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Chapter 993

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Bustling sounds were heard from afar .

The trio looked back and saw branches of trees riding the wind and waves towards them . This martial experts indeed understood things well . Otherwise, they wouldn't have become experts .

Now, each of them was driving hollow trunks that had no sails in high spirits . These trunks were like giant sea cucumbers, but they could advance in the waters just like sharp mullets . But a closer look at them would realize those experts weren't rowing boats at all . They were just driving those… trees, uh, boats the same method they usually did for sledging .

Rui Butong, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er were dumbstruck .

The trio had seen a great deal, but it's really the first time that they saw such an extraordinary view .

"The wisdom of people never ends…" Dong Wushang muttered, "I've once again testified this sentence . "

Rui Butong said, "Yeah . Look how lively they all are . They're really like a group of children playing in the water…"

Mo Lei'er giggled . These bunch of martial experts, the majority of them whose hair was all white, were posing various strange gestures as they rode their boats . Their boats were also of all kinds of shapes . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

There was one boat which had two left-handers on it . They wielded their paddles to their left at the same time, and thus their tree boat swerved towards the left . As such, they hurriedly paddled at their right side, making the tree boat swerve towards the right .

The surrounding tree boats all dodged a distance away from this boat, fearing that it would collide with their boats .

But these two strongmen actually used this method to push their way through the crowd, and like a huge crab, their boat actually came wagging towards the ocean…

"What f**king prodigies…" Rui Butong muttered to himself .

"A phoenix wouldn't land on a no-treasure-land! Since the phoenix is born, where we are at now must be full of treasures! These people have come to look for treasures or small phoenix…" Mo Lei'er looked at Rui Butong worriedly .

Rui Butong shrugged and said indifferently, "The phoenix has already gone . They've come for the phoenix, not me . What does this have to do with me? Besides, do I look like a phoenix? Have you seen a phoenix that's as handsome as me?"

Dong Wushang burst into laughter . "Tan Tan is much more handsome than you . "

Rui Butong frowned tightly and said indignantly, "You're comparing Tan Tan's appearance with mine! You're simply dishonoring my virtues! Blaspheming my temperament! Blemishing my good grace! Defiling my purity! You're going to debase me to death . "

Dong Wushang laughed . "What should we do next?"

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Rui Butong said, "Fourth brother, do you know this medicine is needed by the Song clan, the subordinate clan of Li clan? And this is for their doctor to participate in the Medicine Banquet . What is this Medicine Banquet?"

Dong Wushang blinked his eyes . "You're also interested in this?"

"I'm considering for you . Fourth brother, you want to hone your saber skills . But how'd you hone in such an out-of-the-way place?" Rui Butong smiled mysteriously, saying, "We can go to the Medicine Banquet . I heard that all the heroes in the world congregate there . There, Martial Emperors were like ants, Martial Monarchs were like sands, Martial Saints were like dogs, while Supreme Martial Artists were like mountains!"

He patted Dong Wushang's shoulders . "Fourth brother, if you can deck all the people there, you'll be unparalleled in the Nine Heavens!"

A dazzling light abruptly emerged from Dong Wushang's eyes . He muttered, "If I can deck all the people there, I'll be unparalleled in the Nine Heavens? …"

Mo Lei'er's face turned pale from nervousness .

She knew that Rui Butong might just be joking, but from the way Dong Wushang was muttering, he was absolutely not joking! Absolutely not joking!

He really wanted to… deck all the people there!

But before Dong Wushang could deck all those people, he himself… God knows how many times he had to be decked first and how much perils he had to overcome!

She just wanted to stop him, but she heard Dong Wushang laugh boldly and say, "If that's the case, after we've completed the task we have now, we shall directly charge towards the Medicine Banquet! Deck all of them!"

Rui Butong laughed . "Me too!"

"Two madmen!" Mo Lei'er scolded anxiously . But she was too infected by the fighting spirit that these two brothers had, and her eyes lit up .

How was the once Black Devil happy to be ordinary? In the past, because of the limitations of her capability and her unsettled relationship with Dong Wushang, Mo Lei'er had always remained modest in front of Dong Wushang and Rui Butong . For her man, she was willing to be a little woman who silently took charge of all the trivial things!

But now, since her man was so ambitious, how could she, as his woman, just stand by?

If you want to be a hero, I naturally also want to be an unparalleled beauty!

Only so can I deserve to have you!

When I'm by your side, I want you to be proud of me .

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A thatched cottage amidst the woods .

A middle-aged man who's dressed in a scholarly manner was drinking tea relaxingly in front of the cottage .

He had little expression, as if indifferent to everything happening in the world . His whole body cast out a handsome and arrogant aura, and whoever saw him would instantly feel lighthearted and as if everything was like a breeze .

He drank a cup of tea before standing up slowly . As he paced two steps, he muttered, "Should I go to the Medicine Banquet?"

He randomly picked up a red leaf that had come with the wind, and smiled warmly . "Of course I have to go . Because Chuchen is going, and the Ye clan too . "

He smiled and his body floated up like a floating cloud .

And he flew all the way down the mountain and never looked back .

Before he made the decision, he was living a peaceful life here . But once he made the decision, he set off immediately and without any hesitation .

He just followed his heart and did whatever he wanted .

This was Chaoran .

Chu Yang was 500 miles from the Zhuge clan's headquarters when the sky changed .

It was noon .

Chu Yang was talking with Ling Hanwu, while Chu Le'er was sleeping on Zi Xieqing's back . Zi Xieqing and Ling Hanxue, this pair of beauty, were also conversing in their unique ways .

Suddenly, they felt a great turmoil of spiritual energy in the air, and everyone was terrified .

They came to a high standing point, and saw that there were already many people looking into the distance .

Everyone was silent as they looked at the extraordinary view on the horizon .

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When Chu Yang and his group had come up, they didn't know at all that such a strange phenomenon would actually last for such a long time, and they actually stood by to watch for several days .

No one spoke until the end .

They waited till the yellow, green and red light, as well as the black gas, was dispersed and their clothes became completely wet from the downpour . Only then did they return back to their rooms .

Chu Yang frowned tightly along the way .

While the others had already walked back into their rooms, he was still strolling alone in the rain .

This strange phenomenon was definitely not the Nine Tribulations Sword .

And he didn't see such a phenomenon before .

But… why did those few auras feel so warm and familiar? That black light definitely had a devilish feel, but strangely, it also had a righteous feel . Amidst the evilness, there's full of a complicated feeling of warmth and familiarity .

At this moment, Chu Yang even thought about Tan Tan .

Such complicated feelings should point to a person's personality, but they were so contrasting and at two extremes .

It's just like Tan Tan: Everyone felt that Tan Tan was severely unsightly, but he himself was severely narcissistic! He obviously cared a lot, but he just wanted to force himself to look indifferent . He would use extremely dubious means to do righteous things, but he would use a righteous means to achieve some shady purposes…

"This is f**king like him!" Chu Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly .

The raindrops were shaken out of his face as he shook his head .

That mysterious green light also made Chu Yang feel familiar . The bearing that it imposed made him think of the atmosphere when Young Master Yu was in the elves' secret base…

The red light made Chu Yang feel even more familiar .

The moment the red light rushed up, Chu Yang thought of the aura that Rui Butong had when he broke through his cultivation and remoulded himself in the Far North Wastelands… Along with the rising phoenix, it made Chu Yang even more certain that this red light was related to Rui Butong… Because Rui Butong was in the Upper Three Heavens .

As for that image of the golden dragon, Chu Yang thought of Ao Xieyun .

Chu Yang knew that Ao Xieyun belonged to the Dragon race! Was this image related to him?

But instantly Chu Yang smiled bitterly, thinking: Those phenomena are all related to my brothers is such wishful thinking .

Inside, the Ling clan had already started a passionate discussion .

Chu Yang stood in the rain alone and pondered .

Only Zi Xieqing took notice of him . Even Ling Hanwu was also discussing enthusiastically . After all, each of such occurrences signified that there's going to be a great change in the world!

"I dare to gamble that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has already found the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!" a Saint level expert swore, "If it's not, I'll go out to run naked!"

"Hey!" Everyone looked at him disdainfully . How are you going to testify? Do you even know who's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?

Chu Yang stood in the rain, looking at the Ling clan discussing . Suddenly, he felt that such a lively atmosphere was very remote from him .

So remote that it seemed like a dream, while he himself was living in another dream .

"I really don't want to think of y'all!" Chu Yang muttered, "I miss y'all so much when I think about y'all…"

"What are you thinking?" Zi Xieqing's voice sounded by his side .

Chu Yang looked towards the direction of the sound, and saw Zi Xieqing standing in the rain, in front of him .

The rain seemed to be pelting down on her body as Zi Xieqing stood in the rain . But only if one went closer to her would he notice that not a raindrop had actually dripped on her body!

Her body was clean and dry .

"I'm thinking about…" Chu Yang woke up from the disorientated and empty state he was in just now and said, "Has Le'er slept?"

"Yes . She's having a good sleep," Zi Xieqing said lightly, "In some sense, a downpour means that heaven is helping mankind to wash away something . Sleeping at this moment is good for the spirits!"

Chu Yang nodded lightly . He remembered that Zi Xieqing was an age-old monster and had a wide world view, and she might know the reason for the appearance of the strange phenomena that day . He asked, "What about you? What have you thought about?"

…'Choaran' means 'detached' in Chinese

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