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Chapter 987

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Dragon scales had suddenly appeared!

All the muscles on Ao Xieyun's body started to bulge out, and beginning from his ankles, there first appeared dense dragon scales, which then climbed up along his two legs at a very fast speed . Not for long, the dragon scales had already reached up to chest level .

And they were still continuing to climb up .

Neck, face… and head . Slowly, Ao Xieyun's whole body was glowing in golden light!

Two bulges on his forehead were slowly growing upwards, like two dragon horns breaking through the skins!

Ao Xieyun held a deep breath, and let out a long and loud roar .

At this moment, he abruptly opened his eyes and shouted, "Now!"

With a clang, Gu Duxing, who's already a seventh stage Sword Sovereign, forcefully pulled out his Black Dragon Sword . With a flash of sword light, the sword had already arrived at Ao Xieyun's chest .

The stretch of dragon scales on Ao Xieyun's chest suddenly disappeared at this moment!

Gu Duxing didn't hesitate . With another flash of sword light, he pierced his sword into Ao Xieyun's chest and spun it! Then, Gu Duxing retracted his sword at a lightning speed and retreated .

Ao Xieyun let out a wild scream, and a column of blood spurted out from his chest, which landed exactly in the mouth of the gigantic dragon's statue in the secret chamber .

At the next instant, this gigantic dragon statue, which was as tall as the sum of the height of dozens of people, suddenly glowed red light over its entire body, turning the entire secret chamber red!

"A dragon will be born once every 90,000 years . And once it's born, it'll soar in the sky and sweep through the world!"

A soft humming sound started to reverberate slowly within the airless mountain walls .

A round mountain cave revealed itself . Under the shining red light, the cave looked deep and endless .

Gu Duxing flew forth and shouted, "Go inside!"

He quickly held on to Ao Xieyun's waist and they rushed into the cave like a bolt of lightning!

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Mo Tianji followed closely after them, followed by Xie Danqiong, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi . Luo Kedi was the last to enter the cave, but at this moment, the cave entrance was beginning to seal up .

Luo Kedi let out a wolf-like cry . His body had already gone in, but half his ass was caught outside!

"Damn it!" Luo Kedi wanted to cry but he was tearless . At the same time, he fiercely tore out a piece of flesh from his ass, and only then did he set himself free . He grimaced in pain, but he dared not slow down his speed .

He flew forth speedily, leaving a trail of blood behind his ass .

"I'm so pathetic…" Luo Kedi's face was creased up, and he looked like he was going to cry out . "Motherf**ker… My image is now completely ruined…"

The cave wall was already shut, and the cave started to become enshrouded in white light .

The six people flew forth at full speed, while the passage behind them closed up . As non-stop rumbling sounds were heard from behind, they really dared not slow down for even a moment here . Especially Luo Kedi, who was the last one in the team, felt that his ass would be caught again at any moment . Thus, along the way, he dared not to even turn back his head .

After flying for a long distance, the passage began to channel downwards . After one hour, the six reached a relatively spacious area, where the passage behind no longer continued to close up . Everyone could finally loosen their breaths .

By the looks of it, it could be that they were caught in an airless space deep down the middle of the mountains .

Luo Kedi instantly stopped flying . Breathing heavily, he started to deal with the injuries on his ass .

Hearing the dripping sounds, Ji Mo turned back and couldn't help but let out a weird cry, "Damn it! Miss Luo, you… you have your men coming?"

In such an oppressive atmosphere here, everyone looked back as Ji Mo's words came out, and instantly, they burst into laughter . Even the cold-faced Gu Duxing also grinned slightly .

With Ji Mo within the team, the team would surely not be short of laughing stocks .

With a distorted face, Luo Kedi said fiercely, "Piss off!"

Since there's no woman here anyway, Luo Kedi directly tore off his clothes to apply medicines to his ass . When it was really inconvenient, he stuck up his ass and said to Ji Mo, "Come, apply medicines on my ass . "

Ji Mo retched . Covering his nose, he walked forward and took out the wound medicine . "Don't f**king fart at this time… I'm going up to you now…"

Everyone burst into laughter again .

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Although Luo Kedi was sweating heavily from pain, he also couldn't help but shake his body in laughter .

Everyone turned around to examine the cave . It approximately had a radius of some hundreds of feet . The surrounding stone walls were smooth, and even a lizard might probably not be able to stick itself on the wall .

Opposite them were three dark passages .

Everyone was stunned: Why were there three passages?

They all looked towards Ao Xieyun, but he was also at a loss . Spreading out his hands and shrugging his shoulders, Ao Xieyun indicated that he didn't know about this too .

Just at this moment, the whole ground suddenly started to shake . A humming sound rang up from beneath the ground, as if billions of people were saying their prayers from an extremely remote place .

The sound got closer and closer, slowly but tumultuously .

"The nine tribulations are formed, and the heaven reddens; the dragon soars up, domineering over the sky!"

It's still a soft muttering voice repeating these words tirelessly…

The ground shook, and slowly cracked open . A statue of a dragon's head rose up slowly from the ground, with the dragon's mouth wide open .

Then, it quietened down and shifted in front of Ao Xieyun .

"Again?" Ao Xieyun blinked his eyes . "How much blood do I have to sacrifice…"

Mo Tianji said, "There's no other way… Looks like only you can sacrifice blood for today…"

Ji Mo said as he applied medicines on Luo Kedi's ass, "What a pity that we can't use Miss Luo's blood . Otherwise, you can save a lot of blood… Look at how much blood Miss Luo has dripped along the way . "

Luo Kedi stuck up his ass and cursed back .

Ao Xieyun said furiously, "How can blood from the ass be used? It's too dirty!"

Everyone laughed aloud . Luo Kedi finally stood up gritting his teeth and said in rage, "All of you are bullying me! I'm injured, yet no one is comforting me…"

Ji Mo conveniently slapped a palm on Luo Kedi's ass, which was just bandaged, and said, "Actually, you must feel grateful that you're a man . If you're a woman and were with us all day long, you would long have been pregnant…"

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"Piss off!" everyone shouted furiously . Mo Tianji was no exception .

As Ao Xieyun smiled, the veins in his body bulged out, and Gu Duxing plunged his sword mercilessly into Ao Xieyun's chest again .

The middle and left cave entrances lit up and slowly started to shut up, leaving the cave at the right open .

"Is this the power of bloodline?" Mo Tianji pondered .

With a flash, Luo Kedi had already rushed up to the front and entered the cave first .

"I want to be at the front this time!"

Luo Kedi said excitedly, "Look at who's going to trap my ass!"

Looking back, he saw the other five walking slowly and smilingly into the cave . Ji Mo sneered, "Fool, this cave doesn't have a seal . "

Luo Kedi was startled . He stopped and pounded his chest .

It's relatively more stable this time . The six walked into the cave one after another .

Mo Tianji said, "Duxing, don't hold on to Ao Xieyun . Let him walk in front . We can just follow behind him . "

Gu Duxing agreed .

Ao Xieyun had lost a lot of blood and turned a little dizzy . But, after drinking a few sips of water, he had become more energetic .

"Xieyun, don't cover the wounds on your chest . Leave it open and let the smell of blood spread out," Mo Tianji instructed calmly .

"Alright . " Ao Xieyun didn't say anything else, and walked into the cave .

"Luo Kedi! You shall still be the last," Mo Tianji instructed again . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

He didn't come to such a place before, but by his own instincts and depending on the word 'bloodline', he thought of a lot of things .

Luo Kedi walked back in a confused manner and said, "Why?"

Xie Danqiong stared at him and said in a low voice, "This place works by depending on the power of blood . You're injured, and if you walk at the front, your blood smell will cover that of Ao Xieyun's! You're so dumb!"

Luo Kedi was shocked . "Sorry, I didn't think of this . "

"This is only a conjecture . It may not be true," Mo Tianji said, "But in the future, if we meet such strange phenomena, all of you must listen to my instructions! Otherwise… a single mistake will cause all of us to be over!"

Mo Tianji looked at the other few people warningly .

They all nodded heavily .

Mo Tianji was relying on this event to suggest to his brothers the importance of listening to his instructions, because he knew that there were too many mysterious places and strong enemies in the Upper Three Heavens . If the few brothers didn't make sufficient preparations, they would be sending themselves to die should they reach the Upper Three Heavens one day .

Ao Xieyun, opening the Dragon race's treasures this time around, had made Mo Tianji more confident that he and his few brothers could definitely reach the Upper Three Heavens!

There was definitely a reason that one's bloodline was resuscitated .

Since the bloodline was resuscitated, there must be great use to it! Besides, the muttering voice had mentioned clearly that a dragon would be born once in every 90,000 years . The words '90,000 years' had especially made Mo Tianji feel some sense of 'destination' .

Mo Tianji felt uncomfortable because of this word 'destination', as he felt as if everything was not in his own control . He couldn't help but think: If Chu Yang was here, what would he do? What would he think?

Mo Tianji finally felt relieved as everyone walked for thousands of feet into the cave .

As he walked, he inconspicuously cast some special scent on the stone walls . Although he knew that there would be no risk on the bloodline that could only resuscitate once in 90,000 years, Mo Tianji still instinctively started to take precautions beforehand .

The passage became more and more spacious as they walked, and the milky white fog also became denser and denser . Breathing this milky white fog made everyone feel extremely comfortable over their entire body, as if their cultivations were improving for every breath they took…

A faint red light revealed at a winding path in front .

Everyone hastened their walking speed . The moment they crossed the path, the six brothers were dumbstruck!

In front of them, there was actually a huge space covered in milky white fog! It's simply incredible that there's such a huge space underground!

In the middle of the space, a gigantic golden dragon was silently sprawling on the ground . Blood-red light shot out from its pair of eyes towards everyone!

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