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Chapter 990

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"Wait till we get out of here, it's our time to charge up the Nine Heavens!" Gu Duxing repeated these words slowly . Energy rose from within his body .

"But the Nine Heavens is completely shut now . How can we charge up?" Ji Mo asked miserably .

"As long as Chu Yang is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he'll definitely open up the passageways!" Mo Tianji said, his eyes fiery, "This is the mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! And it's a must that the 10,000-year-cycle repeats itself!"

Everyone became silent . Although everyone was silent, they felt a fighting spirit rising within them .

Practice! Practice!

Next, the six brothers each found a position next to the dragon and sat down . They breathed slowly and quietly . Not for long, they had immersed themselves fully into their cultivation state .

The Medicine Banquet was still in the midst of preparation in the Upper Three Heavens . Doctors and martial experts were all heading towards the South region . Some had just started their journey, while the others were already on their way .

The Upper Three Heavens was already slowly starting to boil .

The South region was still blooming with trees, but in the stretch of wilderness of the extremely remote North-East region, it's already bitterly cold and snowing heavily .

But someone was crying in grief in the heavy snow .

It's Dong Wushang .

Surrounding him were broken bodies, and the foul smell of blood filled the air .

Dong Wushang was kneeling restlessly on the ground . Mo Lei'er was standing aside, quivering . Her face was pale and her eyes, teary .

Rui Butong's body was lying quietly before them .

Breathlessly .

Dong Wushang was holding a long knife in his hands . Tears fell like rain from his eyes and he was so choked that he couldn't speak .

Ever since the Four Six Three People Hall was established, the three had been continuously receiving tasks, and their achievements and cultivations were also continuously soaring up . The density of spiritual aura in the Upper Three Heavens was vastly different as compared to that in the Middle Three Heavens . So, the trio had improved their cultivations rather quickly .

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The talents of Dong Wushang and Rui Butong was rapidly stimulated under the dense spiritual aura . Just three days ago, Dong Wushang had become an eighth stage Saber Emperor!

Because Rui Butong was an ordinary Martial Emperor, he was faster in advancing his cultivation as compared to Dong Wushang and was already a ninth stage Martial Emperor .

Mo Lei'er was at a lower starting point than Dong Wushang when they had first reached the Upper Three Heavens, but now she was already a sixth stage Martial Emperor . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Just two days ago, Dong Wushang received a task of escorting an elixir which gave a reward of 1,000 purple crystals!

After the trio had a discussion, they set off for the task happily . Never did they expect that this elixir was very rare and used for the purpose of the Medicine Banquet . Along their way, they were attacked numerous times!

In just two days, the trio had already encountered seven to eight attacks! And each attack was deadly .

For just the last attack, although Dong Wushang put in all his strength in fighting, he couldn't withstand against the attack put up by several Monarch level experts, and his circumstance became very peril .

Even Mo Lei'er and Rui Butong were in a similar situation .

But at the most critical moment, Rui Butong suddenly jumped up . While withstanding against the joint attacks of the three Monarch level experts on him, he desperately tried to twist apart the neck of a Monarch level expert . After which, he leaped up and greeting towards a deadly sword strike on him, he hurled up onto the Monarch level expert opposite Dong Wushang, who was the strongest among the opponents .

Dong Wushang was dumbstruck .

The roar of Rui Butong before he died still resounded in Dong Wushang's mind .

"We definitely can't die altogether!"

"You and your wife shall wait for Boss to come up!"

"Don't let him feel lonely and helpless after he has come up!"


Dong Wushang fell onto the ground, and tears burst out from his eyes .

"Butong… Old Six!" Dong Wushang howled towards the sky in a hoarse voice . The image of Rui Butong, bathed in blood, howling towards him, seemed to appear in his mind again .

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The moment Rui Butong struck forth his dagger indignantly at the opponent, a trace of a smile flashed across his eyes .

And a few indistinct words came out from his mouth, "You wait… wait for him… I… I'm happy…"

"I know, I know! You want me to wait for them… Wait till they've come up, I can join them!" Dong Wushang roared, "But if Boss or Duxing comes up, what should I say? What should I say?"

"They'll ask me, where's Old Six? Butong? How should I answer them? You are just f**king going to lie here quietly… And nothing will be going to happen to you . But how should I clear up this shit that you've left for me?" Dong Wushang shouted sorrowfully, "Bastard! Bastard!"

But tears rolled down his eyes at the same time . Such a macho was actually sobbing so heavily at this instant!

Aside, Mo Lei'er also cried silently .

At the moment when Rui Butong roared and his blood-bathed body went hurling towards the opponent, Mo Lei'er was really astounded!

This Rui Butong, who was usually slick and even looked a little wretched, looked so astounding when he expressed the heroism and resoluteness at that moment!

Every man is a man of heart!

Normally, the righteousness that men had would naturally not show up . But in critical circumstances, when the blood in men started to boil, it would make everyone affected . In peril situations, when men started to put in their efforts, it would make everyone's heart burn!

She clearly remembered in the battle just now, Rui Butong had been constantly paying attention to, with the corner of his eyes, the battlefields on Dong Wushang's side and her own side .

While Dong Wushang was also paying serious attention to Rui Butong and her constantly .

The two men didn't speak anything at such a moment, but they had used their most genuine movements and actions to tell each other what being a man was!

It turned out that the friendship between men was like this .

Rui Butong was constantly preparing to sacrifice himself for his brother! And the same went for Dong Wushang! The duo was in constant readiness to do such things .

But when Dong Wushang was about to take actions, Rui Butong had taken actions first . At that time, the circumstance was dire, but still not deadly .

But Rui Butong didn't hold on any further; He knew that he would definitely not be as quick as Dong Wushang if that time had really come .

This battle was very intense, but also very brief . The three battle lineups were very even . There were nine opponents, and their attacks were carried out in a joint form . They would intercept between different battlefields to support one another . The strongest among the opponents, who were three Monarch level experts, served as the pivot .

Once Rui Butong could eliminate any one of them, Dong Wushang could immediately break out of the opponents' besiegement and kill them!

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But if Dong Wushang sacrificed himself, Rui Butong couldn't do the same!

So, Rui Butong had to die!

So, Rui Butong had launched first! He didn't let Dong Wushang launch before him!

Sure enough, Rui Butong had risked his life to kill one of the opponents to break their line-up, then drag up another person to reduce most of the obstructions on Dong Wushang's side!

Dong Wushang instantly broke out of the besiegement . Then, with intense grief in him, he transformed his Black Saber into a wild dragon, and wielded it with all his might to kill all opponents as fast as he could, then came back to Rui Butong!

But Rui Butong could not speak at that time!

He was only breathing weakly . Smiling calmly in his eyes, he gazed deeply at Dong Wushang .

Then, he smiled and his lips trembled a little .

Dong Wushang thought Rui Butong was going to talk, so Dong Wushang moved his ears near to Rui Butong's mouth, only to find him already breathless .

Like he had just fallen asleep calmly .

"Wushang, don't be sad… He wouldn't want to see you…" Mo Lei'er persuaded Dong Wushang sobbingly as tears fell like rain down her eyes .

Dong Wushang's body shook once and he suddenly wailed, "My brother doesn't want me to be sad, but he's my brother! He's my brother! He's my brother!!"

"Just now, he was still smiling at me . How could he be dead?!" Dong Wushang furiously shoved Mo Lei'er to one side and roared, as if he had lost his senses, "How could my brother be dead! I still want to be with him together! Wait till our brothers all come up! And muck about the martial world together! Transcend the Nine Heavens together! And leave our names at the Nine Heavens Peak!"

"Rui Butong! You've promised this! You've promised this to us before! You can't cheat us!!" Dong Wushang shouted madly as he shook Rui Butong's body madly .

A peaceful smile was still hanging on Rui Butong's face, which swayed restlessly as Dong Wushang continued to shake his body .

Snowflakes landed on Rui Butong's face, but it actually silently stuck onto it and didn't melt anymore .

"Ah!!" Dong Wushang roared and violently spurted out a mouthful of blood . He released his two hands restlessly . Rui Butong's body fell onto the snowy ground .

Dong Wushang's stalwart body also fell straight onto the ground like a falling pillar .

Mo Lei'er cried aloud . She first held on Rui Butong's body, then went to held Dong Wushang, but it was already too late .

With a bang, Dong Wushang landed solidly onto the ground .

The vast snowfield also seemed to shake once violently .

Tears dripped down Mo Lei'er's eyes .

She couldn't hold on to Dong Wushang first; she knew that if she had done so without caring about Rui Butong's corpse, the first thing that would happen when Dong Wushang woke up might probably be him separating from her forever!

No one knew better than her how much this man valued his brothers!

One day passed .

Ever since Dong Wushang had woken up, he just sat in front of Rui Butong's body motionlessly, muttering some words in his mouth . He just couldn't accept the fact that his brother had already died…

He forced all the medicines he had into Rui Butong's body, including the three incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pill that Chu Yang had given him .

"This is Boss's magical medicine . It can cure all injuries," Dong Wushang said sorrowfully, but still with some hope in him, "Quickly wake up… Quickly wake up…"

Mo Lei'er cried silently . Just as she was about to persuade Dong Wushang, he suddenly let out an astonished scream!

He quickly retreated, and saw the snow under where Rui Butong was lying slowly starting to melt into a stream of water . Then, steam started to rise into the air .

Dong Wushang pointed at Rui Butong, screaming as he laughed, "Look, he didn't die! I'm not by his side, but there's heat in his body!"

Then he jumped back to Rui Butong, his voice trembling, "My brother, my brother is alive…"

Mo Lei'er widened her eyes .

This matter was so mysterious . Rui Butong had already died for one day and his body had already become stiff, but he still could come back to life . Such a phenomenon was really unheard of .

Under the gaze of the duo, Rui Butong's body started to become hotter and hotter, and it actually started to redden . Finally, with a swish, a glow of fire burst out from his body!

The fire got larger and larger, burning up into the sky!

"Nirvana of phoenix?!" These words flashed through Mo Lei'er's mind and she blurted out . Following which, she covered her mouth in shock by her own words!

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