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Chapter 973

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Trouble had finally come .

Zi Xieqing was very annoyed and angry .

As she knew that Chu Yang had an important matter to handle here, she had veiled her face . This was the only time that she had veiled her face along the way .

She didn't want to stir up trouble .

But trouble found her . Although her face was covered, she was still being chased after by people to the inn .

It could be seen how keen these bunch of fops were towards the pursuit of beauty!

"Big brother, is it really an offense for women to be beautiful?" Chu Le'er asked a little bewilderedly, "Will there definitely be so many troubles if a woman is beautiful? If that's the case, is it destined that a beautiful woman can't lead a happy life?"

Chu Yang sighed deeply . He really didn't know how to answer his younger sister's question .

Beauty .

Such a circumstance was rare in the Lower Three Heavens . Even if there was, men dared not to stir up such troubles so blatantly . But the situation slightly exacerbated in the Middle Three Heavens . But it's still not that bad .

But in the Upper Three Heavens, men had become so unscrupulous!

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing had only walked for 1,800 miles of road, but Chu Yang had already killed more than 900 of such men and along with their attendants! What's more, it's even in places where the population wasn't very dense!

This showed how morally depraved the Upper Three Heavens was!

"Beauty… it's not an offense, but also an offense . " Chu Yang sighed . "If a woman is born in a peaceful era, her beauty is wealth that's given to her by God . If she's born in an era of turbulence, beauty is a punishment on her . "

"Normally, no matter how morally good a person is, he can't defend for or protect a wife who's beautiful . So, the saying has it that a beautiful woman is an unlucky woman . Actually, it's not the case . It should be the fops who should be damned!"

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As Chu Yang finished saying, he looked at the door .

The three of them were staying in the No . 1 and No . 2 rooms . Generally, only respectful figures could stay here . The arrangement of the rooms by the Zhuge clan was equivalent to saying: These three figures were big characters and anyone else shouldn't provoke them .

But these fops didn't even put such obvious hints in their eyes at all .

With a bang, the door was pushed open .

A group of teenagers appeared at the door . Each of them was dressed up handsomely, but their eyes revealed anxiousness and lust as they looked into the room .

Everyone startled upon seeing Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing didn't put on her veil in the room, revealing her unsurpassable, beautiful look! Even though she's looking at these teenagers coldly, they couldn't help but sense unbearable itchiness in their hearts .

"Icy beauty, hahaha… I like to climb the ice mountains the best . " Sun Canzhang, who had a big mole on the right side of his face, was laughing with a strange voice . His saliva almost dripped down as he looked at Zi Xieqing .

Another person looked similar to Sun Canzhang, but a big mole was on the left side of his face . This person must be Sun Duanmo .

"Beauty, what's your name… Ouch… Don't stare at me . My whole body has become crisp…" Sun Canzhang leaned against the door frame and spoke roguishly . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The bunch of fops behind him jeered . "Second master, you've turned crisp? If your underneath has also turned crisp… that will be bad… We shall enjoy the beauty then . "

"Yes yes . Second master, touch it . Can you still use it?"

"Wow hahaha…"

Amidst the weird laughter, Sun Canzhang actually reached out to touch . Then he turned around and laughed . "The rest of my body has turned crisp, but only this place was harder…"

Instantly, there's a burst of evil sounds of laughter .

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Looking at the trio in the room, the fops seemed to have seen some delicious food and as if the three in the room simply couldn't resist against them . The fops were quite sure that they could succeed .

"Second master, it's better to let the beauty touch it . " A fop laughed .

"Second brother, or you can leave the chance to me…" Sun Duanmo was a little anxious . "I've never seen such a fairy-like beauty in my life before…"

"No, we've agreed earlier on that she's mine! I'll not let you even if you're my big brother!" Sun Canzhang was very resolute .

Chu Yang coughed and said slowly, "You're from the Sun clan?"

"Hey, this adonis actually can talk . " Sun Duanmo smirked and actually swaggered into the room . He commended, "A big beauty and a small beauty… This time around, it's really a great blessing . Canzhang, how about this: You shall get the big one, while I get the small one . Alright?"

Sun Canzhang looked at Chu Le'er with some reluctance and said painfully, "Okay!"

A faint blackness was revealed between Chu Yang's brows .

He couldn't restrain his desire to kill all the fops any longer . He tried hard to suppress his anger and said, "Does your Sun clan allow you to do so? Doesn't the adults in your clan know that this is bad?"

Zi Xieqing instantly knew that Chu Yang had the desire to annihilate the entire Sun clan by his words!

While the reply of the two brothers would be what would decide the fate of their clan!

"Clan? Obstruct us?" Sun Duanmo laughed . "It's not once or twice that I do such things . Adonis, do you think that we can be standing here today if our clan obstructs us?"

Sun Duanmo laughed weirdly . "Kid, do you think that the world is so peaceful? It's already wrong of you to actually swagger into our Sun clan's territory . And you actually brought a beauty with you… Haha, but this is also good . Good . Since you've brought this beauty to me, I shall be sensible and spare your life . "

Chu Yang smiled lightly . Yes, he's indeed from the Sun clan .

Seeing that the brothers of the Sun clan wanted to take actions, Chu Yang shouted, "Wait!"

"Wait?" Sun Canzhang halted and looked at Chu Yang . "Kid, you actually dare to speak so loudly?"

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"I only want to know how we got so unlucky . " Chu Yang revealed a dispirited look and said, "We immediately entered the inn when we had come here and we didn't see you . But all of you came to seek trouble on us straightforwardly . Did you… see us?"

I can't let go of those people who peep and spread the news on us . These people know clearly that the fops couldn't afford to trouble us, but they still went to inform the fops to indirectly let them sink into troubles…

What kind of mentality is this? This kind of people is much more abominable than the Sun brothers!

Chu Yang didn't want to let go of any one of them!

If the weeds were cut, their roots should be removed as well . Today, the King of Hell Chu really wants to carry out a massacre!

Sun Duanmo laughed aloud . "We didn't see, but they saw, which is equivalent we saw . " As he said he extended his hand and gestured . "See it? The few of them saw you; there're a big clan and four small clans here, which is like myriad stars revolving around a moon . Do you know which one is the big clan?"

"Sun clan?" Chu Yang asked as he frowned .

"Smart!" Sun Canzhang snapped his fingers . "The few of them comes from the Li, Zhao, Qian and Zheng clan . All along, we brothers always share our fortunes and hardships together . So when they realized this beauty, it's equivalent to me immediately realizing her as well… It's this simple . Do you understand? Hehehe… Did you think that we wouldn't dare to touch you because the Zhuge clan's warrior had arranged you to stay in the number one room in the inn? A real joke it is!"

"I see," Chu Yang stood up and said righteously, "It turns out that these five clans condone the young ruffians in their respective clans to indulge in whatever as they please! I should exterminate them!"

"Wow wow wow… so high-sounding you are?" Sun Duanmo raised his head upwards and smiled mockingly . "You have some backgrounds?"

Sun Canzhang smiled sheepishly . "We've been questioned by this kid for a long time already . It's also time for us to sound him out . Hehe, I just want to see which clan this impressive young master is from!"

Chu Yang looked murderous . He slammed a token against the table and said lightly, "I'm the chief doctor of the South-East region's law-enforcement officers! You dare to lay hands on me?"

He had taken this token out only at this moment because he had calculated that these people were already in a dangerous position . No matter what identity he had, he would lay hands on them no matter what!

And if he did so now, it would be equivalent to him turning against the law-enforcement officers!

I shall allow myself to be labeled then . After all, it's the Zhuge clan's territory here . I myself don't have much force . Not only I have to stand by reasons, but I also need to find an escape route and a backing for myself beforehand .

Otherwise, if Zhuge clan turns against me, although I won't be afraid, this will hinder my plans to participate in the Medicine Banquet .

But something that Chu Yang didn't expect happened .

Sun Duanmo grabbed the jade pendant on the table and scrutinized it, mumbling, "Heaven and earth of the vast South-East are cold, Law-enforcement makes my life more meaningful; with righteousness and fearlessness, I live up to the Nine Heavens!"

As he finished reading it, Sun Duanmo actually swayed his neck twice in a very intoxicated manner . He praised, "Good poem! Good poem! This poem is indeed written well . It sounds so heroic that my blood boils… I didn't expect that you kid is such gifted in literary . "

Even though Chu Yang was in utter rage, he couldn't help himself from being stunned .

He instantly felt ridiculous!

As someone living in the martial world, there's actually such a fool!

There're only nine such pendants in the whole Nine Heavens, and each of them was a sign of the law-enforcement master in each of the nine big regions! Their cultivations might not necessarily be high, but they had great fame .

Because they represented the law-enforcement officers in the whole world!

As for all the different halls of the law-enforcement officers such as the Interrogation Hall and Secret Hall, they all served mobilization functions . Under normal circumstances, it's the nine law-enforcement masters who defined the order of the Nine Heavens .

The identity tokens of ordinary law-enforcement officers were divided according to four materials — iron, copper, silver and gold; the law-enforcement officers of certain power would have tokens made by either white, blue, black or purple crystals . If a law-enforcement officer had a purple crystal token, it meant that he was the most respected!

But there were only nine identity tokens made of suet white jade in the whole world . On it, the name of the law-enforcement master and the region he's in charge of were all gathered into a poem .

And everyone in the world knew about these jade identity tokens!

Since Chu Yang had taken out Han Xiaoran's token, it symbolized the presence of Han Xiaoran here . How precious this token was?

Now, from the mouth of this young master, it was nothing more than a 'blood-boiling' poem?

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