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Chapter 982

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Chu Yang's face turned dark .

Since when do I have such nicknames?

He stopped walking . Some people behind were wearing clothes that were as white as snow, and it seemed as if a sharp sense of chilliness was cast out from them .

Hundreds of people in white walked forth silently with their swords in hand .

Chu Yang's pupils shrank .

Just by looking at these people, and without having them to speak, Chu Yang instantly could feel the sharp chill cast out from them! And, every one of them was an expert!

Their minimum cultivation was at the Monarch level!

There were also a number of Saint level experts .

The few people walking in the middle of the team looked young, but for every step that they walked, it seemed that the whole heaven and earth was moving together with them .

They had already reached the realm where they could integrate their bodies into the great void!

Supreme Martial Artists!

There was a man and a woman at the front . The man looked tall and handsome, while the woman looked mysteriously beautiful .

There seemed to be some inexplicable sadness on the man's face, while the woman looked unapproachable and as if she could never smile .

Chu Yang actually recognized this woman .

The Ling clan!

Ling Hanxue!

It turned out that these were people from the Ling clan, one of the nine big clans which dominated the Nine Heavens .

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Zi Xieqing was also looking at these few people . Looking at the man at the front, she whispered to Chu Yang admiringly, "This man should be less than 50 years old, but he actually is already a seventh stage Martial Saint! Although there are traces of him that he has used drugs to improve his cultivation, it's very rare for someone to have such cultivation by his age! He can be said to be a prodigy!"

Chu Yang was startled . "His cultivation is that high?"

"I'm definitely correct," Zi Xieqing said lightly, "This woman is only 28 to 29 years old! But she's already a first stage Martial Saint! Her aptitude is no worse than that of the man . But it's a great pity that she has cultivated using the Heart-Sealing martial arts! This martial art enables one to cultivate faster than any other martial arts, but as long as one becomes enamored, he'll be doomed! How would such a beautiful woman practice such martial art?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Chu Yang's heart jerked .

He remembered the indifferent attitude that Ling Hanxue had at the Lake of Despair . There was also a moment then where her eyes revealed the extreme pain in her .

"If one's heart isn't dead, how will he seal his heart?" Chu Yang sighed .

Zi Xieqing muttered, "Yes . If one's heart isn't dead and doesn't contain any hope anymore, how will he seal his heart?" As she said, she couldn't help but ask herself: Am I considered to have already sealed my heart?

As they said, those people had already arrived in front of them .

The handsome middle-aged man at the front said smilingly, "I suppose this is Young Master Chu who has been slaughtering people all the way in enforcing justice on behalf of the Heaven?"

Aside, the cold eyes of Ling Hanxue shot on Chu Yang's face . She said a little surprisingly, "It's you!"

She had seen Chu Yang before in the Lake of Despair of the Middle Three Heavens and didn't expect to see him again here .

"My surname is indeed Chu," Chu Yang agreed as he smiled, saying, "Miss Ling, we've met again . "

Ling Hanxue said lightly, "I remember that you're called Chu Yang . Shouldn't you be at the Middle Three Heavens? How did you come to the Upper Three Heavens? The Nine Heavens was shut down after the battle that day… How did you manage to come up?"

Although she was asking questions, she still gave others the feeling that she was frosty and unapproachable .

Although Chu Yang knew her temper, he still felt discontented in his heart . He said, "Miss Ling, you must have remembered wrongly . The Upper Three Heavens was only closed in more than half a month after the battle . "

Ling Hanxue agreed and said, "Then you must have entered here in that half a month . I've taken it for granted . "

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She had still said these words coldly, but she was actually making an apology .

The middle-aged man in white aside smiled bitterly . "Young Master Chu, don't blame her . This niece of mine is just like this . Alas, even if she's talking to her father and me, she's also this cold . We're helpless about her . "

Ling Hanxue was slightly angry . "Second uncle!"

Chu Yang had at last understood . For this Miss Ling, even if she's angry, she's also cold . And she's actually speaking like this to her second uncle!

Looks like this is really her true nature…

His heart skipped a beat as he thought about the conversation between Seventh Master Xiao and Ye Wubo in the battle then .

Seventh Master Xiao had said then, "Did I say incorrectly? Your sister Ye Chuchen was originally in love with Meng Geyin . He was the eldest young master from the Meng clan, a vassal clan of your clan back then . But in order to ally with the Ling clan, your clan forcibly separated the two people, and wanted your sister to marry Ling Hanwu, the second young master of the Ling clan…"

Second young master!

Second uncle!

Isn't the second young master back then from that generation one generation up the current one?

This thought flashed across Chu Yang's mind, and he instantly began to remember clearly that Seventh Master Xiao had also said then, "Ye Chuchen would rather die than marry Ling Hanwu, and was still deeply attached to Meng Geyin . But Ling Hanwu was still manly enough to take the initiative to separate from Ye Chuchen!"

Is this man Ling Hanwu?

Chu Yang probed, "Senior, you don't need to be so polite . I'm indeed Chu Yang . May I know how I should address you?"

The middle-aged man in white smiled lightly . Although he was smiling, the slight sorrow between his brows still lingered . He said calmly, "I'm Ling Hangwu, the second uncle of Xue'er . "

Chu Yang finally confirmed the conjecture that he had .

It's indeed this person!

He couldn't help but feel his heart jerk: This person is my teacher's love rival; It's because of this person that had caused the clan of my teacher to be killed and him to wander down to the Lower Three Heavens .

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But, Ling Hanwu is also innocent for this matter . Because he's completely unaware of the Ye clan's plan . Moreover, he took the initiative to quit in the end to fulfill Meng Chaoran and Ye Chuchen . He can be said to be a real man .

Chu Yang instantly felt a little complicated in his heart .

He said smilingly, "Oh, you're Second Master Ling . " He suddenly became startled as he spoke, and said, "Oh… I've said incorrectly…"

Ling Hanwu laughed . "My niece's name was changed by her teacher, so it sounds weird, as if she has come from the same generation as us . But… she's a girl, so it doesn't matter a lot . Actually, my niece was originally called Ling Yurou . It wasn't named after her seniority either, haha…"

Chu Yang said, "I see . "

Ling Hanxue said coldly, "Second uncle, it's best not to mention me when you talk with other people . "

Ling Hanwu didn't take her words to mind, and instead laughed . "Little Xue, be good . I'm just talking about this randomly…"

Ling Hanxue frowned and walked to one side .

Ling Hanwu laughed and said, "Young Master Chu, are you going to take part in the Medicine Banquet? If you don't mind, we can go together . "

Chu Yang said, "I've to really thank you if you can come with us . There're too few people with us now, and we've gotten into quite a lot of troubles along the way . "

Ling Hanwu said smilingly, "But, it's also encouraging for us as you killed along the way! Do you know, after you've killed till the ninth fop, I've ordered people to pay attention to you? After which, for every other one you've killed, a message would be sent to me . "

As he said, he took out a handful of papers from his chest . He laughed after counting them . "You're good! You've killed more than 70 along the way! And the five or six that you've killed yesterday still aren't included in here!"

Chu Yang said smilingly, "Since I have a sword, I should make good use of it in killing the villains in this world!"

"Good!" Ling Hanwu shouted and muttered this sentence twice, "Since I have a sword, I should make good use of it in killing the villains in this world! Since I have a sword, I should make good use of it in killing the villains in this world!"

He suddenly shouted, "Get out the wine! I shall toast three good cups with you for these words of yours! I never met you before, but I just like and agree to what you've just said!"

The troop stopped . A person in white held out a packet of wine and two wine cups . Putting them in a tray, he held the tray over .

"I'll do it myself!" Ling Hanwu stopped the person from serving the wine, and instead, personally picked up the wine packet and poured two cups of wine . He held up one of the cups and said, "Chu Yang! Come, we shall toast this!"

Chu Yang smiled sincerely . "Okay!"

He wasn't ostentatious at all . Holding up the cup, he gulped the wine!

Ling Hanwu gazed at Chu Yang with fiery eyes . Laughing aloud, he said, "Good! Cool! Let's have another toast!"

The duo held the cup and gulped the wine consecutively for three cups!

Looking at each other, both of them laughed at the same time . "Satisfying!"

Ling Hanwu said, "You've killed these people well! The way you've killed them is even better!! I like it!"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . He touched his nose and looked at Zi Xieqing, thinking: It turns out that this fellow thinks so highly of such strategies of killing people .

"There's also one such person in your generation . As long as he sees any bully, he'll kill the bully as quickly as possible . This person is one of the people that I appreciate the most among the younger generation . It's Yè Mengse," Ling Hanwu said .

Chu Yang agreed and thought: I can completely guess this .

Holding the wine cup and revealing a reminiscent look, Ling Hanwu sighed and said gloomily, "When I was young, I was once like you . I braved out the martial world along with my sword and specialized in killing young ruffians! In a 10 consecutive years, I had killed exactly 1,300 of them! 1,300 fops! Not including their own men…"

Chu Yang calculated in his heart and said, "Then you should have killed at least 10,000 people! 10,000 fops!"

Ling Hanwu shook his head . "No, I've exterminated a lot of clans of those fops . In those 10 years, I had killed at least 30,000 people . At that time, as long as I heard about the fops, I would take the initiative to go up to their clans . If any clan resisted against me even slightly, I would kill the entire clan!"

He smiled bitterly . "In those 10 years, I was called a 'Cold-Blooded Butcher' . Sometimes, I would travel about 1,000 miles in a day and kill three clans consecutively! In the end, my clan sent for me . It was only after then did I stop killing . "

Chu Yang laughed and said, "Senior, did you suffer from any shock then?"

Ling Hanwu stared back, as if he's going to be raged . But instantly, he started to smile bitterly . "The whole world knows about this! Why are you probing me? Yes, I'm doing all of these for the young lady of the Ye clan, Ye Chuchen!"

Chu Yang's heart jumped heavily .

After saying this, Ling Hanwu became lost in his thoughts . Shaking his head bitterly, he said, "What's the use of being sentimental? What's the use of being derided by everyone in the world? If a woman's heart is not with you, no matter how powerful you are, you can't grab her heart back! So, those people who compel women to be with them deserve to be killed! They should be killed along with their ancestors! Let them regret over having to end their posterity! Only then can this be a real punishment to them! Only then can it be satisfying!"

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