differently .

Then, Diwu Qingrou moved his fingers in the opposite sequence . After the cycle repeated for 99 times, the light in the sky disappeared . The copper coins dropped down from the sky, and the Purple Crystal Jade Cores restored to their original state . It's time when the heavenly secrets were going to be exposed .

Diwu Qingrou calculated carefully . He had completely concentrated all his mind into doing this .

First time…

Second time…

Third time…

45th times…

78th times

93rd time…

95th time…

He's going to succeed soon .

Diwu Qingrou was overjoyed . He really didn't expect that the process was so smooth this time around . So, he tried to put in greater concentration . His forehead became so hot that his sweat turned into steam…

98th time… The fate of the Diwu clan was going to be revealed in front of his eyes .

The starlight in the sky was already beginning to turn dim, but it's definitely not too late!

99th time…

The two Diwu clan experts who were guarding him also involuntarily held their breath as they looked at this magical moment . They felt that their hearts had almost stopped beating…

Because they were witnessing the Nine-Hearts Heaven Observation!

They didn't expect themselves to be so lucky that they could witness this most powerful secret technique since historical times…

At this moment—


A bang sounded at the gate . It sounded deafening amidst the silence . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The whole gate was kicked into pieces!

Instantly, an extremely angry voice passed into the room . "Diwu Qingrou! You bastard! I've been treating you like a brother, yet you actually betrayed me like this!"

Following which, Diwu Qingyun rushed in furiously, scolding as he ran in, "F**k you! F**k you! You've betrayed me well! You've betrayed me well!"

Diwu Qingrou was at the most critical moment . Such a sudden disturbance felt like hundreds of hammers slamming down his chest at the same time .

The starlight in the sky suddenly vanished, and the few Purple Crystal Jade Cores on the ground all smashed into powder with a few crackling sounds .

The seven copper coins fell onto the ground like dead fishes…

"Wah!" Diwu Qingrou opened his mouth, and a stream of blood shot out his mouth like an arrow . Then he started spurting out blood, continuously…

In a moment, the ground was covered with blood .

How would the backlash caused by a disturbance at the most critical moment of calculating heavenly secrets be easy to bear with?

Diwu Qingrou's face turned pale yellow . He turned around slowly and with some difficulty, and fixed his eyes deadly at Diwu Qingyun, who was rushing towards him!

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