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Chapter 995

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Ling Hanwu looked at Chu Yang walking out, with praise and grimness in his eyes .

This teenager was definitely not simple . At the start, Ling Hanwu had led Chu Yang in because Chu Yang was the disciple of his old friend and the descendant of his own love rival .

So, Ling Hanwu wanted to see what this teenager was like . Secondly, Ling Hanwu really liked this teenager's actions . Especially his use of beauty to capture and kill fops was even more satisfying!

Don't you like beauty? I'll let you die for the beauty!

This was undoubtedly the best way to kill ladykillers!

But only upon interactions with this teenager did Ling Hanwu realize how terrifying this teenager was, and it was far above his own estimation . Only till today, Ling Hanwu realized that he had underestimated Chu Yang by so much!

Such a terrible person!

He was silent for a long time before he said, "Shuang'er, you like that woman?"

That teenager lowered his head and didn't speak .

Ling Hanwu said, "So you want to kill Chu Yang?"

That teenager still didn't speak .

Ling Hanwu ignored him and continued, "And, you've already made some arrangements? And you're going to start actions?"

That teenager slightly raised his head and said nothing .

Ling Hanwu said softly, "I shan't interfere or stop you . Young people always have to endure some hardships first, even if these hardships will take your own life! You can do whatever you want, and I shall see whose life is better . "

"The Ling clan has nothing to do with you . "

Ling Hanwu stood up and walked towards his room .

A Supreme Martial Artist considered for a short while and followed him . "Second master, aren't you sending our young master to death? The other party is unfathomable and has already prepared against us . And today, they've shown a warning to us that once our young master lays hands on them, they'll certainly not be merciful . "

Ling Hanwu said coldly, "You're right . The other party has already sent out their warning, and this warning is equivalent to giving us some face . Otherwise, they can directly take actions on us! To him, not killing us is sufficient to make up for the debt of gratitude his teacher has for me . So, after this warning, if Shuang'er still takes actions on them, he'll definitely die!"

"As what Chu Yang has said, even if those lechers who cast covetous eyes on beauties and want to rob them and kill their husbands are dead, these lechers have nothing to blame! I just loathe that I can't kill him personally . It couldn't be better that he seeks death by himself!"

Ling Hanwu finished saying these words coldly, then turned and walked back to his own room .

He only left these few words, "Anyone who wants to help him and dies from doing so will have nothing to do with the Ling clan! Even if the high priest comes to blame, then he can only blame me . If anyone wants to retaliate for this matter, he shall step over my corpse first!"

This Supreme Martial Artist was silent .

He sighed and muttered, "Young people are just impetuous . How can young master not be tempted? Although he has gone too far by wanting to kill Chu Yang, second master, your temper also needs to change a bit… Do you also treat your own family members like how you treat those lechers outside?"

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Vapor was evaporating out of Chu Yang as he walked into the room . In a moment's time, his clothes was already clean and fresh . He sat down lightly near the table and said, "You want to take actions on them personally?"

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "That fellow is the adopted grandson of the high priest… He actually wants to use medicine to capture Le'er and threaten you, then send for people to sneak on you, eliminate you, and get hold of me! This strategy is really vicious . I didn't expect this guy to be so vicious . He was so quiet all along . "

That fellow was called Du Hanshuang, and was now the adopted grandson of Du Mochou, the high priest . He had come to the Medicine Banquet this time around purely to gain some experiences .

Du Mochou didn't get married his whole life for the sake of practicing martial arts . When he turned old, he felt he needed someone to inherit his position, so he adopted a grandson and changed his surname to 'Du' .

Actually, there's quite a number of people in the various big clans who did similar things .

Zi Xieqing's beauty had hit Du Hanshuang's fancy, and for these few days, his soul was even more captivated by her and he hesitated for several days . Finally, he decided to take action . He convened his confidant in his room and began to set up a plot

But how strong was Zi Xieqing's cultivation? Even if Zi Xieqing was dozens of miles away, she could also hear his conspiracies clearly, let alone Du Hanshuang was just under her very nose? Although there was a Saint level shield over him, it's equivalent to none for Zi Xieqing!

Chu Yang smiled interestingly . "I see . Ling Hanwu should feel very remorseful now! He hates fops the most, but there's one such person among the people he has brought . "

And his eyes cast death . "He actually is plotting against Le'er . "

"You don't need to care about this . " Zi Xieqing smiled, saying, "So, you shall sleep tonight . It's not suitable for you to fight back if they take actions . "

Du Hanshuang considered for a long time and finally decided to take action .

There were already several people who had reminded him that the woman might not be that simple to be dealt with . But, no matter how powerful she is, she's so young . How powerful can she be?

Not getting wet in the rain… Even Martial Kings can do this; Isn't it funny to use this to show off how strong she is?!

Besides, if I can't own this unparalleled beauty for this life, won't my life be a waste?

Du Hanshuang felt his heart burning more fiercely as he thought about it . Finally, he couldn't endure his desire .

That night, Chu Yang had a great sleep and didn't care about anything . There's someone who would defend him even if the sky fell, and so he had nothing to worry about .

Early morning the next day .

Nobody realized anything unusual when they got up .

When the Ling clan's troop gathered outside and for their departure, they realized that five of them were missing .

Chu Yang, Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er walked at the front, as if nothing had happened to them . Among them, only Chu Le'er was perfectly composed, because she didn't know anything .

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But Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing had a clear idea of what's going to happen next .

Ling Hanwu frowned and shouted, "Go find them!"

Du Hanshuang, three Martial Saints and a Martial Monarch were missing .

They had soundlessly gone missing .

Last night, the other Ling clan members heard Du Hanshuang whispering out a command and gesturing with his hands . After which, five people set out… Then…

Then, there's no then anymore .

Because they had suddenly disappeared!

Everyone was stunned!

There were some people who went to check those people's rooms once again but still didn't find them . They still didn't find them after searching the surrounding areas .

Ling Hanwu's pupils shrank as he listened to the report . He looked at Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing silently and didn't say anything . There's sadness, pleasure and disappointment in his eyes .

But a Supreme Martial Artist from the Ling clan felt uncomfortable . He walked in front of Zi Xieqing and said lightly, "Miss Zi, you've really good hands . May I ask how did you do this?"

Zi Xieqing looked up coldly at him . "It turns out that y'all know . "

This Supreme Martial Artist was startled and a little at a loss of what to say .

He obviously knew that acquiescing young masters from the clan to rob woman… was unforgivable…

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "Please explain . "

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Actually, I know that y'all know about this already, but I thought that y'all would pretend that nothing had happened . So far, I was originally very satisfied towards your Ling clan, but you really should have remained silent . "

That Supreme Martial Artist said lightly, "Unfortunately, even if the young master from the Ling clan has done anything wrong, it's on us to punish him . As for others… they shall also account for why they've punished our people on behalf of our own clan!"

Zi Xieqing's brows furrowed dangerously . She said lightly, "Is it?"

"Exactly! Miss Zi, aren't you giving any explanation as to why you've killed our people?" This Supreme Martial Artist challenged .

"I thought… that your Ling clan should give me an explanation," Zi Xieqing said, a little unexpectedly, "I didn't expect that y'all want an explanation from me… If I'm a weak woman yesterday, who shall I go to find an explanation from at this moment?"

That Supreme Martial Artist said lightly, "Unfortunately, Miss Zi, you're not a weak woman . "

Zi Xieqing nodded slowly . "Alright, I shall give y'all an explanation . The explanation is… they deserved to die!"

The Supreme Martial Artist looked more and more furious . He said, "Even if they deserved to die, they shouldn't be killed by you!"

Zi Xieqing laughed . "They shouldn't be killed by outsiders, but y'all would also not kill them . Is this what you mean? Now that I've already killed them, what are you going to do?"

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This Supreme Martial Artist said furiously, "You shall at least leave their corpses after you've killed them! Don't forget that standing in front of you is the Ling clan!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Corpse!" Zi Xieqing said sarcastically, "Don't tell me that you still want to mourn for them and show your filialness to them?" she continued, "So what about the Ling clan?"

The face of this Supreme Martial Artist reddened . "Miss Zi, you've gone too far . "

Zi Xieqing said impatiently, "Is it me who has gone too far, or your Ling clan? It's your Ling clan who wants to rob women first . You actually say that I've gone too far?"

"This is the martial world," this Supreme Martial Artist said heavily, "Miss Zi, with your cultivation, you should know that you also need capital and strength to seek justice!"

"I've gone too far… If that's the case, I may as well do it once again!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Just now you said that your Ling clan members can only be punished by the Ling clan . But how about me punishing you?"

This Supreme Martial Artist stared at her for a while and suddenly laughed . "Miss Zi, you want to confirm what I've said? I welcome you! I have this intention too!"

Zi Xieqing shook her head lightly . "No, I just want to punish you!"

Suddenly, she raised her palm and slapped it down .

This Supreme Martial Artist clearly saw that soft, white and small hand of hers slapping down towards him . He wanted to fight back and dodge, but he couldn't!

She had slapped forth so slowly, but he actually couldn't dodge away from it…


A clear sound .

That Supreme Martial Artist's entire body was sent flying away like a rocket, and he danced and turned somersaults in the sky before he landed on the ground and rolled on for another thousand feet!

Zi Xieqing remained still on the horse . Her eyes were cold .

The other two Supreme Martial Artists and Ling Hanwu were taken aback, and they looked back .

Just now, the few of them had all heard the duo's conversation . Ling Hanwu originally wanted to stop them, but in the blink of an eye, a Supreme Martial Artist was beaten into the sky!

And he had no power to resist at all .

The other two Supreme Martial Artists snorted and revealed anger in their eyes . Their bodies flashed, wanting to take actions .

"You clearly know who's right and wrong . Are you still going to fight on?" Zi Xieqing asked lightly .

At this time, the Supreme Martial Artist who was beaten into the sky flew back with a swish, panting heavily . His eyes were burning with anger, and half of his face was already swollen .

Chu Yang looked coldly from aside and didn't stop them .

Zi Xieqing had once told him in the early morning: Ling Hanwu and your teacher are good friends, but there are too few of such people among the big clans . Don't think that everyone in the Ling clan is good just because you've made friends with Ling Hanwu . I shall let you see how big clans are actually like today .

Chu Yang was still a little disapproving towards Zi Xieqing's words then .

Because since Ling Hanwu had allowed Du Hanshuang to seek death for himself, Chu Yang thought that Du Hanshuang would only have himself to be blamed if he died, and the Ling clan would absolutely not do anything too radical .

He didn't expect that the conflict had started so quickly .

Chu Yang watched silently . Seeing the three Supreme Martial Artists and the few Martial Saints surrounding Zi Xieqing, he felt his heart becoming more and more bitter .

Big clans are indeed big clans .

Even if these people know what's right and what's wrong, when it comes to their own people, they're still more inclined to shield and defend for their own people .

Even if you help their clan to remove the malignant tumors in it, the clan will still consider you to have undermined the clan's authority . So, the clan would definitely want you to account for your acts . This is for the clan's reputation, and under this premise, there's nothing that you can do to justify yourself!

Even if you're right, you'll also be seen as wrong!

"What do you have to say?" Chu Yang asked quietly to Ling Hanwu, who had come to his side .

Ling Hanwu's face turned bitter . He said, "This is how big clans are like! This is also what I don't like about big clans the most . " He let out a long sigh and said, "Big clans today have already deteriorated to become forces . "

Chu Yang frowned . "Big clans, forces…"

Ling Hanwu shook his head bitterly . "The so-called consciousness of what's right and wrong, and rules of the martial world, are only justice under the powerful! Chu Yang, let them have a fight . So long as no one dies . "

Chu Yang agreed and said lightly, "Uncle, if the Ling clan does anything wrong and provokes strong enemies, will you involve yourself in the battle when you clearly know that it's the Ling clan's fault?"

Ling Hanwu smiled bitterly and said, "I don't know . "

Chu Yang nodded . "I understand!" He pondered for a long while and said slowly, "So, this is what big clans are!"

He let out a long sigh and said, "Big clans are finally not as good as countries!"

He remembered that although battles were never-ending in the Lower Three Heavens, there're also not many experts . But there're government officials and legal systems . This had made the Lower Three Heavens seem more orderly than the Middle Three Heavens and the Upper Three Heavens .

It turned out that it's because of big clans that had made the Upper Three Heavens a place that's very uncomfortable to live in .

Big clans would forever shield for their own people . Even if their own people were unpardonably wicked, if they were killed by others, the clan would still want an explanation from them! They would never hold their tongues!

Even if there're characters like Ling Hanwu, he also couldn't change the nature of big clans . In other words, even if Ling Hanwu became the clan master of the Ling clan, he also couldn't change it!

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master's role was to purge the Nine Heavens . If he changed such nine big clans to another nine big clans, wouldn't he just be putting old wine in new bottles?

Chu Yang pondered: What should I do in the future?

Zi Xieqing let out a loud roar from that side .

The battle had already started!

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