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Chapter 979

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Chu Yang clearly noticed, from the corner of his eye, the actions of this Clan Master Qian, but Chu Yang only sneered a little and didn't try to stop Clan Master Qian at all .

Bastard, you'll know how wrong you are very soon .

I'm at most a killer, but the one that you've found is absolutely an ancient devil! Go ahead and bleed .

Like a bolt of lightning and a gust of wind, Clan Master Qian came in front of Zi Xieqing very successfully . To be honest, he didn't expect himself to be so successful .

God is really on my side .

He revealed a smirk on his face . He was already thinking of what he should do if he got these two women and Chu Yang got threatened…

When he was about to lay actions, he saw both women smiling at him affectionately .

The child had her eyes squinted into two cute crescent moons; she even exposed a little of her rabbit-like teeth .

The adult was smiling warmly at him, like a fox who had seen a chicken .

Clan Master Qian was a little puzzled .

I'm here to catch you . Why are you smiling? Are these two women idiots?

But at the next moment, he stopped thinking of this question . He roared, "You two bi*ches! …"

He originally wanted to say, "Roll over to me!"

But he suddenly felt dizzy when he wanted to say this out . Somehow, what came out of his mouth actually became "You two b*tches! … What are you smiling for… Uh-huh… Baa?"

The few law-enforcement officers had long been giving attention to the two women in the dark . Sensing that the situation was far from good at this moment, they instantly wanted to jump out to protect the women . If the family of this envoy suffers from any accident, our career will really be over… Look at how skilled this envoy is in killing people…

But when the law-enforcement officers had just jumped out, about to take actions, they heard such a sentence . Instantly, they lost their weights and fell onto the ground awkwardly . Although their whole body was in pain from the fall, their eyes were still wide open in disbelief .

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They had just seen Clan Master Qian rushing forth fiercely and cursing the women! But at the next instant, he had become gentle, and even started to shake his head and tail, while speaking in an extremely cheesy manner: What are you smiling for ah-ah-ah uh-huh baa?

The few law-enforcement officers felt as if thunder had directly hit their heads!

Instantly, their skin crawled . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Especially when these words were said by a man… They sounded even more inconceivable .

As compared to the shock of the law-enforcement officers, Clan Master Qian was even more shocked, to the extent that he felt like collapsing! He had clearly thought of saying some other words, but he still said these words!

He was instantly startled when he heard clearly what he had just said . He immediately covered his mouth and stopped fearfully .

What's going on?

Chu Le'er looked interestingly at Clan Master Qian, as if she was watching a monkey show .

Zi Xieqing smiled slightly at him, but her eyes looked as cold as ice and as sharp as dagger! Zi Xieqing, as a woman, was even more hateful than Chu Yang towards these shameless clans!

Only women could understand the hardships of women, and only women could understand how abominable and unpardonable were the atrocities of these people!

"What's going on?" Clan Master Qian looked at Zi Xieqing in horror .

When these words were said, he suddenly felt that his sound had resumed to normal .

Was I bewitched just now?

He had hardly recovered from his shock as he thought about this, and still felt that catching these two women was the urgent task on hand . As for whether he was bewitched or otherwise… he thought that he should think about this afterward .

So he extended his body again!

He jumped up in a dignified manner . But, at the next moment, while he intended to rush forth, he instead suddenly did a kip-up in midair!

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It was worse now .

While his lower body continued to rush forth, his upper body disobediently flipped backward . With a clear cracking sound, Clan Master Qian fell straightly onto the ground . His face twisted in a grimace of pain

He suffered a sprain in his waist .

If this matter was spread out, it would definitely be a laughing stock . This incident wouldn't have appeared even for Great Martial Masters . Clan Master Qian was a Martial Monarch, yet he had actually sprained his own waist!

The few law-enforcement officers nearby were already dumbstruck .

Each one of them stretched their necks and widened their eyes, just like stunned chickens .

They had really gained some insights today…

Next, more shocking things happened .

Clan Master Qian suddenly jumped up and shouted, "I'm really a bastard!"

A law-enforcement officer swallowed a mouthful of saliva and straightened his eyes . "Damn it! Is this Clan Master Qian mad?" The rest of the law-enforcement officers nodded at the same time .

Clan Master Qian's face was awash with tears and he revealed an extremely terrified and incredible expression . He raised his hand and slapped heavily and repetitively on his face, and scolded at the same time, "I'm really a bastard! All my ancestors are cuckolds! Do you know I'm not a human at all? I'm a brute! My father, son and ancestors are all brutes! Not only I'm a brute, but I'm also a son of a bi*ch! And a descendant of many bi*ches . Every year when I went to serve my ancestral graves, other people used wine, but our clan used urine! Among all my ancestors, the males were all eunuchs, while the females were all bi*ches… Our whole clan is really made up of bastards…"

"Bam! Bam!"

The few law-enforcement officers fell neatly onto the ground . Every one of them started to shudder over their entire bodies .

They had seen people cursing others, but they certainly didn't see anyone cursing himself so severely and badly, and he even cursed his ancestors altogether with himself…

This Clan Master Qian is really a talent…

Clan Master Qian had deep cultivation . How loud did he sound? He could simply make the deaf hear! And everyone could hear him far and near!

Everyone around him was startled .

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Clan Master Qian beat himself severely as he cursed; then he staggered towards his son, crisply twisted his son's neck, and tore it forcefully down!

Next, he threw his son's head up . Then with a kick, it flew up into midair like a rocket!

Clan Master Qian flew up . Then, he gave the head another strong kick!


His son's head flew off and vanished .

At the next moment, Clan Master Qian dropped down onto the ground . Patting his chest and dancing around, he roared, "Satisfying! Really satisfying! It's really satisfying to end the posterity of such a son of a bi*ch! Hahaha…"

Then, he collapsed onto the ground and wailed, "My son… Your father was bewitched…"

He had actually woken up again .

Not for long, he started to grab his own hair and curse with gritted teeth, "You bastard!"

With a puff, he pulled down his entire head of hair! He didn't stop stamping his feet and cursing, as he dug out his own eyeballs, resolutely threw them into his own mouth, and chewed on them . He severely punched with his left hand on his own elixir field, while at the same time, his right hand grasped at his own crotch!

He roared, "Let me end my posterity! Bastard!"

After letting out a shrill cry, Clan Master Qian fell onto the ground and went into spasm .

He was in extreme agony . "I can't see… I can't see… I… What the hell is going on?!"

When he did all these things, he was clearly aware of what he himself was doing .

But he just couldn't control his own limbs and mouth .

He had killed his own son personally .

He had personally made himself blind, castrated himself, then abolished his own cultivation…

He was conscious throughout the entire process…

The terror in him now was simply beyond anyone's imagination! Moreover, from the beginning till the end, he didn't understand at all what was going on!

Aside, a middle-aged man's blood was racing as he saw this scene! He couldn't help but scream, "Satisfying! Really satisfying! It's really satisfying to end the posterity of such a son of a bi*ch! Hahahaha…"

These words were the same as what Clan Master Qian had said earlier on, but the significance of it was greatly different .

As this middle-aged man said, he suddenly picked up a dagger from the ground, and desperately rushed over, chopping Clan Master Qian's head off with one strike . He looked insane as he screamed towards the sky, "I've revenged for you! I've revenged for you! *Sob*… I've revenged for you! My wife, my daughter! Can you see this? Can you see this?"

He burst into tears like a child . After crying for a while, he suddenly raised the dagger and exhausted all his strength to slash on the bodies of Clan Master Qian and Clan Master Qian's son, until he had not a bit of energy left . Then, he knelt down in the direction where Chu Yang was still fighting, and prostrated repeatedly, till his forehead became bloody!

"Benefactor, thank you! Thank you! Unfortunately, I can't repay you in this life! I'll definitely repay you in my next life!"

Not caring whether Chu Yang saw him or not, this middle-aged man just prostrated crazily like this .

Then he stood up and stabbed the dagger into his own heart, shouting, "My wife, walk more slowly with our daughter . I'm coming to report the good news to you! I've revenged for you! I've revenged for you hahaha…"

Finally, he fell into the pool of blood silently .

Everyone looked at this scene quietly . Their eyes were filled with deep sympathy towards this man as well as deep hatred towards these few clans .

This middle-aged man had two charming daughters who were both ruined in the hands of Clan Master Qian's son . Because both daughters resisted against his brutal act, they were sold to brothels after being raped . They were not allowed to be redeemed, and the brothel was also not allowed to earn money from the duo, so they were equivalent to free prostitutes . As they couldn't tolerate themselves of being trampled on, they had committed suicide .

The man's wife was extremely grieved . Not caring about the disparity in identity between the Qian clan and her family, she went to seek for justice . On the second day, she was found hanging on a big tree, naked . She had already lost her breath by then .

The family of this middle-aged man had been doing business for a generation . Originally, his family was fairly well-to-do . But suddenly, he had lost all his fortunes and his family!

At this moment, seeing that the Qian clan was finally punished for what they had done, he was so satisfied that he felt as if his heart was going to explode!

Ever since he had lost his family, his heart had long been dead, as he felt that life held nothing more for him . He had been living only for the sake of taking revenge and seeing justice . Now that his wish was fulfilled, he stabbed the dagger into his own heart . However, his face was still beaming with sincere satisfaction .

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