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Chapter 981

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Sounds of firecrackers filled the sky . Following which, firecrackers were also set off in other regions within the entire North Wind Town .

Countless people were crying, countless people were laughing, while countless others had knelt down, prostrating to Chu Yang . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Countless people were rushing away to inform those who hadn't received the news . Slowly, the whole town started to stir up .

In the distance, the Li clan was also set on fire, where dark smoke was seen belching out towards the sky . Immediately after which, the Qian clan was also set on fire . In a moment's time, the Zhao clan and Zheng clan were also embroiled in similar situations .

Finally, dark smoke also was seen sneaking their way up the sky .

The whole North Wind Town seemed to be in an apocalypse . But everyone was agitated and excited, as they cheered aloud with all their strength . They even didn't know what they were cheering for .

Chu Yang led Zi Xieqing away . But the masses followed behind them, no matter where they went .

The masses didn't speak, but they only looked at Chu Yang excitedly . Such a kind of look made Chu Yang's heart feel sour .

How exactly were these very, very ordinary residents bullied and oppressed, that had caused them to break out at such a moment?!

That had caused these women to use their own teeth to tear the skins of these rascals into pieces?!

Wherever Chu Yang went, a path would be silently let out .

Finally, Chu Yang stopped . He turned around and said aloud, "Everyone, don't follow me anymore! I've killed these people because firstly, they deserved it, and secondly, they had provoked me first . Y'all don't need to be grateful to me . Go back home!"

The crowd remained silent .

Chu Yang repeated twice again .

An elder with white brows and beard walked out shakily towards Chu Yang . He bowed deeply before straightening his back, and said sincerely, "This young master, no matter what you've killed them for, you're our benefactor . "

"We've long been looking forward to these people, who we can't afford to provoke, to be punished! We're only ordinary people, and we only have such hope… But we're not capable of retaliating back on them ourselves . "

"Now, you've killed them . Regardless of why you've killed them, you've after all killed them! This is our common hope . And young master, you've exterminated all the evils once and for all by directly destroying five clans…"

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As the elder spoke, tears rolled down from his eyes . He shakily extended his hands and wiped off his tears . "Thank you! … I… My two flower-like granddaughters… can finally rest in peace…"

As he said, he couldn't hold back his agitated emotions and wailed aloud .

The whole long street also started to be filled with crying sounds .

Chu Yang let out a long sigh but only felt something tumbling and surging in his chest . He raised his head and didn't speak for a long time .

In the beginning, when Zi Xieqing proposed this idea, Chu Yang felt that he would have to endure too much guilt by killing too many people . Besides, he's also a bit unwilling to kill people of such meager cultivations .

But he had forgotten how great harm these people of meager cultivations in his eyes could cause to ordinary people . He could have not been concerned about this, but if these ordinary people were bullied, they would have nowhere to redress their grievances .

At this moment, he acknowledged Zi Xieqing's words: Anyone who deserves to be killed should be killed! Exterminate them once and for all!

Exterminate them once and for all!

After a long time, hurried galloping sounds of horses were heard . It was Zhou Yade who had come back with his entire body covered with blood . He had gone out for exactly four hours, and he had mobilized all the law-enforcement officers in the region to complete Chu Yang's task .

To exterminate all the five clans .

But he still felt nervous along the way back .

He knew that he would definitely be punished; but there's no way he could escape . Chu Yang had the token of a law-enforcement master . As long as Chu Yang set out a command, all the law-enforcement officers in the world would be after him!

He must come back . And he also felt that he could be considered to have his crimes atoned by helping Chu Yang to kill so many people .

At this moment, Zhou Yade indeed also swore in his heart: I'll definitely not be a villain anymore in the future! I'll definitely not do anything evil again! If I survive this time, I'll definitely turn over a new leaf!

"Sir! I, Zhou Yade, have completed my task!" Zhou Yade stood straightly in front of Chu Yang .

The surrounding crowd looked back at him one after another, with their eyes filled with contempt and hatred! Zhou Yade only felt prickles down his spine, and the muscles over his body slowly started to twitch .

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Chu Yang looked lightly at him and said, "I heard that you're an in-law of the Sun clan? The uncle of those two fellows? I heard that you also have a share of whatever they had been doing?"

Zhou Yade's knees fell onto the ground . "I'm damnable! But… I won't dare to do any of these again!"

He pulled out his dagger and cut down his three fingers, then raised his hand to make an oath . "I, Zhou Yade, hereby vow to Heaven and the Nine Tribulations Sword, that I'll turn over a new leaf and start my life fresh from today onwards! If I violate this oath, I'm willing to be struck dead by lightning!!"

It was the most sacred form of oath in the Nine Heavens to vow to the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Chu Yang raised his head . Looking at the clouds slowly flowing in the sky, he said gloomily, "You've done so many evil things and killed so many people, yet you only need to make an oath and cut a few fingers… to start life anew . Hehe, but those people whom you've killed don't have any more opportunity to start their lives anew…"

Zhou Yade began sweating heavily .

Chu Yang asked, "For all these years, how many women have you ruined, and how many innocent people have you killed?"

Zhou Yade's sweat blurred his own eyes . He didn't dare to speak . After a long time, he then spoke, "I've ruined… 500 to 600… women… And I've killed… 1,700 to 1,800 people…"

Chu Yang looked lightly at him . "I believe that you want to turn over a new leaf . There's indeed remorse in your eyes, and I can feel that you indeed want to turn good… But if you want to continue to live, would these 500 to 600 women that you've ruined and these 1,700 to 1,800 people that you've killed, agree to you?"

Zhou Yade knelt down dispiritedly on the ground, not daring to speak a word .

Chu Yang's sound gradually turned loud . "You've been a villain for all your life . Now, just by saying you want to turn over a new leaf, you want to be all right? Then, we must well let all the people in the Nine Heavens be villains! After they had done all their wicked deeds, they only need to sincerely say 'I'm wrong'… Then, what would be the use of law-enforcement officers?"

Zhou Yade cried bitterly as he prostrated repeatedly .

"You must pay the price of doing evil deeds!" Chu Yang looked coldly at him . "Do you want to settle your life yourself, or do you want me to do this?"

Zhou Yade was in utter despair . He stood up and said in a low voice, "I shall do it myself!" He raised his head up to the sky and laughed . "I've done so many wrong things . How can there be such a cheap thing to get away with everything just by saying that I regret doing all those things?!"

He suddenly turned around, extended his hands, and pointed out one by one . "You you you you… You you…" He consecutively pointed out 30 or 40 people, and laughed, saying, "All of you have long been following me, and have also done all sorts of wicked deeds . Now, you shall also follow me to death!"

He suddenly pulled out his sword .

Chu Yang looked towards another person .

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It was Tao Ren, the Zhuge clan's warrior who had previously led the way for Chu Yang .

Tao Ren slowly and inconspicuously nodded his head, telling Chu Yang that Zhou Yade didn't kill the wrong people, and that he didn't use this opportunity to make anyone his scapegoats .

Chu Yang smiled .

Zhou Yade slashed and killed all these people, before saying mournfully, "If one did something wrong and he only needed to sincerely say 'I'm wrong' to get away with everything, what would be the use of law-enforcement officers?"

He let out a loud laugh, suddenly raising his sword, he severely chopped off his own head!

Chu Yang looked calm and unaffected .

You've done too many wicked acts in the past and harmed so many people . Even if I had known that you really felt remorseful and you would become a saint in the future, I would still kill you!

Because the souls of thousands of people who had died couldn't rest in peace because of you!

Looking at the flames shooting up the sky, Chu Yang asked, "Who's the vice hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall?"

A stalwart macho walked up to a step . He looked awkward . "He's killed by Hall Leader Zhou just now…"

Chu Yang agreed and said, "Then, you shall be responsible to divide the properties of these few clans to the residents . All those stolen things by the clans should also be exactly returned to them!"

The macho answered, "Yes, sir!"

Chu Yang said lightly, "You should know what to do, I suppose? I'll be leaving here after the Medicine Banquet is over . "

The stalwart macho stood at attention . "Yes! I'll definitely not violate your order!"

He paused for a while and said, "Sir, you've to be careful . The Sun clan is the Diwu clan's in-law . If Diwu Qingyun knows about this, he may find you trouble…"

Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, "Diwu Qingyun… What's his role in the Zhuge clan?"

"He's the stalwart of the Zhuge clan, and his authority is also quite strong," this macho said, "Diwu Qingyun is in charge of the majority of the clan's external affairs . "

"Oh? Then how about Diwu Qingrou?" Chu Yang frowned a bit .

"Sir Qingrou… He's the most important person in the Diwu clan . Even within the Zhuge clan, he's also the core think tank!" The macho became serious . "If Sir Qingrou becomes embroiled in this… you'll really be in big trouble…"

Chu Yang laughed and said, "It's alright . "

He thought: If Diwu Qingrou becomes meddled in this, will my trouble really be big? Thinking of this, Chu Yang really felt uncertain . Would he be an enemy or a friend with Diwu Qingrou in the Upper Three Heavens?

On the next morning, when Chu Yang set-off from the North Wind Town, he realized that the street was already packed with people .

Everyone had come to watch Chu Yang's departure .

A few painters rapidly drew Chu Yang's face and distributed it to everyone . Everyone received the paintings solemnly, as if they had received some priceless treasures!

After they had gone back, they pasted them on the walls . They even burnt joss sticks and set longevity memorial tablets for Chu Yang!

After going out for a long distance and looking back, he still saw many people kneeling on the ground!

Weeping sounds filled the air .

"Sometimes I felt very strange . I didn't feel that I've done anything," Chu Yang said a little sorrowfully .

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "People remember you and are grateful to you just because you didn't feel that you've done anything! If you do things with the idea of wanting people to owe you a debt of gratitude, you'll absolutely not receive such treatments . "

Zi Xieqing continued a little sorrowfully, "Actually… In this world, the majority of people just want to lead a steady life . "

Chu Yang let out a long sigh .

As the three people continued their path forth for hundreds of miles, the Zhuge clan's warriors who were escorting them had already changed two batches .

At this moment, a great trail of dust rose from behind, and a cavalry caught up with them . The leader of the cavalry shouted, "Is this the Bane of Fops, the Killer of Lechers in front?"

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