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Chapter 962

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"I can't tolerate this further…" Zi Xieqing silently sent a mind message to Chu Yang . Her face actually became pale . "I shuddered every time I heard this sound… And my scalp would also tighten and crease and become numb…"

This expert which had passed through dozens of planes revealed a fearful face . "I've adventured the world for already tens of thousands of years… And I've never been afraid of anyone before . But this Ye Shiyu really made me feel fearful . He… his mouth could kill a Supreme Martial Artist… Disgust him to death!"

Zhuge Wen smiled gently and said, "Brother Ye, we shall talk serious matters . "

Ye Shiyu twisted his waist and pouted his lips, saying, "Wen Wen…"

Zhuge Wen finally shuddered and his lips turned pale . "Brother Ye, if you continue this way, I shan't talk to you anymore . "

Ye Shiyu didn't take Zhuge Wen's words to mind at all . He raised his face and lamented, "Wen Wen, are you not taking our friendship to heart?"

Zhuge Wen gritted his teeth and finally couldn't bear Ye Shiyu further . Using an extremely gentle and smarmy voice, he said, "Brother Ye, how won't I know of it? But being born in this world, and furthermore as young masters from big clans, how can we not think of how others will look at us… But, Brother Ye, since you said it this way, I'll also take my stance . If you can persuade your Ye clan, I can marry you . Hahaha…"

This time around, it's Ye Shiyu's turn that he couldn't bear Zhuge Wen . Hairs stood up over his body . He instantly jumped up and said, gritting his teeth, "Piss off! You dead pervert!"

These words were said in a pure manly tone .

Zhuge Wen laughed and almost cried his tears out . "You dead freak! You use this strategy to make fun of others every day . Now, you've finally also tasted how it feels like when you're tricked!"

Ye Shiyu looked at him angrily for a while and finally started laughing .

And sat down again .

Zi Xieqing, Chu Yang and Chu Le'er were utterly speechless…

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If it wasn't this duo finally going to talk about serious matters, the three would almost have fainted here .

But at the same time, Chu Yang praised in his heart: Zhuge Wen deserve to be called someone who comes from an elite family . He has used the 'deal with a man as he deals with you' strategy really well .

Even Ye Shiyu, who's so thick-skinned, had his hair stood up and became raged from embarrassment .

It seemed that the two of them were joking, but in fact, it was a battle between the two eldest young masters from the two big clans . Currently, Ye Shiyu was at a completely disadvantaged position, because the strategy of disgusting people he's best at was returned to him in an even more disgusting way…

Chu Yang thought: What rank is Zhuge Wen in the Zhuge clan?

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Chu Yang thought again: How is this Zhuge Wen compared to Diwu Qingrou?

Thinking for a while, Chu Yang still felt that Zhuge Wen was slightly weaker than Diwu Qingrou .

Because Diwu Qingrou wouldn't change face regardless of anything . But Zhuge Wen still changed face in the end, regardless of whether it's his tactic, or he just couldn't bear Zhuge Wen .

Then Chu Yang heard Zhuge Wen saying, "Brother Ye, Law-enforcement master Lang had already been trying to arrest Hong Wuliang for hundreds of years, and he obviously has gotten the exact information that Hong Wuliang is here, but… why didn't he take actions personally? Or let those people from the Interrogation Hall take action? Why does he want to make use of our three big clans… What's your perspective on this?"

Ye Shiyu shook his brows and said lightly, "This law-enforcement master must have gotten some handles against those old fellows from our clans… So they have no other ways but to help him deal with this matter, I guess?"

"Nonsense . " Zhuge Wen flipped his eyes and said, "Of course he had gotten some handles against them . But the whole world knows about the grudges between Lang Yilang and Hong Wuliang; but this time round Lang Yilang didn't take actions personally! This matter is very suspicious . I'm saying of Lang Yilang's intentions, not the reason of why we're under his instigation . "

Ye Shiyu frowned, which he seldom did so . He pondered and said, "The nine big clans have indeed quite a number of handles that the Law Enforcement Hall could grasp on; but… this is always so since the past, yet the Law Enforcement Hall also didn't seem to care about them… Although law-enforcement officers are strong, their power very much probably isn't stronger that of the nine big clans . But this time around, the few elders immediately agreed to what Lang Yilang said . This point is also very suspicious . "

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Zhuge Wen nodded and said, "Yes . "

"As for Lang Yilang not taking actions personally… He's definitely not up to something good . " Ye Shiyu analyzed composedly .

"Nonsense!" Zhuge Wen didn't know whether to cry or laugh .

"That year, Lang Yilang put up a great fuss in the funeral of Hong Wuliang's wife . The two of them are love rivals," Zhuge Wen analyzed composedly, "After which, Lang Yilang wantonly killed Hong Wuliang's friends . Then, Lang Yilang and Hong Wuliang met on battlegrounds and they became sworn enemies . Regardless of Lang Yilang or Hong Wuliang, as long as they heard about each other's news, they would immediately rush over to meet each other . Their lifelong wish is to kill each other in their own hands!"

"But this time around, while there's news on Hong Wuliang, Lang Yilang didn't take actions . "

Zhuge Wen said, "There must be a conspiracy!"

Ye Shiyu said stunningly, "Is Lang Yilang this sinister? Your Zhuge clan always likes to think in the direction of conspiracies . I really can't bear you…"

Zhuge Wen said, "I think there're two possibilities behind Lang Yilang not taking actions . Firstly, Hong Wuliang has vanished for so many years, and his cultivation is now much stronger than before; Lang Yilang has already found Hong Wuliang before and suffered great losses… So he sent for us . "

Ye Shiyu frowned, not speaking for a long time, before he said, "It won't be that case . "

Zhuge Wen was silent for a while, and said, "This is the least probable . As for the second possibility… Lang Yilang is already at a crucial moment… He has no time to deal with Hong Wuliang!"

Ye Shiyu stopped being girlish . His eyes lit up and he lowered his voice, saying, "You're saying… Lang Yilang is going to become a third stage Supreme Martial Artist? And he's now breaking through his bottleneck?"

Zhuge Wen looked at him strangely and smiled . "Brother Ye, are you probing me?"

Ye Shiyu blinked his eyes and smiled .

Zhuge Wen snorted and said, "270 years ago, Lang Yilang was already a third stage Supreme Martial Artist! Although this is a secret… I know what you mean the moment you asked me this question just now . Brother Ye, you even dare to talk like this in front of our Zhuge clan . I really admire your little mind . "

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Ye Shiyu's intentions were exposed . He instantly resumed to his former girlish manner, as he stamped his feet, shook his waist and winked at Zhuge Wen shyly . He said, pretending to be angry, "You're so annoying…"

Zhuge Wen laughed .

There were loads in each of their minds; even in such conversations, they also had to exercise their wits and dig pits for each other .

Ye Shiyu had deliberately proposed that Hong Wuliang was going to become a third stage Supreme Martial Artist . If the Zhuge Wen didn't know about it, he would naturally report this information up; then, the analysis that the Zhuge clan had towards Lang Yilang would suffer a huge discount . If there's an accident, the Zhuge clan would suffer great losses from the wrong judgment Zhuge Wen had at this moment .

But Zhuge Wen had once again seen through this scheme of Ye Shiyu .

It's now Ye Shiyu's turn to be perplexed .

Because according to Zhuge Wen's analysis, Lang Yilang might probably be going to become a fourth stage Supreme Martial Artist . This news was of huge importance to the nine big clans .

But was this news true or fake? Should he report this up to the clan, or not? What if it was fake if he reported this up? What if it was true if he didn't report this up?

If the Ye clan believed in this news, it would adjust its plots against Lang Yilang, and waste more resources in confronting him . This would reduce its capability elsewhere…

How could ordinary fighters be used to confront a fourth stage Supreme Martial Artist?

The two young masters had their own schemes . On the surface, they looked very peaceful and had a close relationship, but in actuality, they're standing in sharp oppositions and plotting against each other .

Because everyone knew that the 10,000-year-cycle of the reincarnation of the Nine Heavens was coming . Once the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appeared, while the law-enforcement officers would appear just and fair to everyone, they still would tend towards the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

As long as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master appeared, it would represent the ending of the honeymoon between the nine big clans and the law-enforcement officer .

It's possible that there would be a great war between the two parties .

The nine big clans and law-enforcement officers would have a big war once in 10,000 years . How could the nine big clans… not prepare for such a war? 9,000 years had already passed since the last appearance of the last generation of Nine Tribulations Sword Master…

"Where's that bastard?" Ye Shiyu, ascertain of what to do, could only change the topic of conversation, broadly revealing a disgusting expression as he talked .

"He's teasing some women," Zhuge Wen snorted and said smilingly, "When I used my Heaven and Earth Voice-Probing Device to measure the movements hundreds of miles around us, I heard that bastard talking . "

"What did he say?" Ye Shiyu asked very interestedly .

Zhuge Wen took out a weirdly-shaped device, which looked like a metal ear, and said, "I need to exhaust large amounts of energy to make this device work . I only heard a few sentences of what Lan Ruoyun had said: Miss, shall we fight together? And let them go away? Do you want to fight on the bed? Or fight here? Or in the water? Or in the tree?"

Zhuge Wen vividly mimicked Lan Ruoyun's voice . The indecent tone when Lan Ruoyun said these words was also completely imitated out .

"Now, I predict that bastard is… fighting with…" Zhuge Wen said disdainfully .

Ye Shiyu was raged . "He's flirting with us weak women again! What else did he say?"

"Using this device is very energy-consuming! I'm already disgusted to death just by listening to these few sentences," Zhuge Wen said angrily, "What do you think I use this device for?"

Ye Shiyu was similarly angry . "You actually don't take any actions after listening to these? And allow him to do wrong and cause spiritual damage to us weak women?"

Zhuge Wen snorted . "I want to care about this, but… didn't your clan warn you when you're out for this time? Not to offend Lan Ruoyun? Do you know who's standing behind him?"

Ye Shiyu hadn't done away with his anger . "But I'm angry just by listening to these words . It sounds really like he's raping me…"

"Raping you? He rapes you?!" Zhuge Wen finally spurted out a mouthful of tea and couldn't bear coughing repetitively .

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