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Chapter 980

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Chu Yang let out a long howl as he battled . With his divine senses, how could he not see this middle-aged man? Chu Yang didn't understand what story this man had, but Chu Yang knew that it must be extremely agonizing for this man!

Otherwise, he wouldn't have killed himself at this moment!

For a moment, Chu Yang found himself at a loss of how to feel . Letting out a roar, he slashed his sword forth heavily like a huge gust of wind!

There were previously fewer than 50 opponents left, but heads were seen rolling down onto the ground continuously, and in the blink of an eye, all of them were killed! Dozens of them fled frantically . But under the surveillance of Chu Yang's divine senses, who could escape?

Each one of them was killed with one strike and their heads were kicked back with one kick!

The heads were gathered together into one pile .

Chu Yang flew over to the middle-aged man and couldn't help but let out a long sigh upon seeing him .

There was not a bit of pain on his face, but instead, there was endless joy and relief .

Chu Yang stood there quietly for a long time .

From the conversation among the crowd in a distance away, Chu Yang captured the life of this middle-aged man: His family was once wealthy, having done generations of business, and he also had a virtuous wife and beautiful daughters .

Such a family that everyone admired had gotten into such a plight .

Such an honest middle-aged man didn't have even a bit of cultivation . Maybe, the greatest use of a knife for him was only to kill chickens? But today, he actually boldly grabbed up a dagger and slashed down a human's head!

An ordinary man could also kill when he's angry! But how much hatred needed to be accumulated in him that could cause him to be so angry and kill people? How many grievances did he not vent out for him to suddenly break out at such a moment?

How much had he suffered to do such a thing?

He could have not suffered from those things!

What should I do so that these people wouldn't suffer anymore?

Amidst the stretch of blood, Chu Yang stood quietly . But he felt himself becoming more angry and oppressed .

Just now, it only took a short time for him to kill 300 to 400 of such villains!

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But, how big was the Upper Three Heavens? How many more of such people were there? Could he finish killing all of them?

These were just a few small clans, but it's already like this .

What about the big clans?

If not for the power of clans, how could a fop be called a fop?

For the clan of a fop, the bigger it was, the more powerful it would be, and thus, the greater area of disaster the fop would cause .

If a clan occupied a town, then the disaster area that a fop could cause would be a town . The bigger the clan was, the bigger the disaster area would be .

How could Chu Yang finish killing all of them?

Looking at this middle-aged man on the ground who had his wish fulfilled, Chu Yang gritted his teeth and said, "I have to kill them even if I can't finish killing! If I see one, I'll just kill one! Even if there's bad karma on me that cause me to become a demon, I also want to kill them! I'll never be soft-hearted!"

He suddenly turned around and said aloud, "Everyone, all the bastards are here . If you were once bullied by them, you can take your revenge! You can do whatever you want to them! Be rest assured that there will be no one who dares to retaliate against you!"

There's a commotion among the ground . Everyone looked eager .

"Really? …" a trembling voice asked . It seemed that he wanted to rush out, but he was also afraid at the same time .

"Really!" Chu Yang nodded and pointed to those dead people . "All these dead people here can testify! I'm not making groundless talk!"

This man was so happy that he burst into tears . Then, he suddenly yelled, "Revenge! Kill these bunch of bastards!" And he rushed forth crazily!

The crowd, who was originally hesitant, surged up . Contentment was written on everyone's face .

The few fops who were tied up screamed in horror and begged profusely for mercy, but their voices were instantly swallowed up .

Chu Yang realized that among the crowd who had rushed up, the craziest ones were actually the women! Countless women hurled forth like she-wolves, wearing hateful looks on their faces . They even squeezed the men to one side . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Everyone then started biting the fops with their teeth, trying to tear them apart, and using their sharp nails to cut the flesh of fops .

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The few fops and their attendants instantly died .

There were also people screaming madly in the distance, "Revenge! Heaven has opened its eyes! The bastards from the Qian clan, Sun clan, Li clan and Zhao clan are finally retributed! Come on everyone…"

"Wang Erniu! Wang Erniu! Go quickly, go quickly…"

"Everyone, run quickly! You can't kill them if you go later…"

The streets rumbled as the crowd rushed forth crazily like tides . Some knew that they couldn't go forth on time, so they ran back home to retrieve some money, then went to buy some firecrackers . Firecrackers started to crackle along the street .

Smoke spread through the air .

More and more people went to buy firecrackers . Some even rode horses to buy them .

A shopkeeper simply put all the firecrackers in front of his shop . "I'm very happy today! Firecrackers are free today! Take as many as you want!"

Instantly, people surged in the square, and firecrackers sounded from all directions . Everyone was crying and smiling at the same time, and there were tears and contentment written all over their faces .

The few fops in the middle only screamed for a while before they were bitten to death alive by the crowd who besieged them . Mouthfuls of flesh were bitten down from them . The sight became ghastly in a moment's time…

All the good and evil deeds would get requited! If it wasn't now, it only meant that the time hadn't come yet! The more evil you were, the more tragic you would become!

It was then Sun Chengcai had hurried here along with his men and saw such a seen .


Zhou Yade let out a loud roar, but everyone ignored him and continued to do their businesses .

"Where's the special envoy?" Zhou Yade flew forth to inquire after finally seeing a law-enforcement officer .

At the same time, another voice sounded, "You're from the Sun clan?"

Sun Chengcai raised his head up and saw a teenager in black who had his sword tainted with blood . As this teenager flew up and looked coldly at Sun Chengcai, Sun Chengcai's heart skipped a beat and he immediately smiled back apologetically, "Yes yes, you're…"

The teenager in black said coldly, "You shall ask your son who I am . "

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And he flew away like a bolt of lightning .

Sun Chengcai was still thinking of rescuing his sons when he came here . But due to the chaos here, he couldn't find where his sons were . While he was still muttering, the opponent had already come up to him .

He was taken aback and retreated hurriedly, shouting, "Sir, misunderstanding… It's a misunderstanding…"

The three elders behind sounded at the same time, "Sir, please show some mercy…"

But how could Chu Yang be merciful? With a clang, he cut the sword in Sun Chengcai's hands into two halves, and Chu Yang's sword was now aiming at Sun Chengcai's face!

Sun Chengcai panicked . He yelled, "Sir, please, for the sake of the Diwu clan and Zhuge clan…"

Chu Yang sneered . "I'll not relent even if it's for the sake of Heaven!"

His sword slammed down heavily!

The three elders flew forth at the same time, along with their swords, and started fighting with Chu Yang . Chu Yang laughed and yelled, "Kill!"

Suddenly, his sword changed to become a unique ray of sword light which carried with it a sharp sense of murderousness and bleakness that came from the ancient times . He yelled, "The World Is Heartless!"

Along with clattering sounds, three elders from the Sun clan who were eighth stage Martial Monarchs retreated repetitively . Their bodies vibrated intensely as they looked at the opponent in disbelief . The swords in their hands were already full of holes!

Chu Yang transformed himself and his sword into a dazzling ray of light which shot forth unhesitatingly like a meteorite!

"Killing All Creations Is Not Enough!"

Shrill cries sounded as the three elders desperately tried to resist against it, but to no avail . At the next moment, three heads rushed up into midair at the same time, while Chu Yang had already turned around, rushing towards Sun Chengcai .

Sun Chengcai stumbled back with a face of desperation!

He had originally come to plead for mercy, but he didn't expect the opponent to actually charge forth directly at him without allowing him to speak a word! Instantly, he was scared out of his wits .

He felt immensely wronged: Why can't you just let me speak a word… If you don't give any face to the Zhuge clan, to whom can you give a face to?

He suddenly felt enlightened and rushed desperately towards the direction of Zhou Yade . "Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Save me, save me…"

Zhou Yade felt as if he had seen a snake or a scorpion as he saw Sun Chengcai rushing up to him .

Oh my mummy… you're still coming to find me at such a time…

He hurriedly retreated and yelled, "Block him! Block him from me…"

Sun Chengcai yelled madly, "Zhou Yade, you're a bastard! For so many years, you ate, drank and played my things, but now, you don't want to care for me… Which time did we not share with you half of the resources that we've robbed? Among the girls that we've robbed, which beautiful ones did we not allow you to play with first? You you you… You actually don't want to care for us now?"

Zhou Yade was raged and panic-stricken at the same time . "Nonsense! Nonsense! You're speaking nonsense! I'm a law-enforcement officer, since when did I ever do such things… Don't slander me!"

Sun Chengcai laughed shrilly . "You bastard! You're still saying such things… Say for yourself, where are your 37 concubines from? They're all grabbed by the Sun clan for you! Motherf**ker, you still change your concubines from time to time… After you've finished playing with the last batch, they're sold into brothels… Our Sun clan did so many unjust things for you, yet you actually don't want to care for me now! Where's your conscience? Is your conscience eaten by dogs…"

Zhou Yade pulled out his sword and rushed up madly . "Shut up! You f**king shut up!"

He slashed down his sword, but Sun Chengcai didn't dodge at all . He laughed wildly . "I'm going to die anyway . You shall be my scapegoat… Motherf**ker…"

A cold light from the sword flashed . Sun Chengcai's head rolled onto the ground .

But it wasn't Zhou Yade who had killed Sun Chengcai!

It was Chu Yang .

Chu Yang stood murderously in front of Zhou Yade . "You're the hall leader of Law Enforcement Hall?"

Zhou Yade said fearfully, "Sir, I really didn't do those things…"

Chu Yang looked coldly at him . "I don't care whether you did those things or not! I'm only telling you now to immediately bring your men to exterminate all these five clans! If any dog survives, I'll ask for your life!"

Zhou Yade felt relieved . "Yes, yes! I'll go manage this . Thank you sir…"

A ruthless streak of cold light flashed across Chu Yang's eyes, and he waved his hands . "Go handle this quickly! You do not have much time left . If you don't do this thing well at the fastest speed possible, I'll decide then whether you shall have your head still on your neck or have it on the ground . "

Zhou Yade nodded . "Yes! Yes!"

He turned around and roared anxiously, "Assemble here! Let's go to kill people!"

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