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Chapter 970

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As Hong Wuliang saw Wei Wuyan walk off without turning back, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but nothing came out from his mouth .

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing stood aside and looked quietly at all these . Chu Yang seemed to be thinking of something . Looking towards the direction from which Wei Wuyan had gone, his eyes looked somehow complicated .

He asked himself, if he was in the same position as Wei Wuyan today, would he kill Hong Wuliang? After thinking for a long time, he still finally decided that he wouldn't do so!

Wouldn't kill Hong Wuliang today!

Killing Hong Wuliang today would be showing ungratefulness towards him, while only by killing him tomorrow would it be doing justice! Humans after all had sentiments, and they need time to accept any sudden changes of opinions towards another person .

Today's matter was too abrupt for Wei Wuyan!

Zi Xieqing's face was filled with murderous intent .

"Let him go," Chu Yang said lightly, "Don't kill him . There's only the target of killing Hong Wuliang personally left for Wei Wuyan . If you kill Hong Wuliang now, Wei Wuyan also can't live on . "

Zi Xieqing gritted her teeth and said, "This will be too cheap on this old dog!"

Then she said evilly, "Why does Wei Wuyan actually let him go? He's really… really a bastard!"

Chu Yang was silent for a long time and said, "I understand what Wei Wuyan is thinking . From the beginning to the end, he has great gratitude towards Hong Wuliang! Wei Wuyan didn't kill him and let him go today is equivalent to returning all that Hong Wuliang had given to him . If Wei Wuyan lays hands on Hong Wuliang in the future, only then will the revenge be right and proper!"

Zi Xieqing sneered . "I really don't understand the sentiments that you human beings have!"

Chu Yang instantly turned around . "You human beings?"

Zi Xieqing's eyes flashed and she said lightly, "I'm saying, the few human beings here!"

Chu Yang laughed . "We human beings… You sound very strange . "

But he thought: You human beings? Does it mean that this… Zi Xieqing isn't a human being?

"Although we're letting him go, we can't let him go like this!" Chu Yang turned around to look at Hong Wuliang, then suddenly strode towards him .

Hong Wuliang asked nervously, "What are you… you going to do?"

Chu Yang raised his hand and slapped down loudly and heavily . "I suppose you weren't slapped before previously?" He slapped again . "You selfish thing! You're even lesser than a brute!"

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He extended his legs and kicked Hong Wuliang . "You only have to be alive for now!"

Chu Yang pressed a foot heavily against Hong Wuliang's hips, and said coldly, "I've kicked this on behalf of your life! That poor woman's whole life was ruined by you!"

Hong Wuliang cried shrilly . His whole body twitched and his eyes turned white .

His cultivation was sealed, and now, he's just like an ordinary person . Chu Yang's foot on him had completely crashed his hips! And Chu Yang had put in the energy of the Nine Tribulations Sword in doing so; even with the regeneration ability of a Supreme Martial Artist, Hong Wuliang was also helpless in recovering his smashed-up hips .

"You're really… evil!" Hong Wuliang cried shrilly as he looked evilly at Chu Yang .

"I'm not better than you!" Chu Yang sneered and raised his foot . "You shall take good care of yourself . Before Wei Wuyan finds you, please don't die . "

Hong Wuliang's face was distorted . He looked at Chu Yang resentfully .

"If you still look at me, do you believe that I'll dig out your eyeballs and stuff them in your ass?" Chu Yang asked coldly .

Hong Wuliang immediately closed his eyes . The extreme humiliation brought to him made all the muscles on his face begin to twitch .

"Let him piss off!" Chu Yang sighed . "He's really not enough for me to vent on!"

"Piss off!" Zi Xieqing kicked heavily on Hong Wuliang's body . As she opened the seal on his body, she also broke dozens of bones on his body .

The corners of Chu Yang's mouth twitched: This woman is much fiercer than me…

Hong Wuliang flew off dozens of feet and slammed onto a rock . He climbed up with difficulty, and enduring the pain of broken bones over his entire body, he glanced back, before he continued to walk away staggeringly .

"Why would such a person receive Wei Wuyan as his apprentice and also nurture him carefully?" Chu Yang asked perplexedly as he looked at Hong Wuliang walking away .

Zi Xieqing looked strangely at him, "You didn't realize?"

Chu Yang was stunned . "What?"

Zi Xieqing said lightly, "You can't realize, but that guy in your body definitely can . "

Chu Yang rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly . "What is it?"

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Zi Xieqing said, "There're small amounts of Purple Flames Veins in Wei Wuyan's body . I originally felt very strange on why I could realize it when there are very few of it; now I've finally understood . They must have been taken away by Hong Wuliang . "

"Purple Flames Vein?" Chu Yang flipped through his memories and finally understood . "It's the vein which could work with cold ice energy to produce twice the cultivation effect!"

"Yes . This is why although Hong Wuliang is an expert in cold ice energy, Wei Wuyan didn't learn this from Hong Wuliang despite being his only apprentice," Zi Xieqing said lightly .

"He's really a bastard!" Chu Yang scolded furiously . He really wished to catch up with Hong Wuliang and beat him another round .

Purple Flames Vein was a special kind of vein .

It's the best tool to cultivate martial arts which had Yin properties! Extracting some Purple Flames Vein into one's own meridians once in a while could neutralize the martial arts with Yin properties, and there would definitely be no side effects . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Hong Wuliang had accepted Wei Wuyan as his apprentice exactly because of this .

Because of the Purple Flames Vein, the higher the cultivation, the more veins the body would produce, and therefore the better the effects!

This was also why Hong Wuliang was so fast in improving his cultivation in these hundreds of years . And this was also why Hong Wuliang nurtured and educated Wei Wuyan carefully .

"Humans… really can be so evil!" Chu Yang took in a deep breath .

Speaking of this, Wei Wuyan's whole life was really tragic .

From the beginning till the end, he lived in a dark environment and in a conspiracy . First, he was used as a tool for the cultivation of evil martial arts . Then, he was used as a tool for gathering purple crystals . In the end, his wife and son were also killed by the same person…

The most tragic thing was… Wei Wuyan had been living in gratefulness towards this person in these 1,000 or so years .

How tragic this was!

The duo sighed together .

With Chu Le'er on Zi Xieqing's back, the three followed Wei Wuyan's track .

Blood had dripped behind Wei Wuyan the whole path . He actually didn't stop his bleeding .

He went forth for dozens of miles and turned at a corner .

The three winded their way through a mountain before they saw Wei Wuyan .

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This tragic person was standing in front of a tomb like a statue .

The tomb of my beloved wife E'er and beloved son Xiaozhan .

A tombstone was erected desolately on the ground .

Wei Wuyan stood there for a very long time . He didn't speak a word and just gazed affectionately at this tombstone .

Along with his guilt and shame .

"Sorry! Sorry… Sorry…" Wei Wuyan strode forward and hugged the tombstone in his arms, then rubbed his face gently against it .

Just like how he hugged his wife and son in his arms back then whenever he completed his tasks and returned home .

Tears streamed down the tombstone .

On the small grave mound, wild grasses swayed with the wind and shook gently, as if his child was struggling to hurl into his arms when he came back home .

"E'er, I'm so silly . " Wei Wuyan held the tombstone, unfastened his clothes, and placed the tombstone against his naked chest . Although it's a cold tombstone, Wei Wuyan showed extreme affection towards it .

As if he was using his own chest to warm the cold body of his life .

"I've found my enemy… it's him . It's my teacher… It's Hong Wuliang…" Wei Wuyan said in agony, "E'er… Xiaozhan, I'm so useless and foolish . I've caused you to die in his hands, but I still worked for him tortuously for more than 600 years… Do you feel sad for me? And helpless?"

"I don't have face to meet you, but I miss you . "

"Now I know the best days of my life are the three years that I have spent with you . "

"I'm so regretful, I hate myself so much… I really miss you! I miss both of you, I miss both of you…"

Wei Wuyan suddenly burst into tears as he held the tombstone!

Such a man was holding a cold tombstone, crying bitterly and hoarsely . But it seemed that he's holding the last bit of warmth he had in his life…

Autumn wind began to blow . Instantly, things similar to reed flowers flew over the mountains and wilderness .

As if his wife underground was comforting her man gently .

Wei Wuyan wailed madly, not paying any attention to his image at all . He looked up to the sky and roared, "Heaven! Why are you treating us this way? Why are you doing this to our whole family!!"

The sounds of wind were piercing, just like Wei Wuyan's wailing sounds .

After a long time, Wei Wuyan finally stopped . He placed his face against the tombstone and muttered softly…

The sky gradually darkened .

Wei Wuyan finally stood up .

He pulled out the Wuyan Sword and carefully looked at the blade, revealing a sorrowful and bitter smile . "Wuyan sword, I'm faceless to see you… I'm faceless to see both of you…"

He stumbled onto the ground . "Let me reunite with you! I beg you!"

The Wuyan Sword suddenly shone brightly .

"Quickly stop him!" Chu Yang shouted .

Zi Xieqing raised her hand and slapped downwards . A broken section of branch shot forward at the speed of lightning, striking off Wei Wuyan's Wuyan Sword .

It scratched his shoulders, revealing a deep cut .

Wei Wuyan turned around calmly and shook his head lightly . "There's no use . You can block me today, but you can't stop me tomorrow . "

Chu Yang hurried up and said angrily, "Don't you want to revenge?"

Wei Wuyan smiled bitterly . "Revenge… I didn't kill him today, so I don't want to think of killing him again . He's after all my teacher, and I once owed a great debt of gratitude to him…"

"Owed a great debt of gratitude to him?" Chu Yang sneered . "Do you know why he had accepted you as his apprentice?"

"What?" Wei Wuyan frowned .

"Is it true that he extracted blood from you regularly?" Zi Xieqing asked .

Wei Wuyan said, "Yes, that's for dispelling his coldness… How do you know?"

"Hehe… You have Purple Flames Vein . He accepted you as his apprentice just to constantly drink your blood and exploit you as his cultivation tool… And you still owe a great debt of gratitude to him?" Zi Xieqing said, "He's not willing for you to die… He would be heartbroken even if you're injured by a bit . "

…'Wuyan' means 'faceless' in Chinese, and 'see' is a homophone of 'sword' in Chinese

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