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Chapter 988

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This gigantic dragon was hundreds of feet long . It had a soft figure, but it had a natural sense of elegance and domineeringness .

Everyone felt their souls shake upon seeing it . They almost couldn't even breathe! It's the innate power of the dragon!

Everyone was silent for a while before realizing that the dragon was motionless . Although its eyes were radiant, it's definitely not a living creature .

There were a few antique shelves shrouded in a layer of white fog around . After wiping away the fog from the shelves, it's found out that the shelves were actually made by purple crystals!

On the shelves, there were many books made of animal skins, and they were all about daggers, swords and martial techniques…

And there was a separate shelf, which had a big book made up of purple crystals and a shining pearl . Amidst the milky white fog, this pearl looked just like a star that had never changed its color for the last 90,000 years .

"The Secret Book Of Dragons"!

Those not from the Dragon race aren't allowed to study this!

There's such a line of words on the purple crystal shelf .

There were a few lines of big words carved on the opposite stone wall .

"The Dragon race is originated from the East . It has existed for a very long time that can't be verified . Today, the Nine Heavens has collapsed, and thus, the ancestors of the Dragon race has established this place! For the future generations of the Dragon race, please pay attention to this: Spiritual energy is stored in this dragon pearl . There are also nine pieces of heavenly essence and a book here . You can't leave this place unless you've absorbed all the energy . "

"Remember that if there's one day when you can traverse the world, travel to the East to make up for the 100,000 years of regret of the Dragon race . "

These words were said very simply and clearly .

Ao Xieyun only felt his heart tremble . He couldn't help himself from walking over, wanting to hold The Secret Book of Dragons in his hands .

The moment his palm touched the book, the pearl next to it suddenly beamed then flew up into midair .

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Then, it flew one round about Ao Xieyun, as if it was verifying something . Finally, it transformed into a stream of light which crawled its way into the bleeding wound on Ao Xieyun's chest and disappeared .

Ao Xieyun only felt sudden dizziness in his head . Amidst the dizziness, he seemed to have understood something or contacted with something, but everything seemed illusory and inscrutable .

After a long time, he woke up, only seeing his five brothers in front of him and looking worriedly at himself .

Ao Xieyun felt warmth in his heart . "I'm alright . It's the dragon pearl . It has already integrated into my blood . "

"I see . " Mo Tianji smiled in relief . "Xieyun, congratulations to you if that's the case! Looks like you're really going to turn into a dragon…"

Ao Xieyun nodded smilingly .

Ji Mo suddenly chipped in, saying worriedly, "Really? Old Ao, Ao Xieyun, if you really turn into a dragon, your body will of course turn big, and that thing will also turn big… Which woman can stand you… Where should we go to find a female dragon for you?"

Everyone froze on the spot upon hearing these words! They didn't know whether to cry or laugh .

They really didn't understand how this fellow's head had grown . Every time he looked at a problem, he would always think of the funny side of it .

Ao Xieyun's face became distorted . He said, "You don't have to worry about this!" Suddenly, he said furiously, "Ji Mo, you're concerned about too many things!"

Mo Tianji looked at Ji Mo helplessly, saying, "You fool, he only has the bloodline of the Dragon race… He'll remain in his usual looks . "

Ji Mo scratched his head embarrassedly and said, "I get a bit emotional when I see such a dragon . According to the ratio, if Ao Xieyun really turns into a dragon, that thing must be at least this thick…"

As he said, he gestured a while with his hands, circling out an area as thick as a human's calf .

Then he shook his head and said, "No, it must be at least as thick as Luo Kedi's head…"

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"F**k off!" Luo Kedi hurled up to Ji Mo furiously . Instantly, they fought into one mess .

The others looked helplessly at the duo, not knowing what to say .

"I'll tell all the romantic affairs that you had in the past to Ao Bo after I've gone back home!" Luo Kedi panted heavily . His face had already gone black . "Ji Mo, you shall wait for that time to come . "

"Damn it… Damn it…" Ji Mo started to shriek . His face immediately turned sulky and he said apologetically, "Look at how thin my elbows and legs are . She'll slap me away into the sky with just a punch… I'm already in great misery now . Don't make life more difficult for me…"

And he actually started to laugh in a wretched manner . "But fortunately, I have foresight . I've taken the medicine from Chu Yang . I'm very powerful now hahahaha…"

Everyone shook their heads and sighed speechlessly…

Mo Tianji paid attention to Ji Mo's words about this gigantic dragon, so he went up to check on the dragon . Ao Xieyun also went up . Although Ji Mo was speaking nonsense, Ao Xieyun still took a glance at the dragon's crotch . He abruptly opened his mouth wide, looked at his own crotch, and shook his head repetitively .

The corners of Mo Tianji's mouth twitched secretly . He whispered, "You're ashamed of yourself?"

Ao Xieyun's face flushed . He said furiously, "Tianji, you're also jeering at me now… I'm really… I'm really…"

In this period of time, having been together every day, the few brothers had already become extremely outspoken .

Ao Xieyun smiled bitterly and changed the topic . "Legend has it that there are some treasures belonging to a Nine Tribulations Sword Master here . Why didn't we see them?"

Mo Tianji shook his head . "This should be a rumor . This place has been existing when the Nine Heavens was destroyed . Even the first Nine Tribulations Sword Master wasn't born then . How can there be treasures of a Nine Tribulations Sword Master?"

Ao Xieyun laughed . "I'm a bit greedy . "

Mo Tianji also laughed . He moved closer to the dragon, extended his fingers and knocked on the dragon's body, saying, "This thing doesn't look like a real dragon . But this material is really weird . It seems to feel a little warm…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The duo walked around the dragon and finally found some words on the other side of the dragon: Spiritual energy from heaven and earth is stored in here . Take the heavenly essence first before absorbing the energy . You can't leave this place unless you've absorbed all the energy . "

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The duo took in a deep breath . This gigantic dragon was actually a whole piece of spiritual energy! And they couldn't leave this place unless all the energy was absorbed!

How long would it take for all the energy to be absorbed? Even if the six people worked hard together, they would still need a long time to do so . At least… one year . If the speed was slow, it might take up to a decade .

Below the words, there were nine shiny star-like substances arranged neatly . Mo Tianji reached out for one piece, which he felt soft and warm . At the same time, a sense of desire arose in his stomach, making him desperately feel like swallowing this thing down…

Before Mo Tianji had any time to resist, this thing had already flown into his mouth . It instantly melted and turned into a warm current which flowed into his meridians .

At the same time, among the other eight pieces of heavenly essence, five also flew up from the dragon's body, entering into the mouths of Ao Xieyun, Gu Duxing, Xie Danqiong, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi respectively!

The milky white fog in the entire space suddenly turned denser . Milky white spiritual energy was slowly ejected out from the dragon's mouth, filling the entire space .

"Looks like this pure spiritual energy is this dragon… As long as the heavenly essence is taken out from here, the dragon will accelerate its ejection of spiritual energy… What a good design!" Mo Tianji exclaimed .

Gu Duxing went up and said, "This is a rare treasure and a rare blessing to us… It's only a pity that Chu Yang, Wushang and Butong aren't here . Otherwise, how good would it be if we could absorb the energy and cultivate together . "

Everyone became silent at the mention of Chu Yang .

Their mood instantly turned very heavy . Up to now, they still hadn't gotten a bit of news about Chu Yang…

After a long time, Mo Tianji took in a deep breath and said, "Everyone, you don't need to worry . It's useless to think about this now . For now, we shall only do what we can do to the best of our ability! If Chu Yang hasn't died, he'll definitely come to us!"

Ji Mo, who had been laughing all the time, was silent for the moment . He asked abruptly, "But will the Heavenly Armament Pavilion still be the Heavenly Armament Pavilion then?"

The atmosphere suddenly turned oppressive .

Mo Tianji took in a deep breath and solemnly raised one hand . "I swear that it will!"

He put down his hand as he smiled bitterly, and said lightly, "I know you always have such a worry, but… I've promised Chu Yang before that I'll accompany him to transcend the Nine Heavens! To lead a handsome, proud and free life together!"

He continued, "Chu Yang isn't here now, but we're still here! The Heavenly Armament Pavilion is still here! So I'll put in my best efforts for him . If Chu Yang is still alive, there's ultimately one day when we can ascend up to the Nine Heavens Peak! If Chu Yang is dead, the Heavenly Armament Pavilion will immediately disperse itself . "

"Don't think that I'm reining over you for this period of time . In actuality, I'm helpless . In this world, other than Chu Yang, no one else can reign over you . "

Ji Mo started to look relieved . Rubbing his nose, he said a bit embarrassedly, "I'm sorry . "

Mo Tianji patted on his shoulders, smiled and said understandingly, "I can understand you . You value your brothers very much, and it's a good thing . How can I blame you?"

He continued lightly, "In the past, I only thought of leading a free and easy life . Controlling the whole world is my life ambition . But now, thinking about it, although such a life sounds good, it's lonely . "

"I only realized this after I met all of you . "

Mo Tianji smiled warmly and his eyes beamed sincerely . He said slowly, "One's life is only blessed when his brothers are around!"

"One's life is only blessed when his brothers are around!" The other five silently repeated this sentence in their heart, their eyes beaming .

Without having the same experience, without encountering life and death together, without sharing weal and woe together, without working hard together, one wouldn't understand what kind of feeling was encompassed within these words!

Because of brothers, one's heart would no longer be lonely and adrift . Because of brothers, one would no longer have to always look at others distrustfully .

Because he knew that even if the whole world was against him, he would also not feel lonely!

Mo Tianji was silent for a long time before he said, "After we've absorbed all the energy, there should not be many people who want to be our opponent… There's one thing that I can tell all of you now . "

Gu Duxing frowned and asked, "What?"

Mo Tianji said heavily, "We're all brothers here . Don't leak out this secret . "

The five gazed at each other . They didn't know what he's going to say, but they nodded together .

With a gleam in his eyes, Mo Tianji said word by word, "The reason I so firmly believe that Chu Yang isn't dead is because… Chu Yang is very likely a… Nine, Tribulations, Sword, Master!"

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