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Chapter 971

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"Purple Flames Vein!" Wei Wuyan had traveled around the martial world for so many years . How could he not know what Purple Flames Vein was? Instantly, he felt his qi and blood roll and rush up to his brain . Dizziness overwhelmed him, and he spat out a mouthful of blood . He groaned, "I see, I see…"

He sat on the ground, mumbling 'I see' repeatedly .

From the confused and puzzled tone at the start, his voice changed to a tone of agony and disbelief . Then, he sounded as if he had a sudden revelation, and he sounded disoriented and aggrieved . Slowly, his voice turned firm and full of hatred . In the end, it was monstrous .

In this short moment, it seemed that Wei Wuyan had already gone through his whole life .

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"I see!" Wei Wuyan said quietly and fiercely .

As he finished saying this sentence, he suddenly felt sourness in his heart! And he felt himself in complete agony!

He said word by word, "I see!"

Tears slipped down his face as he said .

It turned out that everything was fake . All the love, nurture, care that Hong Wuliang had for him… was fake!

I used to think that although my family was gone, although my parents were gone, and although my sister was gone, I still had someone close to me .

I only know now that I was wrong .

Since young, I had been living in a conspiracy, and I was only a tool . I've grown up just so that some other people can drink my blood . I see .

No wonder he killed my wife and son! I see!

Wei Wuyan sat quietly and laughed and shook his head lightly .

Tears streamed down slowly to both sides of his face as he shook his head .

Then he stood up . His face looked calm, and there's not even a slight flicker in his eyes . He let out a long sigh .

He said quietly, "Since I'm faceless, what's the use of my face?"

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He suddenly extended his hands, grabbed his face and tore it down! Instantly, his face became bloody .

Chu Yang strode forward, wanting to say something . But he after all didn't speak .

Since Wei Wuyan had torn down his face, it meant that he no longer wanted to die . He had again the desire to live on .

Tearing down the original Wuyan was to better continue on the future… Anyone would have found such a dark past unbearable to reflect on . Chu Yang understood Wei Wuyan's feelings very much .

"Chu Yang, thank you . " Wei Wuyan took out a wound medicine from his chest and carefully applied it on his face . Exercising his energy, the wounds on his face became scars .

"I'm not thanking you for saving my life, but for allowing me to understand the truth . "

"I can't die!"

Wei Wuyan turned back and stroked the tombstone . Extreme tenderness filled his eyes . "My wife and son are both waiting for me to revenge for them… and to get justice back for them . "

Chu Yang said deeply, "Yes . If you die, they can't see their justice again; and, they'll lose their fondness of this world… Brother Wei, you shall experience more . Your son hasn't experienced everything in this world . You should experience more and do more things, so that you can tell them to your son when you reunite with him one day…"

Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly, but his eyes revealed hope . He said, "Does that world really exist?"

Chu Yang said in a low voice, "As long as you believe that there is that world, then there is! If you don't believe… then that world really won't exist!"

"I believe!" Wei Wuyan said seriously, "I believe!"

His eyes turned soft and affectionate as if he was looking forward to the scene where he's telling stories to his son… to that little life who didn't have enough time to see more about the world…

The mountain winds startled to blow more heavily, and it whistled as it swept across the mountain peak . The sky gradually darkened . The black, boundless woods on the mountain began to sound of ghosts and wolves .

"Chu Yang, I can't accompany you for your journey . " Wei Wuyan looked a little apologetically at Chu Yang . "I shall find you at the Zhuge clan's territory next spring and see your victory at the Medicine Banquet!"

Chu Yang nodded understandingly . "Good!"

"I'll definitely return what I owe you," Wei Wuyan said .

"Brother Wei, please remember one sentence," Chu Yang said seriously .

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Wei Wuyan said, "What?"

Chu Yang said word by word, "If you treat me as a friend, then you don't owe anything to me; If you treat me as a benefactor, then you shall owe me . "

Wei Wuyan finally revealed a trace of warmth in his eyes, as if hope was revived in him again . He extended his hands, grasped onto Chu Yang's shoulders tightly, and said deeply, "Yes! Yes! I don't owe you! I don't owe you!"

He had suddenly found spiritual support .

It turned out that in this world, he's after all not without anything . At the very least, there's a friend!

Chu Yang smiled slightly .

"I'll spend more time here with them . The wind is strong, the mountain is high, and the night is dark here . They'll be scared . That year, in order to care for Hong Wuliang, I've buried them in our vicinity . I've… let them down a lot . "

Wei Wuyan said softly .

Chu Yang was silent for a long time and said, "You should relocate them to your Wei clan's grave . Your Wei clan should have it I guess?"

Wei Wuyan's eyes brightened and said, "Yes, they'll not be alone anymore when they've gone there . My father and mother are also there…"

He looked blank as he said till here .

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing had already come out for very long distance . Looking back, they saw a lonely figure standing in front of the tombstone, amidst the twilight .

After a long time, they saw Wei Wuyan sitting down again . He extended his hands, and held the tombstone in his arms .

Night fell on the earth, taking away the last of evening light . Wei Wuyan and that grave also melted into the night…

The three were very quiet as they walked .

They didn't speak at all until they were out of the Black Blood Forest .

They exited the forest at dawn . Looking at the smoke rising from the chimneys afar, Zi Xieqing let out a long sigh . She said, "Chu Yang, I only realized today that you're actually a good person . "

Chu Yang said, "How?"

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Zi Xieqing smiled lightly . "Because you've made Wei Wuyan realize that there's something he should care about . I was very touched at that time . "

He sighed . "Although we've persuaded Wei Wuyan back temporarily, revenge is his only goal left . Because he's already free in this world . As what you've said, after Hong Wuliang dies, Wei Wuyan will definitely commit suicide . Because there's no meaning and joy for him in this world . "

"But you've made use of his character of never owing anything to anyone in his life, by giving him a friend!" Zi Xieqing said lightly, "When someone sees a glimpse of light when he's in utter despair, he'll grasp on to it tightly . His entire soul and mind will converge towards the light . So, not only is Wei Wuyan lucky, but you're also lucky; he has now a goal and support to rely on to live on, while you've also gained a true friend . "

Chu Yang said lightly, "I just don't want him to die, and have never thought of becoming his support . I only wish that he can lead a proper life after he walks out from this past . "

Zi Xieqing thought for a while . "This is difficult . "

Chu Yang nodded . "Yes, it's difficult . "

The duo, at the same time, thought of the lonely figure before the grave . With such infatuation Wei Wuyan had towards his wife, it was conceivable of how difficult it would be… if he wanted to lead a new life .

"Don't damage this kind of sentiments in him," Zi Xieqing said, "Actually it's good for him to be like this . Although it's sad, it's very beautiful . "

Chu Yang said, "You've finally admitted the feelings in the human world?"

Zi Xieqing laughed and didn't speak . After a while, she asked, "Where are we going to now?"

"Straight South . " Chu Yang pointed . "No more than 3,000 miles ahead should be the Zhuge clan's territory . "

"We should go straight South first . There's the Medicine Banquet there . I can make use of this opportunity… to replenish my energy . And at the same time find the last medicinal ingredient for Le'er . "

Chu Yang paused for a while as he said till here . Zi Xieqing slightly raised her head . She knew that Chu Yang was referring to the energy of his Nine Tribulations Sword .

"After the Medicine Banquet next Spring, I'll go straight towards the North-West region . " Chu Yang turned around to look towards the North-West direction . He looked extremely complicated in his eyes .

North-West region, Wind and Thunder Platform .

The fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

It was the terminal point of his previous life, and also the starting point of his current life .

It felt like a dream to Chu Yang as he thought about it .

Mo Tianji…

Chu Yang smiled as he thought .

This time around, Diwu Qingrou was there in the South region!

"Big brother, your smile makes it seems that you've experienced a lot . " Chu Le'er tilted her head and looked at him .

"Experienced a lot?" Chu Yang said interestedly, "Do you feel that my look just now is filled with the charm of a man?"

Chu Le'er nodded seriously . "Yes! It's like the charm an old man has . "

"Old man?" Chu Yang was dumbstruck .

"Yeah . I feel like listening to your stories by your look just now," Chu Le'er said as she blinked her eyes .

Chu Yang collapsed .

Zi Xieqing laughed aloud .

The cool autumn wind blew along the way . As gusts of wind blew by, the whole world became full of golden leaves fluttering onto the ground .

Such a scenery made Chu Le'er, who had never traveled for long distances before, dance wildly .

Zi Xieqing and Chu Yang practiced martial arts along the way . After walking out for more than 1,000 miles, Chu Yang's cultivation had already risen up the middle sixth stage Sovereign of swords .

Of course, wailing sounds followed behind them in almost all places that they had gone to .

Wherever the crowd gathered, there's definitely rich-poor divide and difference in the sphere of influence among different people . And there're always a few lascivious people from the wealthy or powerful families .

How could they bear themselves when they saw a beauty like Zi Xieqing? And they would come to tease Zi Xieqing in a daze . Of course, they would rough her up when they were unsuccessful . So Chu Yang, this flower guardian, would bear the brunt .

Chu Yang realized that it's completely unfeasible to talk sense with these people . No matter what he spoke, they just wanted him to leave the beauty behind . All different sorts of tricks, such as sneak attacks, came out from them…

There's even a fellow who mobilized his entire clan to help his son grab the beauty…

The King of Hell Chu was utterly raged!

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