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Chapter 989

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With a gleam in his eyes, Mo Tianji said word by word, "The reason I so firmly believe that Chu Yang isn't dead is because… Chu Yang is very likely a… Nine, Tribulations, Sword, Master!"

These words were simply earth-shattering and heaven-battering!

Like bolts of lightning that struck into the hearts of the few brothers . Instantly, every one of them was silent!

Ji Mo's and Luo Kedi's bodies shuddered a little; Ao Xieyun abruptly turned back to look at Mo Tianji, and Xie Danqiong covered his hands on his mouth!

Dead silence!

"Nine… Nine Nine Nine… Nine Tribulations Sword Master?" Luo Kedi's lips trembled as he said, "That god-like Nine Tribulations Sword Master? It's… It's Boss?"

Mo Tianji said slowly, "I'm not sure . But, from the various signs, the probability of Chu Yang being the Nine Tribulations Sword… is close to 70%!"

Ao Xieyun and his few other brothers shook their bodies .

By Mo Tianji's temper, he would never speak absolutely about anything . Generally, even if he was 100% confident about something, he would also say that he was only 80% confident about it .

80% was Mo Tianji's limit of his confidence level . He would always leave some unknown variables to anything . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

So, Mo Tianji always had some room to maneuver .

Now, Mo Tianji said that he's 70% sure that Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . Then, by everyone's understanding of Mo Tianji, there's close to 95% probability that Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Everyone felt dizzy upon this thought!

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master was an eternal legend in the Nine Heavens over the last 10,000 years .

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For every 10,000 years, there's definitely one Nine Tribulations Sword Master born, and he would rely on the Nine Tribulations Sword to purge the Nine Heavens!

The nine big dominating clans of the Upper Three Heavens were the clans of the nine brothers of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

As long as one followed the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he could ensure 10,000 years of continuation and glory of his clan!

Nine! Tribulations! Sword! Master!

The real master of the Nine Heavens!

Ao Xieyun rubbed his brows and said, a little groaning, "It's really… out of my expectation… and so unreal, like I'm just in a dream . That brother of us with whom we usually drink, chat, fight and joke together is actually the great and god-like Nine Tribulations Sword Master…"

Xie Danqiong smiled bitterly . He was so excited that his handsome face flushed with redness . He wanted to forcibly curb his emotions, but he just couldn't . Trembling all over his body, he said, "I… *cough*… *cough*…"

This Jasper Flower which had always been composed actually couldn't speak a word at this moment . He only felt saliva blocking his throat and he coughed repetitively to clear his throat, but only to find his throat becoming more blocked .

Ji Mo's body trembled once, then trembled once again, then again . Finally, he groaned, "All my pores in my body were opened by one sentence of yours… And my body is shaking non-stop like a pendulum . Boss is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . I I… I'm so excited now…"

Luo Kedi's two legs turned soft, and his ass almost collapsed onto the ground . He was so elated that he suddenly burst into tears . "Am I dreaming?"

Mo Tianji' also seemed to be swallowing something continuously in his throat .

He had faintly guessed what would happen when he said this, but still, when he said this, he still felt an inexplicable sense of shock in himself! It felt as if he had been electrocuted across his entire body and all the pores on his body were open — just like what Ji Mo had said…

Looking to one side, he saw Gu Duxing holding his Black Dragon sword, standing coolly and actually stonily .

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Mo Tianji felt very strange . "Duxing, aren't you surprised at all?"

Gu Duxing's statue-like face thawed and he revealed a trace of a smile, which slowly broadened across his face . He let out a long breath and muttered, "It turns out that he really didn't die!"

Then, he suddenly laughed and said joyfully, "It turns out that he really didn't die!" Following which, he abruptly gave a punch on Mo Tianji's belly and laughed again . "It turns out that he really didn't die!!"

Such a punch, which was unprecedented to Mo Tianji, made him thrash in pain . He bent down his body, covered his belly in pain and said furiously, "Bastard! What are you doing?!"

But he saw Gu Duxing rushing up, hugging him, smiling and dancing at the same time while screaming, "Boss didn't die! Boss didn't die! Hahaha…"

Although Gu Duxing's punch had caused Mo Tianji's belly to be in extreme agony, Mo Tianji was still affected by Gu Duxing's sincere sentiments . With a distorted face, Mo Tianji said smilingly, "Yes, he didn't die! He didn't die!"

"Hahaha…" Gu Duxing roared .

Wait till he had slightly vented out his emotions, Mo Tianji asked in a groaning voice, "Duxing, have you expected before that Boss is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

Smiling and leaning against his sword, Gu Duxing said reminiscently, "I've been with Boss for the longest period of time, and I've always thought that he's an extraordinary person . But I've never thought before of digging out his secrets; I've got some feeling that he's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, but I was uncertain of it . "

He smiled and continued to say, "Actually, it doesn't matter . No matter whether he's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master or an ordinary person, he's still Chu Yang and our brother . So, why do we have to be concerned about whether he's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master or otherwise?"

Gu Duxing said frankly, "I never suspect my brothers about anything, and never want to dig out the secrets of my brothers . Regarding this, Dong Wushang has the same disposition like me . "

Mo Tianji started to ponder . After a long time, he said, "That's right . You're more genuine than me!"

Gu Duxing smiled, shaking his head and said, "Everyone has their own disposition, and their own tasks and mission . You're an expert in scheming, and you've great wits and ideas… If you're as genuine as me… then the prospects of our few brothers would really be agonizing . "

Mo Tianji laughed such that tears came out of his eyes . "Duxing, these words of yours are the most interesting words that I've ever heard . "

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Gu Duxing smiled .

Aside, Ji Mo grasped on Luo Kedi . "Luo Kedi, did you hear? If Boss is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, won't our clans be able to continue to live on for another 10,000 years?"

Luo Kedi was also excited . "Yeah . "

But instantly, the duo's face collapsed . Luo Kedi said sourly, "Now in the Middle Three Heavens, my big brother is already treating me as an eyesore . If that's the case, does it mean I have to suffer from him for 10,000 years?"

"What nine big clans?" Aside, Gu Duxing was getting more and more furious from listening to the duo . "Nine big clans? Just with you two good-for-nothing? You've actually started to think of such things? If you still dare to talk such nonsense, I'll break your legs apart one by one!"

"Now Boss isn't here . Who dares to mention the nine big clans in front of me?" Gu Duxing said angrily, "Don't forget yourself!"

Luo Kedi and Ji Mo immediately became silent . Ji Mo spoke haltingly, "I'm just saying this for fun…"

"You can't say this for fun either!" Gu Duxing said furiously, "Did you follow Boss just because of wanting to establish one of the nine big clans? For however you feel then when you follow our boss, you should feel the same now! We can only be considered true brothers when we have true emotions towards one another . And, even if we have to sacrifice ourselves, we won't feel any regrets! If we have no true emotions towards one another, even if we can establish the nine big clans, we'll still be seen in disdain by others!"

After saying all this heavily, Gu Duxing stared at the duo . "I know you're joking, but, once such words become rooted in your hearts, you'll slowly fall apart from the team! Now, the two of you shall go to practice martial arts! I'll supervise the two of you every day for this period of time here . If the rate of progress has slowed down, that means your hearts have become disturbed and you're thinking of the nine big clans again… Erm, and I'll come to have a good chat with you then!"

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi screamed at the same time, "We're really joking…"

But Gu Duxing had already turned around, ignoring them .

Ji Mo sighed . "What should we do now? It's all your fault . "

Luo Kedi covered his ass and sighed . "Gu Duxing is just like this . We shall practice hard these few days and beat him heavily together afterward!"

Ji Mo laughed and suddenly thought of something . He patted heavily on Luo Kedi's ass and said, looking as if he had just understood something, "I've understood, I've understood!"

Luo Kedi was overwhelmed with pain by Ji Mo's slap on his wounds . He said fiercely, "Damn it! What are you doing?!"

Ji Mo said miserably, "I just remembered how halfhearted Boss was towards the oaths that he had made . He would just say: I'll pledge on behalf of the Nine Tribulations Sword…"

"Damn it! I've only understood now that Boss is purely deceiving us . We all know that pledging on behalf of the Nine Tribulations Sword makes it the most solemn form of oath in the Nine Heavens . How would we expect that the fellow is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

Ji Mo didn't know whether to cry or laugh . "The Nine Tribulations Sword Master controlling the Nine Tribulations Sword, and the Nine Tribulations Sword Master pledging against the Nine Tribulations Sword… Then won't his pledge be pure rubbish… No wonder Boss makes pledges so easily… His mouth is full of pledges . I was still worried about him being punished by the Nine Tribulations Sword for being so random . Damn it! I've only known now that he's saying rubbish all along…"

Luo Kedi covered his ass and laughed . "Boss is really interesting . "

Gu Duxing frowned and said, "Why didn't I hear Boss talking like this before?"

Ji Mo said angrily, "You're just so quiet . Why does Boss need to pledge to you? Damn it, last time in the Far North Wastelands, Boss argued with me about the gender of a snow wolf . He said: I shall say on behalf of the Nine Tribulations Sword that this snow wolf is a female… Then I wasted a lot of effort to catch it, but it was male . However, Boss said that this snow wolf that I caught wasn't the one that he had said, and the one he had said was clearly a female . Motherf**ker, I went to catch a snow wolf in the Far North Wastelands . How quick is the snow wolf in running…"

Everyone burst into laughter .

Catching a snow wolf in the Far North Wastelands… This fellow is really…

With his whole body twitching, Luo Kedi said, "Boss is making you practice your lightening kungfu…"

Mo Tianji cleared his throat and said, "Everyone, don't joke here . Chu Yang is correct in not telling us about our identity . After all, our capability is not sufficient! If our identity had been exposed, we would be doomed! The reason why I had said now is that we can't get out of here, and I want to let y'all have something to look forward to . "

"Secondly, it's also because of this spiritual energy; such a huge piece weighs tens of thousands of kilograms . Even if we convert all of them into our cultivations, evenly among us, everyone will at least get to the upper stages of the Saint level . This is the lowest approximation . If that's so, even if we get to the Upper Three Heavens, we can still have sufficient power to protect ourselves…"

"So the main task for us now is to practice martial arts!" Mo Tianji said heavily, "Practice martial arts non-stop! From now on! Wait till we get out of here, it's our time to charge up the Nine Heavens!"

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