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Chapter 996

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Chu Yang wasn't concerned about the battle at all and didn't look back . He said lightly, "'You don't know' means… If there's such a situation in the future, you'll still stand by your clan's side and fight irrationally? Give up your own belief for the face of the Ling clan?"

Ling Hanwu smiled bitterly and said, "You just want to force me to make a choice and say an answer?"

Chu Yang nodded .

Ling Hanwu took in a deep breath and said, "I was born in the clan and the clan nurtured me to an adult . If the clan is right, I'll naturally fight for my clan! But if the clan is wrong… wrong…"

Ling Hanwu said word for word, "I'll ask for forgiveness from our enemies and seek for the hatred between us to be resolved . If it's not possible, I'll leave… leave far away from my clan . "

He lowered his head gloomily . "For this, I've already left my clan once . "

"But you've still come back in the end!" Chu Yang said lightly .

"So, you've sworn to kill all the fops in the world and those people who force women, but when there's such a person in your clan, you don't kill him . "

"You want to kill him, but you won't do it yourself . So you do so through other people's hands . By making us kill him . "

"But there's a contradiction after we've killed him . It's the present circumstance! And when there's such a case, you propose to let them have a battle! Use battle to resolve our grudges!"

Chu Yang commented with precision, "So, you're a just person, but you've no bottom lines in your heart . I can only say that you're a righteous opportunist!"

Righteous opportunist!

This sentence sounded very ridiculous, but Ling Hanwu's heart jerked upon listening to it . He muttered, "No matter what, an opportunist is an opportunist . "

Chu Yang snorted and said, "This is why Ye Chuchen doesn't like you, but she likes my teacher . Because you're far worse than my teacher in this area . No matter what blows my teacher encounters, he'll never change! But you're changing constantly! Although your infatuated heart hasn't changed… your stance has changed countless times!"

Ling Hanwu's face turned bitter . He muttered, "Do you know, I've given up that year just because I'm not as good as your teacher in this area…"

"So you're much more pathetic than my teacher!" Chu Yang said pitifully .

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Ling Hanwu let out a long sigh .

"You don't seem to be worried at all about this battle," Ling Hanwu said .

"There's no use in being worried about it!" Chu Yang laughed and said, "I would have been worried at the start if I was worried about Miss Zi . " There's some restriction in his words .

He didn't speak of Zi Xieqing's true capability .

Now, Chu Yang didn't even dare to believe this infatuated and pathetic Ling Hanwu anymore .

Throw your hands up!

Ling Hanwu… is after all from the Ling clan .

Actually, Chu Yang wanted to say: What's there to be worried about? I only need to worry if this big miss would slaughter the entire Ling clan out of rage!

In the field, Zi Xieqing's white clothes fluttered generously and beautifully in the air, making her seem like a fairy dancing on the ripples .

Three Supreme Martial Artists from the Ling clan jointly and quietly attacked her!

Zi Xieqing had sealed the battlefield, preventing any forces from going out of it .

The Supreme Martial Artists were punching and kicking heavily on the battlefield, but others close to them wouldn't hear them at all .

Zi Xieqing could originally resolve the trio very easily .

But she dragged the battle on .

Because, in this intense battle, under the strong pressure put by Zi Xieqing, one of the Supreme Martial Artist from the Ling clan actually entered the Tao state!

And, the energy of Tao state of a Supreme Martial Artist was much purer than that of Chu Yang's . Because such a Tao state was truly stimulated under life and death circumstances!

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How could Zi Xieqing let go of this opportunity?

Her hands started to make continuous, mysterious gestures to absorb all the energy of the Tao state! She even didn't leave a bit of the energy for this Supreme Martial Artist to gain any epiphany!

In other words: Although this Supreme Martial Artist might know that he had entered the Tao state after the battle, he wouldn't gain any benefits at all!

The battle persisted . Zi Xieqing wasn't in a hurry at all, but the other two Supreme Martial Artists from the Ling clan were anxious . They launched forth a powerful attack at the same time . When they moved, the Supreme Martial Artist who was in the Tao state also suddenly woke up .

They took their shots together .

Zi Xieqing was raged!

I just managed to collect some Tao state energy, but you disturbed me! Furious, she instantly flashed to become a white figure, sweeping through them like a bolt of lightning .

Bang bang bang . The three Supreme Martial Artists staggered backward .

They retreated step by step, and each of them continuously stepped more than 90 steps backward . Their faces turned pale and together, each of them squirted out a mouthful of blood .

Zi Xieqing's two white sleeves waved towards the sky .

She threw away all the energy that she had gained from the battle at one go, as if she was throwing out a bomb . With an explosion sound in the air, there suddenly appeared a black hole high up in the sky, which instantly vanished .

Zi Xieqing, standing with her hands clasped behind her back, said gently, "Don't ask me for any explanation, and don't argue with me on what's right and what's wrong! Otherwise, I'll go look for your entire clan, and we shall have a good discussion about this . And I'll let your clan know what an explanation is!"

The three Supreme Martial Artists felt their hearts turned cold . They didn't dare to walk even a step further .

The three felt at the same time that with her capability, it's a piece of cake for her to kill them all!

"In front of me, there's no justice you can get," Zi Xieqing said lightly, "This time around, on Chu Yang's behalf, I'm returning what his teacher owes to your clan . So I won't be killing all of you this time . If that high priest isn't satisfied and wants any justice, I'll wait here . Let him come to me!"

Chu Le'er's heart shook as she watched from aside . With her eyes lit up, she almost wanted to give an applause to Zi Xieqing! She's so mighty, so overbearing!

Women should just be like this!

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After experiencing such a matter, both parties naturally couldn't travel together further . Chu Yang and Ling Hanwu smiled to each other bitterly, and parted . Of course, everyone was heading for the same place, except that one party was traveling ahead of the other .

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing were walking ahead, while Ling Hanwu and the rest were behind .

Such an atmosphere was an awkward one .

Luckily, there were more and more people along the way . At the last crossroad, people and horses were arriving continuously .

There's a straight road right in front! It's thousands of feet wide, and there's a huge city at the far end of it!

Hundreds of men dressed in green were standing neatly at the crossroad .

Once there came a doctor and his identity was verified, one of those in green would be arranged to lead them into their designated rest place in the city .

Everything was going on in an orderly manner .

Doctors swarmed into the crossroad, but it didn't seem crowded at all there . This was because after those men in green had led the doctors over into the city, they would immediately get back to the crossroads .

When Chu Yang arrived, a man who's in his forties greeted up . "This young master, have you come to participate in the Medicine Banquet?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Yes . "

The man in green said courteously, "May I ask your surname? Please show your identity card too . "

"My surname is Chu," Chu Yang replied . Then he reached out for the jade token which Han Xiaoran had prepared for him to prove his qualification as a doctor .

That person took it over . Upon looking at it, he immediately turned to look more respectable . "It turns out that you're the chief doctor of the south-east Law Enforcement Hall . "

As he said, he carefully glanced at Chu Yang, then waved his hands to beckon over another macho in green and said, "You shall send Young Master Chu over to the Orchard Palace . "

That macho responded, "Yes . "

Then he stood next to Chu Yang and said respectfully, "Young Master Chu, please come with me . "

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Thank you . "

Then he followed behind the macho .

But Chu Yang had some doubts in his mind . He thought: I clearly heard from afar that the other doctors are arranged in some inns, restaurants or residences…

But I'm arranged in the… Orchard Palace?

Before this, there seems to be no one arranged in 'palaces'?

Does it mean that doctors of law-enforcement officers are given exclusive treatments?

Chu Yang suddenly stopped after walking for dozens of miles!

In front of him was a big city, and three big words at the head of the city wall appeared before his eyes .

"Tianji City!" Chu Yang stared at these three words and couldn't help but think about Mo Tianji . He thought: If Mo Tianji was the city lord of this city, this city would really deserve to be called by this name…

"Young Master Chu, the Tianji City belongs to our Zhuge clan, and it's renowned in the world . I believe that you'll never be disappointed after you live here," that macho in green said .

"Well, what a grand name," Chu Yang praised, "The Zhuge clan is indeed an elite clan . Even the name that they chose also contains the word for visiting .

In the elixir field, the sword spirit, who had long been quiet as he retreated to recover his divine spirit, suddenly appeared and said, "Where's this place? Why does it feel so familiar?"

"This is the Tianji City," Chu Yang said in his consciousness . Zi Xieqing took a light glance at him and didn't speak .

"I see, it's here," the sword spirit obviously started to become excited and said, "There's a sword handle here . As long as you absorb it, I can use it to help you gather the cold energy of the Seven Shades, Dagger of the Evil dragon and the Mysterious Yin Spring Water together, and transform them to a unique energy . Afterward, you can also absorb the essence of the Poisonous Dragon . "

Chu Yang was delighted . "Really?!"

…'Tianji' means 'heavenly secrets' in Chinese

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