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Published at 14th of September 2019 02:45:54 PM
Chapter 966

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Wei Wuyan suddenly remembered that in that period of time, he indeed not had many tasks . And he just had a wife and child . How could he be unwilling to spend more time with his family?

Besides, his wife had fallen in love with him and committed herself to him after he unintentionally saved her family when he was nearly 600 years old .

Although he still looked to be in his prime years then, but by age, he was an old man!

He originally didn't expect to form a family for the sake of his teacher; otherwise, he wouldn't wait till he was 600 years old before he had a wife . He only thought of repaying his debt of gratitude towards his teacher, who had educated and nurtured him; and looking after his teacher, and arranging a proper burial for him after he had died .

But he had real sentiments towards his wife then, and so he married her and formed a family; but to his wife and her family, he only dared to say that he was in his forties . So, the couple had a marriage . They loved each other and really felt as blessed as mortals . His wife seemed to feel that she no longer was rootless duckweed and had finally found her roots, found someone to be concerned with and a life to look forward to .

Three years after their marriage, they had a child, whom they treasured very much . He only thought at that time that there's not a second person in the world more blessed than him!

He remembered that back then, he almost flew to his teacher, telling his teacher that he was going to have a wife . He was more than 600 years old, but he seemed to look like a child who's showing off in front of his teacher, telling his teacher about his own blessedness .

As for how did his teacher look like… he had already forgotten; but, anyway, his teacher didn't look as happy as he had expected, and Wei Wuyan remembered that he was also somehow disappointed… But immediately, he immersed back into his happiness .

On his wedding day, he pleaded shamelessly to his teacher for a long time for him to come down the mountains to preside over the wedding ceremony . After the ceremony, he hurried back .

And Wei Wuyan still remembered that when he just had a son, and he flew to his teacher to report the good news, his face looked a bit bad…

After Wei Wuyan's marriage, while he led a blessed life, he never dared to forget his teacher . Once he's free, he would receive tasks to earn purple crystals, then send them to his teacher .

But because I was a newlywed then, I almost had a few delays in sending purple crystals to you… But I didn't delay after all!

That time, Wei Wuyan's teacher told him that he had no purple crystals left… So Wei Wuyan had desperately sent purple crystals to his teacher first .

Although his wife and son had both been killed after he had gone back, he never suspected his teacher by a bit . And he never had grudges against his teacher .

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Who was his teacher? His teacher was someone who had nurtured him . Without his teacher, he wouldn't have the accomplishments he had today . His teacher would definitely not be unfavorable to him .

Although his teacher was strict, and sometimes, unreasonable; but since he had always been living alone here, it's pardonable that he had a bad temper… Who could endure such solitude and loneliness for such a long time?

So, after Wei Wuyan lost his wife and child, he shifted to live with his teacher . Other than being out to earn purple crystals, Wei Wuyan stayed in company with his teacher .

But now, Wei Wuyan actually… actually… actually heard such a horrible truth!

Aside, the battle among the three became more and more intense . Hong Wuliang's face looked calm and cold as he fought . A chilly feeling that belonged uniquely to Hong Wuliang enveloped him…

Although the whole cave was covered with smoke, it's chilly .

Wei Wuyan felt as if he was dreaming . Looking at his teacher who's fighting vigorously, he felt that he had fallen into a nightmare that he would never wake up from .

Everything that he had seen and heard all seemed so unreal .

Wei Wuyan's tears finally flowed down!

Hong Wuliang so near to Ye Anran, and Ye Anran had also deliberately raised his voice when he spoke . How would Hong Wuliang not hear him? Just now, Hong Wuliang even tried to explain, but now, he didn't even care about explaining at all/

"Teacher!" Wei Wuyan cried his heart out .

The battle on that side suddenly stopped . The two Supreme Martial Artists from the Zhuge clan leaped backwards at the same time .

Hong Wuliang stood blankly on the spot . Hearing the heartbreaking cry of his apprentice, his body shook once, but he didn't look back . He let out a long sigh and said, "Wuyan, I once talked to you that you mustn't have the thought of having a family . This would form a great inner demon against your martial cultivation! If you want to ascend to the peak of your martial cultivation, you shouldn't consider those things…"

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Wei Wuyan's brain almost exploded and he felt dizzy . He said restlessly, "You said that before that… that wedding, after I was married . Teacher… you clearly know how much I cherished my family… I like the feeling of having a family…"

As he said, he suddenly felt pain in his heart, as if a knife was twisted in it .

Such a generous and virtuous wife, such a sprightly and cute son…

Till now, he still remembered that as long as he went out of home, his wife would always be standing at the door sending him off . The number of days that he would be off was never certain, but every time when he came back, his wife would long be at the door welcoming him back…

"You're going out? You must be careful… With me at home, you don't need to worry . Do come back safely . "

"You're back? You should be tired… I'll get some water for you to wash . You shall take a nap and rest first . "

He still remembered the little life who was just born back then, biting his own fingers while lying in Wei Wuyan's arms, and looking at him with sharp eyes…

That tender touch, that innocent look, and the feeling of his own flesh and blood, would instantly conquer him .

When that kid cried or used his fat little hands to stroke his face while smiling happily, he would feel immensely satisfied and blessed…

He had once vowed to use his life and all that he had to protect his wife and son!

While the vows were still ringing in his ears, his wife and son had both turned into spirits .

His wife had laid stiffly on the ground, her face filled with disbelief . She had died, but her eyes were still opened, and there's a shock in her eyes .

She even had no time to reveal, in her eyes, any resentment or reluctance to part with the world . Why?

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His sprightly and cute son had already turned into red paste! Who's so sinister? How could he not even let go of a baby?

Wei Wuyan remembered that he fainted on the spot . He woke up only after a long time . He roared to the sky and was utterly insane . Since then, other than earning purple crystals, he would spend the rest of his time searching for his enemy from all corners of the world…

"Hahaha… searching for my enemy!" Wei Wuyan suddenly laughed with grief .

The four Supreme Martial Artists looked at him .

Wei Wuyan held on to the stone wall and stood up unsteadily . With his cultivation, even if he was seriously injured, or even if all his limbs were broken, it wouldn't be so difficult for him to stand up .

But now, Wei Wuyan was like an extremely feeble and ordinary person who already had one foot in the grave . He only felt restless throughout his body and felt that his heart was empty . Although his heart was beating so fiercely and wildly, the sound of his own heartbeat sounded so remote to him that it seemed to be traveled from another space and time .

He finally stood up . Supporting himself on the stone wall, and bleeding at the corners of his mouth, he slowly walked two steps forth and looked at Hong Wuliang . He asked, "Teacher, I only want to ask you one thing . "

Hong Wuliang let out a long sigh . He looked up, closed his eyes and said lightly, "Alright . "

Wei Wuyan sounded very calm . Even he himself also felt strange why he could sound so calm at this moment . "Teacher, did… did you… kill… E'er and Xiaozhan?"

Wei Wuyan repeated the last six words several times before he completed saying them .

He looked pale and shaky, but his eyes looked fiercely and firmly at his teacher .

Hong Wuliang laughed and said lightly, "Brother Ye, my whereabouts have already been exposed today . I originally thought that it's Lang Yilang that bastard, so I didn't move and waited here for him to come have a deadly battle with him!"

He smiled lightly . "I didn't expect that it's the three of you that have come . I suppose there're other people outside?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

His apprentice Wei Wuyan was waiting for his answer, but he directly evaded Wei Wuyan's question .

Ye Anran raised his head up . "That's right . To arrest you, six Supreme Martial Artists from the Ye clan, Zhuge clan and Lan clan were sent out . There're another three outside . "

Hong Wuliang laughed . "Looks like I can't escape today . "

Ye Anran said lightly . "Indeed . You have nowhere to escape to now . "

"Nowhere to escape…" Hong Wuliang muttered in an extremely low voice . He raised his head, thought silently and didn't speak .

Wei Wuyan's body trembled more intensely . He roared, "Teacher! I'm asking you a question!"

Wei Wuyan had growled when he spoke this sentence; the respectful tone when he usually talked to his teacher had vanished .

Hong Wuliang looked up and said softly, "I already have nowhere to go… I'm going to die . I may as well tell you the truth…"

Then he looked at Wei Wuyan . He actually sounded calm and soft . "Since you've already guessed it, what's there for me to say?"

"I've guessed it correctly? I've guessed it correctly?" Wei Wuyan muttered . His eyes looked blank . Then he suddenly laughed wildly, so wildly that his whole body trembled, and he had to hold on to the stone wall again . Big teardrops rushed out from his eyes!

He continued to laugh, and the laughter reverberated around the cave; the four Supreme Martial Artist all felt an ultimate sense of misery! This laughter really sounded a hundred times more miserable than a cry .

Wei Wuyan asked as he laughed, "Just for the sake of purple crystals? You not only want to maintain your injuries, but also the purple crystals for you to improve your cultivation? You want me to earn them for you? You blame me for earning them too slowly? Is it? Is it?"

Hong Wuliang said lightly, "You shouldn't have slowed down the speed of earning purple crystals after you got married . " He looked a little pitifully at his apprentice and said, "Actually, I was also at a very difficult position that year . Wuyan, you're my only apprentice, and I've pinned all hopes on you . I feel very sorry for you, and I value you very much!"

"You're in a very difficult position? You pinned all hopes on me? You feel very sorry for me? You value me very much?" Wei Wuyan laughed madly . "You killed my beloved wife, just because you feel sorry for me? You killed my only son, because you value me very much?!"

Wei Wuyan's eyes seemed as if they were going to burst out . "Teacher… Did these words come out from your mouth? Did these words even come from a human!!!!!"

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