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Chapter 986

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"Well, you're indeed not stupid," Diwu Qingrou said softly as he looked at Diwu Qingyun complicatedly, "Qingyun, the Sun clan was killed because they deserved it . It's the punishment brought by the evil deeds that they had committed . "

He pondered for a while and continued, "While you… As far as I know, you also have done quite a lot of evil deeds over these years . Although you aren't as bad as the Sun clan, your acts are still abominable!"

"You must know that you'll be punished by heaven if you do too many bad things . You should consider giving up on this . "

Diwu Qingrou took much effort to say these few words, and the way he spoke was in a slightly different manner as compared to his usual way of speaking .

Diwu Qingyun laughed and said smilingly, "It's alright! Qingrou, everything that I did was done through my men, besides… you kid is also very cunning . For everything that I did, you would kill all my involved subordinates . Last time, you even caught me and beat me 100 times!"

He smiled sheepishly and continued, "But I won't blame you for beating me or killing my men . I can just find other men for the next time . But please don't prevent me from doing this . That concubine of mine is the smallest daughter from the Sun clan . Now, she's throwing a tantrum on me . I can't hold her back any further . I really can't live if she continues like this . So I must kill this enemy . "

"Must? Alright!" Diwu Qingrou nodded slightly and said softly, "Since you've made up your mind, then go ahead . "

"Of course I need to kill him!" Diwu Qingyun snorted and said, "Qingrou, thank you for helping me think of this idea . This time around, I'll definitely kill him! But, not only I must keep this plan a secret, but you must also help me to keep it secret . I'll be over if this spreads out . "

Diwu Qingrou nodded heavily and said, "Be assured on my side . Nothing will happen . "

Diwu Qingyun walked away relaxedly .

Now, there's only Diwu Qingrou left in the yard, standing blankly there .

After standing for a long time, he slowly sat down, held up the teapot, poured a cup of tea and took a sip . He muttered, "It's so fast… the tea has already turned cold . "

Then he sighed softly and said, "It's windy now . Is the weather going to change?"

Then he walked into his own bedroom slowly . Sitting in front of his desk, he muttered to himself, "Is the battle going to begin in advance? Then, our fate energy…"

He sighed deeply .

"This is too quick!"

Diwu Qingrou said softly .

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He looked quietly at the name list on the table . They're the members of the Diwu clan . He flipped this list in his hands, and rested his eyes on the name 'Diwu Qingyun' .

He sighed and looked at the other few names . He said softly, almost whispering, "If that's the case, I need to clean up more… Otherwise, if the weather changes, it'll be too late…"

While Chu Yang, Chu Le'er and Zi Xieqing continued their journey towards the South, it's also when Diwu Qingrou started to mastermind…

In this vast stretch of land, many people who're related to Chu Yang were also heading towards the South!

There were many of them whom Chu Yang didn't expect at all .

Thousands of miles south-east of Chu Yang, a fairy-like pair of couples and a stunningly beautiful girl were heading towards the South .

"Qianqian, your cultivation should have stabilized?" Feng Yurou said smilingly .

Wu Qianqian agreed and said, "Yes, I feel that there's already no fluctuation in my cultivation now . But, teachers, you've put in too much effort for me . "

Yue Lingxue smiled lightly and said, "We can recover very quickly through some meditation . This is nothing at all . But you're going to experience the martial world soon . You must have sufficient capability to protect yourself!"

Wu Qianqian said in a low voice, "Yes . "

Feng Yurou said, "Qianqian, the Medicine Banquet is a good opportunity for you to gain battling experiences . You must be constantly careful, and remember that once you're provoked by fops, don't be soft on them! Kill those who deserve it, and never be merciful to them! If you're merciful to them, you'll be harming yourself!"

Yue Lingxue smiled lightly and said, "Rou'er, you've said wrongly . Our apprentice's hands are much crisper than yours . "

Feng Yurou rolled her eyes at him and said, "No matter how crisp her hands are, it's after all the first time that she's going for a real experience in the martial world!"

Yue Lingxue raised his hands and surrendered . "It's my fault…"

Wu Qianqian started smiling .

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"You shall go by yourself after that path in front," Feng Yurou said as she looked affectionately at Wu Qianqian, and took out a bracelet and wore it on Wu Qianqian's wrist, "This is a piece of starwood which I've already refined . I'll teach you how to use it . In the future, you can put things that you need inside this, and whenever you need those things, you can directly take them out . "

Wu Qianqian's eyes were red . "Teachers, are you really leaving me?"

"Qianqian, you can only walk your own path by yourself," Feng Yurou said as she smiled warmly, "It's impossible for your Teacher Yue and me to follow you for your whole life . Your true life hasn't begun yet . Your teachers can only put in our best efforts to pave a path that's best for you, but to reach the finishing line of the path… you've still got a long way to go . "

"Yes, teacher . " Wu Qianqian puckered her mouth .

The three continued their way a little further before they separated .

Looking at Wu Qianqian's black figure flying away, Feng Yurou's eyes turned red . She said, "I don't know why Qianqian likes black clothes so much . She didn't change it to clothes of other colors before…"

Yue Lingxue said smilingly as he gazed at Wu Qianqian's receding figure, "This child has a good disposition . She has only turned back once, and when she turned back, she was smiling . But when she looked away from us, she cried two times . "

"This child only doesn't want us to worry about her . " Feng Yurou asked, "Are we really letting her leave by herself?"

"Since she's traveling here for the first time, we of course need to follow her for a period of time and keep a watch on her secretly," Yue Lingxue said, "But, you mustn't go forth to give her any help unless she has reached a critical moment . Once you make her feel dependent, you'll ruin her whole life . "

Feng Yurou nodded . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Wait till Wu Qianqian was completely gone, the duo then silently followed behind her…

But gradually, the couple's eyes widened .

This apprentice of theirs was much bolder than what they had expected…

Wu Qianqian could be considered an unparalleled beauty in the context of the Nine Heavens! And she indeed lured a lot of lascivious men to her along the way .

But no matter what, she had once succeeded the King of Hell Chu's duty and taken on the role of a minister! Although she's not the true king of hell, but for anyone who had taken on the role of a king of hell… how could he be soft-hearted?

Insisting on the idea of exterminating the evil-doers once and for all, she had already turned three spots into slaughterhouses while traveling for less than 300 miles! Along the way, there were pools of blood and countless heads rolling untidily on the ground…

Wu Qianqian remained impervious and flew through the blood pools just like a breeze…

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Feng Yurou looked incredulously at Yue Lingxue, saying, "This… Is this really our apprentice?"

Yue Lingxue smiled bitterly . "I heard that she had taken on the role as a king of hell in the Lower Three Heavens before…"

Feng Yurou was speechless .

On the other side .

Bu Liuqing, and Mo Qingwu, who's in a body of red, were coming down from a high mountain .

Mo Qingwu was elated as she was going down the mountains for the first time .

"While Old Ning isn't around, I'll bring you down to play . " This sentence of Bu Liuqing excited Mo Qingwu for several days . Today was the day that they could finally set off the mountains .

Ever since Mo Qingwu had arrived at the Upper Three Heavens, she had grown by quite a bit . A little girl that's 12 years old or so was actually starting to reveal the curvature of her body .

The pair of teacher and apprentice went down the mountains and traveled slowly towards the South direction .

Bu Liuqing was thinking about whether there were any medicines in the Medicine Banquet that Mo Qingwu needed . If there are any medicines, I can grab some; If there isn't, I shall target for the Heaven-Nourishing Jade…

It's better to swipe some medicines at the Medicine Banquet as compared to Ning Tianya that old bastard breaking his legs from searching for medicines .

But there was a problem that's causing Bu Liuqing to have headaches .

"Teacher, do you think that we'll meet Brother Chu Yang at the banquet?" Mo Qingwu's face was full of anticipation .

"I'm not sure… Mainly doctors will go there . Your Brother Chu Yang is already good in his sword . How can he be so omnipotent?" Bu Liuqing said .

"Then can we not go to this banquet? Let's go find Brother Chu Yang," Mo Qingwu suggested excitedly, "Brother Chu Yang looks better and more interesting than this banquet…"

Bu Liuqing scolded in his heart: Only you think that he looks good . Why don't I see how good-looking he is… Interesting? How is he interesting? Other than his sharp tongue, I don't see how interesting he is…

Bu Liuqing was miserable as he thought about this .

My apprentice that I've painstakingly brought up has fallen in love with that bastard . Is it going to be so cheap for him? That bastard is so much older than Little Wu… He's the typical type of man who loves robbing the cradle…

"Please agree to me, alright…" Mo Qingwu started to act like a spoiled child as she held and swayed Bu Liuqing's hands .

Bu Liuqing's face collapsed and he immediately changed his mouth . "This Medicine Banquet is a grand event in the Upper Three Heavens! It's very fun . There are also many people who aren't doctors going there . Your Brother Chu Yang will definitely be going there . "

"Yeah! Great!!!" Mo Qingwu jumped up excitedly and urged, "Teacher, let's go there quickly, the quicker the better . How about you carrying me…"

But I'm not a donkey!

Bu Liuqing almost wanted to scold her out of rage, but he still said patiently, "The Medicine Banquet will only be starting in Spring . We shall go there slowly . Your Brother Chu Yang is so lazy . He definitely won't go there so early… And we'll miss the scenery along the way if we get there so quickly…"

Mo Qingwu pouted her lips . "Al… right…"

At this moment, in the secret based of the Ao clan of the distant Middle Three Heavens .

Gu Duxing, Xie Danqiong, Mo Tianji, Ao Xieyun, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi were gathered together, facing the door of a secret chamber .

Ao Xieyun asked, "Are you ready?"

Everyone nodded .

Ao Xieyun looked solemn . "Everyone, do take note to be quick once the door opens . "

He slowly took off his clothes, leaving only his underclothes .

He suddenly raised his head and let out a long roar!

This roar reverberated out of the chamber and across the sky, and actually turned into a loud groaning sound of a dragon!

Golden pieces of dragon scales suddenly appeared on Ao Xieyun's body!

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