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Chapter 983

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Chu Yang extremely agreed with Ling Hanwu, and said, "That's right! What actual capability do these fops have? They only rely on their clans . Without the power of their clans, these people can only lead a life no better than that of dogs! The fops are only lecherous at first, but because of the connivance of their clans time and again, and the ingratiation of their subordinates… the fops gradually take this for granted . If anyone says that there's a group of righteous elders standing behind the rascals' back, I'll spit on him a whole face of saliva!"

Ling Hanwu praised, "You speak well! So, we need to exterminate the fops' clan! If anyone provides cover for the fops, he should be killed!"

Chu Yang laughed, and simply felt extremely satisfied after having spoken such words . He said, "But, what is it for when you did such things in those 10 years?"

Ling Hanwu laughed in a strong self-mocking tone, and said, "You're not an outsider . I shall tell you about it then . "

The duo continued walking along with the troop . Then, Ling Hanwu ordered for a white horse to be given to Chu Yang . The duo chatted along as they rode on their horses .

On another side, Zi Xieqing and Ling Hanxue were also chatting .

If Zi Xieqing was said to be unapproachable and as cold as ice and frost, Ling Hanxue could be said to be directly an iceberg . As the duo walked together, they had caught many eyeballs, but they had also 'frostbitten' quite a number of people too .

They're just too cold .

Regardless of whether it's their expression or look, everything about them was cold . The conversation between them was even colder . Although their conversation topic was ordinary, the coldness in their tone could also freeze people up .

"What's your surname, miss?" Ling Hanxue asked coldly .

"Zi," Zi Xieqing said lightly .

"Erm, you've gotten into quite a lot of trouble along your trip?" Ling Hanxue asked .

"It's alright," Zi Xieqing responded .

"Quite a number of young ruffians? Did you lay hands on them?" Ling Hanxue asked .

"What do you think?" Zi Xieqing asked back .

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"I can't see your cultivation," Ling Hanxue said .

"It's ordinary," Zi Xieqing replied .

The questions the duo asked each other were very cold, and the same went to their responses . It seemed that both of them had found each other an opponent and that they were both at loggerheads with each other: They're challenging each other who could drive out the coldness of the other first!

So, the duo talked like this all along the way .

Some people who had rarely seen two icy beauties talking to each other curiously got near to them, wanting to hear their conversation . But upon hearing them, they started shuddering one by one, and quickly tried to shun them .

Everyone felt piercingly cold over their whole body upon hearing such a cold conversation, as if it was deep winter at the moment . So they simply shunned the two women; even the four Supreme level escorts of the troop also shunned without leaving any trace .

Two female perverts!

Everyone scolded silently in their hearts .

The duo in front of the troop was chatting non-stop . They had too many common topics of interests .

"Why am I not an outsider?" Chu Yang felt a little strange . It seems that we've only met today? Why am I not an outsider?

Ling Hanwu smiled lightly and said, "The first thing that Meng Geyin did after he arrived at the Upper Three Heavens was to come and find me . "

Chu Yang became spirited at once . "My teacher? Where is he now?"

"Humph!" Ling Hanwu said furiously, "Little punk! If your teacher hadn't told me that he had you as his apprentice, do you think that I would invite you to drink wine for the first time we've met? Do you think it is that easy to drink wine with me?"

Chu Yang started sweating heavily . He smiled bitterly and said, "It's me who's too bold; I've thought that we've fallen for each other at our first sight . "

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"Fallen for each other at our first sight?!" Ling Hanwu almost dropped down from his horse . His eyes were wide open . "You really talk a lot like your teacher . On the surface, you look simple and honest, but actually, your thoughts are weird and creepy and you make people at a loss of whether to cry or laugh! No… Your teacher has also said wrongly . You don't look simple and honest on the surface too!"

Chu Yang didn't know whether to cry or laugh . "But everyone who has seen me before all said that I'm simple, honest, pure and innocent…"

"Stop!" Cold sweat crept up Ling Hanwu's entire body . "Did I recognize the wrong person? Are you Chu Yang or Tan Tan?"

Chu Yang finally confirmed that Ling Hanwu had really seen his teacher Meng Chaoran . Otherwise, he wouldn't have known so much . It's not difficult for Ling Hanwu to know that Chu Yang was Meng Chaoran's apprentice, but Ling Hanwu even knew about Tan Tan .

"Where's my teacher?" Chu Yang asked hurriedly .

"He's butchered by me!" Ling Hanwu flipped his eyelids .

Chu Yang's face turned pale .

"You've really taken this seriously?" Ling Hanwu snorted . "Do you believe that I'll beat your ass on behalf of your teacher?"

Chu Yang said lightly, "I don't like to hear jokes, especially jokes on my teacher . "

The duo stared at each other without blinking even once .

Ling Hanwu finally sighed . "Alright, I shall say I'm afraid of the both of you . I'll not joke on your teacher anymore!" Seeing Chu Yang's resoluteness, Ling Hanwu felt as if Meng Geyin was standing before himself unyieldingly, just like how he did back then .

Chu Yang smiled and said, "In every person's life, there're always some people whom he wants to protect with all his ability and doesn't allow to be assaulted or mocked at! These people are usually claimed to be the bottom line of this person . As the saying goes, anyone who touches the forbidden lamella of a dragon will die . This means the same thing . "

"Bottom line of a person…" Ling Hanwu said softly, "There're such people in everyone's heart… Then who are these people in your heart?"

Chu Yang said proudly, "My teacher, parents, friends and wife!"

He smiled lightly, revealing a sharp resoluteness in his eyes, "I'll kill whoever dares to offend them!"

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"So many…" Ling Hanwu smiled bitterly . "In my heart, other than my family members, there's only one more person! But that person doesn't belong to me… When I mention her, I can only use a 'she' to describe her, I can't use 'my'… this one word!"

Chu Yang was silent . He knew that Ling Hanwu was talking about Ye Chuchen, but Chu Yang didn't want to talk about her . Because she's his teacher's lover!

Chu Yang felt a little strange about Ye Chuchen… What kind of a woman she was exactly to cause two of such men to be infatuated with her?

Meng Chaoran had great composure . Even if the Nine Heavens had collapsed, he might still remain unmoved .

On the other hand, Ling Hanwu was the second master of one of the nine big dominating clans . How respectful his position was? Yet he's also so carried away with Ye Chuchen!

"Back then, your teacher, Chuchen and I grew up together . Your teacher and I are of the same age, while Chuchen is younger than both of us . At that time, the Ling clan and Ye clan had good relations with each other, and are also in-laws . My aunt is the wife of the Ye clan's clan master . I always went over to the Ye clan to play, and as long as I went there, I would stay there for several months . "

"Everyone grew up slowly, and I also began to love Chuchen . One day, my clan told me that they wanted to arrange a marriage for me, and I unhesitatingly mentioned Chuchen's name . It was only then that I got to know that it was the Ye clan who had raised this matter on their own initiative . "

"I happily went to the Ye clan, found Chuchen, and told her about this . But I saw that she had become much thinner . She told me that the one whom she loved was Meng Geyin, and not me…"

"At that time, I really wanted to kill Meng Geyin… But Chuchen bitterly pleaded for me to let go of them, hehe… I'm also an arrogant person . How can I accept someone who doesn't like me to be my wife?"

"Everyone knows that I have a deep love for Ye Chuchen . But, Meng Geyin and she are affectionate to each other and simply didn't put me in mind . What's the use of forcibly getting her to me? So I gave up! Haha…"

Ling Hanwu laughed . But his laughter was filled with desolation .

Then, he smiled bitterly and said, "But, it was only after I gave up then did I know how deeply hurt I was; did I know how heartbreaking lovesick was! I unconsciously wandered around the martial world, not knowing what I was doing…"

"I heard later that the Ye clan was utterly raged about this matter . The Ye clan forced Ye Chuchen to agree to the marriage with me, but she would rather die than obey the clan's order . Because of this, she actually tried to commit suicide once… So I rushed back to the Ye clan, intending to tell them that it was I who gave up on the marriage with her, and it had nothing to do with her and Meng Geyin…"

"But it was too late when I returned . The Ye clan, in order to dash Chuchen's hopes, actually mobilized a huge army to besiege the Meng clan! Chuchen knelt in front of me and pleaded me to save Meng Geyin . "

"So I went . But with my lone force, who could I save? Everyone in the Meng clan was dead when I arrived there, and only Meng Geyin was still alive, but a dagger was also going to fall on his neck . So, I used my identity as a Ling clan's member to forcibly take Meng Geyin away . But ultimately, Meng Geyin was still being plotted against by the Ye clan during the massacre . "

"I escorted Meng Geyin to run away . Before he left, I let him and Chuchen meet for the last time, while I kept watching for them…"

As he said till here, Ling Hanwu started to smile bitterly . "I let my most beloved woman meet her lover, while I, this person who loves her deeply, keep watch for them outside! Keep watch for them! Haha…"

Chu Yang sighed deeply .

This feeling must be as good as dying? Ling Hanwu had the high status of being the second master of the Ling clan, but for the sake of fulfilling the wishes of his beloved person, he put in such painstaking efforts . Such a man was really hard to come by!

"Meng Geyin escaped overnight and no one knew where he went . Chuchen was heartbroken and awash with tears all day long . At that time, I really wanted to kill that old fool from the Ye clan! If not for his compulsion on Chuchen, how would this be the end result?"

"If I had killed the one who had compelled Chuchen, that would be her father whom I should have killed . But if I had killed him, Chuchen would be sad . So I couldn't kill him and went to kill other people! Those people who compelled women! For every person I killed, I would think that I've killed that old bastard from the Ye clan again! So I became more and more energetic in killing!"

"So I killed people like this for 10 years!"

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Ling Hanwu smiled bitterly . "I desperately practiced martial arts, desperately used various means to improve my cultivation, and desperately… tried to forget about her . But after all, I can't do this!"

"I know," Chu Yang said deeply .

"Your teacher has changed his name to 'Meng Chaoran', right?" Ling Hanwu laughed . "Upon arrival at the Upper Three Heavens, he came looking for me, and directly said: I want to find Ye Chuchen!"

"Urgh, urgh…" Chu Yang didn't expect his teacher to be so direct and rough . He's actually so straightforward in front of his love rival .

"Do you know what was the second sentence that he spoke?" Ling Hanwu gritted his teeth .

"What?" Chu Yang asked .

"His second sentence was: You shall date her out in your own name, then keep watch for us . " Ling Hanwu's eyes were fiery . "At that time, I really wanted to slap that fellow to death… He actually spoke out such shameless words, and he had said it so matter-of-factly! It's just as if I had owed to him something that deserved him to talk to me this way…"

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