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Chapter 972

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The wrath of the king of hell laid low a million corpses!

Pulling out his sword, the King of Hell Chu charged into the clan and carried out a wholesale slaughter!

How would this kind of small clan be the opponent of a Sovereign of swords? Amidst shriek cries, everyone within the clan was killed by the King of Hell Chu!

The King of Hell Chu was very furious .

"Rob beauties… If you really could rob, then do so . Then I would instead be grateful to you… But where were your eyes? It's not as simple as shooting flies on the tiger's head . The one that you wanted to rob is a female tiger!"

The King of Hell Chu scolded as he attacked .

This had offended some people .

So after Chu Yang finished killing those people and when he arrived at a secluded place, he was beaten severely for a round .

The King of Hell Chu was even more raged!

It's all the fault of y'all!

So, in the end, Chu Yang stopped wasting his breath and killed whoever came up to Zi Xieqing . You're not scared of dying, but I'm also not scared of killing you!

As such, a bunch of fops died under Chu Yang's sword . Wherever the King of Hell Chu passed by, there would always be funerals where the families of fops wailed and the piercing sounds of suonas .

Amidst the gloomy atmosphere, the King of Hell Chu strolled into Zhuge clan's territory handsomely .

South region!

Hundreds of miles of road into the Zhuge clan were filled with blood-red maple leaves, seeming to be symbolizing something . Such scenery was simply magnificently astounding!

One would realize that the Zhuge clan's territory was extremely well-guarded the moment he entered into it . Along the way, there're actually checkpoints one after another .

Only when one's identity was made clear would he be allowed to pass through each checkpoint .

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It looked like the Zhuge clan was putting in their best in maintaining security before the Medicine Banquet started .

Chu Yang held out the identity token that Han Xiaoran had previously given to him . Only after he was confirmed of his identity as a doctor was he allowed to go past, and he was also given special treatment because of his unique identity as the doctor of the Law Enforcement Hall . There's someone who led Chu Yang all the way to the next checkpoint; Chu Yang was again led by another person sent by this second checkpoint to the next one…

On one hand, this reflected the power Han Xiaoran held, as even the Zhuge clan showed great respect towards him; on the other hand…

The Zhuge clan actually showed no carelessness at all in their escorts!

In the South arrogant Zhuge clan lies!

How true!

Along the way, although Zi Xieqing had her veil on, she couldn't conceal her slender figure, clear eyes, and beautiful hair . One glance at her would know that she's an unparalleled beauty!

Besides, she was tall . Even though she had her face veiled, she also gave people the feeling that she's a saintly, noble and superior woman . A chilly feeling was involuntarily revealed from her entire body, making her seem unapproachable .

Such a feeling attracted countless hot eyes .

But seeing that the warriors of the Zhuge clan were so hospitable to Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing, they knew that the both of them had strong connections, and thus dared not to be rude . But the news spread quickly . Only in a morning's time, everyone in the town of the South region all knew that there's unparalleled beauty in the area!

This area belonged to the front of the Zhuge clan's territory .

The Zhuge clan only opened up a small clan branch here .

The Sun clan, the vassal clan of the Zhuge clan, was in charge of this area .

The warrior who was greeting Chu Yang reminded in a low voice as he walked, "Sir, do take note that there's still a long distance from here to the Zhuge clan's headquarter . You shall have a stay here for one night, and we'll continue our journey tomorrow . Please don't make troubles… Otherwise, we can't afford to be blamed by Law-Enforcement Master Han . "

Chu Yang had understood that although he's saying that they couldn't afford, he's actually reminding Chu Yang of his own safety . It's only that this warrior was saying in a more polite way .

Looking at this warrior who's a Revered Martial Artist, Chu Yang asked smilingly, "This brother, can you explain to us what troubles do you have?"

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The warrior hesitated for a while and agreed . "Alright . "

Then he sighed and said, "Sir, this woman that you've brought… is a bit too eye-catching . Alas… Hope that the two devils of the Sun clan aren't out…"

"Two devils?" Chu Yang laughed .

The warrior sighed in a low voice . "Sir, as a doctor of the Law Enforcement Hall, you have too few men with you . "

"Erm," Chu Yang saw that this warrior was sincerely considering for him and asked, "What's your name?"

"My surname is Tao . Tao Ren is my name," this warrior said .

"Tao for visiting .

"Oh? Zhuge clan can't protect their own guests here? And the Sun clan has the say here?" Chu Yang asked in surprise .

"No . Because this place is relatively remote, the Zhuge clan has handed this place to the Sun clan and allowed them to dominate here . As such, this is greatly beneficial in reducing the conflict among the two clans . So, although the Sun clan is normally a little more overbearing, the branch here is quieter as compared to its other branches outside . But it's just that the young masters of the Sun clan are becoming more and more bossy…"

Tao Ren smiled .

"I see . " Chu Yang seemed to be thinking of something . Since this place was dominated by the Sun clan, even if there were conflicts, there would be internal ones and could be extinguished very easily . Besides, even if there were one or two fops in the clan, they would be unlikely to stir up great troubles…

This was also a good idea .

"The Sun clan is the clan of Diwu Qingyun's wife . The two clans also long have arranged marriages," Tao Ren lowered his voice .

"I see . No wonder this Sun clan is so overbearing . It's because they have connections . " Chu Yang drank a cup of wine . The relative of the Diwu clan? So coincidental? Do I need to kill Diwu Qingrou's relative when I just come here?

"What's the relationship between Diwu Qingyun and Diwu Qingrou?" Chu Yang asked .

"From whichever aspect, Diwu Qingyun couldn't be compared with Diwu Qingrou . The two of them are paternal cousins, and Diwu Qingyun is ten or so years older than Diwu Qingrou," Tao Ren said .

"Okay . " Chu Yang nodded slightly .

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"Sir, if the Sun clan really comes here, you only need to take out your law-enforcement token and the pendant indicating your identity as a doctor . I suppose the Sun clan also dares not to stir up any trouble on you . "

Tao Ren said this before he left .

"Chu Yang, looks like you've come early," Zi Xieqing said smilingly as she rolled her eyes .

"I'll miss all the opportunities if I had come late!" Chu Yang said as he frowned, "If you hadn't followed me, I could completely make my great fortune in silence, and sweep away all the herbs in the periphery region; all my plans were spoiled because of you . "

"Why will there be good herbs in the periphery region?" Zi Xieqing laughed . "Those good ones were already snatched away by the nine big clans . "

Chu Yang snorted .

Looking at his own hands, he said lightly, "You've followed me for 1,800 miles till here, and I've killed at least 900 people! My hands are full of blood now…"

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "But the residents along this 1,800 miles of road will be grateful to you . The thing that those beautiful girls fear the most is now gone… Isn't this a good thing?"

Chu Yang frowned . "I'm saying… I'm afraid I have to kill people again here!"

Zi Xieqing said, "You're worrying about Diwu Qingrou?"

Chu Yang sighed lightly . "No one can not worry about people like Diwu Qingrou . "

Zi Xieqing nodded . "If that's the case, I really want to have a look at how heroic this Diwu Qingrou is . Kill a few people to lure him here . "

Chu Yang madly flipped his eyelids .

If Diwu Qingrou would come to them because of such things, he wouldn't be Diwu Qingrou anymore .

Although Chu Yang didn't know what position Diwu Qingrou had in the Zhuge clan, Chu Yang believed that Diwu Qingrou would be able to live well in wherever places he went .

Before he finished speaking, galloping sounds of horses were heard . The sounds stopped abruptly in front of the inn, and a group of people got down the horses . Instantly, a voice rang . "Canzhang, how beautiful is that unparalleled beauty that you spoke? She's even worth you bunch of guys to praise on?"

Another person smiled sheepishly . "Since they've said so, that would certainly be true . This bunch of guys has got used to seeing a woman as beautiful as Feng Yurou . So that woman must be more beautiful than her . "

Some other people aside chimed in .

"Yes, yes . She's so beautiful that my eyes straightened . "

"Yes . When I saw her, I directly forgot how to walk . "

"She's really beautiful…"

Listening to the noise outside, Chu Yang frowned slightly .

By the looks of it, it's really a disaster that this beauty was by his side . Zi Xieqing was only here for not more than two hours and hadn't done anything yet, and she actually lured so many fops to her .

"Haha, Canzhang, since she's so pretty, she's mine," sounded the previous voice .

"Sun Duanmo, don't go too far . Last time, I've already given you some taste of that popular whore already," that Sun Canzhang said anxiously, "This time around, I won't let her to you regardless of anything!"

"Let's guess fingers! We shall only have one round . "

"One, two, three, start!"

It seemed that the two brothers were actually gambling for this matter .

The young masters next to them shouted in extreme excitement .

Then, Sun Canzhang contented voice was heard . "Brothers! I'll go in and let this so-called frosty girl strip off her clothes and dance for everyone first . "

"Wow hahaha…" There's a fit of laughter . Everyone rushed in and asked aloud, "Beauty, beauty, where are you? Come out quickly! Haha…"

Another said evilly, "Beauty, if you heard us, you can strip off your clothes directly and come out hahaha…"

Zi Xieqing was driven furious that her face turned green .

…'Tao Ren' is a homophone of 'peach kernel' in Chinese

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