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Chapter 994

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Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "You don't know?"

Chu Yang took in a deep breath and said, "I don't dare to be certain of it . "

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Actually you're already certain of it, but you still need verification from me . " She looked up at Chu Yang, continuing, "Actually, you don't need me to do this . Since you're already certain, then certain you already are . "

Chu Yang looked up . Rain pelted on his face as he said lightly, "I really miss them . "

Zi Xieqing nodded lightly and didn't ask anything about it . She changed the topic and asked, "Chu Yang, in your heart, is the woman whom you love more important? Or are your brothers more important?"

Chu Yang said stunningly, "How should I evaluate this?"

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "If there's a battle, and your beloved woman and your brothers are all facing a deadly scenario, while you can only save one of them . Who will you save?"

Chu Yang said without hesitation, "I'll save whoever I see first . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"If you see them at the same time?" Zi Xieqing followed .

"I'll save whoever's nearer to me . " Chu Yang felt very curious . "Why are you asking this kind of question?"

"If time is given for you to choose?" Zi Xieqing asked, "So that you can weigh between the two?"

Chu Yang frowned . "This is simply nonsense! If I have the time for deliberation, there's definitely time for me to save both of them . Why should I need to weigh between the two?!"

"But if there's only one choice?" Zi Xieqing asked .

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"F**k that one choice!" Chu Yang said, "There can't be only one choice! That kind of situation won't exist! I wonder what's going on in your mind? Aren't you tired from considering these boring questions all day long?"

"Some women ask men all day long of who they're going to save between their mothers and their women! This is simply an extremely boring question!" Chu Yang said furiously .

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "Actually women just like to ask these questions to see their position in the hearts of men . "

Chu Yang smirked . "Forcing a man to make one choice, f**k! Women who do so should all piss off! This question should be answered like this: You shall wait patiently . Wait till you have a son, and the wife of your son asks this question, you'll hear the standard answer . "

Zi Xieqing smiled .

"Then are you sure now?" Zi Xieqing asked softly .

Chu Yang was startled for a moment and laughed aloud .

There were some things that he was already very clear in his heart, but he's still a little dubious . At this moment, he needed the affirmation from someone else . The affirmation he gained would turn the 50% confidence he had to that of 100%!

But, even though the affirmation from others was correct, you would also be influenced by their views . You didn't overcome the problems by yourself, but instead defeated by others!

So, you only had to say to yourself: I'm sure of myself!

That's it .

This was also an inner demon! And an inner demon that everyone had, no matter whether it's ordinary people or Supreme Martial Artists . Which was more important, your father or mother? Which was more important, your wife or children? Which was more important, your brother or wife?

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There's never an answer to it . Forcing one to answer it would really make him collapse .

No one would be willing to make such a choice!

Zi Xieqing used such a question to force Chu Yang to walk into a blind alley, then at the critical moment, struck at Chu Yang's inner demon!

Chu Yang smiled and said mockingly, "It turns out there's still some indecisiveness in me . "

"Everyone will hesitate!" Zi Xieqing said, "It just has to do with the speed of one making a decision . "

Chu Yang nodded slowly .

The duo stood for a little while in the rain, then walked back slowly .

His feeling now was different from that of before . Chu Yang's heart was now filled with fiery . That's definitely my brothers! Even though I have no evidence, other than them, no one else can give me such a familiar and intimate feeling .

I'm waiting for y'all!

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all!

Brothers, come up quickly! The Nine Heavens is ours!

Chu Yang's face was a little red from excitement .

As Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing walked into the house, Ling Hanxue and the rest were stunned . The powerful Chu Yang in their eyes was like a drenched chicken, but Zi Xieqing was actually not wet at all .

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That's not right .

No matter how Chu Yang protected Zi Xieqing, it wouldn't be the case that Chu Yang was drenched, while Zi Xieqing was all fine . If Chu Yang used some mysterious techniques to shield Zi Xieqing, of course it could be possible, but Chu Yang clearly didn't!

Such a realization made Ling Hanwu and the three Supreme level elders feel shocked .

They all only saw Zi Xieqing as an ordinary woman who had no cultivation at all! But the truth that they saw could only prove one thing: They're all wrong!

This woman of unsurpassed beauty was definitely an unfathomable, great expert!

Because they couldn't see what cultivation she had at all!

No wonder Chu Yang dares to bring two women to travel tens of thousands of miles! With such a terrifying expert escorting them, what's there to be afraid of?

Zi Xieqing smiled slightly . After greeting them, she entered the room that she and Chu Le'er would be staying in .

Chu Yang was somewhat perplexed .

As he scratched his head, he thought that Zi Xieqing was clearly intentional in doing this . She's using this method to awe the Ling clan!


Chu Yang's inspecting eyes glanced at Ling Hanwu .

Ling Hanwu was thinking as he frowned .

Chu Yang gazed through the Ling clan members, his eyes sweeping through a thin and feeble-looking teenager at a corner .

That teenager raised his head then lowered down again . His face was pale, making him look thin and feeble and also a little pathetic, but… Chu Yang knew that there're definitely some techniques that had been used on this teenager to make him appear like this, and his body wasn't innately feeble .

This teenager also had the weakest cultivation among the Ling clan members present . He hadn't even reached the Emperor level yet! Ling Hanwu and Ling Hanxue had also not introduced him to Chu Yang .

Ling Hanwu frowned and looked towards the few Saint level and Supreme level experts sharply .

Under his sharp gaze, the three experts changed colors on their faces and they tried to evade their eyes from Ling Hanwu .

Ling Hanwu snorted heavily and muttered, "Brute! When can you stop losing your face?!"

Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, "Who's this young master?"

"This is a nephew of mine . I've brought him here to enrich his experiences," Ling Hanwu said a little embarrassedly .

"Your nephew is really he~roic and talented! Ele~gant and fine-looking," Chu Yang said smilingly, full of significance in his words .

Chu Yang had especially emphasized the words 'heroic' and 'elegant' .

Ling Hanwu's face reddened, and he said, "Brother, your eyes are really sharp . These things will never happen again!"

Chu Yang smiled gently and said, "I believe you . "

He continued, "It's raining now . I shall go to sleep . " And he turned around and left .

The moment Chu Yang left the door, that feeble-looking teenager suddenly raised his head and looked at Chu Yang's back, revealing a jealous look in his eyes .

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