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Chapter 992

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"This is devilish gas! And holy gas!" The eyes and brows of the man in white tightened . "Which race is it? Which race? Is it… Is it…"

Deep anxiety revealed on his face . "The heaven and earth cry… heaven and earth cry… Is the world really going to be in a big mess?"

A clear fairy-like sound was heard .

That gigantic phoenix had finally extended its wings .

Instantly, green light leaped to an even greater height, while the golden light glimmered . Only the black gas in the middle remained still!

Birds from all directions had also arrived above the vast ocean .

And they started to dance above this vast ocean that had never appeared in the North-West region .

The moment the phoenix spread out its wings, the birds all remained still in the air!

The phoenix, with its wings spread out and creating a sound that resounded through the Nine Heavens, soared up into the sky .

Into the clouds!

The moment the phoenix soared up, all the birds were silent, and they respectfully lowered down their arrogant heads .

Showing their extreme reverence towards their own king!

The phoenix then turned into a colorful cloud in the sky, which scattered apart and eventually disappeared .

The dragon also let out a long hum and also instantly disappeared without a trace .

That green light swayed for a moment and too vanished .

Only that dense black gas was still tumbling and surging in the sky .

Then, that dense black gas slowly turned into an ambiguous human form . Its face couldn't be seen, and it just stood proudly in the void, amidst the vast heaven and earth!

This figure slowly turned around and faced the north-east direction, seemingly to be looking towards that direction, seemingly to be thinking of something, seemingly to be…

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Then this black gas slowly scattered into dark clouds that filled the sky!

A terrifying thunder reverberated through the air and a dazzling silver snake struck down from the sky towards the earth!

Then, the rain poured down in torrents across the entire Nine Heavens!

In the North-East region, when that figure turned to look towards that direction, everyone knelt down neatly to the ground . They were all trembling and crying joyfully .

Hundreds of people shouted out at the same time, "King! King! King!"

"I'm back!"

The sound shook heaven and earth .

Heavy downpour .

The place where Dong Wushang, Mo Lei'er and Rui Butong were at had already turned into a stretch of isolated island! It was even bobbing up and down and drifting in the waters . Countless glaciers were also driving back and forth in the waters, making the small lonely island that the trio was on seem so inconspicuous, like sand amidst the ocean .

The experts at this periphery started to cut woods and build boats hurriedly . Only God knows that there's actually one day when boats had to be used in this North-West region!

Other than icebergs, there're only snowfields here, where high mountains stood all over the place . It's even hard to travel by carriages on this area of land, and normally, people used sleds more frequently . Who would ever expect that they would have to use boats one day?

How would these people ever know how were boats made?

They couldn't build up a boat after busying for a long time, but they saw that there were already some people getting down the water . Everyone turned to look at them, and saw those few fellows turning around in the water like gyros, and couldn't move forward at all .

They couldn't help laughing aloud .

These few people had flattened the tree on one side and removed all its branches, then dug a hole in the middle of the trunk . The trio sat on the trunk, one in the middle and two on both sides, and each of them had a branch to paddle the boat .

But, after a while, by relying on the deep cultivations that those few people had, the boat adjusted towards the right direction after spinning more than 100 rounds in the water . And it drifted away as it swayed in the wind and waves, like a waddling penguin…

Damn it!

This is indeed a good idea .

Just now, everyone was joking at the trio as their boat spun in the water . But now, it seemed that the trio really had some foresight . Where would there be real boats in a place like this?

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So, everyone followed the action .

In almost an instant, all the surrounding trees were cut down . There were even some people fighting furiously over a tree .

The waters became extremely crowded and everyone was spinning about the waters in circles . Sometimes, two tree boats would slam against each other as they spun, and the people on both sides would fall into the water at the same time .

Then, people aside would use their paddles made of branches to knock on these people's heads, intentionally or unintentionally .

A phoenix wouldn't land on a no-treasure-land!

Besides, this was the birth of a phoenix! There must be countless treasures there . With such a good opportunity at hand, how could people not make use of it to eradicate those competitors who had fallen into the water and avoid themselves from being disadvantaged in the future?

So, beating and cursing sounds began to be heard .

Amidst the chaos, some more tree boats rushed out of the mess and drifted away .

Then, more and more people got out…

The most tragic thing happened to those Supreme Martial Artists who wanted to take advantage of their deep cultivations to fly and rush across the water .

But when they just flew up, they felt a huge force pulling them down . Instantly, some Supreme Martial Artists felt restless, and they fell to the ground like dumplings . There's actually a Supreme Martial Artist who fell down and had a nosebleed .

This… this was really awkward .

This would really create a legend in the Nine Heavens . Even a first stage Supreme Martial Artist would be considered a legendary figure in the Nine Heavens . Not to mention tripping and falling, even if a big hammer was smashed against a Supreme Martial Artist's nose, it would also break the hammer first .

Now, even though this Supreme Martial Artist had fallen from a height that's not considered very high from the ground, he had actually fallen and had a nosebleed from it… Along with the downpour, the blood from the Supreme Martial Artist streamed down his face . Reaching his hands for his face, he found his face smeared with blood .

Everyone wanted to laugh, but no one dared to .

The few Supreme Martial Artists climbed up dejectedly, but they found out that their cultivations were back on them again .

They gazed at one another . Looks like we could only paddle boats…

On the ice land .

Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er felt that they could already move, so they rolled and jumped up . But how would Dong Wushang have the mood to see how much his cultivation had improved? He walked up towards Rui Butong and looked at him worriedly .

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Rui Butong's face was red and his chest was thumping slowly as he lay there . Sure enough, he was alright . Such a huge fire had burned the whole sky red, but not a bit of Rui Butong's clothes was burned .

Dong Wushang disbelievingly stretched out his trembling hands to sense whether Rui Butong was breathing .

At this moment, Rui Butong suddenly opened his eyes .

Dong Wushang was actually taken aback .

Rui Butong then shut his eyes, then opened again . Blinking his eyes, his pupils gradually focused . He actually smiled filthily and his first sentence was, "Old Four, you're really terrified?"

Dong Wushang stood blankly and didn't recover from his stupor for a long time . Blinking his eyes, tears suddenly fell down .

Following which, he punched unhesitatingly and heavily on Rui Butong's left eye!


A panda eye was immediately produced .

Rui Butong was in great pain . "F**k you…"

Before he finished speaking, Dong Wushang's second punch smashed mercilessly towards him! Bang! Rui Butong was now a complete panda .

With gritted teeth and puffed cheeks, Dong Wushang didn't speak a word at all and just smashed his fists heavily and repetitively down on Rui Butong's face . Rui Butong was finally furious . He flipped up his body and the duo started to fight furiously into a mess!

Not for long, two new pig heads were produced .

They lay on the ice and panted heavily . Up till now, none of them spoke .

After a long time, Rui Butong spoke, "Are you satisfied now?"

Dong Wushang said as he panted, "Satisfied!"

"I'm also very satisfied," Rui Butong said .

The duo didn't speak further and just panted heavily . After a long time, they suddenly broke into loud laughter .

The person who had died once didn't have any surprise of being revived . The one who had been crying regretfully all the while also didn't say anything about the revival of his brother .

Everything carried on as per normal .

As if this matter had never happened before .

Mo Lei'er watched them from aside . She had always felt that she's a genius, and that she could understand everything, including friendship .

But at this moment, she felt more and more that she couldn't understand men . The friendship between men was indeed very weird .

Rui Butong had an accident, and Dong Wushang was aggrieved . This was very easy to understand .

But Dong Wushang didn't seem very excited when Rui Butong was revived . Mo Lei'er felt that if it's women… they would probably have cried heavily on each other's shoulders at this moment…

But these two men actually got into a heavy fight! After beating each other into pigs, everything resumed to normal again?

After the laugh was over, Rui Butong said, "Actually, I don't know about this matter . "

Dong Wushang lay on the ground and touched the wounds on his face contentedly . He painfully twitched the corners of his mouth and said, "I understand . "

"Um . "

Rui Butong didn't speak further .

The duo was checking their own cultivations .

They actually stopped mentioning about the previous matter .

"I've advanced," Rui Butong said, "I'm afraid I've already reached a first or second stage Saint level . "

"Me too . I'm at about the same level too . But, I still need to practice my saber to increase my understanding of it before I can advance to a Saver Saint . This still needs a long time . "

Dong Wushang said lightly .

"I've also advanced . " Mo Lei'er checked on her own cultivation in astonishment .

"Uh?" Dong Wushang and Rui Butong looked stunningly at her, revealing a shocked look . "You've also given for visiting .

He made use of the phoenix's fire of nirvana to share the benefits equally among himself, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er! Such a friendship was enough to move even the heaven and earth to tears, but Dong Wushang also didn't speak of it . Not only Dong Wushang didn't speak of it, but he also didn't allow Mo Lei'er to speak!

Saying this out would be making light of this matter, and that would be a real insult to friendship!

…'Give birth' and 'advance' are homophones in Chinese

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