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Chapter 963

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After scolding for a moment, Ye Shiyu started to become dispirited . "I feel disgusted just at the sight of Lan Ruoyun that bastard! But I really can't afford to provoke that old monster behind that bastard…"

He sighed and said, "Didn't Yè Mengse break that bastard's legs last time? How did they recover so quickly! I'm so miserable…"

Zhuge Wen said smilingly, "Last time, Yè Mengse saw this guy robbing women . After knowing Lan Ruoyun's identity, Ye Mengse broke Lan Ruoyun's legs… But for these two legs, the Ye clan spent 10,000 purple crystals to treat them, and Yè Mengse was also detained by the Ye clan in their house . "

Ye Shiyu looked as if he was lost in his reverie . "Yè Mengse… is really manly! Only such a man deserves me to be married to…"

The corners of Zhuge Wen's mouth twitched .

Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing winked at each other .

It turns out Lan Ruoyun has a strong pillar?

No wonder this fop can be ranked seventh in the Lan clan .

Ye Shiyu said very interestedly, "Brother Zhuge, that old monster is at least 6,000 years old . Why does he treasure Lan Ruoyun this bastard so much?"

Zhuge Wen looked strangely at him . "You don't know?"

Ye Shiyu was startled for a moment . "What do I know?"

Zhuge Wen smiled strangely . Looking left and right, he went closer to Ye Shiyu and whispered, "I heard… Remember, this is only what I heard: That old monster has messed up his Yin and Yang energy 20 years ago and almost had an accidental rebound… He rushed out from the place where he had closed-door practice, and raped Lan Ruoyun's mother… But never did he expect that he gave his shot so accurately . From then on, he has Lan Ruoyun… This old monster isn't married his whole life, but he actually has his own son when he's more than 6,000 years old… Of course, he treasures this son very much!"

Ye Shiyu's mouth went agape, his face and eyes full of shock . His voice trembled, "Hehe hehe… he's actually still so accurate in shooting when he's more than 6,000 years old…"

"Be quiet!" Zhuge Wen shouted .

"This is so shocking! It's going to shock me to death…" Ye Shiyu patted his chest repeatedly, revealing a look that he still hadn't recovered from his stupor . "Damn it, damn it… He's so powerful… He still can do it at such an old age… This person is definitely a good match for us women…"

Not only was he very shocked, but even Chu Yang and Zi Xieqing were also too .

The duo was so shocked that they almost lost their ability to speak .

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There was actually such a thing!

No wonder this Lan Ruoyun was so unscrupulous . It turned out that he had a father who's more than 6,000 years old…

Instantly, Chu Yang thought of the 'Double-Souls Connection, One Heart in 10,000 miles' on Lan Ruoyun; and Chu Yang knew how precious Lan Ruoyun was to his father .

No wonder…

Luckily I didn't kill Lan Ruoyun . His father could now go deal with that pack of wolves…

Chu Yang instantly gloated at this thought .

At this moment, somebody hurriedly came to make a report . "Third young master, we've found the cave that Hong Wuliang is hiding in . It's just beneath that cliff, and near to the middle position of the cliff . "

Ye Shiyu and Zhuge Wen were both startled for a while .

Both of them remained still .

Zhuge Wen chuckled . "Brother Ye, this is a good opportunity for your Ye clan to forge ties with Law-Enforcement Master Lang . As long as you set a command, I'll hold the lines for you . "

Ye Shiyu laughed sheepishly . "Brother Zhuge, how would I dare to snatch away your limelight? You shall be the one who sets command . And we can also get this mission done as soon as possible . At the same time, I shall gain more insights on how crafty the Zhuge clan is and how it devises strategies . "

The duo knew that this battle was extremely dangerous .

Although there's only one enemy, he's a Supreme Martial Artist . Although there're quite a number of people the Zhuge clan and Ye clan had sent out and their cultivations were far above that of the opponent, in order to capture the opponent, it's definitely impossible to not suffer from enormous costs!

At such a moment, the costs would often be heavy losses!

It's natural that the two clans wanted to avoid such losses as much as they could!

"No no no, you shall go first . "

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"No no no, you shall go first . "

Both of their faces were beaming sincerely, making them appear to be very honest with each other and want to give off this great credit to each other .

The duo sighed at the same time after they yielded no results .

"What a pity that the hothead Lan Ruoyun isn't here . Otherwise, we can save so many efforts," Ye Shiyu said sadly .

"Where has that bastard gone to?!" Zhuge Wen said agreeably .

Although the duo felt disgusted that Lan Ruoyun brought a troop of people with him, the duo felt that it's also good as this bunch of slow-witted people could at least be incited to steal a march before the two clans, and therefore at least avoid their losses .

But they didn't expect these people from the Lan clan actually disappeared entirely .

The duo couldn't argue over each other, so in the end, they came to an agreement: Zhuge Wen would be the commander and Ye Shiyu would give him support from the side . Zhuge Wen would be responsible for deploying all the people from the Ye clan and Zhuge clan, and in pairing them together according to their respective capabilities .

This battle was already a torture for both clans, yet both Ye Shiyu and Zhuge Wen still split hair on each other .

They're not fussing over who to put in more efforts in this battle, but which clan could preserve more forces in future battles .

After they laid out a plan, Zhuge Wen immediately set out a command .

"This is a cliff, and we don't know how wide it is, so there's definitely no entrance on both sides . The cave is at the bottom of the cliff, and the cliff is hundreds of feet high, so there's definitely no linkage between the cave and above the cliff . The only entrance must be behind the cliff . Three elders, you shall bring a few men to block any possible entrances at the back of the cliff . Once you see anyone escaping from behind, block him immediately and send out a message . You must not let him escape . "

Zhuge Wen was straightforwardly blocking the way out for Wei Wuyan and his teacher .

"Yes . " A man in blue clasped his hand and responded to the command . Waving his hand, he led a few people to leave like a whirlwind .

"Inform us once you get there and get ready," Zhuge Wen warned .

"Yes . "

These three elders had already disappeared .

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"Brother Ye, you shall get a few people to cut down the whole wall of vines when I set command later on!" Zhuge Wen said, "There's definitely some mechanisms behind the vines . We don't know how it works, but Hong Wuliang knows, and he can use it flexibly . Even if there are no mechanisms, Hong Wuliang may still use these vines as supports for escaping . So the vines must be cut!"

"Okay . "

Ye Shiyu agreed readily this time around . He instantly arranged for men to do this job .

"We're not familiar with the geography of the cave, and it's hard for us to attack our opponents . We also don't know whether there's a water source or food in it… So, when we see the cave entrance, we shall set fire first to produce smoke, then blow Ecstasy Drug and Poison Fog to diffuse into the cave . "

"Okay . "

In the grasses, Chu Yang praised silently: What a good idea!

"Once the smoke has filled up the cave and the surroundings can't be seen, the few of you Supreme level elders shall instantly rush into the cave . Now, you can use a black cloth to cover your eyes to adapt to the darkness," Zhuge Wen decisively commanded .

"Yes . "

"After the three elders have confirmed their preparation, we can start taking actions immediately . " After Zhuge Wen finished his arrangements, he turned around to look at Ye Shiyu . "Brother Ye, do you have anything to add on?"

Ye Shiyu said a bit admiringly, "Brother Zhuge, I really admire your good strategies . "

These were true words .

Zhuge Wen had really given considerations to all aspects, including blocking the opponents' paths, removing their supports, and making use of smoke, Poison Fog and Ecstasy Drug all together; although he clearly knew that the opponent won't faint from poison .

But this successfully created an equal playing field on both sides .

Both sides couldn't see their surroundings because of smoke, and it's even more dangerous for the battle to be carried out in such conditions, but this successfully eliminated the advantage that the opponent had towards his familiarity of the cave's geography .

Because the opponent also couldn't see the cave himself!

Using a black cloth to cover the eyes to adapt to darkness was even more delicate touch . Otherwise, one would definitely not adapt after rushing in from a bright place into a dark and foggy place . Although this unadaptedness was only a temporary condition, it's sufficient for a Supreme Martial Artist to take up to thousands of shots…

Chu Yang more and more dared not to look down on this Zhuge Wen . If Chu Yang were to have a conflict with the Zhuge clan, he might have to confront this person; he needed to deal with the Zhuge clan carefully wherever he was .

Zi Xieqing also conveyed a mind message cautiously to Chu Yang . "You need to mind this fellow's wits . "

Chu Yang quietly nodded .

Strange humming sounds of birds were heard from afar . The sounds persisted for a long time .

Zhuge Wen listened carefully and smiled . "The three elders have already found the cave entrance and also locked it . We can start actions immediately!"

Ye Shiyu nodded and twisted his ass while waving his hands . "Cut down the vines for me!"

Four black figures extended their bodies like big birds flying up to the sky . Their black clothes were as black as ink, and they seemed to have covered the daylight . The four figures took a somersault each in mid-air together, and they transformed into four streams of light which connected heaven and earth! These four people had actually extended the most supreme sword technique, which united each of their body and sword into one . And they dashed towards the cliff wall .

The material of the vines was unknown, but it's wiser to be careful . If the material was too hard and one strike on it couldn't break it, that would be great trouble .

Those people from the Zhuge clan brushed down from the cliff one after another, using their swords or daggers to cut down big trees along the way, and carrying them on their shoulders . They were waiting to immediately set fire on them after all the vines had fallen down .

Three Supreme Martial Artists were blindfolded with black cloths . They stood next to the two young masters, with their hands behind their backs .

The situation was tense and immediate .

Ye Shiyu 'smiled coquettishly' . "Brother Zhuge, we shall go down too; we're too far from the cave . I really want to have a look at how Hong Wuliang is going to fight this battle . "

Zhuge Wen smiled and nodded .

The duo leaped up and jumped down the cliff .

The three Supreme Martial Artist followed closely after them .

There's finally no one on this cliff wall .

"We shall go down too . From what these people spoke, they didn't know that Wei Wuyan's teacher has suffered from the Purple Crystal Hand for hundreds of years already… If these people take their shots, they'll definitely put in full forces . I'm afraid we can't rescue them on time if we go later," Chu Yang passed a mind message to Zi Xieqing .

"Doesn't matter," Zi Xieqing said lightly as she focused on listening to the movements below, "Since we're helping others, we should do so at the most critical moment . Making others remember the help that one renders is also something you must learn . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"If you help him when his life isn't in danger, he'll at best be grateful to you, because he hasn't experienced the horror of death yet, so the gratitude he has to you won't be very deep; But if you save him when he's at the verge of dying, you'll be a savior to him . "

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