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Chapter 985

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Diwu Qingrou sighed . His brother was almost good at nothing . He wasn't good in either civil or martial arts, but he just liked to act smart and curry favor with everyone else . Relying on his identity as a young master of the Diwu clan, he had taken on the job as a welcome steward in the Zhuge clan .

Diwu Qingrou had never liked this person, but Diwu Qingyun would always come to find him and discuss all matters with him . After the discussion, no matter what opinion Diwu Qingrou had, Diwu Qingyun would go make a fuss about the issue under the banner of Diwu Qingrou . Diwu Qingrou was really annoyed by Diwu Qingyun .

Sometimes, Diwu Qingrou even thought of killing this fellow . But after much hesitation, he ultimately didn't do so . The Diwu clan had already waned to such a state . If there was still internal killing within the clan, the Diwu clan would really be doomed eternally .

Besides, the divine sense was spread out within the whole clan all day long . It's really hard to unknowingly carry out the killing…

Now that Diwu Qingrou had finally found some time to relax, this fellow had come to bother him again .

Helplessly, Diwu Qingrou said, "I'm here . Come in . "

With a screeching sound, Diwu Qingyun pushed the door open and entered .

Diwu Qingrou looked up and only saw the utter furiousness written all over Diwu Qingyun's face . Frowning, Diwu Qingrou asked, "What is it?"

Diwu Qingyun said in panic, "Qingrou, something big has happened! Do you know my in-laws? That one from the North Wind Town . "

Diwu Qingrou said lightly, "That Sun clan? What has happened?"

"What has happened?" Diwu Qingyun sighed . "They're exterminated… The whole clan was killed, and no one survived…"

Diwu Qingrou said lightly, "Oh?"

Diwu Qingyun said, "From what I heard, the person who had killed them has a strong background, and this time, he had come here to participate in the Medicine Banquet! He's the candidate of Han Xiaoran, the law-enforcement master of the South-East region…"

Diwu Qingrou patiently trimmed his sweet osmanthus . Looking left and right, he retracted his arms and said lightly, "You want to revenge? Revenge for your in-laws?"

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Diwu Qingyun said, "No matter what, they were my in-laws… Besides, a source of fortune is gone from me because of this! How can I not take revenge?"

"You want to take revenge, but you also don't want to get into trouble; the other side also has a strong background, so you want me to think of an idea for you?" Diwu Qingrou analyzed coherently as he observed his trimmed flowers carefully and stroked on them with his steady hands .

"Yes," Diwu Qingyun said hurriedly, "Qingrou, only you can help me for this time . And only you can help me get rid of that fellow with your craftiness . "

"Since he has come to the Medicine Banquet, he must be a doctor," Diwu Qingrou said unaffectedly, "What's this person's name? What's his cultivation?"

"This person is surnamed Chu . He's called Chu Yang . And he's a Sovereign…"

Before Diwu Qingyun finished this sentence, he heard a crack . Diwu Qingrou had actually cut off the whole sweet osmanthus . Following which, with a bang, his scissors fell onto the ground .

Diwu Qingrou also revealed a very strange look .

There's a shock, confusion, recollection, and a little feeling of incredibleness, and there's even too much of a surprise!

But instantly, he changed back to his original look .

"Qingrou?" Diwu Qingyun was shocked . He dared to swear that he had never seen Diwu Qingrou change so many expressions as what he had just done!

"I'm fine . " Diwu Qingrou bent down and picked up the pair of scissors . But he stopped trimming his flowers . He only frowned and started to think about something . The sweet osmanthus that he had planted, cultivated and trimmed all by himself was cut off, but he actually didn't seem to care about it at all .

Diwu Qingyun didn't dare to disturb Diwu Qingrou, and only stood by waiting at one side .

After thinking for a while, Diwu Qingrou threw away his scissors, and raised his hands before his eyes, saying, "My hands are a little too clean… and slippery, for this period of time . "

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Diwu Qingyun blinked his eyes confusedly: Your hands are too clean? How can hands that are too clean be slippery?

Diwu Qingrou looked at his own hands for quite some time before starting to pace slowly . He clasped his hands behind his back, while revealing a cold look on his face .

He didn't speak a word even after a long while!

"Qingrou, what should we do about this matter?" Diwu Qingyun asked anxiously, "Please do come up with an idea . "

Diwu Qingrou was just about to speak . Suddenly, he turned around and asked, "You said just now that he's a Sovereign…"

"Sovereign of swords! I heard that he's a sixth stage Sovereign of swords!" Diwu Qingyun said a little frantically, "This isn't a low cultivation . And his identity is a special envoy doctor picked personally by the law-enforcement master of the South-East region…"

The corner of Diwu Qingrou's eyes shook once imperceptibly and he muttered, "Sovereign of swords? Sovereign of swords… what's this cultivation?"

Diwu Qingyun was instantly stunned . "Qingrou, has your head become muddled? There's first the Sword Emperor, followed by Sword Monarch . Then, those extraordinary ones would become the Sovereigns of sword . This is the Sword Way . You… you you you… are you pretending to be silly?"

Diwu Qingrou's brows shook gently and he said, "Oh, the Sovereign of swords is after the Sword Emperor! And Chu Yang is at its sixth stage!"

He had said this sentence very forcefully .

Then, his face recovered its original colors . He said lightly, "This person should be very young? How does he look like?"

"Very young . He's absolutely not more than 20 years old! And he looks very handsome…" Diwu Qingyun said energetically .

"Very young, not more than 20 years old, sixth stage… Sovereign of swords," Diwu Qingrou said lightly . His eyes finally flashed once .

At this moment, it seemed as if a star had flashed intensely once within Diwu Qingrou's eyes .

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Instantly, he started smiling slightly . "It's only a Sovereign of swords . Can't you deal with him yourself?"

Diwu Qingyun was angry and anxious . "If it's only under normal circumstances, I'll just send a few people to mobilize the experts from the Zhuge clan . But now, it's the preparation period of the Medicine Banquet . All the experts have their own jobs to do . I can't find any opportunities . "

Diwu Qingrou's eyes sparkled again and he said, "If that's the case, you can do this…"

He thought for a while and said, "I think this kind of thing can be done just by your own cronies . "

Diwu Qingyun stamped his feet and said, "This is simply a joke! Among my cronies, the one with the highest cultivation is only a fifth stage Martial Monarch . And I've roped him in after wasting a lot of effort . How can a fifth stage Martial Monarch deal with a sixth stage Sovereign of swords?"

Diwu Qingrou frowned and said, "I have a plan . "

"Say it . " Diwu Qingyun became energetic .

"To become a Sovereign of swords at such a young age, he must have relied on drugs!" Diwu Qingrou said slowly .

"Yes! Absolutely!" Diwu Qingyun said definitively, "Otherwise, even if he had started cultivating in his mother's womb, he wouldn't have reached such cultivation now!"

"Yes," Diwu Qingrou said, "People who rely on drugs to improve their cultivations will all be very… sensitive towards drugs . The thing that such people fear the most when traversing the martial world is being poisoned! And this person isn't old enough . So he shouldn't be very experienced in the martial world . So…"

"So??" Diwu Qingyun looked back eagerly .

"So… It also happens that in the Zhuge clan, you're in charge of welcoming guests and arranging for their accommodation," Diwu Qingrou said as a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes, "Which room he stays in, what he eats or drinks, and what furniture he has in his room, you'll all know about it! And all of them are arranged by you . Have you understood?"

"Understood! Do you mean that I should poison him?" Diwu Qingyun's eyes lit up .

"You must be clever in using poisons, and you mustn't leave any trace behind . It's best that you use mixed poison!" Diwu Qingrou continued .

"Yes!" Diwu Qingyun nodded repetitively .

"Mixed poison is discernible to doctors . So, if he comes, you should arrange for him to live in the Orchard Palace . There're orchards there, and they grow in all seasons . The fragrance that they have can cover up the smell of all poisons," Diwu Qingrou paced three steps and said softly .

"Good!" Diwu Qingyun's eyes became brighter and brighter .

"Lastly, after you find the mixed poison, bring it to me; I'll use the Orchard Heart Chasing Soul technique to refine it, so that it can blend more thoroughly into the smell of the orchards," Diwu Qingrou suggested softly .

"Great!" Diwu Qingyun became more and more excited as he listened .

"Of course, you must pay attention that you mustn't use too much poison, as it would make the poison easily discernible . It's best to use mixed poison that can make experts unconscious… Yes, the mixed poison of daisy incense and Orchard Heart Grass is the best," Diwu Qingrou continued to suggest .

"Great! It just appears that I have such mixed poison!" Diwu Qingyun clapped his hands in excitement .

If you didn't have it, why would I say it?

Diwu Qingrou thought silently . Then, he continued, "As long as he's poisoned and appeared to be unstable, you shall lay hands on him quickly! Because this poison only has effects on a Sovereign of sword for at most two hours! You must grasp the time well . "

"Of course . Not to mention two hours, I can also cut his head eight times in the blink of an eye!" Diwu Qingyun said as he laughed in relief .

Diwu Qingrou said, "You just want to kill people? You don't want to vent your anger on him? Isn't it too cheap to just kill him like this?"

"You're also right . Then, what should I do from your point of view?" Diwu Qingyun asked .

Diwu Qingrou smiled lightly and said, "If I want to take revenge, I'll show myself up and clearly tell him my name, my identity, and what wrong he has done, then let him plead for my mercy . I'll pretend to agree to him, then when he's happy, I'll suddenly kill him!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"This will be really satisfying!" Diwu Qingyun clapped and gave a thumbs up . "Qingrou, you really deserve to be called a think-tanker and an ancestor of playing with conspiracies!"

Diwu Qingrou's eyes flashed slightly and he said, "But you must be careful of doing this secretly . Other than your closest men, no one else shall no about this! Otherwise… if the clan finds out that you actually dare to harm their guests in the Medicine Banquet, you'll only be left to die . "

Diwu Qingyun said with dissatisfaction, "Hey, I'm not stupid…"

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